Our Polish Roots
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The Genealogy of Some American Mutts

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Our Polish Roots includes families of Rogozinski, Kryskiewicz, Zakrzewski, our line of 20th Century Polish emigrants. It includes Philadelphia, PA; Mlawa, Poland; and the village of Kruszu, Ciechanow Province, PolandTo view what information I have on these, Sophia Maria Rogozinska Williams' (my mother-in-law's) ancestors, just browse the Ancestor chart of Sophia Rogozinska Williams. Please check back often and as  time permits I will be adding Gedcoms and family histories for each line beginning with each of my earliest known ancestor. Come join us, cousin, in our search for the original great American heroes, our emigrant ancestors, and EMAIL me if you think we might have a connection!

rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)Poland, Pennsylvannia
rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)Mikael Rogozinski & Domiczela Danielewicz
rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)Abt 1860 - Unknown
rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)Poland, Pennsylvannia
rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)Jozef Kryskiweicz & Balbina Zakrzewska
rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)Abt. 1860 - Unknown

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For my personal stuff see thomasearlwilliams.com where I am currently posting non-genealogy stuff like family gossip and pictures.

If you are might be a part of this family or are a fellow researcher please email me if you have any questions, notice any problems or so that we can share information. 

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