Phillips Family Genealogy

Phillips Family

                      Generation One

1.  Nicholas Phillips; m. Hannah Salter, daughter of George Salter and
Elizabeth Munning, 04 10mo 1651 at Boston, MA; d. circa Apr 1670.
     He immigrated before 1652 to America.  He resided at Boston, MA.
He was a shopkeeper.

     Hannah Salter was baptized on 19 Dec 1630 at Rattlesden, Suffolk,
England. She married John Ruggles, son of Samuel Ruggles, before 3 Nov
1671. She died on 3 Jan 1696/97 at age 66.
     Known children of Nicholas Phillips and Hannah Salter were as
     2.          i. Elizabeth Phillips, b. 24 Feb 1652/53; m. Thomas
                    Grosse; m. Joseph Eldridge; m. Elias Heath; m.
                    Francis Burroughs.
     3.         ii. Hannah Phillips, b. 29 Nov 1654; m. Thomas
               iii. Nicholas Phillips; b. 26 Feb 1657; d. 1 Aug 1657.
                iv. Nicholas Phillips; b. 12 May 1660.
                 v. Abigail Phillips; b. 20 Feb 1662; baptized 6 3mo
                    1666; m. Christopher Goffe circa 1687; m. Samuel
                    Wentworth, son of Samuel Wentworth, 28 Oct 1699.
                vi. Sarah Phillips; b. 13 Apr 1665; baptized 6 3mo
                    1666; m. John Smith.
               vii. Thomas Phillips; b. 19 Oct 1667; m. Mary Howard.
                    He resided at Boston, MA. He was a tailor.

                      Generation Two

2.  Elizabeth Phillips (Nicholas1); b. 24 Feb 1652/53; baptized 6 3mo
1666; m. Thomas Grosse, son of Clement Grosse and Mary, circa 1670;
1st husband; m. Joseph Eldridge 1695; 2nd husband; m. Elias Heath 13
May 1699; 3rd husband; m. Francis Burroughs 29 Dec 1709; 4th husband;
d. between Aug 1725 and 5 Jan 1736.
     She resided at Boston, MA.

     Thomas Grosse was born before 1649. He resided at Boston, MA. He
was a victualler. He was a shopkeeper. He died between 10 Feb 1692 and
9 Oct 1695.

     Joseph Eldridge was a mariner. He died before 8 Feb 1697/98.

     Elias Heath was a merchant. He died circa 1706. He left a will;
proved 8 Nov 1706.

     Francis Burroughs was a merchant. He died circa 1713. He left a
will; proved 11 Dec 1713.

3.  Hannah Phillips (Nicholas1); b. Nov 1654; baptized 6 3mo 1666; m.
Thomas Pemberton, son of James Pemberton and Sarah Marshall.

     Thomas Pemberton was born on 17 Feb 1652/53 at Boston, MA. He was
baptized on 27 Mar 1653. He was a barber. He was a surgeon. He resided
at Boston, MA. He died on circa 1692.

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