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Formed 1749 from Lancaster
Adams formed 1800 from York


1790 York Co. PA Census
Pg. 269  Dunkin, Jno.          124xx                        Chanceford Twp
    272  Dunkin, Robt.         225xx        Col. 1          Fawn Twp
         Duncan, Robt.         225xx        Col. 2
    273  Dunkin, Andw.         163xx        Col. 1          Hopewell Twp
    280  Duncan, Robt.         114xx        Col. 2          Windsor Twp
    288  Duncan, Matthias      113xx        Col. 3          Mixed townships
    289  Duncan, Seth          223xx        Col. 1
    291  Duncan, Thomas        112xx        Col. 1

1800 York Co. PA Census
Pg.1373  Andw. Duncan Esq.     11301        - 10010         Hopewell
   1387  James Duncan          10010        - 01001         Fawn
         Robt. Duncan          00201        - 00202

1810 York Co. PA Census
Pg. 168  William Duncan        10110        - 10110         Hopewell
    169  John Duncan           00100        - 10100
    170  Andrew Duncan Esq.    10201        - 00110
    175  John Duncan           00010        - 11010         Fawn
         Robert Duncan         00001        - 00101
         James Duncan          02010        - 00210

1820 York Co. PA Census (pg.76 from Kathy Cawley 2006)
Pg.  33  William Duncan        110010       - 01010         Hopewell
     35  David Dunkin?         150010       - 31101
     37  James Duncan          011101       - 00120         Manheim
         Robert Duncan         000001       - 00001
         John Duncan           010001       - 01010
           (John next to Robert)
     38  John Duncan           000211       - 00101         Lower Chanceford
         James Duncan          200010       - 30010
           (James next to John)
     41  Andrew Duncan         010120       - 41010         Upper Chanceford
     76  Mathew Duncan         000010       - 10001         Fairview Twp

1830 York Co. PA Census
Pg. 373  Thomas Duncan         1000,01      - 1001          York
    378  Andrew Duncan         2100,004     - 1123,001
    485  Widow Duncan          0000,1       - 0010,1001     Hopewell
           one name
         William Duncan        0002,1001    - 0000,101
    490  John Duncan           0000,0001    - 0010,001      Fawn
    491  James Duncan          0101,1000,1  - 0000,1101
    498  John Duncan           1000,001     - 1200,0100,01  Lower Chanceford
         James Duncan          0101,001     - 1112,01
           (James next to John)

1840 York Co. PA Census
Pg. 231  William Duncan        0000,1000,1  - 0000,0001     Hopewell
    297  James Duncan          0001,1001    - 0012,2        Lower Chanceford
         John Duncan           1110,01      - 1102,001
           (John next to James)
    305  Charles Duncan        2010,01      - 0100,1        Chanceford

1850 York Co. PA Census
Pg.138, #19-19, Robert BRILOT 40 MD tanner&farmer $0
                  Mary 30 PA
                  George 4, James 3 PA
                  Elleanor DUNCAN 66 PA
                  William (last name too faint) 22 IRE
                  & two BLACKS (too faint)
Pg.159, #122-126, William DUNCAN 71 PA farmer
                  Agness 62 PA
Pg.159, #122-127, Andrew DUNCAN 38 PA farmer
                  Selinda 20 PA
                  Sarah Ann 2 PA
Pg.162, #174, John DUNCAN 30 PA farmer
                  Rachel Ann 22 PA
                  Margaret E. 1 PA
                  Nathaniel GREEN 18 PA laborer MULATTO
Pg.171, #300, Jane CEMMILL 60 PA
                  William G. DUNCAN 26 MD farmer
                  Melinda? AMOS 23 PA
Lower Chanceford
Pg.209, #42, John DUNCAN 63 PA farmer
                  Margaret 51 PA
                  Elizabeth 20, John 22 PA
                  Margaret Jane 18, Daniel 16 PA
                  James 14, Sarah 12 PA
                  Eleanor 8 PA
                  Jane EWINS? 24 PA
                  Martha 7, John 2 PA
Pg.234, #119, Charles DUNCAN 42 PA farmer
                  Mary 35 PA
                  William 15, Andrew 12 PA
                  Sarah Jane 10, John 9 PA
                  Amanda 3 PA
                  (MAD: 1860 Benton Co. IA census)
Pg.396, #31, Israel DUNCAN 27 PA laborer
                  Susan 25 PA
                  Henry 8, Nicholas 6 PA
                  Jonas 3, Mary 2/12 PA

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York Co. PA Will Index 1749-1940 and Wills (index on FHL film 22,130)
      E-357: Will of James Duncan of Chanceford Twp, York Co. PA, dated 27 Feb. 1782; to my son John 1/2 land; the other half to my son John's oldest daughter Sarah or if her father chooses to keep the land he shall pay her £100 when she is of age; to my son John 2 cows, iron shovel, etc.; to my daughter Jean 2 bushels of wheat, 26 corn, etc.; to my daughter Elizabeth the price of one of the cows which is £5 from my son John Duncan to be paid 5 Oct. next; to Sarah Marlin my daughter's daughter one spinning wheel; my flax to be divided one bushel to John the other bushel between Jean and Elizabeth; to my daus. Jean and Elizabeth equally divided all my pewter and my share of hogs and all my book debts; to James Marlin my daughter Jean's youngest son the sum of £13 10 shillings contracted June 1779 from William Reads estate denas?; likewise the remainder of my part of this years crop. Appoint son John Duncan and son in law William Johnston executors. Wit. Mathew Killgore and William Maghlin. Probated 9 March 1782. Letters testamentary granted John Duncan and William Johnston. (FHL film 22,132)
      I/J-44: Will of Seth Duncan Senr, 25 Sept. 1785; weak in body; to my wife Christiana furniture ... 1/3 part of real estate; to son James Duncan £50; to dau. Hannah now married to John Nichleson £50; to my son Seth Duncan £50; son Matthew Duncan £50; son Joseph Duncan £50 when 21; to my grandson William Duncan Nichleson £50 when 18; remainder of personal estate and 2/3 real estate as follows: son James Duncan, son William Duncan when of full age, dau. Martha Duncan when 18, son Abner Lawson Duncan when of full age, son John Duncan when 21, all of which last mentioned 5 children each an equal share of my real estate; after my wife's death the 1/3 part equally divided between the five last mentioned children, namely, James, William, Martha, Abner Lawson and John; if any of these children die before they arrive at age mentioned for paying their legacy, without lawful issue, their share to the remaining children. Appoint son James Duncan and friends William Lott and Robert W. Charson? Esq. executors. Wit. Robert Johnston, Chester? Edw. Abbott, Thos. Abbott. Proved 31 March 1794. (FHL film 22,133) (MAD: see Abner Lawson Duncan in Orleans Par. LA)
      Q-12: Will of Andrew Duncan, 24 Dec. 1827, of Hopewell Twp, York Co. PA, weak in body; my not leaving anything to my older children ... not ... from lack of affection but from their being already provided for; to my daughter Catherine wife of David Williamson $15; absolve my son-in-law Sampson Smith from payment of a note due me of $82.52; to Rebecca Livingstone, the girl who now lives with me, a bed and bedding; to my son Washington my writing desk; my books be appraised, the different branches of my family would take them at appraisement if they see proper with the exception of the family Bible and large Psalm Book which I bequeath to my wife Elizabeth; remainder to my wife Elizabeth and son Washington and daughter Ann Elizabeth to be equally divided, my wife to have the privilege of the house and plantation until Washington shall be of age, the boarding, clothing and schooling the two children and they affording her every assistance in their power; that if a majority of my executors and guardians think it best, they may sell the plantation before Washington shall be of age. Appoint wife Elizabeth and son Andrew executors and son William to be guardian of the two minor children. Wit. Robt. Cathcart, Frederick Flinchback. Probated 30 Jan. 1828. (FHL film 22,135)
      Q-112: Will of Robert Duncan, 14 Jan. 1827, of Fawn Twp, York Co. PA, advanced in years; to my wife Esther during life benefits from real and personal estate; remainder at her decease to be sold and paid as follows: To my grandson Robert Duncan so much money as may be sufficient to purchase a large Bible; to William Anderson 1/4 part of the remainder; to Archibald Thomson 1/4 part; to Joseph Manifold 1/4 part; to Robert and John Irwin 1/4 part share and share alike; if any of my said grandsons should die in minority, their shares to be paid to their respective mothers; in case my wife Esther should die before me, my son James Duncan shall after my decease have an equal share of what remains after paying debts and expenses with the legatees above named. Appoint my said wife and my said son James Duncan executors. Wit. James Wilson, James Wiley Junr. Proved 31 Dec. 1828.
            Whereas Robert Duncan my husband in his lifetime made his last will dated 14 Jan. 1827 wherein and whereby myself and James Duncan (a son of mine) were appointed executors, and whereas I being aged and infirm and unable to attend to business, do therefore renounce my appointment. /s/ Esther (^) Duncan, 31 Dec. 1828, wit. James Wilson, James Wiley Jr. Letters Testamentary granted James Duncan. (FHL film 22,135)
      R-327: Will of Thomas (X) Duncan, 18 May 1837, of Borough of York, York Co. PA, sell as much of my real estate as needed to pay my debts; my personal estate and balance of real estate to my wife Sarah for the use of herself and my children Jane William and James and they to be supported and educated out of the same. Appoint John McCurdy Esqr. and Archibald McDowell of Borough of York aforesaid my executors. Wit. Thomas E. McDowell and Frederick I. Crissey. Letters Testamentary issued. Proved 23 May 1837. (FHL film 22,136)

York Co. PA Orphans Court Docket index A-Z 1749-1840 (FHL film 22,150)
      G-182: Duncan, John his gdn.
      G-182: Duncan, Mary et al, their gdn.
      G-264: Duncan, Seth, real estate inquest awarded
      G-221: Duncan, Seth, valuation of R. estate
      K-112: Duncan, Seth, personal estate
      K-300: Duncan, Jonothan guardian
      O-74: Duncan, Sarah guardian
      O-90: Duncan, Sally her guardian
      Q-121: Duncan, Robert, personal estate
      Q-125: Duncan, Robert, sale awarded
      Q-162: Duncan, Robert, personal estate
      R-185: Duncan, Ann E. Gdn. appmt.
      T-152: Duncan, Thomas, account presented
      T-177: Duncan, Thomas, account corrected
      T-201: Duncan, Thomas, exceptions decided
      T-302: Duncan, Thomas, acct. presented
      T-417: Duncan, Thomas, Exec. discharged

York Co. PA Orphans Court Docket
      G-182: 30 Dec. 1794, Came into court, John Duncan age 14 and upwards, son of Seth Duncan decd, chose John Billinger his guardian. (FHL film 22,153; from Louis Boone 9/1986)
      G-182: 30 Dec. 1794, Came into court, Christina Duncan, widow of Seth Duncan decd, asked that John Billinger be appointed guardian for Mary Duncan age 8 and Adam Seth Enos Duncan age 5, children of Seth Duncan. (FHL film 22,153; from Louis Boone 9/1986)
      G-204: 26 March 1795, Petition of John Bittinger and Christiana Duncan, guardians of Adam Duncan and Mary Duncan, minor orphan children of Seth Duncan the elder, decd; that Seth Duncan the elder was owner of following lands: plantation in Berwick Twp adj. lands of Jacob Sower, lands late of Thomas Hughes, and others, 175 acres; another plantation in Franklin Twp adj. lands of Joshua Russell, Francis McNutt and others, 117 acres; one undivided moiety or half part of plantation in Hamilton's Baxer Twp, 140 acres adj. lands of Thomas Lotta and Samuel Porton; one house and lot in Abbots Town fronting on the main street and on south side adj. Frederick Berlin Junr on East and a street on west; one other house and two lots on North side of main street adj. each other, Peter Jokes? on W, George Bauger? on E and street or alley on north; one other house and lot in same town ... upon which the Lutheran Church stands; one house and two lots in same town #81 and #82; that on 5 Sept. 1785, said Seth Duncan Elder had James Duncan, Seth Duncan the younger, Matthew (looks like Martha) Duncan, Joseph Duncan, William Duncan, Abner Duncan, John Duncan, Hannah intermarried with William Moulder lawful issue his children; and being owner and seized of the lands aforesaid; Seth Duncan the Elder made his will directing the lands be sold and the money divided; that when the will was made, Seth Duncan the elder had a wife named Christiana; that after making the will, he had further lawful issue, Adam Duncan and Mary Duncan who survived said Seth Duncan the Elder; neither of the last two mentioned children were provided for in the will; petition that Adam Duncan and Mary Duncan have 1/12 equal part in the land. (FHL film 22,153; from Louis Boone 9/1986)

York Co. PA Orphans Court Records (SLC 6/18/2008)
   Vol.K, 1809-1810 (FHL film 22,154)
      K-112: 15 May 1810, James Duncan & William Scott, execs of will of Seth Duncan decd, produced an account of their admin. as settled with the register of this county; balance in their hands of 1,125 lbs. 5 sh. 3 pence half penny which acct. the court do hereby confirm.
      K-300: 15 Jan. 1812, on petition of Jonothan Duncan aged 20 years son of Andrew Duncan and grandson of William Smith Esq. decd, the court appoint Andrew Duncan, his brother, guardian of his estate willed to him by his said grandfather.
   Vol.O, (M-O 1816-1826) (FHL film 22,155 item 3)
      O-74: 4 Aug. 1823, on petition of William Ross, the court approved him as guardian of the person and estate of Sarah Duncan, about 12 years of age, minor daughter of Mary Duncan decd.
      O-90: 16 Sept. 1823, on petition of Mathew Duncan, father of Sally under the age of 14 years, the court appointed William Ashton gdn. of the estate of said minor coming to her out of the estate of William Ross decd.
   Vol.Q (P-R 1826-1835) (FHL film 22,156 items 2, 3)
      Q-121: 9 Feb. 1830, James Duncan, exec. of estate of Robert Duncan decd, produced account as settled by the Register of this county, balance due accountant of $43.41, which the court confirms.
      Q-125: 9 Feb. 1830, petition of James Duncan, admin. of Robert Duncan, late of Fawn Twp. decd, who died making a will leaving to survive him a widow and 7 children lawful issue, that he died owning 2 tracts in said Township, one about 94 acres the other about 22 acres, the first adj. James Duncan, Robert Allen & others, the second adj. Henry Manifold & others; they are not built upon and debts according to settlement of the personal estate exceed the estate so that a considerable balance is now due which the real estate must pay besides a note against John Duncan which exceeds the balance due him, and other debts due by judgment. Requests sale of real estate. /s/ James Duncan. Court made order for sale.
      Q-162: 4 May 1830, account of James Duncan, principal acting exec. of will of Robert Duncan decd, produced his account ... balance of $274.61-1/2.
      R-185: 2 April 1833, upon petition of Ann E. Duncan, court appoints Elizabeth Duncan of (blank) Township in York Co. gdn. over the person and estate of said Ann E. Duncan who is a minor daughter now over 14 years of age of Andrew Duncan Esq. late of (blank) Twp, York Co., decd.
   Vol.T (S-U 1835-1845) (FHL film 22,157 item 2)
      T-152: 14 May 1839, John McCurdy & Archibald McDowell execs of will of Thomas Duncan, late of Borough of York, decd, presented their acct. ... balance in their hands of $45.49-1/4. Exceptions filed June 25, 1839. Also Aug. 6, 1839. Two notes of Montgomery amounting to $46.25 to be charged as per application. See page 177.
      T-177: 6 Aug. 1839, Application of Archd. McDowell & John McCurdy, execs. of Thomas Duncan late of York Co. decd; that in charging themselves with the amount of the inventory filed, there was a mistake of two notes from Thomas Montgomery of $46.25 which should have been included. Account corrected.
      T-201: 20 Sept. 1839, in the matter of the exceptions to the account of the estate of Thomas Duncan late of the Borough of York, decd, the court fixes the allowance at $75 and confirms the account accordingly, the other exceptions being withdrawn or corrected.
      T-302: 19 May 1840, the 2nd and final account of John McCurdy and Archibald McDowell execs of will of Thomas Duncan late of Borough of York, decd, presented balance in hands of accountants of $122.49-1/4, ordered entered and filed.
      T-417: 6 April 1841, petition of John McCurdy and Archibald McDowell, execs. of Thomas Duncan; they have paid over to legatees all the estate remaining in their hands, court discharged them.
   Book U (FHL film 22,157)
      U-234: 12 Aug. 1843, petition of Jane Duncan and William Duncan, minor children of Thomas Duncan over 14, of York Borough, York Co., choose George Beck as guardian.
      U-275: 5 Dec. 1843, petition of Samuel Irwin and wife Mary; James Duncan of Fawn Twp died intestate owning 110 acres adj. Nathan and Robert Bartoll & James Wiley, and 50 acres adj. James Wiley & others (not copied); decd. left widow Jane and no issue, but left 4 sisters, to wit, Agnes Anderson, Elizabeth Thompson, Jane intermarried with William Manifold, and Mary intermarried with Samuel Irwin, your petitioner, and one brother Robert late of Highland Co. OH now deceased but who left issue to survive him.
      U-301: 3 Jan. 1844; land cannot be divided.
      U-371: 15 May 1844, land to be sold.
      U-388: 6 Aug. 1844, land of James Duncan of Fawn Twp. sold. Collected $1775 sold to Robert Irwin and $332 to John Wiley, and one unsold parcel. Note in margin: Declaration of Mary Ann Douglass wife of Andrew Douglass consent sum of $142 proceeding from sale of real estate of James Duncan be paid her husband. March 24, 1849. (MAD: see James Duncan of Chanceford Twp)
      U-545: 8 April 1845, lot sold to Archibald Thompson for widow of James Duncan for $75.75.
      U-561: 9 April 1845, estate to be distributed.
   Book V (FHL film 22,158)
      V-25: 16 Dec. 1845, petition of Agness A. Duncan, minor child of James Duncan late of Lower Chanceford Twp, York Co., over age 14, choose Robert Gibson of Hopewell Twp. guardian.
      V-44: 6 Jan. 1846, petition of heirs of James Duncan, late of Chanceford Twp; died intestate about 3 years since, leaving to survive him 8 children, Robert G. Duncan, John Duncan, James J. Duncan, Eliza Jane Duncan, Andrew Douglass and wife Mary Ann formerly Duncan, David Rawhouse and wife Sarah K. formerly Duncan, Margaret E. Duncan and Agnes E. Duncan by her guardian Robert Gibson; James owned 160 acres; petition to divide land. (MAD: See U-388) (MAD: Robert G., Eliza Jane, & Margaret Duncan, Andrew & Mary Ann Douglas, and David & Sarah K. Rawhouser in 1850 Henderson Co. IL census)
      V-100: 20 March 1846; James Duncan of Fawn Twp; distribution of estate: Agnes widow of John Anderson decd; Jane wife of William Manifold; Elizabeth widow of Alexander Thompson decd; Mary wife of Samuel Irwin; heirs of Robert Duncan; 5 heirs, 1/5 of $881.46; widow having no lineal descents entitled to 1/2 of personal estate, the other 5 heirs entitled to the other 1/2; 1/2 the real estate to widow for life, then to the other heirs. (More on pg.210, 230)
      V-224: 15 Sept. 1846, James Duncan late of Lower Chanceford Twp; sell land.
      V-476: 6 Aug. 1847, James Duncan, one of minor children of Thomas Duncan of Borough of York; his father lately died leaving 3 children, to wit, petitioner, William, and Jane; that William and Jane are now decd; that George Beck was guardian and received rents belonging to said heirs but never settled his account. /s/ James Duncan by his next friend Robert J. Fisher.
      V-550: 2 Nov. 1847, final account of George Beck, guardian of Jane Douglass formerly Jane Duncan (does not say decd), late wife of John Douglass of Cumberland Co. PA, who was a minor child of Thomas Duncan late of Borough of York, has $1.85 remaining in account.
      V-550: 2 Nov. 1847, final account of George Beck, guardian of William Duncan late of Borough of York, decd, who was a minor son of Thomas Duncan late of same place, decd, has $16.59 remaining in account.
   Book W (FHL film 22,158)
      W-60: 4 April 1848, account of Thomas McAlister, admr. of Robert Duncan, formerly of York Co., presented.
      W-203: 8 Aug. 1848, account of John and James J. Duncan, admr. of estate of James Duncan, late of Chanceford Twp, York Co., decd.
      W-320: 9 Nov. 1848, estate of Robert Duncan to be distributed.
      W-363: 2 Jan. 1849, personal estate in York Co. PA of Robert Duncan formerly of State of OH, decd; divide $172.44 to heirs: Robert Duncan, John C. Duncan, Thos. Irwin in right of his wife Esther Ann Irwin, Robert Bryan in right of his wife Mary Jane Bryan, Elizabeth Duncan, Isabella Duncan, Sarah Duncan, Nancy Duncan, all of Highland Co. OH, and Andrew Taylor in right of his wife Margaret Taylor of Ross Co. OH.


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      ARCHIBALD STEEL against THOMAS DUNCAN and JAMES DUNLOP surviving administrators of DANIEL DUNCAN; Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, York; 2 Yeates 113; October, 1796, Decided.
      DUNCAN against ALT and Wife; Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, Lancaster District, Lancaster; 3 Pen. & W. 382; May, 1832, Decided.
      DUNCAN against KLINEFELTER; Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, Middle District, Harrisburg; 5 Watts 141; May, 1836, Decided.

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      DARST v. DUNCAN; Case No. 3,580; Circuit Court, E.D. Pennsylvania; 6 F. Cas. 1194; 2 Law Rep. 246; November, 1839, Term.
      DARST et al. v. DUNCAN; Case No. 3,581; Circuit Court, E.D. Pennsylvania; 6 F. Cas. 1195; 2 Law Rep. 357; November, 1839.
      ANDREW DUNCAN, Plaintiff in Error, v. ISAAC DARST, HENRY DARST, and JACOB DARST, Defendants; Supreme Court of the United States; 42 U.S. 301; 11 L. Ed. 139; 1 HOW 301; March 14, 1843, Decided.
      COMMONWEALTH v. DUNCAN; Supreme Court of Pennsylvania; 8 Pa. 93; May 22, 1848, Decided.


"Pennsylvania Archives" Series Three, Vol.XXI, ed. by W.H. Egle; pub. 1897 (Google book, 4/20/2010)
      Returns of taxables of the county of York for the years 1779, 1780, 1782, and 1783
   Pg.45, Return of Taxables, County of York, 1779, Hopewell Township
      Andrew Duncan, 35.0.0 tax
      (pg.47) John Duncan, 100 acres, 2 horses, 2 cattle, 35.0.0 tax
   Pg.51, Return of Taxables, County of York, 1779, Fawn Township
      Duncan, Robert, 400 acres, 3 horses, 5 cattle, 50.0.0 tax
      Duncan, Jacob, 1 horse, 7 cattle, 2.8.9 tax
   Pg.109, Return of Taxables, County of York, 1779, Berwick Township
      Duncan, Seth, 1 Negroe, 2 horses, 3 cattle, 45.0.0 tax
   Pg.148, Return of Taxables, County of York, 1779, Chanceford Township
      Duncan, James, 60 acres, 2 horses, 2 cattle, 51.2.0 tax
      Duncan, John, 132 acres, 3 horses, 3 cattle, 17.18.0 tax
      (pg.153) Single men, Thomas Duncan, 15.0.0 tax
   Pg.224, Return of Taxables, County of York, 1778, Fawn Township
      Duncan, Robert, 250 acres, 3 horses, 4 cattle, 56.4.0 tax
      Duncan, Jacob, 1 horse, 1 cattle, 4.8.9 tax
   Pg.280, Return of Taxables, County of York, 1780, Hamilton's Bann Township
      Duncan, Henry, 50 acres, 1 horse, 1 cattle (blank tax)
   Pg.296-297, Return of Taxables, County of York, 1780, Chanceford Township
      Duncan, James, 100 acres, 2 horses, 3 cattle, 18.7.6 tax
      Duncan, James, tay'r, 30 acres, 1 horse, 2 cattle, 5.12.6 tax
   Pg.311, Return of Taxables, County of York, 1780, Hopewell Township
      Andrew Duncan, 100 acres, 2 horses, 2 cattle, 22.10.0 tax
      (pg.313) John Duncan, 100 acres, 2 horses, 3 cattle, 24.15.9 tax
   Pg.358, Transcript of Taxables, County of York, 1781, Windsor Township
      Dunkin, David, 100 acres, 4 horses, 5 cattle, tax 1.0.6
   Pg.364, Transcript of Taxables, County of York, 1781, Fawn Township
      Duncan, Robert, 200 acres, 1 horse, 2 cattle, 3.16.1
       Double tax'd, 3.16.1 tax
   Pg.383, Transcript of Taxables, County of York, 1781, Hamilton's Bann Township
      Duncan, Henry, 50 acres, 2 cattle, (blank tax)
   Pg.446, Transcript of Taxables, County of York, 1781, Berwick Township
      Duncan, Seth, innholder, 170 acres, 1 Negroe, 2 horses, 2 cattle, 7.15.0 tax
   Pg.483, Transcript of Taxables, County of York, 1781, Chanceford Township
      Duncan, John, 133 acres, 2 horses, 3 cattle, 1.3.7 tax
      Duncan, Thomas, 2.5.0 tax
      Duncan, James, 50 acres, 2 horses, 2 cattle, 10?.10 tax
      Duncan, James, 299 acres, 4 horses, 3 cattle, 1.13.7 tax
   Pg.538, Transcript of Taxables, County of York, 1782, Hopewell Township
      Andrew Duncan, 200 acres, 1 horse, 3 cattle, 5.5.0 tax
   Pg.562, Transcript of Taxables, County of York, 1782, Berwick Township
      Duncan, Seth, 170 acres, 2 horses, 3 cattle, 13.0.0 tax
   Pg.584, Transcript of Taxables, County of York, 1782, Chanceford Township
      Single men: Duncan, Thomas, 3.0.0 tax
   Pg.604, Transcript of Taxables, County of York, 1782, Hamilton's Bann Township
      Duncan, Henry, 50 acres, 1 horse (blank tax)
   Pg.714, Number of Inhabitants, etc., County of York, 1783, Berwick Township
      Duncan, Seth, 170 acres, 10 inhabitants
   Pg.761, Number of Inhabitants, etc., County of York, 1783, Chanceford Township
      Duncan, James, no return, 50 acres, (blank inhabitants)
      Duncan, James, 200 acres, 9 inhabitants
      Duncan, John, 132 acres, 6 inhabitants
   Pg.776, Number of Inhabitants, etc., County of York, 1783, Hopewell Township
      Duncan, Anthony, 201 acres, 6 inhabitants


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HISTORIES before 1923

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Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, Warren H., mother Duncan, Susanna, father Duncan, Israel; H 2 PA H.A.; 1888 Nov. 3, Mother Appl. #383081, no cert., PA; 1890 Sept. 11, Father Appl. #443313, Cert. #374187, PA. (MAD: Israel & Susanna in 1850 York Co. PA)


"State of the accounts of John M'Clellan, Esquire, collector of excise, York County, from the time of his appointment, December 1785, till the 1st November 1786" (anonymous); pub. unknown: unknown, 1786, 6 pgs. (LH 529, HeritageQuest images 6/2007)
      Pg.5: Seth Duncan, 13.2.6.

"State of the accounts of Jacob Barnitz, Esquire, late collector of excise, for the County of York, from the 1st of May, 1785, until the 24th of December, 1785 ..." (anonymous); pub. unknown: unknown, 1786, 6 pgs. (LH 528, HeritageQuest images 6/2007; FHL fiche 6,045,103)
      Pg.4: List of fines for selling without entring and taking permit, viz, Robert Duncan, 9.0.0.
      Pg.6: Seth Duncan, 13.2.6.; James Duncan, 1.10.0

"Daily Gazette and Bulletin" Williamsport, PA., Wednesday, December 24, 1884 (transcription by and from Kathy Cawley 1/2004)
      The Election in York County
      Dispatch to the Gazette and Bulletin
      York, Dec 23 - An election was held today in the Nineteenth congressional district to fill the vacancy caused by the death of W. A. Duncan, and resulted in the election of Dr. John A. Swope, Democrat of Gettysburg, by an estimated majority of 3,500 over Dr. C.H. Bressler, Republican of this city. York borough gave Swope a majority of 466, and his majority in the county is estimated at 2,000.

"Daily Gazette and Bulletin" Williamsport [Lycoming Co.], PA., June 29, 1895 (transcription by and from Kathy Cawley 1/2004)
      The largest business house of the kind in this vicinity.
      J.M. DUNCAN, manager of the DUNCAN DEPARTMENT STORE, 36 East Third Street, one of the largest houses of the kind in this section of the state, was born in Chanceford Township, York County, December 18, 1854. When he was very young his parents moved to Lancaster County. He attended the county schools and also the Millersville Normal. At the age of 14 years he entered a country store and for six years he followed that business, being employed at Marticville and Rawlinsville, during that time. After leaving the country stores he located in Lancaster city with George M. Steinman & Company, accepting the position of cashier and entry clerk. He remained with this firm three years and then became associated with the clothing firm of Myers & Rathton in the capacity of bookeeper. He remained with them for six years.
      In October 1885, Mr. Duncan came to this city and formed a co-partnership with J. W. Waldley under the firm name of Duncan & Waldley. This firm opened a five and ten cent store and by judicious advertising, careful management and apparent desire to please their patrons they built up a reputation upon the pedestal of which the present house firmly stands. The partnership was dissolved in February, 1894, and now Mr. Duncan manages the business. This store occupies the first, second and third floors and the basement of the building, 36 East Third Street. Like the store, the stock is extensive, and comprises such a variety of articles that it is the wonder of all visitors how track is kept of them.
      The basement is used as a storeroom for heavy goods and besides contains a complete line of express wagons, toy wheelbarrows, window and door screens.
      On the first floor is found house-furnishing goods, from a teaspoon to a refrigerator or gasoline stove. There also is their five and ten goods and the notion department, both of which are extensive and embrace a variety of goods, among which can be found anything desired in those lines from a pin to a pair of suspenders or an umbrella. Their crockery department is in the rear end and it is in this line that they make a special display. Crockery means all kinds of dishes and in this store you will find a confusing variety so vast in proportions as to elicit comment from the beholder. From single piece to set, the line is complete, and in heavy goods no better stock to select from could be desired. Tin, wood and willow ware are also kept. In tin they have from the toy dishes for the children to the largest size dish pan, while in willow can be secured anything from lunch to a market basket, and their line of wooden articles embrace everything from bowl to a bucket.
      Pictures and frames, fine china and bric-brac are on the second floor. the display of pictures would do credit to an art store. Among them can be found chromos, etchings, engravings, oil and water colors, while the subjects are those expressing sentiment and would with appiateness (sp) adorn the walls of any home. Fine china, the best quality, is displayed, the array being a very attactive one. An inspection is necessary to give one an idea of the line carried. On the third floor is the storage room.
      The Duncan Department Store is one of the best known houses in the city and bears an excellent reputation. A large corps of clerks give courteous attention to all who call. (KDC note: picture of J.M. Duncan included with article)

"Adams County News" Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Saturday, June 15, 1912 (from Kathy D. Cawley 3/2006)
      BLANTON DUNCAN, Circuit Clerk of the Courts and Recorder of Piatte County, Illinois, is in this section visiting relatives and friends. MR. DUNCAN is a son of SAMUEL H. DUNCAN, formerly of Abbotstown, and taught school in Union township, before going West about 20 years ago. MR. DUNCAN'S term as Circuit Clerk and Recorder will expire this year, but he has already been nominated for a second term of four years.
      (KDC: 1880 York Co. PA census, Blanton G. Duncan 8 PA w/Saml. & Kate Duncan)


"Register of Marriages and Baptisms performed by Rev. John Cuthbertson, Covenant Minister" (1751-1791, Lancaster Co. PA) by Helen Fields, 1934 (FHL film 48,224, from Charles A. Duncan 10/1987)
      See this source for some references in Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Lancaster, Northumberland and York Co. PA.

1905 "The Duncan and Gibson Families" by Hugh Welch Duncan (FHL book 929.273 D912d and film 1,303,260 item 14)
      The book contains information on James Duncan who lived at Chestnut Level, York Co. PA, died prior to 1770, wife Elizabeth; children: Robert lived in Lower Chanceford, York Co. PA; John settled in Fairfield Co. OH; James settled in Beaver Co. PA; Andrew Duncan Sr. of York Co. PA; Mary married Joseph Reed of Lower Chanceford, York Co. PA; and Elizabeth married Mr. Yocum and lived near Slate Ridge, MD. The book also gives much information about the children and grandchildren.

1906 "Historical & Biographical Sketch, One Branch of the Williamson Family, 1745-1906" by Rev. Robert Duncan Williamson (Library of Congress book CS71.W729 1906)
      Pg.14+: Chapter III. Mother's Ancestry and a Part of Her History. Catherine Duncan Williamson, our mother, was the youngest daughter but one of Andrew Duncan and Anne Smith. She was born in York Co. PA, July 11, 1788, about two miles from Cross Roads and three miles from the old Round Hill Presbyterian Church.
      Her grandfather and grandmother, James and Elizabeth Duncan, were natives of Ireland, of Scotch-Irish birth, and came to this country from the North of Ireland about the year 1748 or 1750, locating in the eastern part of PA in what was then known as Lancaster Co. They had four sons and two daughters, James, Robert, John and Andrew, and Mary and Elizabeth.
      Andrew Duncan, mother's father was born in York Co. PA March 10, 1750. He was the youngest son of James and Elizabeth Duncan of Chestnut Level, Lancaster Co. PA, near Piquea. James Duncan was no doubt the son of Andrew or William Duncan, who came into the country from Perthshire, Scotland, about 1722 or 1730. Andrew, William and Thomas were sons of William Duncan, and Margaret McMurdo of Dumfries, Scotland. William was a son of Rev. William of Perthshire, a martyr of 1690. The above seems to be our ancestry on mother's side of the house, and until disproved we accept it, and it is an ancestry of which we may well feel proud. Ann Smith, his wife, mother's mother, was born June 7, 1755, and died October 15, 1805, aged 50 years, 4 months and 8 days.
      Andrew Duncan and Anne Smith were married June 18, 1772. The first wife died October 15, 1805, when he was married the 2nd time to Elizabeth Andrews, June 27, 1809. The children of Andrew Duncan and Anne Smith ... (MAD: this book has more on the family.)


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