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Formed 1800 from Allegheny, Washington
Lawrence formed 1849 from Beaver, Mercer


1800 Beaver Co. PA Census
Pg.186  John Duncan               00100        - 10100    Second Moon Twp

1810 Beaver Co. PA Census
Pg. 23  William Duncan            20010        - 10010    Shenango
    26  James Duncan              20010        - 00010

1820 Beaver Co. PA Census
Pg.147  George Duncan             400010       - 20010    Ohio
           next to each other
        Mary Duncan               110100       - 10011
           one name
   148  James Duncan              200010       - 10110
   152  Jas. Duncan               130001       - 30010    S. Beaver

1830 Beaver Co. PA Census
Pg.237  James Duncan              0120,0001    - 011          Ohio
   239  Samuel Duncan             0011,2       - 0010,1010,01
   248  James Duncan              0001,2001,01 - 1131,001     S. Beaver
   320  William Duncan            1200,0101    - 2010,001     Hopewell

1840 Beaver Co. PA Census
Pg.182  James Dunken              0000,1001    - 0013,2001    S. Beaver
   187  Milton Dunkin             0001,1       - 1000,1       Ohio
   189  Robert Dunken             3000,1       - 0000,1000,01
           next to each other
        John Dunken               1100,01      - 1000,11
   190  Samuel Dunken             1201,01      - 1000,1
   192  James Washington Dunkins  0001,1000,1  - 0001,1

1850 Beaver Co. PA Census
Pg.39, #25, James DUNCAN 30 PA merchant $2500
                  Nancy 30 PA
                  Laura J. 2 PA
                  Robert EDGAR 19 PA clerk
Pg.63, #280, Wm. FITZSIMMONS 34 IRE mason & family
                  Robert DUNCAN 22 PA mason
                  Andrew 18 PA laborer
Big Beaver
Pg.99, #23, Samson M. DANIEL 45 PA farmer
                  Catherine 43 PA
                  James THOMPSON 13 PA
                  Catharine BANNON 6 PA
                  Geo. W. DUNCAN 22 PA mason
S. Beaver
Pg.128, #76, Robert DUNCAN 41 PA farmer $2500
                  Martha 34 PA
                  James 13, Edward 11 PA
                  John 9, Ann M. 7 PA
                  Robert 5, William 3 PA
                  Samuel 2, Ira (m) 3/12 PA
Pg.128, #77, James DUNCAN 72 IRE farmer $2500
                  Mary 68 PA
                  Sarah 21, Jane 23 PA
Pg.128, #78, James DUNCAN Jr. 30 PA farmer
                  Mary A. 26 PA
                  Eliza J. 7, John 5 PA
                  Mary E. 3, Margaret A. 7/12 PA
Ohio Twp.
Pg.138, #29, John DUNCAN 44 PA farmer $2500
                  Margaret A. 40 PA
                  James 13, Mary A. 10 PA
                  Eliza M. 8, Martha J. 6 PA
                  John 5, Sarah A. 3 PA
                  Caroline 1 PA
Pg.141, #64, Samuel DUNCAN 50 PA farmer $7400
                  Nancy A. 37 OH
                  John 16, Mary 13 PA
                  Nancy J. 7, George W. 4 PA
                  Thomas L. 2, Margaret 3/12 PA
Pg.141, #71, Hannah DUNCAN 66 PA
                  Robert 25, John 19 PA farmers
Pg.141. #72, Milton DUNCAN 35 PA farmer $2500
                  Ann J. 32 PA
                  Louisa 13, Mary J. 10 PA
                  Margaret 8, Eliza A. 6 PA
                  Martha 4, James 2/12 PA
                  (MAD: 1870 Johnson Co. MO census)
Pg.152, #219, Joseph DUNCAN 30 PA farmer $1000
                  Mary 26 OH
                  Margaret J. 3, James C. 2 PA
                  Adeline 6/12 PA
Pg.152. #220, James DUNCAN 73 PA farmer $2000
                  Mary 26, Samuel 24 PA physician
                  Margaret CRULSON/COULSON 35 PA
                  Mary A. 4 PA
N. Sewickly
Pg.164, #111, Wm. S. DUNCAN 38 PA farmer $2800
                  Elizabeth 38 PA
                  James M. 6, George W. 5 PA
                  Hannah M. 2 PA
                  (MAD: ? 1860 Lawrence Co. PA census)
Pg.190, #98, Robert DUNCAN 33 PA farmer $6000
                  Nancy 32 PA
                  Elizabeth 6, Thomas 4 PA
                  Nathaniel 1 PA
                  John BENGOFF 16 ENG?
                  Catharine MONEYMACKER 16 PA
Pg.246, #96, James DUNCAN 45 PA farmer $6000
                  Mary 34 VA
                  Thomas 8, George 6 PA
                  James 4 PA
                  Caroline WILSON 16 PA BLACK
                  (MAD: 1860 Knox Co. OH census)

1860 Beaver Co. PA Census
Darlington Twp.
Pg.140, #72-72, John WHITE 58 PA farmer $68,000-$8,649
                  & family & farm laborers, incl.
                  James DUNCAN 22 PA farm laborer
Fallstown Bor.
Pg.215, #967-918, Hotel
                  James DUNCAN 42 PA merchant $10,000-$15,000
                  Nancy 40 PA
                  Laura 11, Ira B. (m) 10 PA
Pg.219, #1000-951, John DUNCAN 30 PA clerk $0-$150
                  Kesiah 17 PA
                  Ada (f) 1/12 PA
Industry Twp.
Pg.412, #709-709, Joseph DUNCAN 41 PA farmer $6500-$1175
                  Mary 37 OH
                  Isabella 13, Adeline 10 PA
                  Harriet 8, Joseph W. 5 PA
                  John A. 3, Samuel 1 PA
                  (MAD: 1870 Mahoning Co. OH census)
Pg.412, #710-710, James DUNCAN 84 PA (blank) $150-$0
                  Mary 38 PA
                  (MAD: ages as given)
Ohio Twp.
Pg.601, #1107-1107, John DUNCAN 54 PA farmer $4000-$653
                  Margaret A. 50 PA
                  Eliza M. 18, Martha J. 15 PA
                  John 14, Sarah A. 12 PA
                  Caroline 10, George 8 PA
Pg.613, #1194-1194, Milton DUNCAN 50 PA farmer $0-$200
                  Ann J. 41 PA
                  Louisa 24, Mary J. 20 PA
                  Eliza A. 15, Martha 13 PA
                  James 10, John 8 PA
                  Milton 6 PA
                  George 4 IA ("Iowa")
                  Robert DUNCAN 31 PA
                  Curby WILSON (m) 1 PA
                  John A. ANDERSON 6/12 PA
Pg.613-4, #1195-1195, Samuel DUNCAN 60 PA farmer $17,600-$1,018
                  Nancy A. 46 PA
                  John 26, Mary 23 PA
                  Nancy J. 17, George W. 14 PA
                  Margaret 10, Samuel T. 8 PA
                  Sarah J. 6 PA
S. Beaver Twp.
Pg.725-6, #931-931, Robt. DUNCAN 50 PA farmer $35,000-$992
                  Martha 45 PA
                  James 23 PA farm laborer
                  Edward 22, John 19 PA
                  Ann M. 17, Robt. 15 PA
                  William 13, Samuel 11 PA
                  Joseph 8, Mary E. 6 PA
                  Martha E. 5, Thompson H. (m) 2 PA
Pg.726, #933-933, "two families" written in margin for this household
                  James DUNCAN 85 IRE (blank) $3500
                  Mary 75 PA blind 6 y
                  Jane 28 PA
                  James 48 PA farmer $0-$963
                  Mary A. 44 PA
                  Eliza J. 16, John 13 PA
                  Mary Ellen 12, Margaret A. 10 PA
                  Catharine 8, Wm. Jas. 6 PA
                  Samuel 4, Elisabeth 1 PA

1870 Beaver Co. PA Census
Fallston Borough
Pg.645, #40-43, DUNCAN, John 39 PA dry good clerk $0-$0
                  Margaret 42 PA keeping house $1200-$600 (values as given)
                  John H. 1 PA at home
                  BERGOT?, Emila L. (f) 21 PA at home
                  George 17 PA works in keg facty.
                  William 15 PA works in wool facty.
Darlington Twp. (very faint page)
Pg.677, #247?-216?, DUNCAN, James 30 PA works on farm $1000-$500
                  Mary A. 25 PA keeping house
                  Robert 5, Clarra 2, Minnie 1 PA
Ohio Twp.
Pg.149, #17-18, DUNCAN, John 64 PA farmer $6500-$900, father of foreign birth
                  Margaret 60 PA keeping house
                  Caroline 21 PA at home
                  George 19 PA works on farm
Pg.152, #68-72, DUNCAN, Samuel 69 PA farmer $22,000-$3,000
                  Nancy 57 OH keeping house
                  Mary 31 PA at home
                  George 23 PA works on farm
                  Margaret 19 PA at home
                  Franklin 17 PA works on farm
                  Sarah B. 15 PA at home
                  Eliza A. (f) 43 PA house keeper
Pg.152, #69-73, DUNCAN, John 34 PA farmer $7,000-$2,000
                  Mary 29 PA keeping house
                  Samuel 4 PA
                  Hostillia? (f) 3 PA
                  Curtis (m) 2 PA
                  Elda (f) 11/12 PA at home, b.Aug.
Beaver Falls Borough
Pg.206, #568-598, DUNCAN, Robert 54 PA grocer $15,000-$6,000
                  Nancy 52 PA keeping house
                  Thomas 24 PA teaching school
                  Nathaniel 21 PA at school
                  Agness 17 PA at school
                  Robert 13 PA at school
                  Jessee (m) 20 PA at school
                  PATTERSON, Mary 13 PA domestic servant
New Brighton Borough, First Ward, pg.13
Pg.225, #104-112, REED, Samuel 33 PA m/w clerk in grocer (sic) $0-$400
                  Mary 33 OH f/w keeping house
                  Anna 8 f/w PA at home
                  Lency 6 f/w PA at home
(pg.226)            REED?, Witica? G. 6 m/w PA at home
                  Harry 3 m/w PA at home
                  George 1 m/w PA at home
                  MORTON, James 45 MA m/w works in cutley?
                  WILSON, Thomas 34 m/w PA laborer
                  DUCAN, Sarah 22 PA f/w domestic servant
                  SMITH, Charles 34 PA m/w book agent $0-$34
Ward 3, New Brighton
Pg.264, #99-104, DUNCAN, James 55 PA dry good mct. $20,000-$30,000
                  Nancy 52 PA keeping house
                  Ira B. (m) 18 PA clerk in dry good
                  (MAD: indexed James Duncan 56 PA but age is 55)
Rochester Borough
Pg.311, #220-239, EVANS, Jane (f) 56 PA keeping house $1500-$2000, parents of foreign birth
                  William 20 PA tinner
                  Emma S. 18 PA at home
                  DRICALDREN?, Amanda 29 PA at home $10,000-$300
                  Evan C. 6 PA at home
                  DUNCAN, Phoeba 12 PA domestic servant
South Beaver Twp.
Pg.325, #3-4, DUNCAN, Robert 62 PA farmer $5900-$1400, father of foreign birth
                  Martha 54 PA keeping house
                  Anna 27? PA at home
                  Joseph 17 PA laborer on farm
                  Elizabeth 14, Martha 14 PA at home
                  Howard (m) 12 PA laborer on farm
                  Hyram (m) 9 PA at home
                  NEVIL, Frudian?? (f) 35 PA at home
Pg.325, #4-5, DUNCAN, James 58 PA farmer $5500-$1375, father of foreign birth
                  Mary A. 54 PA keeping house
                  Eliza J. 24 PA at home
                  John 23 PA works on farm
                  Mary E. 21? PA at home
                  Margaret 18 PA at home
                  Catharine 17 PA at home
                  William 16 PA labor on farm
                  Samuel 14 PA labor on farm
                  Elizabeth 12 PA at home


Beaver Co. PA Will (FHL film 1,288,907 item 2, and copy from Byron Merrill 10/1987)
      A-127: James Duncan, 12 Jan. 1819; to wife Mary household furniture and the cow we got from William Duncan and the dun heifer and $200 and 6 sheep and her living off the place as long as she chooses and 1/2 acre of flax ground to be sowed for her every year while she lives on the place, and the hogs for her and the family; to William Duncan $200 when they sell the land; to James Duncan to his wife & his heirs $100 and my right and title to the place he now lives on; to George Duncan the land adj. Benjamin McGavock and James Cotton according to the survey, it being 30a only I reserve 1/2 of the sugar camp for his mother and 1/2 of the new field adj. my field for Samuel until he (viz George Duncan) sells his place and said George is to give William Duncan $150 to be paid to him when he sells his land. To Elizabeth Duncan $100. To Polly $100. To Jean Anderson $100. To Sarah Duncan $200 with her horse and saddle and bedding of clothes & cow, only her saddle is to be taken out of that money. Also to Samuel Duncan the price of 100 acres of the place on which I now live, also the gray mare and 4 sheep and the young heifer & one saw & bedding of clothes and he is to buy Sarah a horse out of his money and he is to have his plough & his gears for his horses and he is to keep his mother and find her in a comfortable living and he is to have the log chain and the grain now in possession and the grain that is growing and whatever grain there is more than necessary for the support of the family he is to have at his own disposal. I also allow none of the legatees to get any of their money until the land be sold and that must be according to your mother's will as long as she does not marry, but if she marries the land is to be sold and each one to get their part. N.B. ("Note Bene" - note well) When the land is sold if there be an overplus it shall be equally divided, but if there be a deficiency it shall be equally sustained. Wit. Archibald Hanna, James Cotton, Nancy (|) Lauglin. Proved 25 Jan. 1819 on oath of James Cotton and Nancy Lauglin.


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Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, Edward, widow Duncan, Emily R.; I 134 PA Inf.; 1896 Jan. 25, Invalid Appl. #1173645, Cert. #918406, Ill.; 1918 Feb. 28, Widow Appl. #1115627, Cert. 844098, Ill. (MAD: 1850 Beaver Co. PA census; mar. 1869 Jackson Co. IN; to Morgan Co. IL)
      Duncan, John M., widow Duncan, Margaret A.; C 101 PA Inf.; 1873 June 30, Invalid Appl. #184989, Cert. #136655; 1894 Feb. 13, Widow Appl. #589755, Cert. #396271, Ohio. (MAD: ?? 1880 Beaver Co. PA)


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HISTORIES before 1923

1904 "History of Beaver County, Pennsylvania : and its centennial celebration" Vol.1-2, by Joseph Henderson Bausman, 1854-; pub. New York : Knickerbocker Press, 1904. (LH9716, HeritageQuest image 3/2007; FHL book 974.892 H2b v.1&2 and films 599,309 item 1 and 599,312 and film 1,000,542 items 1-2; also University of Pittsburgh's Digital Research Library, Historic Pittsburgh Full-Text Collection)
      Pg.729: About 1837 Richard Moreland built a flouring mill at the lower end of the race, which was later overhauled and increased by James Duncan ...
      Pg.733: Beaver County petition 1854, signed by ... James Duncan, Fallston borough.
      Pg.822: The United Presbyterian Church. This church was organized about 1800, and was formerly known as Brush Run Church. Its first pastor was James Duncan, a man of remarkable talents and career. He was a native of western Pennsylvania, was educated at Canonsburg Academy, and studied theology with Dr. John Anderson of Service, Beaver County. He was suspended from the ministry for heresy, reinstated, and again suspended; joined the Presbyterian Church, and spent the remainder of his life in preaching from cabin to cabin in the new settlements of Kentucky and Indiana, dying on one of these mission tours. He was pastor of Brush Run Church from 1800 to April 11, 1804.
      Pg.876: Petition, signors include William Duncan, presented Nov. Sessions 1804, to divide South Beaver Township, the new township to be called the Ohio Township (next to the river).
      Pg.889: Petition June 1855, signors include James Duncan, about township lines.
      Pg.938-939: Four Mile Square United Presbyterian Church, March 28, 1811, application for preaching at this place was made to the Associate Presbytery of Ohio (organized 1808) at a meeting of that body at Greersburg, now Darlington, ... Again, at a meeting of Presbytery, February 13, 1812, as shown by the minutes, Mr. Duncan was appointed to preach at Anderson's on the second Sabbath of March. ...
      Pg.993: In the manuscript letters of Wayne belonging to the Historical Society of Pennsylvania is one from him dated Pittsburgh Nov. 24, 1792 in which (evidently in answer to a petition from the parties named) permission is given Oliver Ormsby, James C. Heron, and Samuel Duncan to establish a store at Legionville on condition that they do not allow "any ardent spirits to be sold to -- or furnished the soldiery -- either directly or indirectly."
      Pg.1218-1219: (tax lists) Beaver Township [North and South], 1802. (includes) "Duncan, William (Ohio twp.)"
      Pg.1276: Letter from R. Butler to Enoch Parsons. New York, June 11, 1790 ... account given by Mr. David Duncan to R. Butler ... letter dated Pittsburgh August 2, 1790, Rich. Butler to Enoch Parsons, ... I have not yet seen Mr. Duncan. He is busy with his harvest since he returned from Philadelphia, but have no doubt of his compliance with your order.

"Book of biographies : this volume contains biographical sketches of leading citizens of Beaver County, Pennsylvania." (anonymous); pub. Buffalo, N.Y.: Biographical Pub. Co., 1899, 433 pgs. (LH10035, HeritageQuest images 3/2007 & 4/2007; FHL film 1,425,640 item 4)
      Pg.175-176: Alfred P. Marshall. Among the eminent lawyers of Beaver county ... born in Perry township, Lawrence Co. PA, May 17, 1850, and is a son of Joseph A. and grandson of James Kyle Marshall. ... Joseph A. Marshall was a native of Washington Co., but spent the greater part of his life in Perry township, Lawrence county, PA., where he was the owner of a fine farm, ... married to Delilah Houck, to whom was born a family of twenty children as follows: James Kyle, deceased; Sarah, who was wedded to J.W. Hyde; Jonathan D., who is a farmer in Franklin township, Beaver county; William B., deceased; John C., who is a farmer in Butler county; Rebecca, who is the wife of A.L. Vangorder; Amanda; Lina A., who wedded W.I. Scott; Lucinda, who is the wife of James Duncan; Mary Agnes, who was the wife of Rev. T.L. Scott, and died in India; Alfred P., to whom this sketch relates; Clinton B., ... (MAD: more not copied)
      Pg.180-181: T. Martin White, Darlington Township ... was born in Allegheny county, PA., October 28, 1828. He is the eldest son of the late John White, and grandson of Thomas White. Thomas White, native of the north of Ireland where he was reared and educated. He came to America just previous to the breaking out of the Revolutionary War ... He subsequently purchased land in Kentucky and also along the Monongahela River, in the vicinity of Pittsburg, Pa., ... then to Beaver County. Thomas White was united in marriage with a Miss Martin, and to them were born the following children: James, of Mexico; John, father of the subject hereof; Joseph; Jane (Duncan); Nancy, wife of Judge Caruthers; and Susan (Burns.) John White, father of the gentleman to whom this writing pertains, was born in Allegheny county, PA., in January, 1802. ...

1915 "Genealogical and personal history of western Pennsylvania" by John W. Jordan, 1840-1921; pub. New York : Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1915. (University of Pittsburgh's Digital Research Library, Historic Pittsburgh Full-Text Collection image 3/2007)
      Vol.1, pg.159-162: SWEARINGEN. Gerret van Sweringen was born in Beemsterdam, Holland, in 1636, died at St.Mary's City, MD, 1698. ... (II) Thomas Swearingen, son of Gerret and Barbarah (de Barrette) van Sweringen, was probable (sic) born in St. Mary's City, MD, about 1665. He lived in Somerset Co. MD ... (III) John Swearingen, son of Thomas and Jane Swearingen, was probably born in Somerset Co. MD about 1702, emigrating to Montgomery Co. and settling on Rock Creek, not far from the present site of Washington City. ... (IV) Samuel Swearingen, son of John Swearingen, was born about 1732, and soon after the close of the Revolutionary War, he settled in what is now Hanover township, Beaver Co. PA ... (V) Basil Swearingen, son of Samuel Swearingen, was born in Beaver Co. PA, about two miles from the Kendall Post Office, April 2, 1782. ... He donated land for the Methodist Episcopal Cemetery, and in this quiet yard he and his wife lie buried side by side. He married Sarah Wilcoxen, who died in March, 1856. Their children: 1. Anthony, drowned while young ... 2. Catherine, married Emanuel Dornen. 3. Ruth, died in infancy. 4. Sarah, married John Wallace. 5. Ruth, married John Campbell. 6. Alletha, married Jonathan Duncan. 7. Samuel, married (first) Rowena Chapman, (second) Martha Spivey. 8. Mary, married William Ramsey. 9. Jackson, married and had children. 10. William, married Katie Gibson. 11. Duncan, of whom further. (VI) Duncan Swearingen, son of Basil and Sarah (Wilcoxen) Swearingen, was born in Beaver Co. PA, December 5, 1820, died June 28, 1889, ... Children... 5. Basil Duncan, of whom further. (VII) Basil Duncan Swearingen, son of Duncan and Sarah (Hogue) Swearingen, was born in Hanover township, Beaver county, PA, January 15, 1851. ... (VIII) Duncan Lawrence Swearingen, son of Basil Duncan and Rachel (Martin) Swearingen, was born ... Beaver Co. PA May 3, 1873. ... children include Lawrence Duncan Jr. died in infancy.

1887 "A history of the region of Pennsylvania north of the Ohio and west of the Allegheny river, of the Indian purchases, and of the running of the southern, northern, and western state boundaries. Also, an account of the division of the territory for public purposes, and of the lands, laws, titles, settlements, controversies, and litigation within this region." By Hon. Daniel Agnew, 1809-1902; pub. Philadelphia, Kay & brother, 1887. (University of Pittsburgh's Digital Research Library, Historic Pittsburgh Full-Text Collection image 3/2007; FHL book 974.8 H2ag)
      Pg.232: Deed dated December 1, 1818, Recorded in Book B, Beaver County, pp.420-1-2-3, for allotments of the Pennsylvania Population Company ... The names are generally those of persons in Philadelphia and vicinity, and are copied to exhibit the practice of the day when the warrants were taken out, in 1792, each warrantee (named) giving to the owners of the warrant his deed-poll of conveyance.
      Pg.234: Number of the Tracts, Warrantees' Names, Quantity of Acres:
       [No.] 1031, [Warrantee] Ann Dunkin, 320 [acres]

1908 "A century and a half of Pittsburg [Allegheny Co. Pennsylvania] and her people" by John Newton Boucher, 1854-1933; pub. [New York] : The Lewis Publishing Company, 1908. (LH7645, HeritageQuest image 3/2007; FHL book 974.886 H2a v.1-4 and film 1,425,643 items 1-4; also University of Pittsburgh's Digital Research Library, Historic Pittsburgh Full-Text Collection)
      Vol.4, pg.366-367: THE PATTERSON FAMILY. The first of the Patterson family of which this sketch treats was the American ancestor, Nathaniel Patterson (I), who is the son of John or James (it is not certain as to which name is correct), who with his brother came to America and settled in Virginia before 1729. Nathaniel was born in 1729 and died in Mifflin township, Allegheny county, Pennsylvania, 1795. He was a surveyor and accompanied Washington on his trip through western Pennsylvania, at the time the latter discovered and reported to the government authorities of Virginia the importance of building a fort at the "Forks of the Ohio," in 1755. Later Mr. Patterson acquired land in Mifflin township, Allegheny county, which he cleared up and lived upon the remainder of his days. This tract of land is still owned by his descendants. He married Elizabeth Bell and to them were born six children. Nathaniel was a soldier in the Revolutionary war.
            (II) Andrew Patterson, son of Nathaniel Patterson (1), was born in Mifflin township, Allegheny county, Pennsylvania, and died there in 1808, aged about 55 years. In his younger days he removed to Kentucky and there followed farming; subsequently he returned to Pennsylvania and settled in Allegheny county. He was in the Revolutionary war. He married Mary McNeil, by whom several children were born, including: Nathaniel, James, Robert, Elizabeth, Mary and others.
            (III) Nathaniel Patterson, son of Andrew (2) and Mary (McNeil) Patterson, was born in Kentucky in 1795 and died in 1877. He was a member of the Pittsburgh Blues in the Mexican war; served in the war of 1848 as major. At the time of the Civil war he was recorder of Allegheny county. He married a Miss Williams and they were the parents of eleven children: James W., Andrew, Nathaniel, Isaac, Robert, Mary, who married Joseph Ramsey, and of this union was born Joseph, Jr., Alfred and John. Joseph Ramsey, Jr., was president of the Wabash Railroad Company; Nancy, married Robert C. Duncan, of whom later; Margaret, John W., Amelia and ----.
            (IV) James W. Patterson, son of Nathaniel Patterson (3), married Matilda McGuire and they had children: James W., Jr., see forward; Charles, died unmarried; Agnes, married Dr. Franklin N. Staub, nine children.
            (IV) John W. Patterson, son of Nathaniel Patterson (3), was born in 1835 in Allegheny county, Pennsylvania, on the farm where his father settled on his return from Kentucky. In April, 1861, he enlisted in Company E, Thirteenth Pennsylvania Regiment of Volunteers, and was made captain of his company. In 1862 he was promoted to colonel of his regiment, which he commanded until his death, being killed in the battle of the Wilderness, while in command of his regiment, in 1864, when aged twenty-nine years. Grand Army Post, No. 151, on the South Side, Pittsburg, is named in honor of him. He married Almira Wendt, daughter of Frederick Wendt (see Wendt sketch) (MAD: not copied), who was one of the pioneer glass makers of Pittsburg, residing on the South Side. They had three children: Frederick W., Agnes and Mary, all born on the South Side, Pittsburg. After the death of John W. Patterson, his widow removed to Beaver county and is still living at this date, 1908.
            (IV) Nancy Patterson, daughter of Nathaniel Patterson (3), married Robert Cunliff Duncan, who was the son of Andrew (or Thomas) Duncan, whose wife's maiden name was Cunliff. Robert Cunliff Duncan followed mercantile pursuits for a number of years in Allegheny county, but later bought a farm in Beaver county, Pennsylvania, which he operated some time, and again engaged in mercantile life at Beaver Falls. He continued there but a short time and then gave up active business; he died at the age of seventy-two years. Nancy Duncan died in October, 1907, aged 91 years. They were the parents of seven children, as follows:
            1. Rev. Thomas Duncan, married Ella Craig, of Ohio. He is a Presbyterian clergyman and located at Perry, Oklahoma, and they have two children. 2. Elizabeth, married Daniel W. Scott, now deceased, of Beaver county; he was a United Presbyterian minister. 3. Nathaniel Duncan, M.D., deceased, practiced in Beaver county and married Mary A. Cranner. 4. Agnes, married a Mr. Potter, now deceased. 5. Mary, died in infancy. 6. Robert Cunliff, Jr., unmarried; read law in the office of George Shiras, Jr., and was admitted to the bar in 1884, since which time he has practiced his profession in Pittsburg. In politics he is an independent Republican. He is a member of the Masonic order, Elks and the University Club. 7. Jessie M., married Charles Wilcox and their children are: Charles, Jr., Howard, Bertha, Virginia and Helen.
            (V) Frederick W. Patterson, son of John W. Patterson (4), was born in 1860, in South Side, Pittsburg, and moved to New Brighton in 1866, where he was reared. When he reached manhood he studied civil engineering and became a surveyor and was connected with the Pennsylvania, Lake Erie & Baltimore railroad companies ... He married Mary Searight of Pittsburg, daughter of David Searight, who bore him two children, born in Beaver county, John W. and David S.
            (V) James W. Patterson, Jr., son of James W. Patterson (4), was born May 13, 1847. He married Margaret Campbell (see Campbell family sketch) (MAD: not copied), and they were the parents of thirteen children, five of whom died under twelve years of age, and those who arrived at maturity are as follows ...

1906 "Historical Encyclopedia of IL & History of Morgan Co." by William F. Short, edited by Newton Bateman & Paul Selby, pub. by Munsell Pub. (FHL book 977.346 H2b)
      Pg.813-14: DUNCAN, WILLIAM PERCY, B.S., M.D., ... young physician and surgeon of Jacksonville, Morgan Co. IL, was born in Jacksonville, October 30, 1878, the son of Edward and Emily (Ruddick) Duncan, natives of Pennsylvania and Indiana respectively. The grandfather, Robert Duncan, was born in Beaver Co. PA, in 1809, and the grandmother, Martha (Neville) Duncan, was born in the same county, in 1816. The former, who was a farmer by occupation, died when 78 years old, and the latter, at the age of 62 years.
      Edward Duncan was born in Beaver Co. PA, August 16, 1838, and received his mental training in the district schools and at Beaver Academy, being afterward, for 12 years, a teacher in the schools of PA, IN and IL. He enlisted August 9, 1862, in Co. G, 134th Reg., PA Volunteer Infantry, ... In 1868 he located at Cerro Gordo, Ill., where he followed the occupation of teaching. In 1876 he graduated from the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, ... after which, at Jacksonville, he began the successful practice ... member of the Centenary Methodist Church .... On March 16, 1869, at Seymour [Jackson Co.], IN, Dr. Duncan was married to Emily Ruddick, a daughter of Solomon and Elizabeth (Fisher) Ruddick. Two children were the result of this union -- Helen, who was born September 14, 1874, and died May 4, 1900, and William Percy.
      Dr. (W.P.) Duncan ... in October, 1904, he located at Jacksonville ... On July 21, 1903, Dr. W.P. Duncan was married to Florence Tunison, a daughter of Henry Cuthbert and Catherine (Murray) Tunison. One child -- Edward Tunison, born June 7, 1904 -- resulted from this union. ...

1881 "History of Summit Co., with an outline sketch of OH" ed. by William Henry Perrin; pub. Baskin & Battey (FHL book 977.136 H2p and from Charles A. Duncan 3/1987)
      Pg.939: Northfield Twp. John Dosenbury, farmer; P.O. Northfield, born Dec. 1, 1800, in Hunterdon Co. NJ to Cornelius and Mary (Stillwell) Dosenbury. ... John ... in 1829 came West and stayed one year in MI; also some length of time near Zanesville. "Nov. 14, 1835, he married Ruth Duncan, born Dec. 6, 1816, in Beaver Co. PA; she was the daughter of John and Elizabeth (McLean) Duncan. John Duncan's parents came from Ireland, and he was born at sea while his parents were coming to this country. Thirteen children were born to them; eleven grew up, whose names were Robert, John, Hannah, Ruth, McLean, William, Elizabeth, Mary, James, Simeon and Perry. The Duncans settled in this township (Northfield) about the year 1821." To Mr. Dosenbury nine children were born; those living are William (in Montcalm Co. MI), John (in Pierson, same State), Sarah (this county), George, Cornelius, Frank, Harriet (at home) and Jane (died at 31). John built the first house in Pierson. Mrs. Dosenbury is a member of the M.E. Church. ...

1881 "History of Coshocton Co. OH, Its Past and Present 1740-1881" by Norman Newell Hill (FHL book 977.165 H2hi)
      Pg.672: T.D. Duncan, Keene Twp, born July 9, 1846, in Pittsburg [Allegheny Co.], PA, son of Robert C. and Nancy (Patterson) Duncan, of Scotch and English descent. Childhood and early youth spent on a farm in Beaver Co. PA; from 17 to 19 attended academy at Beaver, then took a course at Washington & Jefferson college, Washington, PA, graduating in 1869. ... completed theological studies, graduating spring 1874. ... In 1875 he received a call from Clark Presbyterian church, Bloomfield, which he accepted and was ordained in May; remainder there as pastor until April 1879; in August 1880 principal of public schools and academy at Keene. Married in June, 1876, to Miss Ella, daughter of George and Jane (Douglas) Craig; have one child Robert C., born July 5, 1877.

1905 "History of State of CA and Biographical Record of the San Joaquin Valley" by Prof. J.M. Guinn (Placerville Library)
      Pg.1580: NATHANIEL P. DUNCAN, M.D. To Nathaniel P. Duncan, M.D., belongs the distinction of being the oldest physician in Hanford, Kings county, in point of years of service in the medical profession. Dr. Duncan was born in Pittsburg, PA, January 9, 1849, a son of Robert C., and grandson of Thomas Duncan, whose father, a native of Scotland, came to the United States about the time of the Revolutionary war and first located in Louisiana, where he operated a plantation for a number of years. He subsequently removed to Pennsylvania, but soon afterward died in Pittsburg, while still a comparatively young man, from yellow fever.
      Robert C. Duncan was born in Louisiana, and was an infant when his parents removed to Pennsylvania. He was reared and educated in the latter state, and engaged in merchandising in Beaver Falls and Pittsburg. He died in the latter city at the age of about seventy years. He married Nancy Patterson, a native of Pennsylvania, who still resides in that state at the advanced age of eighty-seven years. Her father, Nathaniel Patterson, was at one time a civil engineer in Pittsburg.
      The boyhood and youth of Dr. Nathaniel P. Duncan were spent in Pittsburg and vicinity ... He subsequently attended Beaver Academy, ... Coming to California, he visited various towns, finally locating, in 1876, at Lemoore, Kings county ... At Lemoore, Cal., in 1877, he was united in marriage with Mary Cramer, a native of Calaveras Co. CA .... (MAD: see Beaver Co. PA)


1905 "The Duncan and Gibson Families" by Hugh Welch Duncan (FHL book 929.273 D912d and film 1,303,260 item 14)
      The book contains information on James Duncan who lived at Chestnut Level, York Co. PA, died prior to 1770, wife Elizabeth; children: Robert lived in Lower Chanceford, York Co. PA; John settled in Fairfield Co. OH; James settled in Beaver Co. PA; Andrew Duncan Sr. of York Co. PA; Mary married Joseph Reed of Lower Chanceford, York Co. PA; and Elizabeth married Mr. Yocum and lived near Slate Ridge, MD. The book also gives much information about the children and grandchildren.


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