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--Who came on the South Carolina Five Ships?

--Who came on the New England Five Ships?

-- From Donegal to Butler, PA circa 1790.

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Heritage Groups

Various heritage and cultural groups exist to help you learn and connect with the Scotch-Irish and Ulster-Scot. Some of these are identified below.

United States

The Scotch-Irish Society
Appalachian Culture.

Ulster Scots Society


Ulster Scots in Canada

Northern Ireland

Ulster Society was founded for the promotion of Ulster-British culture. You should search its database and submit your own family interests. Also check out its shop. It sells a number of books on Scotch-Irish contributions to the American culture as well as the nation.

Ulster Historical Publications offers additional items for sale as well as providing many free resources. You can also purchase CD's of music. Here's a link to its database as well.-- DATABASE OFFLINE.

The Orange Order also has a website with a lot of information: genealogy, Ulster Scot CDs, history.

Ulster Scots -- the language.



Scotch-Irish Farm from the Frontier Culture Museum.

Psalm Singing

Scots and Ulster Scots culture is often found in their religious expression. In the New World this blossomed into new traditions. The origin of many of these is Scottish psalms. We also influenced other cultures. Scottish line singing is the origin of the distinctive style of black spirituals.

Gaelic psalm singing. Clearly I like this stuff so here's some more links.

Here's a fantastic website that traced lined out psalm singing between Scotland and the American South It focuses on n primitive Baptist groups. Hymns are all the
rage in the American folk song tradition right now.

At this site you can listen to some free music from a 1650 psalter.

Another site dedicated to singing of psalms with music and an even earlier psalter.

This to me is good stuff. My ancestors loved it and I like it too.


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