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The VanSinderen line in this country starts with Ulpianus VanSinderen who was sent over here in 1746, by the Classis of Amsterdam, to preach in the Dutch Reformed churches of Brooklyn.  He was one of the last of the Dutch speaking ministers (Dominie) to be sent from Holland.  I actually have the diary he kept on his journey from Tessel to New York, plus many bibles and religious books in Dutch.

ulp.gif (308958 bytes)  This is a photocopy of a portrait. Someday I'll try scanning the original.


This is a photo of the VanSinderen House sent by Frank W. Linnington to Abraham A. Wyckoff on 3/12/1902. On the corner of the property is a For Sale sign.

vs_hse1.gif (333702 bytes)    vsfarm.jpg (393204 bytes)  This photo is labeled VanSinderen farm.

p_vs_sig.jpg (179942 bytes)  Here is a list of signatures on a deed including Phebe (Femmetie) VanSinderen 4/13/1784.

I suspect this the Rev's grandson, Ulpianus, from a deed selling land to his mother Catalina after he apparently moved to New York City, 8/26/1807.

uvs_marr.jpg (824471 bytes)  This is the marriage certificate of Ulpianus & Cornelia Schenck.

In 1748 Rev. Ulpianus married Cornelia Schenck and had a son Ulpianus and a daughter Femmetie.   This Ulpianus married Magdelina Bancker in 1771 and had four children.  After she died, he married Catalina Lott in 1784 and had another four children.  One of these four was a son, Hotso, (anglicized version of the Friesian name Hutse).

Ulpianus VanSinderen b. 5/3/1750* d. 10/1/1803*
m. Magdelina Bancker 3/12/1771* b. N.Y. 5/14/1746* d. 1/25/1782*
  ISSUE: 11 Hendriena* - b. 6/30/1771* bp. 7/21/1771* d. 2/27/1818*
                     m. 5/27/1807 Martin Schenk
                12 Adriaen* - b. 10/18/1772* bp. 11/8/1772* d. 9/5/1843
                13 Cornelia* - b. 12/14/1774* bp. 12/18/1774* d. 8/14/1832*
                     m. Douwe Stoothof 6/1/1797.
                 14 Elizabeth* - b. 12/18/1778* bp. 12/20/1778* d. 10/22/1818*
                      m. John J. Lott 12/2/1803.

m. second Catalina Lott on 9/2/1784* b. 2/13/1755* d. 4/25/1842*
  ISSUE:   15 Ulpianus* - b. 7/2/1785* d. 7/22/1825*
                 16 Johannes(John)* b. 7/25/1786* d. 5/20/1859*
                 17 Jannetje* b. 10/13/1789* bp. 10/25/1789* d. 2/19/1868*
                      m. John C. Lott 
                 18 Hotso* - b. 12/26/1791* bp. 1/8/1792* d. 3/15/1866*

  In 1819 Hotso married Catalina Staats, who had a child in 1821.  The child died ten days later, and the mother died after less than a year.  Hotso then married Jane Ann Duryea in 1824.

c026.jpg (55504 bytes)Hotso and Jane had the following children who survived infancy:

    Catalina Lott V.S. clvsw.jpg (90013 bytes)  who married Williamson Wyckoff

This is how people without their own carriages got around before the days of taxicabs and car services.  coupe.jpg (171751 bytes)

    Ulpian V.S.c028.jpg (51262 bytes)   c005.jpg (87780 bytes)  This is Uncle Ulp as referred to in Granny's diaries.

m_craft.gif (145667 bytes) This is Marion Craft, who apparently lived with Ulpian as housekeeper. On his death, she removed to Ohio to live with relatives.

    Adrian V.S.c027.jpg (50504 bytes)   known as Uncle Addie

    Phebe Johnson V.S. Pjvsw.jpg (103054 bytes)  who married Wilson G. Hunt and Franklin Woodruff.
                                                               I think this is their son Arthur Woodruff.  Awoodruf.jpg (53845 bytes)

    Maria Duryea V.S. c004.jpg (61594 bytes)   who married A. Judson Palmer and had Anna, George & Phebe

                                                              c007.jpg (75354 bytes)  c009.jpg (37328 bytes)  c010.jpg (46918 bytes)


6/18/1891 Agreement to sell property, Ulpian & Adrian VanSinderen to A. Judson Palmer.

u&a_sell.jpg (907018 bytes)


This is a link to the diary
kept by Rev. Ulpianus VanSinderen on his trip in 1746 from Holland to New Amsterdam.  Unfortunately it only covers three months which were spent at various points in England, but it is interesting in detailing some of the problems with travel in those days.  Seems to me that he picked the wrong ship and captain.


This one is a link to a letter written to the Rev. VanSinderen in 1753 by his older brother Hutse on the death of their father.  Also interesting for showing some of the everyday life in Holland at the time.


And here is a link to the VanSinderen family Bible.  This was kept by Rev. Ulpianus and continued by his son.


       uvs_dip.jpg (667135 bytes)  I think this is a diploma from Franeker University.

coetus.jpg (483756 bytes)  This is a letter from the Coetus of the DRC confirming Do. VanSinderen as legitimate minister of Brooklyn instead of Do. Arondius.

pedro.jpg (406320 bytes)    
This is a letter to the Rev. from Pedro de Wolf, I believe a friend and fellow Minister.


3/29/1791 Will of the Rev. Ulpianus VanSinderen

uvs_will.jpg (1181213 bytes)     uvs_will2.jpg (534144 bytes)

7/5/1802 Receipt of Johanna VanSinderen for legacy from her grandfather the Rev. Ulpianus VanSinderen.

vansin1.jpg (1043460 bytes)


These are the hand written notes concerning the VanSinderen farm.  Unidentified handwriting.


vsfarm1.jpg (365853 bytes)     vsfarm2.jpg (367954 bytes)



Letter to Abe Wyckoff - 6/16/1901
'I received a note from Mrs. E. VanSinderen last night letting
me know of the death of Ulpian VanSinderen on Friday of appoplexy.
They are going to take his remains up on the Albany boat on Monday
Eve. from N. York @ 6 p.m. I am going out to Flemington at 6 a.m.
tomorrow morn, & come back to New York when they they bring on his
body, just after noon ??? June 17th know(?), Mrs. Van wanted me to
let you all know, I received Mrs. Vans note with the last mail last
night. I will send this note to the address you gave me last year.
Hoping it will reach you allright.
So good bye
Theodore V. Bergen
334 77th Street between 3 & 4 Ave.
Bay Ridge, L.I.'

NOTE - 3/15/1866
Died, at New Lots, March 15, 1866, Hotso VanSinderen,
in the 75 yeare of his age.
The deceased had been a member of the church of
New Lots for thirty-five years and had been an Elder
for many years. In him the church and the pastor had
a considerate, earnest and stable friend. An upright
man, kind and cordial in his intercourse with others,
he was respected by all who knew him. During a
protracted illness he enjoyed the manifest presence
and comfort of the Holy Spirit. When conversing with
him about his condition and his prospects in the
heavenly state, he was composed and happy, his
countenance always beamed with light, he seemed to
have the first fruits of the kingdom of grace, as
well as a lively anticipation of its eternal bliss.
His last words were: 'Jesus is coming for me'

LETTER 3/6/1917

Written to Cousin E. E. Wyckoff from John VanSinderen
125 Avenue B, Schenectady, N.Y. asking for return of
old deed 'CANARCY' and one or two other papers 'parchment or
something similar' borrowed by A.A. Wyckoff 5 or 6
years ago.


Oscar J. Rector
Margaret J. VanSinderen, his wife
204 Avenue 18 ???
Schenectady, NY

Walter C. Dole
Mary Anna Dole, his wife
(daughter of John VanSinderen)
204 Avenue B
Schenectady, NY

John A?. VanSinderen
Anna B., his wife
326 Yates St., Albany, NY

Ulpian F. VanSinderen
Jennie N., his wife
East Greenbush
Rens Co., NY

William Liel VanSinderen
Con (probably Connecticut)