Pemberton Family Genealogy

Pemberton Family

                      Generation One

1.  James Pemberton; b. 1622; m. Sarah Marshall, daughter of Thomas
Marshall and Alva, at Boston, MA; d. Oct 1696.
     He immigrated in 1646 to New England. He resided at Boston,
MA. He was a brewer. He was a founder of Old South Church, Boston.
He resided in 1646 at Newbury, MA. He resided at Boston, MA; he was
made freeman in 1648. He left a will on 12 Feb 1695.

     Sarah Marshall was born in 1631. She was buried on 26 May 1700.
She died on 24 May 1709.
     Known children of James Pemberton and Sarah Marshall were as
                 i. John Pemberton; baptized 26 Dec 1647.
                    He resided at Talbot Co., MD.
                ii. Sarah Pemberton; m. George Purkis; baptized 28 Jan
                    1648/49; m. ___ Elatson; d. 31 Dec 1704 at age 55.
               iii. James Pemberton; baptized 13 Apr 1651; d. at
                    London, England.
                    He resided at Maryland.
     2.         iv. Thomas Pemberton, b. 17 Feb 1652/53 at Boston, MA;
                    m. Hannah Phillips.
                 v. Joseph Pemberton; b. 2 Jul 1655 at Boston, MA;
                    baptized 29 Jul 1655; m. Mary Avery 19 Oct 1683;
                    2nd husband; d. 14 Oct 1702 at age 47.
                    He was a housewright and yeoman. He resided at
                    Muddy River, MA. He resided in 1681 at Westerly,
                    RI. He resided circa 1701 at New London, CT.
                vi. Elizabeth Pemberton; b. 26 Dec 1657; baptized 14
                    Feb 1657/58.
               vii. Benjamin Pemberton; b. 26 Apr 1660 at Boston, MA;
                    baptized 24 Dec 1660; d. 29 Sep 1661 at age 1.
              viii. Mary Pemberton; b. 13 Jul 1662 at Boston, MA;
                    baptized 17 Jul 1662; m. Benjamin Breame 11 Jul
                ix. Benjamin Pemberton; b. 11 Mar 1666 at Boston, MA;
                    baptized 6 May 1666; d. 9 Mar 1708/9 at age 42; m.
                    Elizabeth Dixie.
                    He was a brewer.
                 x. Jonathan Pemberton; b. 28 Aug 1668 at Boston, MA;
                    baptized 30 Aug 1668 at Roxbury, MA.
                xi. Rev. Ebenezer Pemberton; b. 3 Feb 1671/72 at
                    Boston, MA; baptized 11 Feb 1671 at Old South
                    Church, Boston, MA; m. Mary Clark, daughter of
                    Capt. John Clark and Mary Atwater, 12 Jun 1701;
                    1st husband; d. 13 Feb 1717.
                    He was graduated in 1691 at Harvard College,
                    Cambridge, MA.

                      Generation Two

2.  Thomas Pemberton (James1); b. 17 Feb 1652/53 at Boston, MA;
baptized 27 Mar 1653; m. Hannah Phillips, daughter of Nicholas
Phillips and Hannah Salter; d. 26 Jul 1692 at age 39; d. 26 Jul 1693
at age 40.
     He was a surgeon. He resided at Boston, MA. He was a barber.

     Hannah Phillips was born in Nov 1654. She was baptized 6 3mo 1666.
     Known children of Thomas Pemberton and Hannah Phillips were as
                 i. Hannah Pemberton; baptized 12 Feb 1675/76.
                ii. Sarah Pemberton; b. 7 Jun 1677; baptized 10 Jun
     3.        iii. Elizabeth Pemberton, b. 17 Jun 1678 at Boston, MA;
                    m. Dr. Robert Ellis.
                iv. James Pemberton; b. 4 Jun 1680 at Boston, MA;
                    baptized 6 Jun 1680; d. young.
                 v. Mehitable Pemberton; baptized 17 Jul 1681 at
                    Boston, MA.
                vi. James Pemberton; b. 3 Sep 1682 at Boston, MA;
                    baptized 10 Sep 1682; m. Hannah Penhallow,
                    daughter of Samuel Penhallow and Mary Cutt; d. 28
                    Feb 1746/47 at age 64.
               vii. Thomas Pemberton; b. 17 Mar 1685 at Boston, MA;
                    baptized 23 Mar 1684/85; m. Mary Halsey, daughter
                    of Nathaniel Halsey and Hannah Grosse.
                    He was a mariner.
              viii. Jane Pemberton; b. 18 Mar 1685/86 at Boston, MA;
                    baptized 22 Mar 1685/86; m. John Plasted 31 Oct
                ix. Mary Pemberton; b. 26 Oct 1688 at Boston, MA.
                 x. Dr. George Pemberton; b. 18 Nov 1689; baptized 24
                    Nov 1689; m. Susanna Inglesby, daughter of Thomas
                    Inglesby and Mildred, 15 Aug 1712; d. 7 Feb
                    1737/38 at age 48.
                    He was a surgeon.

                     Generation Three

3.  Elizabeth Pemberton (Thomas2, James1); b. 17 Jun 1678 at Boston,
MA; baptized 23 Jun 1678; m. Dr. Robert Ellis, son of Dr. Edward Ellis
and Sarah Blott, 4 Jun 1698 at Boston, MA; d. 11 Sep 1737 at age 59.
     She left a will in Aug 1737; proved 20 Sep 1737.

     Dr. Robert Ellis was a surgeon in the expedition against
Lewisburg. He was a merchant. He was born on 24 Sep 1671 at Boston,
MA. He was baptized at First Church, Boston, MA. He left a will on 23
Feb 1719; proved 19 Apr 1720. He died on 7 Apr 1720 at Boston, MA, at
age 48.

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