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Formed 1827 from Crawford, Harris, Marion, Macon, Muscogee
Crawford formed 1822 from Houston, Marion, Talbot, Macon
Taylor formed 1852 from Marion, Talbot


1830 Talbot Co. GA Census
Pg.323  John Duncan        1000,1       - 1000,01
           (one name between)
        Robert Duncan      0002,4001    - 0100,001
          (MAD: 1820 Wilkinson Co. GA census)

1840 Talbot Co. GA Census
Pg.199  Robert Duncan      0000,1100,1  - 1001,101

1850 Talbot Co. GA Census
Pg.250, #380, Robert DUNCAN 74 SC farmer $2100
                  Elizabeth 66 Ireland
                  Sarah 35 NC
                  James 6, Caroline 4, Robert 2 GA
                  (MAD: Sarah widow of ? William; 1860 Chattahoochee Co. GA census; ?? Robert Ray Duncan b. Marion Co. GA 3/25/1848 bur. Brazos Co. TX)
Pg.250, #381, David RUSSELL 29 GA farmer $1000
                  Eliza 27 GA
                  John 7, Malisa 6, Robert 4 GA
                  Emalie (f) 3, Elizabeth 1 GA
                  (MAD: Eliza Duncan mar. David R. Russell 2/20/1842; Eliza M. Duncan, dau. of Robert Duncan)
Pg.256, #472, Frances DUNCAN (m) 39 SC farmer $2000
                  Elizabeth 30 GA
                  Francis (f) 12, Louilla (f) 1 GA
                  David FELTS 22 GA (no occupation given)
                  (MAD: Louilla's age of "1" plainly written; Franklin Duncan decd. by 1857)

1860 Talbot Co. GA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1870 Talbot Co. GA Census
Wilkinson Dist.
Pg.39, #267-266, LUCAS, Frances (f) 22 GA BLACK works on farm $0-$0
                  DUNCAN, Benja. (m) 34 NC BLACK works on farm
                  Catharine 63 GA BLACK keeps house
                  BROOKS, Joshua 45 GA BLACK works on farm
                  Mary 32 VA BLACK works on farm
                  Detty (f) 70 VA BLACK works on farm
                  JENKINS, William 46 GA (white) farmer $1600-$800
                  Nancy 34 GA keeps house
                  Thomas 17 GA works on farm
Geneva Dist.
Pg.104, #16-16, JOHNSON, William 34 GA (white) wheelwright $400-$130
                  Arrena (f) 23 GA keeping house
                  William 11 GA attends school
                  Mary 9, Caroline 5, Elizabeth 3 GA
                  DUNCAN, Wesley 15 GA BLACK works on farm
Pg.104, #19-19, DUNCAN, Amos 27 GA BLACK works on farm $0-$0
                  Frances (f) 34 GA BLACK keeping house
                  Dina (f) 60 GA BLACK works on farm
                  Hariet (f) 17, Mary 15 GA BLACK works on farm
                  Mariah (f) 13, Monroe (m) 11 GA BLACK works on farm
                  Alexander 9, Anna 7 GA BLACK
                  Thomas 3, James 1 GA BLACK
                  Peter 21 GA BLACK works on farm


Talbot Co. GA Marriage Books (FHL film 249,366)
      Book A, 1828-1844:
      Pg. 69: Franklin Duncan and Jane Ratchford, m. 19 Jan. 1837 by J.F. Montgomery M.G.
      Book B, 1844-1852 - no index
      B-453: Miles W. Beach and Elizabeth A. Duncan, Aug. 19, 1851, Hopson Miller JP (from another source; not identified on 1860 census)


Talbot Co. GA Wills (FHL film 249,371)
      Book A, 1828-1856 - no Duncan
      A-143/8 (pg.142 missing): Item 4, I do hereby appoint David J. Bailey my son trustee for my daughter Mary Ann Duncan who is to receive her proportionate part of my estate and use it for her benefit during her natural life and at her death to the heirs of her body if she has any if not it is to revert to the heirs of my estate and if she should have heirs who are in minority, the property which they draw from their mother by the provision of this will is to return to my heirs. All my estate to be equally divided amongst my heirs David J. Bailey, trustee for my daughter Mary Ann Duncan, Mariah Frances Darden, Henry J. Bailey, Charles Bailey, Thomas Bailey, Richard Bailey, Steven Bailey, David J. Bailey, William Bailey, & David J. Bailey & Robert H. Dixon Trustees for my son Robert Bailey, provided each one of the legatees to my estate, my son Robert Bailey excepted also Thomas Bailey & William Bailey, so far as relates to any money which they may have received from me previous to 19 April 1839 shall come forward and report the amount in money and quantity of negroes they have received from me, and valued at their worth on 19 April 1839. If my heirs fail to comply with this provision, they are to be deprived of any interest in my estate, $5 excepted, the amount they having heretofore received being apportioned to them as their entire legacy of my Estate. I have some notes against my son Henry J. Bailey which he is to receive as his portion as far as they go, their being out of date notwithstanding, otherwise he is to be excluded from any interest in my estate except $5. After the intermarriage of Bedford H. Darden with my daughter Mariah Frances, I gave him a negro girl by the name of Minerva who died shortly afterward - I do not wish Bedford to report to my estate said negro. My son Richard Bailey has in his possession a negro man named Peter and woman Pat which I consider my property. The said Richard also commenced an action against me in the Superior Court of Upson Co. GA and the said Richard also sold a crop of cotton for me for which he received $1000. I am security for my son Richard to Peter F. Mahone for between $1200-1500 which sum I expect to have to pay now in the event the said Richard shall report the said negroes Peter and Pat on his schedule as the property of my estate, and shall abandon his claim to and release me from all obligation to pay the amount for which he sued me in said Superior Court, and report on his inventory the said $1000 for my crop of cotton, then he is entitled to his distributive share of my estate otherwise to be cut off with $5, provided the amount I am security for to Peter F. Mahone be deducted from his distributive share. If I should die when there is no crop on the ground, my land to be sold immediately without an order of the court, also my stock, tools, furniture, etc. Another note on Richard Bailey mentioned signed Bailey and Harvey due 25 Dec 1823 for $1400-1500 and also negro man Dick shall be accounted for the estate. Note of Henry J. Bailey also mentioned. Exors: David J. Bailey & Robert H. Dixon. Dated 12 Jan. 1843; signed: Henry Bailey; wit. Robt. H. Dixon, William Holt J.I.C. Proved by the witnesses 2 March 1843, before William B. Marshall J.I.C. & T.W. Bledsoe JIC. We the undersigned the children and heirs of Henry Bailey decd do agree that David J. Bailey may proceed to the sale of the property of the decd as he may deem proper, that he enter into the execution of the will and continue as long as he thinks proper; /s/ Charles Bailey, Steven Bailey, H.J. Bailey, W.W. Bailey, Robt. Bailey, B.H. Darden, Mary A. Duncan, Thos. Bailey; rec. 28 March 1844. (from pg.287-8 "Some GA County Records" Vol.5, by Lucas; FHL book 975.8 N2L; from Evelyn Sigler 1984) (MAD: the author indicates the will of Henry Bailey starts on page 142 which is missing from the microfilm)
      A-280/283: Robert Gamble of Talbot Co., of advanced age, 29 Oct. 1850; to my wife Agnes forever my stock, household and kitchen furniture, and negroes Hary a man, Susey a girl, Mark a boy, Becky a woman and Sampson a boy; to my wife Agnes for life my lands, lot #233 and so much of lot #200 as I own, all of 22nd Dist., Talbot Co.; at my wife's death the land to my son Robert M. Gamble; also to my son Robert M. Gamble my blacksmith tools and negro boy Alexander and my eight day clock; to my son James G. Gamble my negro man George; to my son Adam A. Gamble my negro man Grig; to my son John W. Gamble my negro man Charles; to my dau. Sarah Owen my negro woman Ann and her boy Wesley also her infant; to my dau. Elizabeth Hamett Cooke my negro woman Eva; Henry my cripple slave should go with his mother in possession of my wife, and at her death to go with his mother; to my wife Agnes my road waggon and barouche for her life; all the negroes I have bequeathed to be left in my wife's possession for life if she wishes to keep them; exec. son Robert M. Gamble; wit. Robert Duncan, John R. Russell, John M. Bruce; proved 5 May 1851 by Russell & Bruce, and Robert M. Gamble qualified as exec; rec. 13 May 1851. (also from pg.29-30, "GA Genealogy Magazine" Vol.83, 1982; FHL book 975.8 B2gg; from Lucille Mehrkam)
      Book B, 1856-1928:
      B-32/34: Robert Duncan, dated 7 May 1857: being of advanced age; wife Elizabeth all that tract of land on which I now live, 217 acres, free from all charge or limitation with full power to dispose of same at any time before or at her death as she may think proper; to my wife in the same unlimited manner all my stock, household and kitchen furniture and all farming utensils; to my wife Elizabeth for and during her natural life my negro man Dolphin and my negroe woman Harriet granting the priviledge of choosing their master or masters, the proceeds of said negroes to be equally divided between my daughter Eliza Mary and my two granddaughters Mary Francis and Luitta (sic) Duncan; to my wife Elizabeth without any reserve or limitation ... my negro woman Dinah and her son Peter about 8 years old and all my cash and notes on hand; to my granddaughter Mary Francis Duncan and her children free from disposition of her husband my negro girl Josephine about 5 years old and $300 in cash; appoint my son John S. Duncan trustee of the property thus given said Mary Francis Duncan; to my granddaughter Luella Duncan youngest surviving child of Franklin Duncan and her children free from the disposition of her husband my negroe girl Jane about 3 years old and $300 in cash; I appoint my son John S. Duncan trustee of the property thus given said Luela (sic) Duncan; to my daughters Eliza Mary wife of David R. Russill and her children free from the disposition of her present or any future husband my negro man Henry about 24 years old and appoint my son George M. Duncan trustee for the property herein bequeathed to my said daughter Eliza Mary; my tract of land near Vally Grove Church consisting of 80 acres be sold also the following negros ..., the proceeds to be equally divided among my two sons viz John S. Duncan George M. Duncan and the children of James E. Duncan and the children of William Duncan and the children of William Duncan (sic) I appoint trustee for the property given the children of William Duncan; to my wife Elizabeth two mules and one horse one buggy ... and as much of my other stock as she may choose also the present crop or as much of that as she may choose. Appoint John S. and George M. Duncan executors. Wit. John R. Russell, Alexander Buchanan, John M. Bruce, Evaline Buchannon (sic); recorded 6 July 1857.
      (MAD: See George M. Duncan b.1805 SC in 1850 Dooly Co. GA census; John Duncan b.1803 SC in 1850 Muscogee census; James E. Duncan b.1801 SC in 1850 Houston Co. GA census; Robert Duncan possibly from York Co. SC 1810?)
      (MAD: Robert Duncan d.1857 given as Robert E. Duncan, son of Robert Duncan, Regimental Paymaster 4th NC 1777-1778, and Catherine McCloud; Robert E. Duncan mar. Elizabeth Gervias, had son James E. Duncan mar. Katherine Welch; from DAR #173025 of Stella Cater b.ca 1869 Perry Co. GA; sources include Cemetery and Family Bible.)

Talbot Co. GA Administrators and Guardians
      Schedule of admin. & guardians 1828-1853 - no Duncan (FHL film 249,421)
      Guardian Bonds, v.B, 1847-1857 - no Duncan (FHL film 249,394)
      Guardian Bonds, v.B, 1857-1895 (FHL film 249,395)
            B-47: Bond of John S. Duncan and James C. Leonard for $7,000 for John S. Duncan to administer the estate of Elizabeth Duncan, 1 Nov. 1858.
            B-119: Bond of James R. Duncan, E.C. Ratchford and Robert Gamble for $6,000 for James R. Duncan to administer the estate of Elizabeth Duncan, 2 July 1861.
      Guardian Bonds, 1830-1865 - no Duncan (FHL film 249,396)

Talbot Co. GA Annual Returns
      Vol.A, 1828-1841 - C-D index page not filmed (FHL film 249,385)
      Vol.B, 1840-1848 - no Duncan
      Vol.C, 1848-1853 (FHL film 249,386)
      C-717: Account for Franklin Duncan, 1853-1854, not copied
      Vol.D, 1853-1859 (FHL film 249,387)
      Indexed: Franklin Duncan, pg.23, 178, 268, 396, 526, 582; Robert Duncan, pg.538; Elisabeth Duncan pg.89 (see book E)
      D-23: Estate of Franklin Duncan, March 1853 to Jan. 1, 1854.
      D-178: Franklin Duncan decd, annual return for 1855 by admin. John S. Duncan; incl. Miss M.F. Duncan, orphan of said estate; orphan Francis Duncan, tuition and board in City of Griffin 1854 paid to Robert Duncan.
      D-268: Franklin Duncan decd, accounting for 1855, rec. Aug. 1856.
      D-396: Franklin Duncan decd, accounting includes: paid G.M. Duncan, note 12/25/1855; R. Duncan for gravestone, 1/1857; filed Aug. 1857.
      D-526: Franklin Duncan decd, accounts of Mary F. Duncan, Francis Duncan, Ellen Duncan; filed July 1858.
      D-538: Estate of Robert Duncan decd, John S. Duncan exor, return filed July 2, 1857.
      D-582: Estate of Franklin Duncan, vouchers for Luella's board, M.F.'s board; filed May 1859.
      Vol.E, 1859-1867 (FHL film 249,388)
      Indexed: Elisabeth Duncan, pg.89, 144; Robert Duncan, pg.94, 140, 258
      E-89: Estate of Elisabeth Duncan, admin. John S. Duncan, account to June 29, 1859; payments include J.R. Duncan, Sarah E. Duncan $120.00 and $18.10, and others; filed June 29, 1859.
            (MAD: Robert Duncan Sr. age 80 b.SC d. 6/26/1857; Elizabeth Duncan age 75, wife of late Robert Duncan, d. 8/17/1858; Franklin Duncan age 42 d. at res. of his father 10/7/1852; and Elizabeth P. Duncan age 32 wife of Franklin Duncan d. 8/16/1851; from "Burials and Deaths Reported in the Columbus [Muskogee Co. GA] Enquirer, 1832-1872" by Buster W. Wright, 1984, FHL book 975.8473 V4w and fiche 6,093,380; from Bill Brown 1/1985)

Talbot Co. GA Court of Ordinary, Vouchers
      Vol.A, 1850-1854 (FHL film 249,398)
      A-54 to 59: Voucher with return of John S. Duncan, admin. of Franklin Duncan decd, 11/1/1852 to 3/18/1853; incl. cash paid by Robert Duncan for tax of estate; payment for coffin Oct. 8, 1852; tuition of Francis Duncan 90 days; numerous debts paid.
      A-464 to 467: John S. Duncan, admin. of Franklin Duncan, return of 1854; incl. articles bought for use of Mary F. Duncan, Nov. 1853, other debts paid.
      Vol.B, 1833-1855 - no Duncan (FHL film 249,398)
      Vol.E, 1856-1859 (FHL film 249,401)
      E-301 to 308: Estate of Robert Duncan, return by John S. Duncan, vouchers for 1857.
      E-311: Estate of Franklin Duncan for 1857; John S. Duncan, guardian of Mary F. Duncan; guardian for Miss Mary Frances Duncan; Miss Ella Duncan, account 1856; Miss Ellen Duncan, account 1856.
      E-553+: John Duncan, guardian for Francis Duncan, 1856 ... Miss Francis Duncan; recd. by Wm. M. Fudge, guardian, $784.92, the distributive share of Luella A. Duncan, dau. of said F. Duncan, Feb. 4, 1859; account with Mary F. Duncan, 22 Feb. 1859.
            1860 Dooly Co. GA Census, Pg.428, #103-102 W.M. Fudge 33 GA farmer $0-$6955, Parmelia 28 GA, C. ?. (m) 3 GA
            1860 Marion Co. GA Census, Cut Off Dist., Pg.285, #350-350 William Fudge 29 GA farmer $0-$165, Mary L. 30 GA, Ella M. 1 GA
      Vol.F, 1858-1860 (FHL film 249,402)
      Indexed: E. Duncan, pg.127, 413; Robert Duncan, pg.133, 413
      F-127: John S. Duncan, admin. of E. Duncan in 1858; accounting incl. work done by J.R. Duncan; incl. Sarah Duncan for labor of her son William in 1857 as awarded by James McDowell, Robert Gambril and W.H. McCrory, $120.00; incl. Sarah Duncan $18.10 for making clothing.


GA Land Lotteries; Talbot Co. GA
      Name, lottery year, militia district & county of residence, draw
      Duncan, George M., 1832, of Kellums Militia Dist., Talbot Co., drew gold lot #27 in Dist.12, Sec.1, Cherokee Purchase (MAD: later Lumpkin Co.)

Talbot Co. GA Deeds (Master index starts 1888-1902 on FHL film 249,423)
      Book A, 1828-1830 - no Duncan (FHL film 249,424)
      Book B2, 1833-1844 - partial index, no Duncan (FHL film 249,438)
      Book B, 1830-1833 (FHL film 249,425)
      B-37: 4 Nov. 1829, Jared Denard of Twiggs Co. GA to John Duncan of Harris Co., $500, 202-1/2 acres in 24th Dist. of Talbot Co., Lot #45, drawn by Isham Dinkins and granted 12 June 1827. Wit. Henry Duncan, J.T. Cushing JP of Baldwin Co. (FHL film 249,425)
      B-38: 10 Nov. 1829, John Duncan of Harris Co. to James Mosley of Talbot Co., $400, land in B-37. Wit. John Gay, Jno. Sims; rec. on oath of John Sims 6 July 1830. (FHL film 249,425)
      B-94: 6/9? Aug. 1829, John H. Ware of Baldwin Co. GA to Robt. Duncan of Talbot Co., $500, lot 233 in 22nd Dist. of formerly Muscogee now Talbot Co. Wit. R.H. Smith, Chusly Williamson. (FHL film 249,425)
      B-96: 25 Oct. 1827, John Fuller of Baldwin Co. to Robert Duncan of Wilkinson Co., $300, Lot 235 in 22nd Dist. of Muscogee Co., grant to said Fuller. Wit. H.B. Fountain, Saml. Flint. Rec. on oath of Henry B. Fountain. (FHL film 249,425)
      B-178: 31 Oct. 1828, Robert Duncan of Talbot Co. to John Stinson of Baldwin Co., $450, lot 114 in 22nd Dist., 202-1/2 acres. Wit. Wm. C. Crenshaw, B.F. Stubbs JP. (FHL film 249,425)
      B-223: 25 June? 1831, Robert Duncan of Talbot Co. to Robert Gamble of same, $1000, lot 233 in 22nd Dist. of Muscogee now Talbot Co., land drawn by John M. Carter in late land lottery in Muscogee, sold to John H. Ware, sold to Robert Duncan. Wit. William Duncan, P. Easter. Rec. on oath of Peter Easter 8 Oct. 1831. (FHL film 249,425)
      B-362: 7 Feb. 1832, Henry R.D. Tredwell to Robert Duncan, both Talbot Co., (blank) dollars, 22-1/2 acres taken off lot 234 in 22nd Dist. drawn by Tredwell. Wit. James McDowell, John W. Gamble. (FHL film 249,425)
      Book C, 1833-1836 (FHL film 249,426; Cross-index page for "D" names not filmed)
      C-189: 23 Sept. 1833, Robert Duncan to John R. Russell, $45, lot 238? in 22nd dist., that part in NE corner, 6-1/2 acres. Wit. S.A/H. Davis, William Towns JPC. (FHL film 249,426)
      C-644: 16 Dec. 1828, John Duncan of Baldwin Co. to Norton B. Powell of Jasper Co., $300, 202-1/2 acres in 22nd Dist. then Muscogee, lot 10 drawn by Luke Mewborn. Wit. John Baldwin, James Both?. (FHL film 249,426)
      C-645: 16 Dec. 1828, George D. King of Baldwin Co. to John Duncan of Baldwin Co., $300, lot 10 above. Wit. John C. Kinady?, Chas. J. Paine?. Rec. 5 March 1836. (FHL film 249,426)
      Book D, 1836-1837 - no Duncan (FHL film 249,426)
      Book E, 1837-1839 - no Duncan (FHL film 249,427)
      Book F, 1839-1841 - no index (FHL film 249,427)
      Book G, 1841-1842 - no Duncan (FHL film 249,428)
      Book H, 1843-1850 (FHL film 249,428)
      H-163: 12 July 1844, William Ratchford to Joseph Ratchford; that said William Ratchford being the father of said Joseph Ratchford, by reason of age & infirmities, is not capable of attending to his estate & affairs as formerly, and has agreed for the advancement of said Joseph Ratchford to make over his property to said Joseph so that Joseph should afford William Ratchford and wife Martha a maintainance and pay the sum of $400 to Mary Frances Duncan the granddaughter of said William Ratchford as is hereinafter mentioned, ... (lot of land, negroes) support William and wife for their natural lives and pay Mary Frances Duncan granddaughter $400 when she arrives at the age of ten years. Wit. John Bonner, John M. Price, George Buchanon JP. (FHL film 249,428) (MAD: see also Ratchford in Upson Co. GA)
      H-483: Recd. of Joseph Ratchford the sum of $400; gift by William Ratchford in his lifetime to Mary Frances Duncan in a deed made and executed by said William Ratchford to said Joseph Ratchford on 12 July 1844, recorded 10 Jan. 1845. Signed Franklin Duncan, as guardian for Mary Frances Duncan. Nov. 6, 1848. Wit. Wm. H. Forbes, Alex. Buchanon. (FHL film 249,428)
      Book J, 1850-1856 (FHL film 249,429)
      J-134: 22 July 1845, George W. Duncan of Dooly Co. GA to Joseph W. Wilson of Talbot Co., $700, including promissory notes, one undivided half of lot 239 in 22nd Dist. was Muscogee now Talbot Co. Wit. Levi B. Smith, M.A. Harvey. (FHL film 249,429)
      Book K, 1856-1869 (FHL film 249,430)
      K-8: 21 May 1856, Robert Duncan of Talbot Co. to David R. Russell, trustee; for love of his dau. Eliza M. Russell, wife of said David R. Russell; to David in trust for Eliza and her children which she may have by her said husband David, 100 acres, the north half of lot (blank) adj. lands of Uriah P. Crawford north and said Robert Duncan west and 26 acres of another lot adj. first, adj. Uriah P. Crawford, J.R. Russell, David R. Russell; land not be divided until all children 21 years of age or married; if no children or if no children age 21, then land to go to David R. Russell. Wit. Lewis (X) Wadkins, George Buchanon. (FHL film 249,430)
      K-9: 21 May 1856, David R. Russell to Robert Duncan, both Talbot Co., $1000, 100 acres, north half of #269, 22nd Dist., adj. Uriah P. Crawford & Robert Duncan, and 25 acres of lot #270 (above land). Wit. Lewis (X) Wadkins, George Buchanon. (FHL film 249,430)
      K-10: 21 May 1856, John R. Russell to David R. Russell (above land) (FHL film 249,430)
      K-26: 15? July 1856?, Robert Duncan of Talbot Co. to George M. Duncan of Dooly Co. GA in trust for Eliza M. Russell, wife of David R. Russell and daughter of said Robert Duncan, negro slaves; for benefit of Eliza and her children. /s/ Robert Duncan, George M. Duncan, David R. Russel, Elisa M. Russel. Wit. George Buchanon, Robert Connell. Second indenture declared part & parcel of the foregoing; negroes to remain in possession and control of the family of said David R. Russel for comfort and convenience of his said family, and services of said negroes are to be rendered in and for said family. Wit. Levi B. Smith and Wm. Bacon for David R. Russel, George M. Duncan and Robert Duncan; wit. George Buchanon and Robert Connell for Eliza M. Russel. (FHL film 249,430)
      K-69: 28 Jan. 1857, Robert Duncan to John D. Owen, $65, 6-1/2 acres part of #268, adj. lands of Thos. Smith, J.D. Owens, said Duncan, Primitive Valley Grove Church and Grave Yard. Wit. D.R. Russel, Edmund (X) Findly. Rec. on oath of David R. Russell 6 Feb. 1857. (FHL film 249,430)
      K-104: 2 Jan. 1858, John S. Duncan, exec. of Robert Duncan, by authority of last will, sell land at public auction, John D. Owen highest bidder, $595; east half #268, 55 acres in 22 Dist. joining said Owen and David Russell and Thomas Smith. Wit. R.M. Gamble, D.R. Russel, Wm. D. Bransford. (FHL film 249,430)
      K-104: 26 Feb. 1857, Robert Duncan of Talbot Co. to Eli Goolsby of same, $20, one acre in northwest corner of East half Lot No. (blank) 22nd dist. adj. grave yard of Valley Grove Church, on the Greenville Road and Double Bridges road. Wit. Edmund (x) Findly, David R. Russel. (FHL film 249,430)
      K-193: 5 April 1859, John S. Duncan of Chattahouchee GA, admin. of estate of Elisabeth Duncan, late of Talbot Co. GA, decd, to David R. Russell of same; by an order of Court of Ordinary on 1st Monday of Feb. last to said John Duncan to sell land belonging to estate of said decd, lot #35 in 22nd dist. originally Muscogee now Talbot Co., and part of lot #34 containing 217 acres; sold 1st Tues. April 1859 to John R. Russell for $1200. Wit. R.M. Gamble, G?.E.N. Forbes. (FHL film 249,430)
      K-194: 5 April 1859, John R. Russell to James McDowell, $650, Lot #35 and 22-1/2 acres purchased this day by said Russell of John S. Duncan, adm. of Elizabeth Duncan decd. Wit. R.M. Gamble, G?.E.N. Forbes clerk. (FHL film 249,430)


Woodland Cemetery, Talbot Co. GA, readings by Larry Thomas Duncan of Albany, GA (from Larry T. Duncan 1997)
      Elizabeth P. Duncan, consort of Franklin Duncan, Nov. 18, 1819 - Aug. 16, 1851
      Thomas W. Duncan, M.D., Dec. 20, 1812 - July 5, 1844
      Robert Duncan Sr., Nov. 24, 1776 - June 25, 1857
      Elizabeth, wife of Robert Duncan, Nov. 17, 1783 - Aug. 17, 1858
      Jane Duncan, consort of Franklin Duncan, (blank) July, 1810 - Sept. 18, 1844
      (MAD: no stone for Franklin Duncan)


Bibb Co. GA Deeds (FHL film 382,003)
      C-298: Talbot Co. GA; 2 Dec. 1830, Robert Duncan of said county to John Horn in Monroe Co. GA, $100, 202-1/2 acrs in Houston Co., 4th Dist. when surveyed, now Bibb Co., lot #37; wit. Eliot Wright, Jonathan Matthews.
      C-365: Wilkinson Co. GA; 8 March 1828, James Gibson of Wilkinson Co. GA to Robert Duncan of Talbot Co. GA, $200, 405 acres in Houston Co. when surveyed now Bibb Co., Lot #37 in 4th Dist. and #241 in 3rd Dist.; wit. G.M. Duncan, Joel Rivers.

Chattahoochee Co. GA Court of Ordinary, court minutes; Vol.A, 1854-1863 (FHL film 423,383)
      A-29: Feb. 1857, Mary F. Duncan, dau. of Franklin Duncan, late of Talbot Co., decd, being of lawful age, choose John S. Duncan her gdn.

Carroll Co. GA Deed (FHL film 341,944, transcribed book)
      B-116: Crawford Co., 1 Sept. 1827, Thomas Cato of Crawford Co. to Thomas Carroll of Fayette Co., $218, lot #134 in 11th Dist. Carroll Co. granted to Thomas Cato; wit. G.M. Duncan, John C. Hamilton. Talbot Co., 2 May 1831, oath of witness George M. Duncan, bef. Wright Sherrod JP; rec. 15 Nov. 1831.


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