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Formed 1810 from Logan, Ohio


1820 Butler Co. KY Census
      No Duncan indexed

1830 Butler Co. KY Census
Pg.87   Duncan, Dillard      1000,01      -  1100,01
            (MAD: Dillard Duncan mar. M(ary) B(elle) McReynolds 1/2/1821 Logan Co. KY; mar. Elizabeth McCrary 2/2/1826 Butler Co. KY; 1850 Logan Co. KY census)

1840 Butler Co. KY Census
      No Duncan indexed

1850 Butler Co. KY Census
Pg.275, #850, John P. DUNCAN 39 KY farmer $3000
                  Chloe 27 TN
                  William 7, Robert 4, Eugene (m) 1 KY
                  (MAD: from Logan Co. KY to Ashley Co. AR by 1860; John P. Duncan mar. Cloe R(ussel) Harper 12/16/1845 Sumner Co. TN; their son Robert Harper Duncan to Trinity Mills, Dallas Co. TX, per "Early Settlers of Alabama" by Col. James E. Saunders, 1961, pg.347, Saunders Genealogy, which has more about the Harper family)

1860 Butler Co. KY Census
Berry Lick
Pg.938, #791-735, Richard M. DUNCAN 47 TN United "Baptis" Clergy $250-$200
                  Allapher (f) 52 NC spinning
                  David 13 TN
                  Pleasant THOMASSON (m) 25 TN farm labor. $0-$125
                  Williamson G. DUNCAN 17 TN farm laborer $0-$0
                  (MAD: Williamson G. & David Byrd Duncan in 1870 Gallatin Co. IL census; Richard Duncan in 1850 DeKalb Co. TN census and 1880 Gallatin Co. IL census; ? R.M. Duncan in 1870 Crittenden Co. KY census)
Pg.949, #870-806, James H. DUNCAN 25 TN farmer $800-$150
                  Sarah I. 25 TN serving
                  (MAD: James H. Duncan mar. Sarah Jane White 3/15/1857)

1870 Butler Co. KY Census (from Karen Long 5/2000, no other Duncans)
Precinct 2, Londons, P.O. Sugar Grove
Pg.319, #223-223, SWEATT, James 36 TN farmer $1000-$700
                  Sarah S. 31 KY keeping house
                  William 6, Elizabeth 2 KY
                  Josephine (f) 2/12 KY b. Apr.
                  DUNCAN, James 13 KY BLACK farm laborer


Butler Co. KY index to deeds 1795-1883 (FHL film 987,923)
      C-356: Dillard Duncan to Jas. Ewing, June 25, 1831
      C-396: Dillard Duncan to Lee Aims, neg., May 25, 1832 - not pg.396, not in cross-index (SLC 9/22/2012)
      D-209: James Stark to Dillard Duncan, Oct. 5, 1836
      E-576: John P. Duncan to James E. Gardner, July 13, 1846 (MAD: see 1-576, Deed of Partition)
      G-179: Bank of KY to John Duncan, Nov. 22, 1845
      G-183: Joel Jenkins to John Duncan, June 21, 1852
      G-262: J.T. Reed to Dillard Duncan, Sept. 6?, 1849 - indexed as G-262, not this page (SLC 9/22/2012)
      G-531: Dillard Duncan to J.M. Monroe, Aug. 14, 1851
      G-573: Wm. Lynn to J.P. Duncan, Oct. 24, 1852
      H-134: Robert Peter to Dillard Duncan, Nov. 24, 1855
      H-420: John P. Duncan to John Hunt, Dec. 20, 1856
      J-89: John P. Duncan to Pleasant Hill Church, April 13, 1852
      J-105x2: J.H. Harriet to R.M. Duncan, Nov. 18, 1858
      J-141: John Condit to Jas. H. Duncan, Jan. 4, 1858/59?
      J-444: J.P. Duncan to John Hunt, Oct. 15, 1859
      K-217: John P. Duncan by atty to John Hunt, May 20, 1861
      K-337: Jas. H. Duncan to S.M. Boss, Feb. 4, 1861
      Quit 1860

Butler Co. KY Deeds (SLC 6/12/1987 and earlier and 9/22/2012)
   Vols. A-C, another filming (FHL film 367,192; SLC 9/22/2012)
      C-356: 25 June 1831, Dillard Duncan of Butler Co. KY to James Ewin of afsd, sell a certain negroe girl named Sally for $50, that James Ewin did on 26 March last sell to highest bidder one Dearbon and bed the property of said Duncan by virtue of two executions in favor of George Caldwell for $25 on credit of 3 months, now if sd Duncan shall pay the debt in favor of sd Caldwell, and also an execution now in the hands of sd Ewin in favor Charles Proctor on replevy the same, then this mortgage shall be void, otherwise remain as security for the payment of sd debts. /s/ Dillard Duncan. Wit. W.F. Boyakin, W.B. Thompson. He appeared 16 July 1831 before Robert Morrison, Clerk of Butler County Court. (FHL film 367,192; SLC 9/22/2012)
   Vols. D-E (FHL film 367,193; SLC 9/22/2012)
      D-209: 5 Oct. 1835, James Stark of Allen Co. KY hold a mortgage from Dillard Duncan on a certain Negro woman named Luann which is recorded in Butler Co. KY, now said Duncan having paid me full amount of afsd mortgage, I hereby release unto Dillard Duncan all the claim I hold unto said Negro in full satisfaction of said mortgage. /s/ James Stark. Wit. Charles S?. Read, Samuel J. Read. The mortgage was proved by oaths of Charles D. & Samuel J. Read before John J.R. Walker, Deputy for David Walker, Clerk of Allen County Court, 6 Oct. 1835. Recorded in Butler Co. KY 2 June 1836. (FHL film 367,193; SLC 9/22/2012)
      E-576: 13 July 1846, John P. Duncan and wife Chloe R. to James E. Gardner, $100, (no acres) land on Deer Lick Creek, part of tract conveyed by Bank of KY to said Duncan. (FHL film 987,927)
   Vols. G-H 1851-1857 - v. H has an index - there is no v. I (FHL film 987,928; SLC 9/22/2012)
      G-179: 22 Nov. 1845, Bank of KY to John Duncan of Butler Co. KY, $50, supposed to contain 200 acres on Deer Lick Creek. (FHL film 987,928)
      G-183: 21 June 1852, Joel Jenkins to John Duncan, both Butler Co. KY, 23 acres, part of 50 acre improvement by John Brooks, corner of Duncan's 124a tract. (FHL film 987,928)
      G-262: J.T. Reed to Dillard Duncan, Sept. 6?, 1849 - not pg.262 but indexed as G-262
      G-531/533: 14 Aug. 1851, John T. Read by Dillard Duncan his attorney in fact "(said Read of Morgan Co. IL)," Hugh D. Read, Martin Schrowder and Sarah A. his wife of Warren Co. KY, and Julian M. Nunn and Eliza Jane his wife of Cumberland Co. KY, to James McKinney of Butler Co. KY, that the said John T. Read by his attorney Dillard Duncan, Hugh D. Read, Martin Schrowder and wife Sarah An, and Julian M. Nunn and wife Eliza Jane, for $80 paid, sell to James McKenney the 1/6 part of tract of land in Butler Co. KY on waters of Big Muddy Creek, being the same which said McKenney sold to William Stockwell containing (blank) acres more or less, "(we obtained the right and title to said land by inheritance of deceased mother Jane Read late Jane Tygart)" together with appurtenances, warrant title, Sarah Ann and Eliza Jane relinquish their right of inheritance. /s/ John T. Read by his attorney in fact Dillard Duncan, Julian L. Nunn, Eliza J. Nunn, Martin C. Schrowder, Sarah A.E. Schrowder. Julian L. Nunn and Eliza J. Nunn appeared 25 Aug. 1851 before Jams Haggard, Clerk of Cumberland Co. KY Court. Martin C. Shrowder and Sarah A.E. Shrowder appeared 27 May 1852 before Charles E. Blewett Clerk of Warren Co. KY Court. Dillard Duncan attorney for John T. Read appeared 28 April 1853 before H.A. James, Clerk of Butler County Court. Recorded Oct. 11, 1854. (FHL film 987,928; SLC 9/22/2012)
      G-573/574: 24 Oct. 1852, William Lynn for $30 paid, quit claim to Jessy Mann and John P. Duncan, premises with appurtenances in Butler Co. KY, 50 acres, beg. corner on the bank of a branch on John Deweses line beg. corner to a survey now owned by William Ellott. /s/ William (X) Lynn. Wit. John Jenkins, John (X) Davis. William Lynn appeared 24 Oct. 1852 before J.H. Bennett, J.P. of Warrick Co. IN. Certification 25 Oct. 1852 by Joseph Maston, Clerk of Warrick Co. IN Circuit Court, for James H. Bennett, J.P. Recorded Butler Co. KY 27 Nov. 1854. (FHL film 987,928; SLC 9/22/2012)
   Vols. H-J (FHL film 367,195; SLC 9/22/2012)
      H-134: 24 Nov. 1855, By these presents I appoint my attorney Mr. Dillard Duncan of Logan Co. KY for the purpose of processioning and establishing according to law the lines and corners of a tract of land in Butler and Muhlenberg Counties on Muddy River patented to my infant son William, now deceased, and called the Terry Tract, and ... have the survey recorded in the Clerk's Office of Butler Co. /s/ Rob. Peter, Lexington, KY. Wit. A.A. Clark, George Shott. Robert Peter appeared 24 Nov. 1855 before James A. Greenstead, Clerk, by John Brennan, D.Clk, Fayette Co. KY. Power of Attorney recorded 11 Feb. 1856 in Butler Co. KY. (FHL film 367,195; SLC 9/22/2012)
      H-420: 20 Dec. 1856, John P. Duncan, now of Butler Co. KY and about to move to Ashley Co. AR, appoint John Hunt of Butler Co. KY my attorney to ask, ... and receive of any person in the State of all such sums ... owing to me ... /s/ Jno. P. Duncan. He appeared 22 Dec. 1856 before H.B. Wiggin, Deputy for H.A. Inman, Clerk of Butler Co. KY Court. Recorded 17 Aug. 1857. (FHL film 367,195; SLC 9/22/2012)
      J-89/90: 13 April 1852, John P. Duncan and Leander Bunch of Butler Co. KY for $1 paid by the Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church South known as Pleasant Hill meeting house in afsd, sell and convey parcel of land in afsd, 4 acres of land ... donated equally by John P. Duncan and Leander Bunch on either side of their division line, warrant title, the wives relinquish their right of dower. /s/ Leander Bunch, Elizabeth Bunch, Jno. P. Duncan, C.R. Duncan. John P. Duncan and wife C.R. Duncan appeared 3 Aug. 1853 and Elizabeth Bunch on 6 Feb. 1854, /s/ 6 Feb. 1856, H.B. Wiggin, D.C. for H.A. James, Clerk, Butler Co. KY. Leander Bunch ack. deed on 3 Feb. 1856 before H.T. Clark, D.C., Butler Co. Deed to Pleasant Hill Church recorded 3 March 1858. (FHL film 367,195; SLC 9/22/2012)
      J-105: 18 March 1858, John H. Harrod and wife Catharine and John Goshens and wife Malinda J. to Richard M. Duncan, all Butler Co. KY, $990, about 30 acres on Big Muddy Creek, corner Butlar, Thos. Cropper's line, Hubbard's corner and line, Bowling Green road leading to Granville, corner John Cohrans. No wits. (FHL film 987,929)
      J-141: 4 Jan. 1858, John Contett and wife Susan S. to James H. Duncan, all Butler Co. KY, $200, 97-1/2 acres on Big Muddy Creek, corner Graham B. Davis, Fulton Smith, John H. Harrod, Big Road. No wit. (FHL film 987,929)
      J-444/445: Oct. 15, 1859, John P. Duncan of Ashley Co. AR and wife Chloe R. Duncan of same, apppoint John Hunt of Butler Co. KY my lawful agent and attorney to sell and convey all my lands in said Butler Co. KY and make title ... /s/ Jno. P. Duncan, C.R. Duncan. They appeared 15 Oct. 1859 before Abner W. Files, Clerk of Circuit Court and ex officio clerk of the County Court of Ashley Co. AR. Certification (no date) by P.T. Harris, Judge of County and Probate Court of Ashley Co. AR, for A.W. Files. Recorded 18 April 1860 in Butler Co. KY. (FHL film 367,195; SLC 9/22/2012)
   Vols. K-L (FHL film 367,196; SLC 9/22/2012)
      K-217/218: 20 May 1860, John P. Duncan and wife Chloe of State of AR by John Hunt attorney in fact, to Daniel Hunt of Butler Co. KY, for $112.50 paid, sell land in Butler Co. KY on waters of Mud River containing 92 acres, corner to a 50 acre survey owned by Daniel Hunt and corner to two surveys owned by Jesse Mann, being the same tract that was patented to said J.P. Duncan July 5, 1846, warrant title. /s/ John P. Duncan, Clara Duncan, by John Hunt attorney in fact. John Hunt attorney for John P. Duncan and wife appeared 28 Nov. 1860 before F.M. Allison, Clerk of Butler Co. KY Court. Recorded 3 Dec. 1860. (FHL film 367,196; SLC 9/22/2012)
      K-337: 4 Feb. 1861, James H. Duncan and wife Sarah Jane to Sion M. Bass, all Butler Co. KY, $650, 97-1/2 acres on Big Muddy Creek. Logan Co. KY certification. (FHL film 987,929)
      K-338: 13 Dec. 1860, John P. Duncan of Ashley Co. AR title bond to Hardin Doolin for $600, 50 acres and 185 acres in Butler Co. KY on Mud River; by John Hunt, attorney for John P. Duncan and wife (wife not named) "my wife's dower will be relinquished by my attorney." Recorded in Muhlenburg Co. KY and Butler Co. KY. (FHL film 987,929)
   Deeds of partition, v. 1-2 1840-1846, 1889-1924 - v. 1 has an index (FHL film 928,306; SLC 9/22/2012)
      Vol.1, pg.576: 13 July 1846, John P. Duncan and wife Chloe R. Duncan to James E. Gardner, all of county of (blank) and State of KY, for $100 paid, sell tract of land in Butler Co. on waters of deer lick creek, being a part of the tract of land conveyed by the commonwealth bank to said Duncan, beg. at a corner in SW boundary of same, then to ... south corner to said tract, then to ... north corner, ... then in a straight line to the beginning, containing 80 be them known? acres more or less, warrant title. /s/ John P. Duncan, Chloe R. Duncan. They appeared 23 July 1846 before Charles E. Blewett, Deputy Clerk for Vincent L. Hay, clerk of the Butler County Court. (FHL film 928,306; SLC 9/22/2012)


Butler Co. KY Circuit Court, General Index to Decided Suits, Vol.1, 1810-1897 (FHL film 1,104,553)
      Duncan, John P. vs. Hope & Rineer, March 1843, #1307/1309
      Duncan, Dillard vs. guard. on pet., May 1856, #1507
      Duncan, Dillard, dft, Davis, Benjamin, pltf, March 1822, #564
      Duncan, Dillard, dft, Gunter, Francis, pltf, June 1828, #847
      Duncan, Dillard, dft, Ewing, James, pltf, March 1832, #957
      Duncan, Edmund, dft, Russ, Jacob &c, pltf, Sept. 1847, #1302
      Duncan, John &c, dft, Doss, E. & Adam, pltf, May 1855, #1474

Butler Co. KY Court Order Books (FHL film 928,309)
      Vol. A - no Duncan
      Vol. B - no index


Index to War of 1812 Pension Applications and Bounty Land Warrant Applications; National Archives Film (FHL film 840,458)
      Duncan, Dillard, widow Elizabeth B.; WO 28033, WC 28386; BL 7540-160-50; Private in Capt. Jennings Co. VA Mil; Sgt. in Capt. Dulin's Co. VA Mil, 3/30 to 10/11/1813 and 8/25 to 11/24/1814, soldier also alleges service as Ensign US Inf.; sol. res. 1850 Logan Co. KY; wid. res. 1878, 1879 Logan Co. KY (P.O. Dallams Creek); maiden name Elizabeth B. McCreary m. Feb. 2, 1826, Butler Co. KY; soldier d. Dec. 30, 1862, Logan Co. KY.

Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, James H., widow Duncan, Sarah J.; D 11 KY Inf.; 1863 May 29, Widow Appl. #22914, Cert. #29942. (MAD: mustered in at Calhoon, McLean Co. KY; d. 1/20/1862 at Calhoon, KY; 1850 DeKalb Co. TN census, 1860 Butler Co. KY census)


Allen Co. KY deeds to ca 1850's, Scottsville Courthouse, Allen Co. KY (MAD's trip 10/1985)
      B-332: 10 Dec. 1818, Dillard Duncan of Allen Co. KY to Robert H. Paris, $50, 1/2 lot #54 and #55 in "said town" (not named). No wife, no wit.
      C-114: 23 Feb. 1821, Dillard Duncan of Logan Co. KY to Alexander Ritchie of Sevierville, Allen Co. KY, $200, 1/2 lots #50 and #54 and #55. No wife, no wit.
      D-429: 29 Nov. 1830, Dillard Duncan of Butler Co. KY to James Stark of Allen Co. KY, $213.27, negroes Lean age 16 and her child Hiram age 5? days. Wit. Charles C. Stark, Wilkins Kilby, Granville D. Stark. Proved on oath of Granville D. Stark and Charles C. Stark.

Logan Co. KY Deed (FHL film 364,589)
      R-143: 3 Feb. 1832, That Jane McReynolds of Logan Co. and Dillard Duncan of Butler Co. KY have divided the lands & negroes of Saml. McReynolds decd., that Dillard Duncan assigns to Jane McReynolds all his interest in one tract of land on which Jane McReynolds now lives containing 250 acres more or less adj. the lands of Wm. S. Dallam, Jas. Detshead? and others, also one negro girl named Pheabe age 19 years and her increase together with all the stock of hogs, household and kitchen now in the possession of said Jane McReynolds, and Jane McReynolds releases to Dillard Duncan all her interest in the following slaves, Ralph, Clary and a negro girl Sally, the increase of sd Clary late the property of Saml. McReynolds decd unto his heirs and assigns. /s/ Dillard Duncan, Jane McReynolds. Wit. Thos. J. McReynolds, James D. Asken, William M. Lee. They ack. the agreement 18 Feb. 1832. (FHL film 364,589)

Coffee Co. TN Deeds, Vol. F & G recopied into one volume (FHL film 802,759)
      G-346: 5 Aug. 1853, Marshall (X) Duncan of Butler Co. KY, appoint Greenbury Jacobs of same, attorney to ask, demand, sell, or receipt and receive money due me in TN. Recorded Butler Co. KY 5 Aug. 1853. (new book pg.465)
      G-456: 3 Sept. 1853, Marshall (X) Duncan of Butler Co. KY to William Arnold of Coffee Co. TN, for $20, all right, title, interest and claim to tracts of land in Coffee Co. TN which was laid off, allotted and assigned as dower to Ann Arnold, widow of John Arnold, decd, the interest hereby conveyed being the 1/5 of 1/9 of said dower land. Recorded Butler Co. KY 3 Sept. 1853. (new book pg.539)
            MAD: "Coffee Co. TN County Court Loose Papers 1808-1916" by Phillips & Majors, Coffee Co. TN Historical Quarterly, Vol.XXII, includes a suit of Feb. 14, 1855, headed Commonwealth of KY, Butler Co., Greenberry Jacobs gdn. of Malissa Gaither, late Malissa Gregory, to issue additional bond as gdn. of infant children of Polly Gregory, dec'd. Documents dated 1852 through 1855 include an undated deposition of Martin Hancock which names the heirs of John Arnold as: William F. Moore & wife Elizabeth, Grissom Lee & wife Lucy, Jeremiah Gaither & wife Nancy, Naman G. Norton & wife Lanora, Phillip Beunes & wife Tabitha, William Arnold, John Arnold, William Duncan & Matilda his wife Matilda is dead and left as her children: William Jacobs & wife Anna, Marshall Duncan, Elizabeth Anderson & her husband Thomas Anderson, William Duncan & Eveline; John D. Gregory & wife Mary who is dead leaving as her children: Lucy, Mary Ann, Malissa, and Eveline. The minors are 6: Marshall Duncan, William Duncan, Eveline Duncan, Mary Ann Gregory, Malissa Gregory and Eveline Gregory. Another document refers to a sale by Marshall B. Duncan by his attorney Greenberry Jacobs. (MAD: Elizabeth Duncan mar. Thomas Anderson in Franklin Co. TN on 6 May 1852.)

HISTORIES before 1923

1885 "KY, a History of the State" 2nd Edition (Volume), by Perrin, Battle & Kniffin (FHL film 976.9 D3wt; and from Evelyn Sigler 4/1982 & Denzil R. Mauldin 3/1984)
      Pg.35, Butler Co. JOSEPH W. McREYNOLDS, Butler Co., was born Oct. 14, 1845, in Logan Co. KY, son of William T. and Nancy A. (Stroud) McReynolds, he a native of VA b. April 1797. At age 2 years, W.T. was brought by his parents to KY, locating in Logan Co. where he died April 25, 1871; Nancy A. was born Jan. 2, 1802, and died June 10, 1863. She was the mother of the following children: William S., James A., Thomas B., Belle, Sarah C., Presley M., Mary A., Mattie T. and Joseph W. Belle married Porter, and afterward Simmons; Sarah married Duncan; Mary also married a Duncan, and Mattie married a Brown. Joseph W. ... married April 15, 1869, to Mary S., dau. of Foster and Dolly (Gibbs) Gupton of Logan Co. who was born April 12, 1852 and died March 24, 1874; one child, Sarah Etta; he next married Sept. 5, 1877 to Salenda S., dau. of Azariah and Sarepta (Gwaltney) Sweatt, of Logan Co., born Dec. 8, 1855; two ch, Fannie G. and Jessie F. .... (MAD: Mary A. McReynolds mar. John B. Duncan 4/22/1857, Sally C. McReynolds mar. Henry C. Duncan 11/16/1850, both Logan Co. KY; sons of Dillard Duncan & Elizabeth McCreary)
      Pg.136 (pg.948), Ohio Co. WILLIAM G. DUNCAN, superintendent of McHenry Mines, postmaster and express agent, Ohio Co., is the son of Andrew Duncan, a native of Glasgow, Scotland, who came to America in 1855 and first settled in Pottsville, [Schuylkill Co.] PA. He remained there a short time, then to Airdrie, Muhlenburgh Co. KY; then to Butler Co., Aberdeen. Twelve years ago he came to McHenry ... and was superintendent until his death, May 25, 1877. His widow is still living at McHenry. They had 8 children, of whom William G. Duncan is the eldest, and was born in Hollytown, Scotland, Sept. 4, 1851; Mary, wife of Oliver C. Roll; Jennie, wife of W.D. Hamilton; D.S. Duncan, druggist at McHenry Mines; Andrew J., late superintendent of Echols Mine, killed at age of 21, Oct. 23, 1882; Jennette, Ella and Maggie. Mr. Duncan was married May 10, 1878, to Mary H., youngest dau. of William Hamilton, also of Glasgow, Scotland. Mrs. Duncan was born in Airdrie, KY, Oct. 12, 1860. They have two children: Katie Belle, born May 13, 1879, and Andrew Wallace, born July 27, 1880. ...

1886/7 "KY, a History of the State" 3rd Edition (Volume), by Perrin, Battle & Kniffin (FHL film 976.9 D3wt; and from Evelyn Sigler 4/1982 & Denzil R. Mauldin 3/1984)
      Pg.103-4 (pg.823), Barren Co. JOSEPH H. ADAMS, justice of the peace, was born June 16, 1841, in southern part of Barren Co., the second of 5 sons and 2 daus. of Hardin C. and Mary Ann (Mansfield) Adams ... Joseph H. Adams at age of 19 took up profession of teaching, taught 8 years in Barren and adj. counties; in 1868 engaged in mercantile business 2 miles east of Glasgow Junction, until Jan. 1870, when his store & contents were swept away by the cyclone, afterwards farmed; in 1874 moved to Glasgow Junction ... In Feb. 1866 he married Mollie Ferguson, of Butler Co., a dau. of Dr. R.M. and Harriet (Duncan) Ferguson, who were respectively born in Scotland and LaRue Co. KY; the Duncans were of German descent. Mr. and Mrs. Adams are members of the Christian Church. ...


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