The Fasnacht/Tate Branch of some American Mutts
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The Genealogy of Some American Mutts

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My Fasnacht/Tate  branch is my mother's ancestors.You can view all of her ancestors via the Ahnentafel chart of Betty Jane Fasnacht DeVore (use your browser back button to return here), OR, you can view the descendant reports listed below. Each report begins with my earliest known ancestor for that line and proceeds forward in time usually only one generation per page, ending with either my grandparents or great grandparents generation..  Eventually I will be adding a names index, but for now you will have to use your browser's find button to search and browse the pages.   PLEASE EMAIL me if you think we might have a connection!  BTW COUSINS, to find MY direct line just look for the ancestor in each generation that is typed in Bold.  If you are closly related to me but only know the name of a great grandparent, start at the last page of a section and next to the name in bold you will see the names of all that persons grandparents.   Then you can work your way forward one generation at a time.  Hope you enjoy, as theses pages were done for YOU!

rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)Germany, PA, OH, IL
rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)Johannes Fasnacht  1727 - 1807                     rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)includes: Calvert, Schenk,
rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)Germany, VA, IN, IL
rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)Henry Kibler   B4 1742 - 1796                         rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)includes:Painter
rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)PA, OH, IN, IL
rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)Phillip Foust   1745 - 1804                              rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)
rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)KY, IN, IL
rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)William Tate   1794 - 1887                               rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)
rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)?PA?, IN, IL
rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)George Grove    abt 1798  - 1855                    rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)
rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)VA, TN, IN, IL
rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)Joseph Woods
1745 - 1835                            rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)
rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)MD, KY, IL
rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)Thomas Selby B4 1620 - Abt. 1701               rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)includes: Atkinson
rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)VA, MD
rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)John Townsend B4 abt 1640 - 1698             rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)
rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)IN, IL
rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)Fredrick Green Abt 1830  - Aft 1900             rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)
  • The SELBY Maillist, Homepage, and Resource Center  is the latest version of a site that I have been working on since 1997.  About half of the members of the list are related to us thru William Atkinson Selby. I have archived all kinds of information from Selby researchers, plus there are links there to our NEW Selby Query pages at Genconnect. 

  • Coming soon, a links page with links to the homepages of all of my cousins.  If you have a connection to ANY of these families and you have a webpage   PLEASE send me your link so I can post it here.

  • Coming soon!  Descendant chart for Revoltionary War veteran Joseph Woods.

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If you are might be a part of this family or are a fellow researcher please email me if you have any questions, notice any problems or so that we can share information. 

This work encompasses  hundreds of years of effort by myself and other contributors. The purpose of this site is to share our  history with our extended family and to exchange information between researchers.  It is NOT to be republished in commecial ventures. Feel free to copy these pages and share them with family and friends and add the info to your database, but  all materials are copyrighted and CAN'T BE REPRODUCED  FOR PROFIT.