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OK, here are links to several files of ephemera.  Most of this is personal, revolving around my Great-Grandmother, Elizabeth Elmira DeBevoise, (b. 6/1/1854) who grew up on her Father's farm in Jamaica, Queens.  Some of this will be boring to other people, but there is a lot of info buried in here, especially in the Invitations, Clippings, and Snippets files.

Autograph album - Elizabeth E. DeBevoise

Autograph album - Elouise DeBevoise

New Years Eve visitors - 1873

New Years Eve visitors - 1876

Poems - EEDBV

Invitations - to various weddings, parties & such

Snippets   bits of information gleaned from personal letters, etc.

Clippings - from newspapers, many with no dates

Catalogue of Portrait Exhibition - 1912

Old houses/buildings of New York/Brooklyn/Queens

Calling cards - Jamaica, NY - 1880-1900

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