Marshall Genealogy Page

Marshall Genealogy Page

Marshall Genealogy

The Genealogy is accessible three ways. First, by Family Name through the Marshall Genealogy Family Index and next in a Pedigree Format starting with the Elizabeth Starr & Alexander Murray Marshall Pedigree. Use the name and number links to move around the files. Links to specific Internet Genealogies can be found on some Family Pages.

The Marshall Genealogy is still under construction. I would appreciate additions or corrections. If you want source information or see a family listed in the pedigree for which I have not yet done a family listing, click on my name at the bottom of the page and send me an email. I am in the process of updating the format of the webpages. A list of the Updated Genealogy Registers is available with links to the new pages.

A List of Sources is available in the Marshall Genealogy Bibliography.

There is also a list of all the Ancestor Surnames that I am working on in North America.

Please excuse the fact that I do not have pictures and graphics. Remember that because there are none, these page load much faster.

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