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--Who came on the South Carolina Five Ships?

--Who came on the New England Five Ships?

-- From Donegal to Butler, PA circa 1790.

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About these Webpages

These Webpages were created for the purpose of providing some assistence with researching Ulster Scots and Scotch-Irish ancestors both on the Internet and in libraries by Linda Merle.

Linda Merle is an American of Scotch-Irish, Ulster Irish, Scottish, English, and German ancestry. Raised in the Scotch-Irish countryside of Western Pennsylvania in what once was the "Corner of the Elect" (Allegheny Township in Westmoreland County), she has lived in California and Massachusetts and now Pennsylvania again.

She has a masters degree in Comparative Literature from Penn State and a teaching degree from Clarion State University, though she has worked in the computer industry throughout her adult life as a course developer, technical editor and writer, technical support - second level, product marketeer, sales support, and presales systems consultant (sales engineer). Her last 14 years were with FileNET. She was laid off in October and is currently unemployed and looking for a new job.

She writes and lectures on genealogy, focusing on Scotch-Irish and Irish.

These webpages have been designed to be simple to use by all, relatively quick to download, and lacking in pazazz and sex appeal. Probably this means she will not be hired as a web page designer.

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