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Welcome to my Family Photo Gallery!  Here is a quick pictorial overview.

Don't worry, I'm not going to bore you with snapshots of 'My Summer Vacation' or anything like that.  Instead, I'm going to bore you to tears with photos and blurbs of some of my forbears and ancilliary folk.<g>  Now for some reason, I tend to think of 'Granny' (Elizabeth E. DeBevoise) as the central focus of all this.   Probably because hers were the first diaries and papers I came across and I just feel an affinity with her.  I truly believe she would approve of my posting all this info for all the world to see.

Keep in mind that all this is NOT meant as a full accurate accounting of these families, but rather a means for me to share some of my photos and info in hopes that other people will find it useful and even possibly interesting.


d002.jpg (51681 bytes)OK, to start off, here are a couple of pictures of Granny.
   Although I have many, and I'm sure to be adding more,a003.jpg (109642 bytes)
   these are among my favorite photos of her.


She was the daughter of Charles J. DeBevoise Janechar.jpg (133299 bytes)and Jane Ann Stockholm

a055.jpg (52756 bytes)    This picture shows her mother
      and younger sister Florence who
      died as an infant.




Granny had three younger sisters and a brother; Anna, Sarah, Elouise, and James.

d009.jpg (51545 bytes) Anna Jane DeBevoise married John T. Suydam   d010.jpg (61210 bytes)

  b011.jpg (41154 bytes)  Sarah Waldron DeBevoise married Irving J. Blair b010.jpg (113715 bytes)

b014.jpg (56110 bytes)   Elouise DeBevoise married Charles F. Brower & LeRoy D. Robinson.    

James DeBevoise married Idab001.jpg (153908 bytes) Mae Turley from Indiana and they moved to Jacksonville, Florida.



a011.jpg (38461 bytes)In 1877, Granny married Abraham (Abe) A. Wyckoff.     He was the son of Williamson Wyckoff and Catalina Lott VanSinderen.  clvsw.jpg (90013 bytes)


Cvswb1.jpg (166987 bytes) In 1882 Lizzie & Abe had a daughter (my Grandmother)
Caroline VanSinderen Wyckoff.  She married John Lott Bergen
in 1910.  He was the son of John Lott Bergen and Anna Lott. Yes
it gets confusing.
(I love this wedding gown.)

Jlb1.jpg (48634 bytes)


Here is a nice four generation photo of Catalina,Four_gen.jpg (125860 bytes)
Abe, Caroline, and the pudgy faced tyke is my mother,
Anna Lott Bergen, born in 1911. 

Parents.jpg (93033 bytes)

   In 1945, Anna Lott Bergen married Milton Goldsmith Billard.
   They subsequently had three sons; Corwyn Goldsmith Billard,
   Wesley Bergen Billard, and yours truly, Robert Lott Billard.
   So far this web site just deals with my mother's side of the
   family.  My father directly connects back to Rev. John Youngs,
   who settled Southold, L.I. in 1640.  So basically, I go back
 twelve generations on Long Island on both sides of my family.  It's fun
 when people ask me about my background.  My usual short answer is
 simply 'Dutch, English and French'.  Eventually I plan to add the fairly
 well documented Billard line.

mgb2.jpg (111526 bytes)   Here we have a younger picture of Milton.

By now I'm sure you are waiting with bated
breath, so here is a picture of me taken just
a few years ago<g>.  Okay, okay, since then
most of the hair has jumped ship, the rest
has turned gray, and some crows have been
walking across my face.Rlb1.jpg (77849 bytes)  Other than that, I still
look the same.  Well, at least the eyes are still blue and
I have the same smirky grin. (heh, heh)

Alright, here's a much more recent (3 years?) photo of me in
Fire Department uniform as Captain of my company.  Sorry,
no grin, this was a serious one to go on the wall of the firehouse.

rlb2.jpg (72964 bytes)