Thomas and Jane (Mullinix) Beaty

Thomas and Jane (Mullinix) Beaty

Thomas Beaty was born in the Lick Creek Valley region of KY in 1801. He was the son of Revolutionary War soldier Andrew and Elizabeth (Cooper). His father was born in PA in 1760. Thomas's known brothers and sisters were: William, Alexander, Andrew, and Agnes, b. 1804.

Jane was born in 1802 in KY. She was the daughter of Nathaniel Mullinix and Sally Mayberry. Nathaniel was from NC.

Thomas and Jane were married February 4, 1821 and were the parents of eleven children: Elizabeth (1822-1888), Nancy Agnes (1824-1899), John Andrew (1827 about 1868), Alexander Greene (1830-1836), Nathaniel Priam (1832-1862), Thomas Jefferson (1835-?), Nina Jane (1838-1855), Martha Ann (1840-1885), William Hagan (1843-about 1864), Matilda (1846-1918), and Hiram Cyrus (1849-1915).

Two of Thomas and Jane's children married Kings. Elizabeth married James King and Nancy married Robert King. Nina Jane married Hawk Reagan. Martha Ann married George Washington Hill. Matilda married Sampson Stephens, and Hiram married Catherine Beaty. There is no marriage record for the other children.

Nathaniel Priam and William Hagan both died during the Civil War. Nathaniel was killed during the Battle of Mill Springs, KY and William died as a prisoner of war at the Belie Island Prison Camp at Richmond, VA.

Many people knew Thomas as "Col. Tom". He was a highly respected man and the title "Col." apparently was an honorary one, having nothing to do with military rank. Thomas and Jane raised their family, as did their son Hiram and grandson Thomas, on the headwaters of Little Crab. Thomas died January 7, 1893. They are both buried in the Joel Beaty Cemetery at Riverton.

by Gerald DeHaven
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