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Formed 1810 from Muskingum, Tuscarawas
Holmes formed 1824 from Coshocton, Wayne, Tuscarawas


1820 Coshocton Co. OH Census
Newcastle Twp.
Pg. 25   Mathew Duncan        120001         - 12110
Perry Twp.
Pg. 27   Samuel Duncan        100010         - 10010

1830 Coshocton Co. OH Census
Newcastle Twp.
Pg. 49   Mathew Duncan        0001,1001      - 0012,001
         Alexander Duncan     0010,1         - 2000,1

1840 Coshocton Co. OH Census
New Castle Twp.
Pg.324   John Duncan          0010,1         - 2200,01
           2 names
         Mathew Duncan        0000,1000,1    - 0010,001
Pg.327   Alexander Duncan     1100,01        - 1310,01
Bedford Twp.
Pg.332   Elizabeth Duncan     0000,1         - 0001,001
           (MAD: widow of John Duncan died 1845 Richland Co. OH)
Clarke Twp.
Pg.367   John Duncan          2002,01        - 1100,2
Mill Creek Twp.
Pg.372   John Duncan          2110,01        - 1100,01

1850 Coshocton Co. OH Census
Pg.12, #148, Joseph CULLISON 23 OH wagon maker $30
                  Catharine 24 OH
                  Thomas ALMACK? 19 OH
                  Sarah DUNCAN 13 OH
Pg.12, #155, Mathew DUNCAN 73 IRE none $5030
                  Diana 51 MD
                  Elizabeth BUTLER 23 OH
Pg.13, #163, John DUNCAN 41 PA butcher
                  Ann 41 MD
                  Mary J. 17, Amanda C. 15 OH
                  Phebe S. 12, Eleanor 10 OH
                  Henry SMITH 9 OH
                  Alexander MORIS/MARIS 23 OH carpenter
                  (MAD: John Duncan mar. Anne Farguher 8/10/1830)
Pg.27, #162, Mathew DUNCAN 30 OH farmer $1000
                  Cordelia 22 OH
                  Samuel 2, Mary E. 3/12 OH
                  Mary J. 27, Josephine 2 OH
                  (MAD: Mathew Duncan mar. C. Severns 12/31/1846)
Pg.191, #97, John DUNCAN 45 PA miller $10,000
                  Nancy 35 VA
                  Sarah J. 15, John 14 OH
                  Andrew 12, Hannah 10 OH
                  George 8, William 6 OH
                  James 3 OH
                  Solomon SNIDER 25 OH miller
                  Elizabeth FETROSE 23 PA
                  (MAD: son of Andrew Duncan died 1817 Holmes Co. OH; 1860 Holmes Co. OH census)
Pg.191, #98, Joshua DOYLE family
Pg.191, #99, Abraham GOODE family
Pg.192, #100, Ann DUNCAN 62 PA (alone)
Mill Creek
Pg.222, #72, John DUNCAN 44 PA farmer $4000
                  Elizabeth 40 PA
                  Paul 21, J.A. (m) 18 OH
                  Tobias 14, Solomon 12 OH
                  Sarah 10, Noah 8 OH
                  Joseph 6, Jonas 6 OH
                  Jesse 4, S.A. (f) 2 OH
                  (MAD: Elizabeth Long; see Warren Co. IL; Paul Duncan mar. Sarah McCauslin 12/17/1858 Holmes Co. OH, in 1870 Cass Co. MO census; John Adam Dunkin mar. Elizabeth Stambach (Stumbaugh) 9/20/1855 Allen Co. OH, in 1870 Cass Co. MO census)
White Eyes
Pg.239, #132, Elizabeth DUNCAN 73 IRE
                  Samuel 27, Charles 25 IRE farmers
                  (MAD: widow of John died 1845 Richland Co. OH)

1860 Coshocton Co. OH Census
Oxford Twp., P.O. White Eyes Plains
Pg.14 (28), #204, Saml. DUNCAN 44 IRE farmer $3000-$75
                  Elizabeth 25 OH
                  John 4, Sarah Ev (sic) 2 OH
                  (MAD: Samuel Duncan mar. Elisabeth Norman 3/9/1856; ? 1870 Jasper Co. MO census)
Mill Creek Twp., P.O. Keene
Pg.66 (133), #920, John DUNKEN 56 PA farmer $8400-$1400
                  Eliz. 52 PA
                  Noah 17, Joseph 16 OH
                  Jonas 16, Jesse 13 OH
                  Eliz. 10, Sophia 8 OH
                  Cyrus 6 OH
                  (MAD: John Dunken and most of family in 1870 Cass Co. MO census; Jesse Duncan in 1870 Steuben Co. IN census)
Coshocton Twp. & P.O.
Pg.98 (197), #366, Thomas DUNCAN 22 OH surveyor in hotel
Virginia Twp., P.O. Moscow
Pg.173 (347), #381(383)-381, Daniel DUNCAN 45 OH farm laborer $0-$50
                  Rebecca 36 OH
                  Elizabeth 9, Thomas 7 OH
                  Mary 4, Matilla (sic) 2 OH
                  (MAD: Daniel Duncan mar. Rebecca Perdew 3/22/1849)
Newcastle Twp. & P.O.
Pg.235 (471), #393, John DUNCAN 52 PA butcher $0-$150
                  Ann 52 MD
                  Ellen 19 OH
Pg.235(471), #397, Dianah DUNCAN 66 MD -- $400-$50
                  Elizabeth BUTLER 33 OH
Perry Twp., P.O. New Guillford
Pg.245(492), #551, Anna TRIMBLE 56 PA -- $4800-$1000
                  Chauncey 26, Adam 21 OH
                  Annon (Armon?) (m) 18, Samuel 9 OH
                  Leurenda (f) 17 IN
                  Charles WHITNAN 40 NY day laborer
                  Rachel DUNCAN 18 OH
Keene Twp. & P.O.
Pg.275(551), #136, Truman OSBORNE 47 CT -- $1600-$200
                  Lucy 26 NY
                  Tobias DUNCAN 23 OH merchant $1000-$2600
                  (MAD: 1870 Steuben Co. IN census)
Keene Twp., P.O. Canal Lewisville
Pg.276(554), #161, John A. DUNCAN 28 OH farm laborer $0-$600
                  Elizabeth 24 OH
                  Sarah Indel? 9/12 OH

1870 Coshocton Co. OH Census
Bethlehem Twp.
Pg.31, #62-62, MOWERY, Abrah. (m) 58 VA farmer $31,000-$3,500
                  Mary 47 OH housekeeper
                  William F. 19, Sylvester 16 OH at home
                  Mary 6 OH at home
                  Hollomon? (m) 12 OH
                  DUNCAN, Mary 16 OH servant
Jefferson Twp.
Pg.101, #3-3, BUTLER, Ammi? (m) 43 OH farming $0-$800
                  Martha 44 OH keeping house
                  Savilla J. (f) 15, Emma D. 9 OH at home
                  William O. 2 OH
                  DUNCAN, Samuel 21 OH farming (not mar/in/year)
                  Leora (f) 16 OH at home
                  McKINNEY, Harvey 19 OH works on farm
Keene Twp.
Pg.116, #27-27, DUNCAN, Rebecca 26 OH keeping house $0-$0
                  Viola E. 5, Ulysis E. (m) 3 OH
                  HUSTON, Alexr. 21 OH laborer
                  MILLER?, Nichl. 88 VA
Lafayette Twp.
Pg.132, #127-108, DUNKEN, Charley 51 IRE farmer $0-$0 (does not say parents of foreign birth)
                  Mary 48 OH K.house
                  Alexander 8 OH
                  HINKLE, Ellen 14 OH
                  MURPHY, Charles H. 12 OH
Mill Creek Twp
Pg.163, #112-98, DUNCAN, John 66 PA farmer $11,000-$1800
                  Elisb. (f) 62 PA keeping house
                  Barbara 40 PA at home
                  Elisb. A. 20 OH at home
                  Sophia 18, Cyrus (m) 15 OH at home
                  MON?, Emma 8 OH at home
Pg.163, #113-99, DUNCAN, Jonas 26 OH farmer $500-$0
                  Amanda 25 OH keeping house
                  Mary E. 11/12 OH b.Agst.
                  SAMPSEL?, Levi 16 OH laborer
Newcastle Twp.
Pg.177, #16-16, DUNCAN, John 63 PA farming $600-$140, father of foreign birth
                  Ann 62 OH keeping house
                  HORTON, Francis M. (m) 11 IL going to school
Pg.181, #76-76, DUNCAN, Dianna (f) 75 MD keeping house $200-$150
                  Cicelia E. (f) 40 OH at home
                  (no others)


Coshocton Co. OH Admin. Docket, Vol.A, 1811-1848 (FHL film 894,324, no index Vol.B 1848-1875)
      #88, Samuel Duncan decd, Aug. 20, 1822, Elizabeth Duncan admx, bond $300; Matthew Duncan & John Scott, Sec. Acct. & settlement rec. will 12 April 1833, Will &c Book 3, pg.27
      MAD: Admin. Docket A, Case #534, Daria Dunkin, indexed as Estate in 1843; from "OH Wills & Estates to 1850; an Index" by Carol Willsey Bell (FHL book 977.1 P22b, from Evelyn Sigler 12/1983)

Coshocton Co. OH Common Pleas Court Record Book 1832-1835
      D-110, May 1832, Matthew Duncan vs. Elizabeth Duncan et al. Land, NW 1/4 Sec. 5, Twp. 5, Range 8, Matthew Duncan exchanged said land with Samuel Duncan in his lifetime for tract of land in Fayette Co. PA. Samuel Duncan decd. Widow Elizabeth Duncan. Heirs: Isabella and Mary Jane Duncan. (pg.319, Vol.1 "Gateway to the West" by Ruth Bowers and Anita Short, 1989 reprint of periodical 1967 to 1978, Vol.4#1, FHL book 977.1 D25g)

Coshocton Co. OH Will Records, Court of Common Pleas (FHL film 894,326; no Duncan Vol.2/B 1824-1832)
      1-336: 17 Aug. 1822, letters of admin. granted to Elizabeth Duncan on estate of Samuel Duncan, bond Matthew Duncan & John Scott.
      1-391: Appraisement of estate of Samuel Duncan; $100.62-1/2; list of debts taken from the books of Samuel Duncan, $92.05-1/2.
      C-27: 27 April 1833, final settlement; credit for 1/2 of Fulling machine recovered by Mathew Duncan in a suit in chancery; includes cash paid by Matthew Duncan, Caleb Farquah for fulling, cash paid in land office, receipts from many people. No heirs shown.


Coshocton Co. OH Deeds (FHL film 895,735 grantor index; FHL film 892,961 grantee)
      Most of following from index only
      A-1: 4 April 1800, Cairnoan Medowell of Philadelphia, PA, to John Duncan of same, R8 T6 E/S? 1/4, 4000 acres, mortgage; not copied (FHL film 895,704)
      A-18: 1 May 1801, John Duncan of City of Philadelphia, PA, broker, to William Bell of same, merchant, 8-6-S 1/4, 3666-2/3 acres (T8 R6) not copied
      1-121: 14 Aug. 1813, Robert Giffin and wife Netty of Coshocton Co. OH to Mathew Dunkin of same, $900, Sec. 33, Range 9 Twp. 6, 300 acres. Wit. Stephen Merydith, J.W. Pignian?. (FHL film 895,705)
      5-425: 7/1/1830, Arthur Scott to Mathew Duncan, 50a (index)
      6-588: 2/11/1832, John Hinkins to Mathew Duncan, 5a (index)
      7-246: 28 Sept. 1833, Matthew Duncan and wife Catharine of Coshocton Co. OH to Robert Lockard of same, $500, N 1/2 NW 1/4 Sec. 5, Twp. 8, Range 8, 80 acres. Wit. French M. Thornhill, Jesse Criswell. (FHL film 895,708)
      7-470: 12 March 1830? (indexed 1834), Jacob Stouffer and wife Nancy to John Dunken, both Coshocton Co. OH, $500, S 1/2 SE 1/4 Sec. 13, Twp. 7, Range 6. Wit. W.G. Williams, John Merrill. (FHL film 895,708)
      7-563: 8/29/1833, Abraham Ryan to Mathew Duncan, lot 13 in Newcastle. (index)
      (many more deeds to Mathew Duncan from others to 1849, not copied)
      9-143: 11/9/1835, Joseph Haviland to John Duncan, R7 T7 Sec. 1, 95a, N pt. (index)
      9-226: 22 April 1836, Alexander Duncan and wife Sarah (X) of Coshocton Co. OH to Josiah L. Hill of same, $14, lot 2 in New Castle. Wit. Geo. Macdaniel Jr., David C. Zimmerman. (FHL film 895,709) (MAD: one Alexander Dunkin mar. Sally Leply 6/5/1828 Knox Co. OH; 1850 Knox Co. OH census)
      9-245: 12 Dec. 1835, Elisha G. Lee and wife Elizabeth of Knox Co. OH to Alexander Duncan of Coshocton Co. OH, $12, lot 2 in New Castle. Wit. Ela Miller, W.G. Lee. Rec. Knox Co. (FHL film 895,709)
      10-197: 9/21/1836, Matthew Duncan to Joseph John, 5a
      11-336: 4/1/1837, Benjamin Kenney to John Duncan, R6 T7 Sec 8, 85a, lot 3
      13-400: 22 March 1839, Matthew Duncan and wife Diana to Soloman Tipton, both Coshocton Co. OH, $100, lot 12 in New Castle, formerly known as West Liberty. Wit. Josiah L. Hill (JP), David C. Zimmerman. (FHL film 895,711)
      13-496: 5/22/1839, Matthew Duncan to Elizabeth Starnes, lease
      13-499: 3/23/1839, George Boyer to John Duncan, R6 T7 N 1/4 SW 1/4 Sec 19, 110?a
      14-118: 6/8/1839, William Batchelor to John Duncan, R7 T7, 43a
      15-619: 8/13/1841, William Bennett to John Duncan, R6, T7, pt. SW Sec. 7, 80a
      16-109: 13 Sept. 1841, John Duncan and wife Elizabeth to Robert Dickey, both Coshocton Co. OH, $825, part of lot 3 in Sec. 3, Twp 7, Range 4?/6?. Wit. James Wilson (JP), John Dickey. (FHL film 895,713)
      18-341: 20 Sept. 1843, John Linder and wife Elizabeth to Daniel Duncan, both Coshocton Co. OH, $500, part of E 1/2 NW 1/4 Sec. 18, Twp 4, Range 7, 15 acres. Wit. J.L. McGreger (JP), Anna McGreger. (FHL film 895,714)
      18-542: 1 May 1844, Daniel (X) Dunkin and wife Jane (X) to Abraham Kreider, trustees of Pleasant xxx? Disciple Church, $10, part of NW 1/4 Sec. 18, Twp 4, Range 7, 72 rods. Wit. J.L. & Anna McGreger. (FHL film 895,714)
      19-7: 7 Dec. 1844, John Dunken and wife Elisabeth to James Liggett, both Coshocton Co. OH, $1200, 86-1/4 acres, S 1/2 SE 1/4 Twp. 7, Range 6, pt. Sec 13. Wit. William Wilson, Henry Farwell (JP). (FHL film 895,715)
      20-69: 2/15/1842, Mathew Duncan to Thomas Norris, 8-5-SW-5, 29a
      20-172: 22 July 1845, Mathew Duncan and wife Diana to Joshua Clark, both Coshocton Co. OH, $925, land from Robert Giffin and wife, 37 acres (desc. not copied). Wit. D.C. Zimmerman, Joshua Smith. (FHL film 895,715)
      21-607: 2/10/1846, Elizabeth McFarland to John Duncan, R7, T7, 40a
      (many deeds to John Duncan through 1849 not copied)
      22-413: 20 Oct. 1847, Daniel (X) Dunkin and wife Jane (X) of Knox Co. OH to Nelson Gleade of Coshocton Co. OH, $120, part of E 1/2 NW 1/4 Sec. 18, Twp 4, Range 7, 14 acres. Wit. J.L. and Allen L. McGreger. Rec. Coshocton Co. OH. (FHL film 895,716)
      24-378: 7/10/1839, Mathew Duncan to Benjamin S. Lee, lot 18 in New Castle
      (no others to 1849)


Holmes Co. OH Deed (SLC 5/1/2013)
   Deed records, v.13-14 1847-1849 (FHL film 432,036)
      13-561/562: 8 April?? 1847, Cornelius Winchester and Chloe G. Winchester his wife of Holmes Co. OH for $300 paid by John Duncan of Coshocton Co., sell parcel of land in Holmes Co., being the SW 1/4 SE 1/4 Sec.22 Range 7 Rwp.8 commencing at SW corner of above tract, ... containing 40 acres more or less, with appurtenances, warrent title. /s/ Cornelius Winchester, Chloe G. Winchester. Wit. John A. Elliott, Isabella (X) Elliott. They appeared 8 Dec. 1847 before John A. Elliott, J.P. Presented for and recorded Jan. 13, 1848. (FHL film 432,036)

Wyandot Co. OH Deeds (SLC 9/13/2012)
      1-424: 29 Sept. 1846, Robert McKelly and Rebecca Jane McKelly his wife for $70 paid, quit claim to Matthew Duncan of Coshocton Co. OH their interest in premises with appurtenances in Wyandot Co. OH known as In Lot 25 in Town of Upper Sandusky, OH. /s/ Robert McKelly, R.J. McKelly. Wit. Ann? R. Sensoney?, John N?. Sensoney?. They appeared before John N?. Sensoney? J.P. 29 Sept. 1846. Recorded 30 Sept. 1846. (FHL film 926,581)
      8-416/417: 20 May 1852, Mathew Duncan and Dianah Duncan his wife for $125? ($175?) paid, sell and quit claim to John W. Mavis of Choshocton Co. OH our interest to premises and appurtenances in Wyandott Co. OH known as In Lot No.25 in town of Upper Sandusky. /s/ Mathew Duncan, Dianah Duncan. Wit. Daniel Eaton, Cyrick? Miles?. They appeared before Daniel Eaton, J.P. of Coshocton Co. OH, May 20, 1852. Recorded 28 Sept. 1854. (FHL film 926,585)


Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, James, widow Duncan, Ann; F 151 NY Inf.; 1882 May 26, Invalid Appl. #450461, Cert. #769292, Ohio; 1904 Oct. 10, Widow Appl. #814888, Cert. #590225, NY. (MAD: ? 1880 Coshocton Co. OH, wife Anna E.)
      Duncan, John A., widow Duncan, Elizabeth; H 143 Ohio Inf.; 1883 Feb. 9, Invalid Appl. #471971, Cert. #374432, MO; 1913 May 5, Widow Appl. #1007166, Cert. #762105, MO. (MAD: ? 1850 Coshocton Co. OH census; ? 1880 Cass Co. MO)
      Duncan, Jonas H., widow Duncan, Amanda; H 143 Ohio Inf.; 1890 March 26, Invalid Appl. #764298, Cert. #590057, Ohio; 1919 Oct. 1, Widow Appl. #1146919, Cert. #892637, Ohio. (MAD: 1850 Coshocton Co. OH census)
      Duncan, Noah, widow Duncan, Jane E.; I 46 Ohio Inf.; 1888 June 18, Invalid Appl. #656219, Cert. #512262, MO; 1916 Dec. 19, Widow Appl. #1089345, Cert. #834917, MO. (MAD: ? 1850 Coshocton Co. OH census, 1870-1880 Cass Co. MO census)
      Duncan, Tobias B.; A 69 Battln. Ohio N. Gds; 1914 Oct. 15, Invalid Appl. #1416637, no cert., Ohio. (MAD: ?? 1850 Coshocton Co. OH census)

HISTORIES before 1923

1881 "History of Coshocton County, Ohio : its past and present, 1740-1881; containing a comprehensive history of Ohio; a complete history of Coshocton County, a history of its soldiers in the late war, biographies and histories of pioneer families, etc." compiled by Norman Newell Hill, History of Ohio by A.A. Graham; pub. A.A. Graham (FHL book 977.165 H2hi and films 962,658 item 1 and 934,887 item 2)
      Pg.243: In 1773, Rev. David Jones, an eccentric character better known as "Chaplain Jones" and an Indian trader named David Duncan passed through this territory. They were traveling eastward from the Shawanee towns on the Scioto, along the Indian trail of the Licking and Muskingum valleys, which had been followed by Christopher Gist. Duncan was from Shippensburg [Cumberland Co.], PA, and was on his way to Fort Pitt, probably for goods. Rev. David Jones was on his return journey to Freehold, Monmouth Co., NJ, from the Indians on the Scioto, among whom he had been as missionary, by authority of the Philadelphia Baptist association, of which he was a member. He kept a diary of this journey, from which these facts are taken. (mention of country and Indian towns; Feb. 10, 1773, but no other mention by name of David Duncan).
      Pg.463: Adams Twp. ... Nathan Evans from near Baltimore, MD, about 1818 located the northwest quarter of Sec. 3; Samuel Duncan, a brother to Matthew Duncan, of New Castle twp, the southwest quarter of section 5. He here ran a little fulling machine. His death resulted from the kick of a horse.
      Pg.477: Clark Twp. The new township of Clark in 1829 was organized at the house of Peter Buckmaster. Only 15 or 20 votes were cast. Benjamin Patterson was elected clerk, and William Craig justice of the peace. John Duncan was the second justice, and was succeeded by Joel Glover, who served his township as "squire" for 21 years.
      Pg.513: Jefferson Twp. The western half is known as the Bell section. The patent for it was granted April 2, 1800, to Cairnon Wedwell, of Philadelphia, who conveyed it the same year to John Duncan, a broker of Philadelphia. The following year he sold to John Bell, a resident of the same city, all of the section except the 1/12 part off the western side, which had been deeded to Martin Baum.
      Pg.568: New Castle Twp. Among these early (1802-1808) purchasers were Martin Cox, John Ely, David and Thomas John, Timothy Hawkins, Matthew Duncan, John Wolfe and James Pigman. About 1812, Mr. Giffen ...
      Pg.569: Matthew Duncan, from Westmoreland Co. PA, emigrated about 1808 to the southwestern part of the Giffen section, on the place now owned by Mr. L. Lawrence. He distinguished himself in early times by building a large store house, the first of the kind erected in the township.
      Pg.653: James Cochran, Jefferson Twp, born in East Union, Coshocton Co. OH, Dec. 4, 1838, son of Caleb and Anna (Duncan) Cochran, and grandson of William Cochran and Matthew Duncan. His grandfather, Duncan, came to America at 12 years of age, and settled in Maryland. His father was born February 5, 1806; died September 28, 1877. His mother was born Feb. 29, 1812, in New Castle Twp. ...
      Pg.672: Jonas Duncan, Keene Twp, farmer, born June 27, 1843, in Mill Creek twp, son of John and Elizabeth (Long) Duncan. He was married April 30, 1868, to Amanda Shannon, dau. of Nathan and Mary (Endsley) Shannon (more on her ancestry). Mr. Duncan's family consists of 5 children: Mary E. b. August 4, 1869; Joseph A., Jan. 9, 1871; Sophia L., Oct. 18, 1872; Cynthia Grace, Sept. 1874; and Martha, Jan. 11, 1878.
      Pg.672: T.D. Duncan, Keene Twp, born July 9, 1846, in Pittsburg [Allegheny Co.], PA, son of Robert C. and Nancy (Patterson) Duncan, of Scotch and English descent. Childhood and early youth spent on a farm in Beaver Co. PA; from 17 to 19 attended academy at Beaver, then took a course at Washington & Jefferson college, Washington, PA, graduating in 1869. ... completed theological studies, graduating spring 1874. ... In 1875 he received a call from Clark Presbyterian church, Bloomfield, which he accepted and was ordained in May; remainder there as pastor until April 1879; in August 1880 principal of public schools and academy at Keene. Married in June, 1876, to Miss Ella, daughter of George and Jane (Douglas) Craig; have one child Robert C., born July 5, 1877.
      Pg.711: John D. Hughes, Keene Twp, carpenter, born 26 June 1840 in Pittsburgh [Allegheny Co.], PA, son of John and Eliza J. Hughes, and grandson of Robert and Mary A. (Robinson) Hughes and of John and Nancy (Hasson) Duncan. Remained in Pittsburgh till 1878, when he came to Keene and married Miss Rebecca Fullerton, b. 20 June 1844, dau. of Robert and Anna (Aiken) Fullerton ...

1909 "Centennial History of Coshocton Co. OH" by William J. Bahmer (FHL films 934,887 items 3-4, and 1,550,763 item 5)
      Vol.II, pg.328-9: Jonas H. Duncan, a successful farmer and stock-raiser of Keene twp was born in Mill Creek twp, Coshocton Co. OH, June 20, 1844. His parents, John and Elizabeth (Long) Duncan, both of whom were natives of PA, came to this county in the early '30s and here purchased land. Both the father and mother are now deceased however. The family numbered fifteen children namely: Paul, a resident of IL; Adam living in MO; Tobias, who is a traveling salesman; Noah, also a resident of MO; Joe, who makes his home in Kansas; Jonas H., twin brother of Joe and the immediate subject of this review; Jesse, living in Kansas; Lizzie, the wife of Benjamin Lower, of Coshocton Co.; Sophia, the wife of Wilbert Wetherwax; and six who have passed away. Seven of the sons served as loyal defenders of the Union during the Civil war and all of them escaped injury.
      Jonas H. Duncan acquired a common-school education and remained under the parental roof until he had attained the age of twenty-three years or until the time of his marriage. In 1864, however, he had enlisted in defense of the Union as a member of Co. H, 143rd Reg., serving until the close of hostilities, when he was honorably discharged at Columbus. Subsequent to his marriage Mr. Duncan was engaged in the operation of a rented farm for three years and on expiration of that period purchased property of his own. He now has forty acres of valuable and well improved land in Keene township and in addition to the work of farming he also raises stock, both branches of his business returning to him a gratifying annual income.
      Mr. Duncan was joined in wedlock to Miss Amanda Shannon, of Coshocton Co. Her great-grandfather, Robert Shannon, was a native of Ireland, while her grandparents were Isaac and Jane (Porter) Shannon. Her father, Nathan Shannon, died in 1881 age 84; her mother, Mrs. Mary (Endeley) Shannon, died in 1890 age 91. Mrs. Duncan was one of a family of twelve children and by her marriage has become the mother of five as follows: Mary E., the wife of J.L. Boyd, of Keene twp; Joseph A., a resident of Kansas; Sophia L., the wife of B.P. Porter, of Keene Twp; Cynthia G., the wife of Dr. L----ing of Seattle, Washington; and Mattie S., the wife of W.W. Whittispore (?) of Keene twp.
      In his political views Mr. Duncan is a stanch prohibitionist and has capably filled the office of school director and supervisor. Both he and his wife are devoted and faithful members of the Presbyterian church and are well and favorably known throughout the community in which they reside. Throughout his entire life, or for almost two-thirds of a century, he has now resided within the borders of this county and is therefore largely familiar with its annals from a pioneer period down to the present time, while his labors have been a factor in its agricultural development.

1889 "Commemorative biographical record of the counties of Wayne and Holmes, Ohio : containing biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens and of many of the early settled families" pub. by J.H. Beers & Co. (FHL film 1,000,349 item 3; extract from Sheila Anderson 5/1989)
      Pg.618-23: Holmes Co. JOHN DUNCAN (deceased) b. March 7, 1804, in Washington Co. PA, where he remained until 1824, when he came to Steubenville, Jefferson Co. OH, and engaged with a Mr. Plumer as a laborer. About 1826 took flat-boat of flour to New Orleans, forwarded it to Mexico to sell, returned mostly on foot. Became apprentice to Plummer to learn fulling & carding industry to 1830. Then to Holmes Co.; his brother William Duncan had come first; they bought farm in Mechanic Twp. & built fulling & carding mill; William kept it. John to Coshocton Co., built saw-mill etc. on Doughty's Fork; 1851 to Holmes Co.; retired 1874, d. July 12, 1878, in Killbuck. (MAD: John was son of Andrew Duncan who died 1817 Jefferson Co. OH)
            John's father (unnamed) was native of Scotland, to Washington Co. PA while young man, there married Jane Wiley, sister of Dr. Wiley of Washington Co. PA University, and settled there. Children: Adam, John, William, Elisa, Isabella, Mary and Hester; John's father d. 1817 when eldest child Adam was 15. Adam mar. Jennie Milligen & located in Guernsey Co.; William mar. Fanny Elliott; Elisa mar. George Gray; Mary mar. Edward Stevenson & located in Illinois; Hester mar. Rev. James Eliott; Isabella mar. John Eliott, all locating in Holmes Co. except Adam and Mary.
            John was JP, Presbyterian Church, involved in water-wheel patent right case taken to US Supreme Court 10 years, Democrat. Married Miss Nancy, dau. of John Casey of Loudoun Co. VA who settled Killbuck Twp, Holmes Co.; she lives Millersburgh, age 75. Nine children: Sarah Jane, John C., Andrew, Hannah, George, William, James E., Nancy Euphemia and Harriet Louisa. (1) Sarah Jane mar. Peter Stevenson of Coshocton Co. OH where she now resides; (2) John C. b. Coshocton Co. OH March 19, 1836, in Co. A, 102nd OH Vol. Inf., ..., Jan. 2, 1866, mar. Miss M.P., dau. of Hon. H.G. Saunders; 2 children: Carrie Lemore & Harriet Edwina; (3) Andrew b. Dec. 18, 1837, mar. Susan French about 1862, in Co. G, 16th OH Vol. Inf., d. age 25 at Killbuck, OH; (4) Hannah b. Feb. 26, 1840 in Coshocton Co. OH, mar. Dr. James R. Bristor of Mansfield, OH, where now live; (5) George b. Jan. 11, 1842, d. age 13; (6) William b. March 19, 1844, in Coshocton Co. OH, in Co. H, 88th O.S.I. ... after war in partnership with J.C. Duncan ... mar. Elisa Saunders at Wash. DC in 1876, 4 living children: John, R.C. Hurd, Ada and Frederick William; (7) James E. below; (8) Nancy Euphemia b. Sept. 7, 1850, d. Sept. 19, 1855; (9) Harriet Louisa b. Oct. 22, 1852, unmarried.
      Pg.823-4: Holmes Co. JAMES E. DUNCAN, youngest son of John Duncan, b. Coshocton Co. OH March 13, 1847, to Holmes Co. when child. Enlisted Co. C 166th OH Vol. ... Married in 1873 Miss Lilli A., dau. of James W. Way of Killbuck Twp; two children: Lola and Jessie. Methodist Episcopal Church.

1887 "Portrait and Biographical Album of Washington County, Iowa : containing full page portraits and biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens of the county" pub. by Acme Publ. Co. (FHL book 977.792 D3p)
      Pg.508-9: ALEXANDER DUNCAN, of Washington, is another one of the truly representative pioneers of Washington Co., having made this his home since 1847, a period of forty years. He is a native of Ireland, born in 1813, and is the son of John and Elizabeth Duncan, both of whom were also natives of that country. When Alexander was about seven years of age, the family emigrated to America and located in Somerset Co. PA, where they remained eight years, and then moved to Washington Co. in the same State. In 1833 they removed to Richland Co. OH, where Mr. Duncan died in his one hundredth year. Mrs. Duncan died in Coshocton Co. OH, from a cancer, in her 86th year. .... They were both members of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and were among the first to embrace that faith in the days of John and Charles Wesley. Five children were born unto them, of whom two are yet living -- Samuel, now living in Missouri, and Alexander, in Washington, Iowa.
      Alexander Duncan was reared upon his father's farm, ... On the 17th of August, 1837, our subject was united in marriage with Miss Lydia Frederick, a daughter of Peter and Elizabeth Frederick, who were of German descent, their fore-parents being among the first to emigrate to America. Mrs. Duncan was born in Tuscarawas Co. OH, in 1817. She is a cousin of Hon. Ben Frederick, of Marshalltown, Iowa. After their marriage, Mr. and Mrs. Duncan settled in Richland Co. OH, where Mr. Duncan opened two farms in the heavy timber. In 1847 they sold their possessions in Ohio and came to Iowa, being urged so to do by a brother of Mrs. Duncan, who had come to this State several years previously. The came across the country with teams and landed in Brighton in September of that year. Mr. Duncan first purchased land just across the line in Keokuk Co., which he improved and upon which he lived two years, then sold out and bought and improved a farm of 137 acres in Franklin Township, this county. On this farm they continued to reside till 1865, when they moved to the city of Washington, where they have since continued to reside. ... Mr. and Mrs. Duncan were never blessed with chidren, but years ago they adopted Caroline Homel, who was then but two years of age. This child was given their name, and as Caroline Duncan, grew to womanhood under ... her foster parents, and is now the wife of N.N. Vinquest, an ice dealer of Kansas City. ....

"History of Labette County, Kansas, and representative citizens" by Nelson Case; pub. Chicago, Ill.: Biographical Pub. Co., 1901, 823 pgs. (LH12657, HeritageQuest images 5/2007; FHL book 978.196 H2ca and film 1,036,205 item 2)
      Pg.535-536: MRS. SARAH (DUNCAN) DeCOW, widow of Abner DeCow, is one of the earliest settlers of Labette county, Kansas. She is also one of the most highly esteemed residents of the town of Bartlett, where she built the third house erected.
            Abner DeCow was born in Canada, November 12, 1826, and was a farmer by occupation, being one of the very first settlers of Labette county. He took up a claim in Hackberry township, built a cabin 16 by 18 feet in size, and lived there until his death, in 1870. He is still remembered by the oldest residents of the county as a man of high principles and an honor to the community.
            Mrs. DeCow was born in Newcastle, Ohio, in 1837, and is a daughter of Alexander Duncan, who was born in Virginia and followed farming. He married Sarah Lepley, who was born in Pennsylvania, and of the 14 children born to them, the following are now living: Kate; Samuel; Sarah; Frances; Shannon; Alice; Amanda; Cleora; M. Jackson; and John. Sarah Duncan lived in her native county until she was sixteen years old, and then moved with her parents to Winneshiek county, Iowa, where she was married. She accompanied her husband to Labette county, Kansas, in 1867, and located in Hackberry township. After the death of her husband she moved to Bartlett, where she built the third house in the town, and for eight years conducted a restaurant. She built her present home in 1895, -- an eight-room, frame house of comfortable size. ... She and her husband became parents of seven children, as follows: George; Charity; Shannon; Maggie; Oliver; Frank; and Mabel, deceased. (MAD: Newcastle, Coshocton Co. OH)

"Biographical annals of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania : containing biographical and genealogical sketches of prominent and representative citizens and of many of the early settlers." (anonymous); pub. Chicago: J.H. Beers & Co., 1903, 1751 pgs. (LH572, HeritageQuest images 4/2007; FHL book 974.815 D3b v.1-4 and film 908,995 items 1-2 and 1,000,560 item 1)
      Pg.110: ... Record of the children Isaac and Susanna (Weaver) Schnader left: ... (1) Solomon Schnader married Elizabeth Jane Crawford, a daughter of James and Mary (Bothwell) Crawford, who came to this country from County Tyrone, Ireland, about the year 1800, and settled in what is now Crawford county, Ohio. Their children are: Edward L. Snader, an actor of prominence on the American stage, whose wife is Fanny McIntyre, a celebrated singer and actress; and Susie Snader, wife of William Duncan, of Bloomfield, Ohio. (MAD: Bloomfield, Coshocton Co. OH)


Some early Duncans in Coshocton Co. OH:
      Mathew Duncan, 1815, res. Coshocton Co., from Zanesville Land Office, #436, Abstract of land sold for cash and further credits, 1812 to 1820 ("Early Ohioan's Residences from the Land Grant Records" by Mayburt Stephenson Riegel, FHL book 977.1 R2e and film 928,416 item 2)
      Samuel Duncan, 1815, res. Coshocton Co., from Zanesville Land Office, #436, Abstract of land sold for cash and further credits, 1812 to 1820 ("Early Ohioan's Residences from the Land Grant Records" by Mayburt Stephenson Riegel, FHL book 977.1 R2e and film 928,416 item 2)
      Elizabeth Duncan, 10 April 1823, mar. John Mains
      Matthew Duncan, 1825, on tax list ("Index of the OH 1825 Tax Duplicate" by Gerald M. Petty, 1981, FHL book 977.1 R42p, from Deone Penquite 10/1991)
      Samuel Duncan, 1825, on tax list ("Index of the OH 1825 Tax Duplicate" by Gerald M. Petty, 1981, FHL book 977.1 R42p, from Deone Penquite 10/1991)
      John Duncan, 1830, born PA, wife Elizabeth Long, settled in Coshocton Co. OH (pg.131, Vol.1, 1960, "Ohio the Cross Road of our Nation, Records and Pioneer Families" from Evelyn Sigler 4/1984)
      Matthew Duncan, 25 Feb. 1835, mar. Dinah Butler
      Isabela Duncan, 1 Sept. 1835, mar. Thomas Tipton
      Jane Duncan, 3 Dec. 1837, mar. James Farquhar
      Mary Duncan, 22 April 1841, mar. Edward Stephenson (MAD: dau. of Andrew died 1817 Holmes Co. OH)
      Alexander Duncan, 9 Dec. 1841, mar. Elizabeth Smith (MAD: ? 1850 Green Co. WI 1850)
      William Duncan, 20 April 1843, mar. Belinda Jewel (MAD: 1850 Lorain Co. OH census)
      Margery Duncan, 18 Dec. 1845, mar. Richard Poundstone
      Margery Duncan, 9 April 1846, mar. Joshua Smith
      Catharine Duncan, 24 Nov. 1848, mar. John Banning
      Mary Jane Duncan, 19 Jan. 1851, mar. Asa Cox
      Susan Duncan, 22 May 1851, mar. Anthony Shino
      Betsy Jane Duncan, 1 Aug. 1852, mar. Norton Severns
      Amanda Duncan, 12 Aug. 1852, mar. David Horton
      Jane Duncan, 1855, wife of Andrew, age 75, bur. Clark, Coshocton Co. OH, Cemetery, also Mary Duncan 1840-1925, Eliza Duncan 1844-1929, and Frances (Duncan) Headington 1846-1915 (Vol.8, 1967, "Ohio the Cross Road of our Nation, Records and Pioneer Families" from Evelyn Sigler 1/1984)
      Cordelia Duncan, 24 Aug. 1855, mar. William Fitzcharles
      John Duncan, 2 Oct. 1856, mar. Mary Jane Karr
      Sarah Jane Dunken, 25 Nov. 1858, mar. George W. Miller
      Pheby S. Duncan, 10 Nov. 1859, mar. George W. Butler
      Charles Duncan, 22 Sept. 1861, mar. Mary Henkle
      Tobias Dunken, 29 Oct. 1861, mar. Rebecca E. Miller
      Thomas E. Duncan, 13 May 1862, mar. Rachel Frew
      Ellen Duncan, 3 July 1863, mar. Calvin Veatch
      Rebecca Duncan, 13 Oct. 1864, mar. Francis Norris
      Jonas H. Duncan, 30 April 1868, mar. Amanda Shannon
      Mary Duncan, 30 Dec. 1869, mar. Scott Lash


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