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Last revised September 17, 2003

Formed 1824 from Crawford, Pike


1830 Upson Co. GA Census
No Duncan indexed; no Jesse Duncan page by page
Pg.113  Daniel DUNHAM      1100,1   - 0000,1

1840 Upson Co. GA Census
494th District
Pg. 35  James Duncan       1100,11  - 0100,1

1850 Upson Co. GA Census
86th District
Pg.604 (307), #320-320, James DUNCAN 48 NC farmer $3100
                  Susan 38 SC
                  Thaddeus 20 GA student, Martha 18 GA
                  James 13, Lucretia 10 GA
                  Ned CASLAN 34 GA school teacher
                  (MAD: James Duncan mar. Susan M. Glanton 9/21/1830; Thaddeus F. Duncan (M.D.) 7/15/1831 Upson Co. GA - 1/13/1871 Abbeville Co. SC; Martha E. Duncan mar. Jonathan T. Woody 11/21/1854; James in 1860 Taylor Co. GA census, d. 12/1860)

1860-1870 Upson Co. GA Census
      No Duncan indexed


Upson Co. GA Record of Estates (FHL film 282,892)
      Book 1825-1831 - no index (only a few pages)
      Book B, 1839-1848:
            B-33: Sarah Ann Glanton, minor, in account with James Duncan, guardian, filed 4 Nov. 1839, includes expenses, income for 1838.
      (did not check later)

Upson Co. GA Will Index, Book A, 1825-1875 (FHL film 282,885)
      No Duncan

Upson Co. GA Court of Ordinary Minutes
      Vol.A, 1825-1843 - sketchy index to pg.30 only, no Duncan (FHL film 282,886)
      Vol.B, 1844-1853 - no Duncan (FHL film 282,886)
      Vol.C, 1854-1864 - no Duncan (FHL film 282,887)
      Vol.D, 1864-1869 - no Duncan (FHL film 282,887)


GA Land Lotteries; Upson Co. GA
      Name, lottery year, militia district & county of residence, draw
      Duncan, James, 1832, of 555th Militia Dist., Upson Co., drew land lot in Dist.7 Sec.2, Gilmer Co., granted before 1 Jan. 1838.
      Duncan, Jesse, 1832, of 561st Militia Dist., Upson Co., drew gold lot #13 in Dist.19, Sec.2, Cherokee Purchase (MAD: later Cobb Co.)
      Duncan, Robert, 1821, of Haws Dist., Jones Co., drew lot #215 in Sec.1, Houston Co. (MAD: later Upson Co.)

Upson Co. GA Deeds (FHL film 282,794 index 1825-1858)
      A-299: 15 March 1828, James (X) Lunsford to Thomas Beale & Jesse Duncan, $150, 50 acres on Potatoe Creek, in SE corner of Lot #178 in 10th Dist. formerly Monroe now Upson. Wit. Thos. Telewillon, J.W. Cooper clerk. (FHL film 282,802)
      A-394: 26 Jan. 1826, Nicholas Childers of Putnam Co. to Joseph Duncan and Benjamin Duncan, exec. of estate of Mathew Duncan decd., "for and in consideration of and before the sealing and delivery of these presents, bargained and sold" to the said executors land in 11th dist. of Monroe when surveyed now Upson Co., lot 542. Wit. H.W. Ector, Robert Jenkins. (FHL film 282,802)
      A-490: 1 Dec. 1829, Jesse Duncan to Drewry Goyns, both Upson Co., $2, part of undivided whole of lot #178 on Potatoe Creek. With Laurence Smith, John Tucker JP. (FHL film 282,802)
      B-48: 15 Dec. 1828, recd. of James Duncan, $650 for 2 negro boys Ben about 13 and John about 11. /s/ Jesse Duncan. Wit. E.C. Ratchford, Julius N. Brooks, A.H. Brown JP. (FHL film 282,803) (MAD: see also Ratchford in Talbot Co. GA)
      B-337: (from index; deed looked at but not copied) Jesse Duncan and J.B. Bateman by sheriff to A.F. Edwards, 11/24/1832. (FHL film 282,803)
      B-374: (from index; deed looked at but not copied) Jesse Duncan and Joshua B. Bateman by sheriff to Abner Davis, 8/8/1833. (FHL film 282,803)
      B-411: 15 Aug. 1833, Ellison Voils to James Duncan, both Upson Co., $250, 50 acres, part of lot 125 in 16th Dist. of formerly Houston now Upson Co. on Swift Creek. Wit. Jesse Duncan, Drury R. Glanton JP. (FHL film 282,803)
      C-77: 18 Feb. 1835, Moses (X) Wright mortgage to James Duncan, horses etc. Wit. Daniel Bowson?, Susan M. Duncan, D.R. Glanton JP. (FHL film 282,803)
      C-159: 10 March 1835, Isaac and Robert Jackson, admrs. of Henry Jackson, of Hancock Co. GA, to James Duncan of Upson Co. GA, Jackson had signed title bond on 23 Jan. 1829 to Alfred Williams for lot 25 in 15th Dist. of Upson formerly Monroe Co., assigned by Williams to Duncan. Wit. Butt L. Law, John D. Swainey JJC. (FHL film 282,803)
      C-398: Meriwether Co. 7 Oct. 1836, Joseph Duncan exec. of Matthew Duncan late of Putnam Co. decd, to Thomas W. Riviere, for $400, land now in Upson Co., lot 242 (written in words 142) in 11th Dist. orig. Monroe Co., 202-1/2 acres. Wit. R.E.S. Ragland, W.B. Ector JP. (FHL film 282,803) (MAD: one Joseph Duncan mar. Martha Ann or Mary Ann Bailey 12/18/1834; ? 1840 Meriwether Co. GA census)
      C-428: 27 Oct. 1835, James Duncan to William Couch, both Upson Co., $940, lot 25 in 15th Dist. formerly Monroe now Upson Co., 202-1/2 acres. Wit. Green Conpins?, P.E. Bomore?. (FHL film 282,803)
      D-102: 24 Dec. 1836, James Duncan to Edward Eubank, both Upson Co., $416, 50 acres, part of lot 125 in 16th Dist. orig. Houston now Upson Co., on Swift Creek. Wit. Jacob Blackmelder, D.R. Glanton. (FHL film 282,804)
      D-184: 3 Oct. 1837, William B. Scrimshire of Stewart Co. to James Duncan, $550, lot 126 in 16th Dist. orig. Houston now Upson, 202-1/2 acres. Wit. Joseph Sturgis, Alfred Iverson. (FHL film 282,804)
      F-363: 18 Aug 1845, James Duncan to Nathaniel F. Walker, both Upson Co., mortgage negroes. Wit. Geo. Moore, J.M. Barron. (FHL film 282,805)
      F-391: 18 Aug. 1845, Hesekiah Trotter to James Duncan, lot #48 for $1000, Dist. 16. Wit. Geo. Moore, J.M. Barron. (FHL film 282,805)
      F-505: 14 Dec. 1846, Henry (X) Deloach to James Duncan, both Upson Co. GA, $150, lot 33 in 15 Dist. originally Monroe now Upson Co., 34-1/2 acres in NE corner of said lot on Potatoe. Wit. J.R. Shockley, Samuel Caraway. Rec. on oath of J.R. Shockley 1/22/1847. (FHL film 282,805)
      No other Duncan deeds indexed.


GA Military Commissions in the State Militia, 1798-1860, by the GA Executive Department
      MAD: by year, includes index, frequently two items on a page; these are apparently orders that these men be commissioned a certain rank in a particular company. The early ones gave a county, the later ones only a militia district. I have added localities from 1830 census index.
      1827-1829 (FHL film 159,006 item 1)
      Pg.292: 26 Jan. 1828, Jesse Duncan, Gent., Ensign of Upson Volunteer Infantry attached to 57th Regiment Militia.
      Pg.753: 23 Jan. 1829, Jesse Duncan, 1st Lieutenant of Upson Volunteer Infantry attached to 57th Regiment Militia.
      MAD: Jesse Duncan supposed to be Clerk of Court of Ordinary in 1830-1832 (from pg.38, "The Early History of Upson Co. GA" by Carolyn Walker Nottingham & Evelyn Hannah, 1982, FHL book 975.8486 H2n, from Evelyn Sigler 2/1986)


Carroll Co. GA Deed (FHL film 341,944, transcribed book)
      B-260: Upson Co., 5 Aug. 1830, David Parker to William Yonge and Michael Kelly, all of Upson Co. GA, $50, lot #171 in 12th Dist. Carroll Co., 202-1/2 acres; wit. J.B. Bateman J.I.C., Jesse Duncan; rec. 7 Feb. 1833.

Jones Co. GA Deed (FHC film 470,018)
      O-402: Jones Co. GA, 19 Nov. 1830, George Duncan of afsd to James Duncan of Upson Co. GA, $800, tract of 200 acres in 6th Dist. formerly Baldwin now Jones Co., lots #207 and #202, adj. lots #216, #206, [being] 150 acres part of #202, and 50 acres part of #207; wit. Edmund Duncan, Daniel Duncan JP.

Edgefield Co. SC Probate Packets (FHL film 162,243)
      Box 11, pack 384: Jonathan Glanton, will, L.G. Dawson exor, filed Feb. 14, 1829.
            Will of Jonathan Glanton of Edgefield Dist. SC, in good health; to my wife Elizabeth Glanton all my estate during her life or widowhood under the condition that each of my children shall be decently raised and properly educated, and after they are grown or married, she to give each of them $200 in money or property if she can spare it. I also desire my wife Elizabeth to lend one negro to each child as they marry or come of age in like manner as I have done to Lemuel G. Dawson and Thomas A. Stron. At the division of my estate all negroes and their increase thus loaned to be returned and added to the rest of my estate and be subject to the same division as the rest of my property, except the bequests of $200 each., which will make the legacees equal to what I have already given to my sons in law Lemuel G. Dawson and Thomas A. Stron. After the death of my wife or when my youngest child becomes of age or marries, then an equal division of all my estate be made among my children, excepting the wife of Thomas A. Strom? and that moiety to go to his wife and children yearly for their support at the discretion of my executors, but if Thomas A. Strom dies then his widow to have an equivalent to my other children to be enjoyed in her own right. Appoint Lemuel G. Dawson, John H. Glanton and Dempsey R?. Glanton execs. (no day and month) 1823. Wit. Thomas W. Morton, Edward Settle, J.M. Lyon. Proved 21 Nov. 1825, Lemuel G. Dawson qualified as exec. March 7, 1828, Denny R. Glanton was this day duly qualified as an exor to the within. Recorded Book B? page 289 and 290.
            Accounts of the estate, with Dewcy? Glanton Exr., payment Oct. 7, 1831, to James Duncan, $197.50; ditto, to James Duncan, $627.50; total $825.00; due the Exr. from No. 2, $174.76-1/2, total $999.76-3/4. Dec. 26, 1829, pd. Thos. A. Stison, $23.44. Account, 1831, paid James Duncan $489.00; paid Nancy S. Slyrom? $18.00; paid Martha C. Glanton by way of expenses in removing her self and property to the State of GA, say 160 miles. ... Account, paid 1832, Feb. 19, Nancy S. Styrods order $25.50; Nov. 11, 1833, paid F.H. Wardlaw ($15., paid ..., filed on oath of Demcy R. Glanton Exor, 18 Nov. 1833.
            Accounts estate of Jonathan Glanton Decd, with L.G. Dawson Exec, Feb. 1829, for removing two children Jonathan and Wm. Glanton from Edgefield Dist. to Upson Co. GA, 160 miles, incl. traveling expenses; cash paid Wm. Milton for his dressing of Susan Bennete, boarding of Jonathan and Wm. Glanton eleven months; Oct. 1829, removing Susan and Sarah Glanton from Edgefield Dist. to Upson Co. GA, 160 miles; five months board of Sarah Glanton. March 1830, Twelve days service of self on horse? and other expenses, incl. cash paid James Shiphere for sundry articles for Susan Glanton, cash paid Dr. R. Washington for medical service, cash paid Nancy S. Slyron. Statement 15 March 1830.
            Accounts, April 9, 1835, paid D.R. Glanton in full for the distributive shares of Sarah Glanton, a minor, $383.00 Paid James Duncan in part of his share of said estate, $68.29. Nov. 20, 1831, paid James Duncan in full, $440.00. Statement 8 June 1842.
            Accounts, Dec. 30, 1828, paid Stephen White; Jan. 10, 1829, paid Joseph Smith; March 4, paid Thomas Styron, March 2, paid John Bolger's account, ... paid other accounts; statement 23 Dec. 1829.


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