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Formed 1796 from Clark
Floyd formed 1799 from Fleming, Mason, Montgomery
Bath formed 1811 from Montgomery
Powell formed 1852 from Clark, Estill, Montgomery
Menifee formed 1869 from Powell, Wolfe, Bath, Morgan, Montgomery


1810 Montgomery Co. KY Census; part of pg.379 VERY faint
Pg.378  Duncan, Andrew       00001         - 00010
          (MAD: mar. Frances Collier or Colliver 7/14/1795
            Clark Co. KY)
   379  Dunken, Margaret     00200?        - 20200?   (faint)
          (MAD: printed index shows Margaret 20200 - 01201)

1820 Montgomery Co. KY Census
Pg.257  Travise Duncan       200010        - 00100
          (MAD: wife was Lucy Rogers; Allen Co. KY 1815-1818;
            father Charles Duncan d. 1818 Fauquier Co. VA)
   269  Andrew Duncan        000101        - 00001
          (MAD: d. 1825; wife Frances Colliver)

1830 Montgomery Co. KY Census
Pg.  5  Travis Duncan        1120,01      - 0100,01
    19  Jemima Duncan        free colored
    31  Henry Duncan         0202,101     - 0010,001
          (MAD: 1810 Madison Co. KY census; 1820 Bath Co. KY
            census; 1840 Cooper Co. MO census)
        James Duncan         0000,1       - 0001
          (MAD: mar. Ann Proctor 11/19/1829 Bath Co. KY;
            1840 Putnam Co. IN census)
        Hiram Duncan         0000,1       - 0001
          (MAD: mar. Matilda Allen 3/11/1830)

1840 Montgomery Co. KY Census
Pg.293  Lucinda Duncan       1011,2       - 0101,001
          (MAD: widow of Travis Duncan)
   298  Hiram Duncan         1010,1       - 2200,1

1850 Montgomery Co. KY Census
District 1
Pg.31, #393, James S. RODGERS 42 KY farmer $1810
                  Polly 27 (37?) KY
                  Lucy Ann 11 KY
                  Joseph HAWKMAN 50 VA (blank) $0
                  (MAD: not Dunkin)
Pg.31, #394, James A. DUNKIN 31 KY farmer $450
                  Mary Ann 30 KY
                  Joseph W. 7, William D. 5 KY
                  David F. 2, Edward J. 7/12 KY
                  (MAD: wife Polly Ann Wilson; 1870 Nicholas Co. KY census)
Pg.31, #395, Moses W. JOHNSON 28 KY farmer $1200
                  Margaret 28 KY
                  Sarah E. 7, Mary Jane 4, William D?. 1 KY
                  (MAD: not Domcan)
Pg.31-2, #405, Lucy DUNCAN 53 KY (blank) $1,830
                  William D. 32 KY deaf & dumb
                  Edward 28, Andrew J. 22 KY farmers $0
                  Emily Jane 18, Coleman R. 14 KY
                  Minerva 30 KY
                  Louisa (f) 7 KY
                  (MAD: Lucy Duncan was widow of Travis; Edward Duncan mar. Minerva J. Gilven 3/7/1850 Bath Co. KY)
District 2
Pg.60, #243, Joshua DUNCAN 47 KY laborer $0
                  Harriet 33 KY
                  Mitchell 13, Catharine 10 KY
                  Robert 8, Levina 6 KY
                  Ann 4, Silas 4, Rebecca 2 KY
                  Jane ROSS 15, Benjn. 11, Allen 10 KY
                  Margaret HOLDER 20, Mary E. 1, KY
                  (MAD: Joshua mar. Harriett Ross 11/10/1843 Clark Co. KY; ? one Joshua had mar. Winney McIntire 8/4/1824 Clark Co. KY)
Pg.70, #371, A.G. CLENIN (m) 32 KY carpenter $0
                  Elizabeth 29 KY
                  William T. 11, James F. 9 KY
                  L. Jane 7 KY
                  F.M. (m) 5, Leroy E. 4 KY
                  D.P?. (m) 2, A.G. (m) 6/12 KY
                  James SMITH 21 KY laborer $0
                  Nancy An DUNCAN 20 KY
                  Z. Taylor (m) 1 KY

1860 Montgomery Co. KY Census
Mt. Sterling
Pg.210, #103, Joshua DUNCAN 55 KY (blank) $0-$100
                  Henrietta 49 KY
                  Mitchell (m) 23, Silas (m) 14 KY
                  Jas. (Jac?) (m) 9, Wm. 9 KY
Pg.254, #419, Jas. DUNCAN 42 TN (blank) $0-$50
                  Nance? A. 33 IN
                  Zach. 10, Elisabeth 8 KY
                  Jno. 6, Sarah 2 KY
Aarons Run
Pg.275, #563, Danl. DUNCAN 32 KY farmer $0-$1000
                  Amilla (Armilla?) 24 KY
                  John? 5, Lilian (f) 2 KY
                  Mary E. 5/12 KY
                  (MAD: wife Amelia Northcut by 1855)
Mt. Sterling
Pg.279, #592, Wm. D. DUNCAN 43 KY farmer $2200-$1364
                  Nancy J. 37 KY
                  Mary J?. HOVERMILL 14 KY
                  Elizabeth DUNCAN 6/12 KY
                  (MAD: Dillard Duncan mar. Mrs. Nancy J. (Dale) Hoovermill 10/7/1858)
Pg.279, #593, Coleman DUNCAN 23 KY farmer $320-$750
                  Nancy 28 KY
                  Edward J. 2 KY
                  (MAD: wife Nancy J. Underwood; ? 1870 Nicholas Co. KY census)
Pg.279, #594, Docia DUNCAN (f) 62 KY farmer $1120-$2566
                  (MAD: ?? Lucy Duncan, widow of Travis ??)
Pg.279, #595, Edward DUNCAN 38 KY farmer $0-$1475
                  Minirva 40 KY
                  Hugh J? 11, Mary J. 7? (9?), Wm. J. 3 KY
                  Louisa DUNCAN 19 KY
                  (MAD: Edward Duncan mar. Minerva Gilvin 3/7/1850 Bath Co. KY)
Pg.283, #617, Wm. NORTHCUT 74 VA farmer $2520-970
                  Mary 66 KY
                  Wm. H?. 28 KY farmer $0-$300
                  Frances DUNCAN (f) 84 VA
                  (MAD: Frances the widow of Andrew Duncan, parents of Polly Northcutt wife of William per Andrew's 1825 will C-106)
Pg.306, #503, Francis MYERS (m) 60 KY farmer $8000-$2200
                  Agnes 38 KY
                  Wm. W. 18 KY
                  Amy DUNCAN 14 KY
                  John MYERS 10 KY

1870 Montgomery Co. KY Census (pg.297 #232 also from Kathy Cawley 2/2002)
Aarons Run Precinct, P.O. Salt View, KY
Pg.226, #26-26, DUNCAN, W.D. (m) 52 KY (white) farmer $4000-$500
                  Nancy 46 KY keeping house
                  Elizabeth 10, S.B. (f) 7 KY
Pg.226, #27-27, DUNCAN, E.M. (m) 48 KY (white) farmer $0-$1000
                  Minerva 49 KY keeping house
                  Mary 17, H.J. (m) 14, W.J. (m) 12 KY
                  Lucy 9, V.G. (f) 6 KY
                  GRUBBS, J.W. (m) 21 VA farmer $0-$200
Camargo Precinct, P.O. Camargo
Pg.246-247, #122-122, OREAR, M.B. (f) 62 KY keeping house $8400-$1300
                  J.M. (m) 32 KY farmer
                  Louisa 26 KY (blank) $1000-$0
                  Emma (f) 24 KY (blank) $1000-$150
                  G.A. (f) 19 KY (blank) $1000-$125
                  DUNCAN, William 20 KY (white) farm hand
The County Precinct No.1, P.O. Mt. Sterling
Pg.283, #80-83, CASSIDY, Shelton (m) 47 KY (white) blacksmith $1000-$300
                  C.J. (f) 43 KY keeping house
                  Mary 23, M.F. (f) 19, Alice 16, Cordelia 14 KY
                  DUNCAN, David 21 KY (white) clerk
                  CASKEY, Will (m) 17 KY (white) laborer
Precinct No.1, P.O. Mount Sterling
Pg.297-298, #232-241, JUDY, S.H. (m) 28 KY (white) farmer $0-$4000
                  Clay (f) 23 KY keeping house
                  Katie 9/12 KY b.Sept.
                  HATHAWAY, David 66 KY (white) farmer $20,000-$500
                  K.F. (f) 20 KY
                  FLETCHER, Charlott 25 KY MULATTO cook
                  Allie (f) 2 KY MULATTO
                  DUNCAN, John 21 KY BLACK farm hand
                  BLY, David 14 KY MULATTO farmhand


Montgomery Co. KY Wills
      A-124: 14 March 1803, will of Isaac Duncan, weak of body; wife Margaret; dau. Sarah 10 shillings; balance to rest of my children. Exec. son William and wife Margaret; wit. Andw. House, Joseph Love, George Routt. Proved 27 June 1803. (FHL film 252,360) (MAD: from Rowan Co. NC, wife Margaret Ireland, dau. of Sarah d.ca 1800 Iredell Co. NC; their son Isaac died in Bath Co. KY; also had dau. Priscilla; see Bath and Fleming Co. KY records)
      C-57: 16 July 1824, will of Atwell L. Rogers of Montgomery Co. KY; to my wife Lucy Rogers 1/3 part of my estate both real and personal for life; after her decease I leave the same to my sister Lucy Duncan and heirs of her body forever hereinafter mentioned; residue 2/3 to my sister Lucy Duncan; then all my estate to be equally divided among the heirs of my said sister, namely, William D. Duncan, James A. Duncan, Edward Duncan and all the children that she may have hereafter. Appoint my friend Traverse Duncan executor. Wit. John Higgins Jr., R. Carrington, John M. Robinson. Proved Dec. 1824. (FHL film 262,360)
      C-106: 23 July 1825, will of Andrew Duncan; wife Frances; at her death be equally divided between lawful heirs of Polly Northcutt wife of William Northcut, mention herself (Polly) and children. Wit. Richard Colliver?, Hosea Northcut, Saml? L. Williams. (did not get proved date; proven Oct. 1825 from other sources). (FHL film 252,360)

Montgomery Co. KY Wills etc Vol.D-F 1828-79 (FHL film 252,361)
      (MAD: looking for Traverse Duncan ca 1836-37; have Books A-C)
      Vol. D, 1828-1835 - no Duncan
      Vol. E, 1834-1854 - no Duncan
      Vol. F, 1854-1874 - no Duncan

Montgomery Co. KY Record Books (FHL film 252,362)
      Record Book A, 1841-1848: Pg.412-4, 4-6, Travis Duncan decd, division
      A-412 to 417: Travis Duncan decd, Division & Allotment of Land & Slaves; (sketch of plot of land showing Dower and 7 lots; Lots 1-3, 5&6, 7 along Grassey Lick Creek). Acting under an order of the Montgomery Co. Court made at its October term 1847 appointing James R. Wilson, Thomas Foster, Thompson Jones and William Mitchell Commissioners to divide and deterp? the land & slaves of the estate of Travis Duncan decd. among the heirs of said decd, the commissioners R. Wilson, Thomas Foster and Thompson Jones, three of the commissioners above named went to the premises of said decedent on 11 October 1847 and after being first duly sworn, proceded to comply with said order as follows: James R. Wilson, acting as surveyor, and Thomas Foster and Thompson Jones superintending the chain carriers, first surveyed the tract of land to ascertain the true number of acres therein, it is all in one tract situate in Montgomery Co. KY on the waters of Grassy Lick and Hinkston Creeks, represented by the annexed plat and is bounded as follows: Beg. at a honey locust corner to Preston Stith's original corner ... corner to Dale's heirs in John Sinathy?'s line, ... crossing Hinkston, ... Grassy Creek opposite a large sycamore on the northern bank, ... corner to Dales heirs and Hugh Ligate, ... up Grassy lick Creek, ... to Legate and Preston's corner ..., including 85 acres and one rood of land. The next thing we did was to examine the quality of the land and divide it amongst the widow and heirs, giving the widow one third and dividing the remaining two thirds amongst the heirs as equally as we in our best judgement could. The dower and different lots appear on the annexed plat ... For the widow's dower (name not given) of Travis Duncan deceased we laid off and assigned 28 acres 1 rod 26 ?? of land including the dwelling house and other buildings adj. Lots 1, 2, 3 and 4. Lot 1 contains 8 acres 6 rods 19 poles and was assigned to Coleman R. Duncan bounded ... dower lot. Lot 2 contains 8 acres 6 rods 19 poles and was assigned to William Dillard Duncan and is bounded ... by dower, lot 3 and lot 1. Lot 3 contains 8 acres 2 rods 20 poles and was assigned to Emily J. Duncan and is bounded by Lot 2, dower lot, lot 4 and Lots 5&6. Lot 4 contains 7 acres 1 rod 18 poles and was assigned to Edward M. Duncan and is bounded by dower lot (another document recorded in the middle of this page, then continues:), lot 5&6, lot 3. Lots 5&6 are laid off together and assigned to James A. Duncan he having bought one share besides his own as we are informed and believe they are known ?? (contains) 15 acres 1 rod 39 poles and are bounded by lots 3, 4 and 7. Lot 7 contains 9 acres 0 rods 19 poles and was assigned to Andrew J. Duncan and is bounded by lots 5&6 and the original lines. Relative to the slaves belonging to the estate, there are five, one of which is a very old man and it is an expense to support him ... and one woman and three children, that we could not divide the slaves amongst the heirs ... some future time. Report returned 25 Oct. 1847.


VA State Land Office Surveys, Book 9, 1784-1787 (FHL film 29,552)
      9-529: Jan. 27, 1783, surveyed for Nimrod Dunken, assignee of Geo. Slaughter, 325 acres (indexed 335a) by virtue of a Treasury Warrant entered #1605 in Fayette Co. (KY) on waters of Hinkstons fork; chainmen John Sellers, John Bushong; marker Mathew Jeffries. This land assd by Nimrod Duncan to Christopher Summit. Rec. 9 Jan. 1784, Grant issd. (no date) (MAD: later Bourbon or Bath or Montgomery Co. KY; see Shelby Co. KY)

Montgomery Co. KY Deeds (indexes to 1890, grantees on FHL film 252,341, grantors on FHL film 252,342)
      2-26: John Holliday to Andrew Duncan
      2-345: Hutson Hammon to Andrew Duncan
      4-250: John Fowler to heirs of Isaac Duncan
      5-106: Andrew Duncan to Jane Perry
      7-477: Lovisa Bell &c to Traverse Duncan and Kenyon Carter
      8-75: Travis Duncan &c to Abraham Wilson (see 8-73)
      10-90: Enoch Jeffries&c to Traverse Duncan
      10-277: Travis Duncan to James Richardson
      10-288: Abraham Wilson heirs by Amos Davis to Travise Duncan
      12-154: Dilliam Chiles to Andrew Dunkin et al
      12-310: Leven Luckett & Townshend D. Peyton to Henry Duncan
      13-110: Travis Duncan to Lucy Rogers (lease)
      14-204: Patsy Rogers to Traverse Duncan, slave
      14-277: Travis Duncan to Janes T. Ellis and Jarvas R. Berryman
      14-309: Samuel L. Williams & Benj. F. Lane to Travis Duncan
      14-335: James Steans to Traverse Duncan
      15-141: Henry Duncan to John Clark
      15-349: Wren Edmunson to Jamima Duncan
      15-428: Traverse Duncan to Horace Rogers
      16-114: Andrew Simpson for George Love to Traverse Duncan
      16-123: Joseph Havender to Traverse Duncan
      16-365: Traverse Duncan to David & Hugh Legate
      17-353: Jeremiah Duncan to Joseph Passmore
      19-416: Hiram Duncan to Geo. W. Gillaspie
      20-28: Hiram Duncan to Geo. W. Gillaspie, mortgage
      22-74: Francis N. Wilson to James S. Duncan
      24-533: Isaac Caywood to William D. Duncan
      24-606: Andrew J. Duncan to James A. Duncan
      26-125: E.M. Duncan to William D. Duncan
      26-311: Andrew J. Duncan to James A. Duncan
      26-444: John H. Mark to Jackson Combs & James Duncan
      26-692: Daniel Duncan to Margaret Tucker
      27-103: William D. Duncan to Johnson Wilson
      27-104: E.M. Duncan & wife to William D. Duncan
      27-375/37x: C.R. Duncan to G.S. Rogers
      27-581: Hiram Duncan to O.B. Williams
      27-589: Hiram Duncan &c to Denman Highland
      27-640: Hiram Duncan &c to William Judy
      28-495: C.R. Duncan to William D. Duncan
      28-493, 509, 611: Division, William D. Duncan from heirs
      28-509: J.A. Duncan to W.D. Duncan
      (quit on grantors at book 28; later deeds not on film)
      36-258: William D. Duncan from heirs, division ??

Montgomery Co. KY Deeds
      2-26: 12 April 1801, John Holliday of Clarke Co. KY to Andrew Duncan of Mont. Co., £40 lbs, 50 acres on Slate Creek, adj. McIntosh's 50 acres. Wit. Will Ellis, John Cooper. (FHL film 252,348)
      2-345: 12 Jan. 1803, Hutson Hammon to Andrew Duncan, $200, 62 acres on Grassy Lick, part of Wm. Carter's 1000 acre survey. Wit. Joseph Collvan?, Richard Colvin?, Benjn. J. Faul, Thos. Colliver?. (FHL film 252,348)
      4-250: 1 June 1807, John Fowler of Fayette Co. to William Davis, John Bailey Jun, William Duncan, Margaret Duncan, Isaac Duncan, William Ireland Duncan, Elizabeth Duncan, James Duncan, Pressy? Duncan, Malinda Duncan and Nancy Duncan, heirs and rep. of Isaac Duncan decd of Montgomery Co., KY, for £10, land on waters of Flat Creek and on the waters east side of main Flat Creek, being part of a claim of John Fowler containing 93 acres, corner Joel Thomas. /s/ John Fowler by Thomas Fletcher, his attorney in fact. Wit. Francis? Triplett?. (FHL film 252,349; no comma between "Fowler" and "containing" but no other mention of acreage given in deed)
      5-106: 24 March 1810, Andrew (X) Duncan and wife Fanny (X) to Jane (her) Perry, £80, 50 acres on Slate Creek. Wit. Tennak? Davis. (FHL film 252,349)
      7-477: 11 June 1817, Lovisa Bell, relict of William Bell decd and William Bell, Patterson Bell, and Zacheriah Bell, heirs of William Bell decd, to Traverse Duncan and Kenyon Carter, all Montgomery Co., $2051, 146-1/2 acres on Grassy Lick Creek. No wit. (FHL film 252,350)
      8-73: 1 March 1817, Traverse Duncan and Kinyon Carter to Abraham Wilson, all Montgomery Co., $2151, 146-1/2 acres on Grassy Lick Creek. /s/ Traverse Duncan, wife Lucy Duncan; Kinyon Carter, wife Nancy Carter. No wit. (FHL film 252,350)
      10-90: 17 March 1821, Enoch Jeffries and wife Nancy late Nancy Willson to Traverse Duncan, $1, incl. Nancy's dower rights, late husband Abraham Wilson decd, land died seized, 43 acres on Grassy Creek, corner John Tapp, Henry Jeffries, Wm. Michell, and David Howel, Caldwell's orig. line, corner Ezekiel Hutson. No wit. (FHL film 252,351)
      10-277: 19 Sept. 1821, Traverse Duncan (wife Lucy Duncan examined) to James U. Richardson, "for and in consideration of the premises" adj. John Tayon, Grassy Lick Creek, 43 acres. (FHL film 252,351)
      10-288: 5 June 1821, James Wilson, Malvina Wilson, Ann Willson, Catharine Wilson, and Dudly Wilson, infant heirs of Abraham Wilson, decd, by Amos Davis, their special guardian appointed by Circuit court for purpose of making this deed, to Travise Duncan, pursuant to the said decree, 43 acres on Grassy Lick Creek. (FHL film 252,351)
      12-154: 1 Oct. 1825, Dilliam Chiles to Amos Dunham, John Brothers, Abner Barnett, Andrew Dunkin, Hosea Northcut, John Allison, Richard Coliver, Joseph Clarke, George Priest, and Patsy Rogegrs (?), Halladay Steers, Polly Calliver, all Montgomery Co., land on Aarons River, patent to said Chiles 22 March 1819, 1000 acres, Francis Keens land, Thomas Bell, $50 paid Chiles and $50 paid Eli Shortridge. Wit. Richard French, K. Tamosr?. (FHL film 252,352)
      12-310: 1 March 1826, Leven Luckett and Townshend D. Peyton of Loudon Co. VA to Henry Duncan of Bath Co. KY, $1169, 167 acres on west side of Hinkston's Fork of Licking, part of 2 surveys in the name of Frances Peyton, lines of Gillaspie and Chrisley, on Peyton's Lick branch, corner John Gillespie; Leven Luckett by attorney in fact Andw. Simpson, money payable in installments. /s/ Leven Luckett and Townshend D. Peyton. N.B. The purchase money is payable as followeth: $600 is paid down; in 12 months from this date $225; in 2 years after date $222; and 3 years after date $133; all in gold and silver, and the said land is bound for said sum of money; 1 March 1826, /s/ Henry Duncan. (FHL film 252,352)
      13-110: 12 Dec. 1826, Traverse Duncan of Montgomery Co. KY to Lucy Rogers of same, lease, for Lucy Roger's natural life, for $1, said land lying on on Grassy Lick Creek, adj. Patsey Rogers dower, E. bank Grassy Creek (acres not given), bounds ... 59-2/3 poles, 1/2 pole, 32 poles, 11-1/2 poles, 16 poles, 43 poles, 71-1/3 poles, 75 poles; she to keep up the fencing on the farm. /s/ Traverse Duncan. (FHL film 252,352)
      14-204: 27 Oct. 1828, Patsy (X) Rogers for natural love and affection, my son-in-law Traverse Duncan and $1, negroe boy. Wit. Wm. Mitchell, J. Abbay. (FHL film 252,352)
      14-277: 3 April 1829, Traverse Duncan and wife Lucy (both signed) to James P. Ellis and James R. Berryman, $1523.10, 157-3/4 acres on Grassy Creek, patent James Higgins. No wit. (FHL film 252,352)
      14-309: 1 April 1829, Samuel L. Williams and Benj. F. Lane, exec. of William Rogers, decd, to Travis Duncan, $3442, highest bidder, 191+ acres on Grassy Lick Creek; will empowers them to sell. Wit. James P. Ellis, Horace Rogers. (FHL film 252,352)
      14-335: 29 July 1829, James Steans and wife Lucy to Traverse Duncan, $400, 36 acres on Grassy Lick Creek. Wit. Rice Carter, Curtis Carter. (FHL film 252,352)
      15-141: 2 Oct. 1830, Henry Duncan and wife Mary (X) to John Clark, all Montgomery Co., $1336, 167 acres on west side of Hinkston's fork of Licking, part of two surveys in name of Francis Peyton, adj. Peyton's Lick branch, corner at John Gillaspie & Christy. No wit. (FHL film 252,353)
      15-349: 1 Sept. 1830, Wren Edmunson to Jamima (her) Duncan, both Montgomery Co. KY, $72.50, 6 acres on Stepstone Creek adj. Pasmore's corner, corner made by Wm. Thompson. Wit. F.P. Williams, W.T. Williams. (FHL film 252,353)
      15-428: 12 Oct. 1831, Travis Duncan and wife Lucy of Montgomery Co. KY to Horace Rogers of same, $500, 36-1/4 acres on Grassey Lick Creek adj. Patsey Rogers dower line. No wit. (FHL film 252,353)
      16-114: 8 Oct. 1832 Andrew Simpson agent of George Love of Montgomery Co. KY to Traverse Duncan of same, $1021.50, Simpson by power of attorney for George Love exec. of William Hale decd, willed land be sold, Duncan purchaser, 113-1/2 acres on Grassey Lick and Hinkston's Creeks, original entry and survey and patent made in name of Francis Peyton, adj. lines of Peyton and Philips, Jenkin Philips. No wit. (FHL film 252,353)
      16-123: 29 Oct. 1832, Joseph Havender of Montgomery Co. KY to Traverse Duncan of same, $150, mortgage; animals and crop. Wit. John Smalley. (FHL film 252,353)
      16-365: 10 Jan. 1834, Traverse Duncan and wife Lucy of Montgomery Co. KY to David Legate and Hugh Legate of same, $290.47-1/2, 25 acres on Grassy lick Creek entered in name of Francis Peyton, adj. Peyton's line, said Legate, Peyton & Phillips corner. No wit. (FHL film 252,353)
      17-353: 14 April 1836, Jemima (X) Duncan to Joseph Passmore, $120, 6 acres 2 poles on Stepstone Creek where she now lives, part of 10,000 acre survey patented in name of William Davis, adj. Joseph Passmore. Wit. Benjm. F. Davis, David Martin. (FHL film 252,353)
      19-416: 8 June 1841, Hiram Duncan of Bath Co. KY to George W. Gillaspie of Montgomery Co. KY, $400, mortgage 4 horses, farm animals, 3 beds & bedding, furniture; Gillaspie is security for Duncan to three persons (unnamed) amounting to above amount, which have been sued upon, paid by Gillaspie. No wit. Ack. in Montgomery Co. (FHL film 252,354)
      20-28: 11 Nov. 1841, Hiram Duncan (no locality) to George W. Gillaspie, trust deed for crops and more animals to indemnify Gillaspie as security for Duncan. No wit. Ack. in Montgomery Co. KY. (FHL film 252,354)
      22-74: 2 Feb. 1846, Francis M. Wilson and wife Eliza Ann of Bath Co. KY to James A. Duncan of Montgomery Co. KY, $250, their rights as heirs of Traverse Duncan decd. to land belonging to the widow and heirs of said decedent, being 1/7 part, on waters of Grassy Lick and Hinkston Creeks adj. land of Stith and Leggett, land of Dalls widow and heirs, land of John Smally, being where widow and heirs now live, the interest of Francis M. Wilson and wife Eliza Ann to land supposed to contain between 80 and 90 acres, their interest being 1/7 part. No wit. Ack. in Montgomery Co. (FHL film 252,355) (MAD: James A., not James S.)
      24-533: 20 Aug. 1853, Isaac Caywood and wife Emily of Nicholas Co. KY to William D. Duncan of Montgomery Co. KY, $280, land on Grassylick Creek, part of land belonging to heirs of Traverse Duncan decd, being lot 3 in division in Clerk's Office Book A pg.112, 8 acres 2 rods 20 poles. No wit. Ack. in Montgomery Co. KY. (FHL film 252,356)
      24-606: 2 Dec. 1853, Andrew J. Duncan to James A. Duncan, all Montgomery Co. KY, $285, lot #9 on Grassylick and Hinkston Creeks, part of Traverse Duncan decd. land, ref. to Commrs. report in County Deed Book A pg.112. No wit. (FHL film 252,356)
      26-125: 15 Dec. 1856, Edward M. Duncan and wife Manerva J. to William D. Duncan, all Montgomery Co. KY, $300, 7 acres 1 rood 14 poles on ridge between Grassey Lick and Hinkston Creeks, being one lot of the land Travirse Duncan died owning, adj. Mrs. Lucy Duncan's dower, Dale's heirs line, adj. lots 3, 5, 6 and 8. No wit. (FHL film 252,357)
      26-311: 5 Oct. 1857, Andrew J. Duncan and wife Elizabeth J. to James A. Duncan, all Montgomery Co. KY, $175, one equal undivided half of interest they have to about 28 acres by virtue of a purchase they made from Isaac Caywood and wife Emily J. by deed 17 Oct. 1856, the part hereby purchased in the 28a was the one undivided seventh, and they hereby convey to James A. Duncan one equal undivided half of that one seventh, it being 1/14 undivided of the dower land of Lucy Duncan where she now lives, her whole dower being about 28 acres, on Grassy Lick Creek, as the widow of Travis Duncan decd, said Andrew J. Duncan and wife do not sell their own undivided interest, but sell 1/2 the interest they purchased of Isaac Caywood and wife Emily; also Andrew J. Duncan and wife sell by this, 1/2 of the interest in the slaves they purchased of Caywood in the same deed, which descended from Frances Duncan (sic) to his heirs now in possession of his widow Lucy Duncan. No wit. (FHL film 252,357)
      26-444: 23 April 1856, John H. Mark and wife Nancy to Jackson Combs and James Duncan, all Montgomery Co. KY, $1485, $495 paid and rest due, 45 acres on Grassey Lick Creek adj. Charles Harris, H. Rogers, James Rogers, J.W. Denton ... (more not copied). No wit. (FHL film 252,357)
      26-692: Daniel Duncan to Margaret Tucker -- book ends pg.686, no record in first 20 pages of Vol.27. (FHL film 252,357)


Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, Silas, mother Duncan, Henrietta; G 14 KY Cav.; 1869 May 11, Mother Appl. #175092, Cert. #144998. (MAD: 1850 Montgomery Co. KY census; mustered in at Irvine, Estill Co. KY)


Allen Co. KY deeds to ca 1850's, Scottsville Courthouse, Allen Co. KY (MAD's trip 10/1985)
      B-191: 21 May 1817, Traverse Duncan and wife Lucy of Montgomery Co. KY to Theophilus Read of Allen Co. KY, $500, 200 acres on Middle Fork of Bay's Fork Creek, waters of Big Barren River, corner Priscilla Bowmer; no wit.; rec. Montgomery Co. KY 21 May 1817.

Spotsylvania Co. VA Deeds
      X-401: 9 Sept. 1822, Martha (+) McKenny of Montgomery Co. KY appoint friend Traverse Duncan (called "Travis" later) of same, attorney to transact my business in VA. Reg. in Montgomery Co. KY. (FHL film 34,040)
      Y-18: 24 Oct. 1822, Travis Duncan under power of attorney from Martha McKinny of KY, to James Akins (Akiers?), $100, all Martha's undivided interest in land and plantation whereon her father Benjamin Reynolds formerly lived. Wit. (three men last name Waller, one last name Carter; too dark to read). (FHL film 34,078)

HISTORIES before 1923

1882 "History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison & Nicholas Cos. KY" by Perrin (from John A. Duncan 3/1985 and Evelyn Sigler 7/1982)
      Pg.788: JAMES A. DUNCAN, farmer; P.O. Moorefield [Nicholas Co.], was born in Montgomery Co. KY, Feb. 1, 1819, and is a son of Traverse and Lucy (Rogers) Duncan. He was born in VA and died Nov. 26, 1846. Was a farmer by occupation. His wife Lucy was born in Fayette Co. KY, Nov. 26, 1796, and died July 22, 1873. The result of their union was seven children, of which our subject was the second. He received his education in the common schools of Montgomery Co., and commenced business for himself as a farmer. On the 17th of July, 1842, he led to the alter Mary Ann Wilson, who was born in Montgomery Co. June 13, 1820. They have eight children, viz: Joseph, William, David, John, Granville, George, Susan and Elizabeth. Mrs. Duncan was a daughter of David and Elizabeth (Johnson) Wilson, both natives of Montgomery Co. The former died April 29, 1871; the latter, Feb. 8, 1879. Mr. and Mrs. Duncan ... Christian Church, Masonic Order, Democrat.

1885-1888 "KY, a History of the State" 5th or 6th Edition (Volume), by Perrin, Battle & Kniffin (FHL book 976.9 D3wt)
      Pg.163. S.M. CASELDINE, farmer living 1-1/2 miles from New Castle, born in Montgomery Co. KY, May 22, 1843, son of James and Leah (Malone) Caseldine, both born and reared in Montgomery Co. KY. Leah is a dau. of Jonathan and Mary (Duncan) Malone. Jonathan was born in NC and had a son Obediah who was a soldier in the war of 1812. Our subject, with his parents, left his native county in 1849 and came to Henry Co. ... (more on S.M. Caseldine's wives and children not copied here)

1912 "A history of Kentucky and Kentuckians : the leaders and representative men in commerce, industry and modern activities" by E. Polk Johnson, 3 vols. (SUTRO book F451 J7 v.III and film 75 reel 1; CA State Library, Sutro Branch)
      V.3 p.1608: GARRET DAVIS WILSON, born Bourbon Co. KY where his father Francis M. Wilson also born. Grandfather Jeremiah Wilson born old VA of English ancestry, migrated as young man to Bourbon Co. KY, 14 miles southeast of Paris, married a Miss Trotter of VA. Francis M. Wilson inherited part of father's estate, which he managed until 1895 when he sold out and bought a farm near Cynthiana, Harrison Co. KY where lived until death in 1908 in 88th year of age. His wife, whose name before marriage was Eliza Ann Duncan, was born at Mt. Sterling, Montgomery Co. KY, 86 years ago. Her father, Traverse Duncan, native of KY, married Lucy Rogers, who was born in VA. Mr. and Mrs. Francis M. Wilson had six children, namely: Garret D., Mattie, Henry Clay, Richard E., Amanda D. and Fanny. Garret D. Wilson mar. 1880 Margaret M. Maguire, born in Lexington, a dau. of P.F. and Mary Maguire (see sketch of Dr. J.D. Maguire for family record). Three children to Mr. & Mrs. Wilson, namely, Margaret, Louise and Garret D. Jr. (MAD: Eliza Ann Duncan mar. to Francis M. Wilson listed in "Some Marriages in Montgomery Co. KY before 1864" by Boyd; 1850 Bourbon Co. KY census)

"County of Christian, Kentucky : historical and biographical" by L. Lindsay; ed. by William Henry Perrin; pub. Chicago: F.A. Battey Pub. Co., 1884, 650 pgs. (LH13582, HeritageQuest images 5/2007; FHL book 976.978 H2c and film 1,033,633 item 1)
      Pg.559: Hamby Precinct. DR. J.R. MOORE was born in New Providence, Montgomery Co., Tenn., on November 10, 1840, and is a son of James M. and Mary (Lesembe) Moore. The father was a native of North Carolina and the mother of Tennessee. Both are still living in Montgomery County. Dr. Moore is the second of seven children. ... Dr. Moore ... settled in Oakwood, Montgomery County (after graduating in 1865) until 1871, when he came to this county and settled at Crofton, for about three years, then came to this precinct. .... Dr. Moore was married in Montgomery County on March 31, 1866, to Miss Mary Gibbs, a daughter of Stephen and Malinda (Duncan) Gibbs, both natives of Tennessee. This union has resulted in seven children, of whom six are now living, viz.: John, Anne, Robert, Clay, James and Willie. ...

1897 "Annals of Platte County, Missouri : from its exploration down to June 1, 1897, with genealogies of its noted families and sketches of its pioneers and distinguished people" by W.M. Paxton, pub. by Hudson-Kimberly Publ. Co. (FHL book 977.8135 H2p)
      Pg.650-1: 1878, Jan.: Jan. 5 -- James Duncan dies four miles southeast of Platte City.
      THE DUNCAN FAMILY. James Duncan was the progenitor of the Duncans of Platte and Clay. He was a native of Virginia, and removed to Bourbon County, Ky. He came to Clay in 1826, and settled near Smithville. He had five sons: 1, Stephen; 2, Alex. B.; 3, William; 4, Matthew; 5, Joseph. Of these, only Matthew and Joseph interest us. ...
      II. JOSEPH DUNCAN Was the other son of James Duncan (i) I desire to notice. He married Polly Ann Brooks of Clark County, Ky. Ch:
      1. JAMES DUNCAN, was b. in Montgomery County, Ky., Nov. 15, 1816; m'd March 4, 1850, in Andrew County, Sarah Tracy. In 1851 he went to California overland, and returned in April, 1853; in 1865 he purchased a farm five miles east of Platte City, and here he died Jan. 15, 1878. Mrs. Duncan was b. July 29, 1823; d. Aug. 29, 1891. They were excellent people. Ch: (see Platte Co. MO)
      II. JOSEPH DUNCAN (ii), m'd Amanda Clardy, dr. of G.C. (See.)
      III. MARTHA JANE, m'd John M. Thatcher. (See.)
      Mr. Joseph Duncan (i) had other children, with whom we are little concerned. Their names were: 1, Bessie; 2, Judy Ann; 3, Thomas D.; 4, Abijah, 5, Nancy.


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