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The DeBevoise family traces back to Carel and his wife Sophia Lodensteyn who came to this country in 1664.  He is considered to be the first schoolteacher in Brooklyn.

Jacobus Carelsz DBV (1651-1710) m. Maria Carelsz (b. 1660)
    Carel DBV (b. 1680) m. Margaret Messerole (b. 1680)
        Jan (4th) DBV (1714-1777) m. Jane Rapelje ( 1708-1781)
            Jacobus DBV (1733-1813) m. Maria Cook
                Gabriel DBV (1775-1856) m. Mary Elizabeth DBV (1776-1866)
                    James DBV (1801-1887) m. Elizabeth DBV (b. 1802)
                        Charles J. DBV (1829-1899) m. Jane Ann Stockholm)

Jacobus Carelsz DBV (1651-1710) m. Maria Carelsz (b. 1660)
    Carel DBV (b. 1680) m. Margaret Messerole (b. 1680)
        Carel DBV (1713-1757) m. Eve VanVoorhees (1719-1793)
            Coert DBV (1748-1815) m. Elizabeth Sloat (1751-1836)
                Mary Elizabeth DBV (1776-1866) m. Gabriel DBV (1775-1856)


The line traces down a few generations to Gabriel DBV (1775-1856), who married his second cousin, Mary Elizabeth DBV (1776-1866).  Their son James (DBV 1801-1887) married in 1820 his first cousin, once removed, Elizabeth DBV (1802-1866).

a001.jpg (75271 bytes)   Here is a picture of James, father of Charles J.

And this was his home  jdbv_hm.gif (198117 bytes)

  Charles J. DeBevoise (1829-1899) was one of ten children and he married in 1852 Jane Ann Stockholm (1830-1900).  They were the parents of Elizabeth Elmira DeBevoise, referred to at times as Lizzie, or I often think of her as Granny.

Here are few pictures of Lizzie's father.  Cjdbv1.jpg (88385 bytes)   Cjdbv2.jpg (60265 bytes)   Cjdbv3.jpg (56700 bytes)
And some of her mother.  Jas1.jpg (111626 bytes)  Jas2.jpg (65584 bytes)  Jas3.jpg (96697 bytes)  Jas4.jpg (64014 bytes) 

Lizzie was born on June 1, 1854 and grew up on her father's farm in Jamaica, Queens, New York.  If you read through her diaries from when she was in her late teens, it seems she had a fairly active social life.  Keep in mind that these were the days before telephones, radios, and televisions, so people actually socialized with each other.   Apparently she was always active in the Dutch Reformed Church of Jamaica, also being a Sunday School teacher at a young age.  As probably most proper young ladies of that era did, she took music and painting lessons.   


eedbv_y.gif (83258 bytes)   This is the earliest photo of Lizzie.           


d008.jpg (44239 bytes)Of her many suitors, she decided that Abraham A. Wyckoff was the guy for her, although Frank Lott was a close second.   After a longish engagement, they married on October 17, 1877.  Of course life wasn't always so easy back then.  As per her diary, here she was 21 years old, engaged to be married, and had the LAST of her teeth taken out.  She had to go absolutely toothless for three weeks, waiting for her new 'crunchers'.


I believe she had a child who died at birth, then on October 25, 1882 she had my Grandmother Caroline VanSinderen Wyckoff, usually known as Carrie.  Cvsw.jpg (40459 bytes)  Her life & times continues on the Wyckoff page.


  Lizzie's sister Annie d009.jpg (51545 bytes) married John Townsend Suydam  d010.jpg (61210 bytes)  in February of 1877 .  Here is a picture of the four of them together.  And another one of just Annie.

                                        d033.jpg (76182 bytes)              b005.jpg (72333 bytes)
Sister Sarah b011.jpg (41154 bytes)  married Irving James Blair in 1896,   b010.jpg (113715 bytes)
and removed to Hackensack, New Jersey.

In 1899 Elouise, also called Ella or Weezie, b014.jpg (56110 bytes)   married Charles F. Brower.Cjbrower.jpg (55757 bytes)  Oops, photo is labeled wrong, should be 'C. F.'
After he died in 1906, she married LeRoy Robinson in 1908.

       Ella1.jpg (78941 bytes)


In this picture, that's Elouise on the left, not sure where the other two fit into the family.




Lizzie's baby brother, Jimmie married Ida Mae Turley b007.jpg (33705 bytes)from Indiana and moved to Jacksonville, Florida.  I have no idea how they might have met.       They had sons Merrill, Turley, James Earl, and Paul.b001.jpg (153908 bytes)       turley.jpg (188442 bytes)   Son Turley 4/1912 age 14 years



Sibs.jpg (120418 bytes)   This is the closest I've found to a family group shot.  That's Lizzie in the back, then I believe Sarah, Jimmy and Elouise.  I think Annie is the one missing.   She might not have been home, as she married almost a year before Lizzie.

d034.jpg (62749 bytes) 

Here's an interesting pic.  That's Lizzie on the left, don't know who the others are.

In her diaries, Lizzie often refers to Uncle Abe. d001.jpg (50476 bytes)Abe_dbv.jpg (103578 bytes)   He was one of her father's brothers.     

Lizzie also spent a lot of time with her first cousin, Mary Elizabeth DBV, b015.jpg (58051 bytes) referred to as 'Mary Libby' or 'Mamie'.   She was the daughter of Isaac DeBevoise (1824-1900), brother of Lizzie's father, and Elizabeth DeBevoise (1826-1866).
  Isaac also had a son, Charles Tietus DBV.  Ctdbv.jpg (38592 bytes)


Abraham A. Wyckoff died on February 15, 1917 at age 66.


Nice shot of Granny standing in her parlor.  eedbv2.jpg (145966 bytes)


dbv_sis2.jpg (209160 bytes)    Elouise, Elizabeth, Ida (Turley) DeBevoise

dbv_sis.jpg (177408 bytes)   Elizabeth, Anna?, Elouise, Sarah DeBevoise

On October 5, 1942 Elizabeth Elmira DeBevoise departed this life at age 88.

              May they rest in peace.        Granny1.jpg (69434 bytes)


Here's a DBV I haven't been able to place in the family yet.
dbv_bra.jpg (184050 bytes)