Hiram Cyrus, Sr. Beaty

Hiram Cyrus, Sr. Beaty

Hiram Cyrus Beaty, Sr., my great-greatuncle, was born April 5, 1849, in Fentress County, Tennessee. He died there, November 9, 1915. He was the youngest son of Thomas Beaty and Jane (Mullinix) Beaty, and was a brother to my great-grandmother Nancy Agnes (Beaty) King. His paternal grandparents were Andrew Beaty and Elizabeth (Cooper) Beaty. His maternal grandparents were Nathaniel and Delilah Mullinix. He married Catherine Beaty, September 16, 1868. She was born March 8, 1845, in Fentress County, and died there, August 13, 1916. Her parents were David Beaty, Jr. and Jane (Smith) Beaty. Her paternal grandparents were David Beaty, Sr. and Sarah (Stephens) Beaty. Her maternal grandparents were Richard Smith and Elendor (Means) Smith.

It appears that Hiram's paternal grandfather, Andrew Beaty, born in 1758, and Catherine's paternal grandfather, David Beaty, Sr., born in 1783, may have been full brothers. For land records in Washington County, Virginia, show that a John Beaty, Sr. and wife Margaret (Montgomery) Beaty were living there in 1823. And that among their sons and daughters were sons named James Beaty, Alexander M. Beaty and John Beaty, Jr., all of them grown men at that time. And the name of Margaret's deceased father was Thomas Montgomery. However, no ages were listed. So, I am not certain whether or not they were the same family of that name which had lived in Pennsylvania earlier. If so, then Hiram and Catherine were second cousins. Also, some of their brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, grandsons and granddaughters married relatives.

The children of Hiram and Catherine Beaty were as follows: 1. Mary Jane, Apr. 25, 1869 - Apr. 19, 1889. 2. Matilda Clementine, Sept. 30, 1870- Sept. 24, 1957. 3. William Thomas, Oct. 22, 1872- Sept. 22, 1931. 4. Lodicey Elizabeth, Feb. 4, 1874 - Feb. 25, 1964. 5. David Carter, July 10, 1876 - Nov. 29, 1955. 6. Nancy Ann, Apr. 27, 1878-Apr. 23, 1960. 7. Martha Ellen, Feb. 25, 1880 - May 30, 1968. 8. Emeline, died at about 6 weeks of age. 9. John Andrew, Jan. 12, 1883 - Jan. 23, 1964. 10. Hiram Cyrus, Jr., Jan. 5, 1885 - May 2, 1925. And 11. Benton McMillan, Jan. 14, 1887- Mar. 18, 1968.

The marriages of the sons and daughters were as follows: Mary Jane Beaty married her first cousin, Andrew Johnson Beaty, Jan. 4, 1863 - Feb. 3, 1909. He was a son of John Andrew Beaty and Mahala (Allred) Beaty. Matilda Clementine Beaty married her third cousin, James Fleming Beaty, Aug. 6, 1857 June l9, 1932. He was a grandson of Fleming Beaty and Sarah (Cobb) Beaty. William Thomas Beaty married Mary (Ledbetter) King, born March 29, 1877; death date not known. Lodicey Elizabeth Beaty married Matthew A. Reynolds, May 6, 1875 - Mar. 14, 1946.He was a son of Thomas Reynolds and Susan (Johnson) Reynolds. David Carter Beaty married Isabelle Reynolds, Jan. 5, 1886 -still living in 1969, a sister to Matthew, on June 10, 1903. Nancy Ann Beaty married her third cousin, George Hopkins Reagan, May 18, 1873 - Feb. 3, 1957. He was a son of Joel Lindsey Reagan and Lucy Catherine (Beaty) Reagan. Martha Ellen Beaty married Stephen Virgil Peavyhouse, June 15, 1875 - Feb. 15, 1957. He was a son of George Washington Peavyhouse and Jane (Wright) Peavyhouse. Hiram Cyrus Beaty, Jr. married Margie Ann Blevins, who was born Nov. 27, 1887, and was still living in 1969. And Benton McMillan Beaty, the youngest son, married Cora Dellavine Reagan, Jan. 26, 1891- May 10, 1968. She was a daughter of John A. Reagan and Martha Jane (Robbins) Reagan.

Hiram and Catherine had 75 grandchildren, which were as follows: Mary Jane had 1 daughter; William Thomas had 6 daughters and 1 son -- 7 children; Lodicey Elizabeth had 4 daughters and 5 sons -- 9 children; David Carter had 9 daughters -- 9 children; Nancy Ann had 6 children; Martha Ellen 3 daughters and 8 sons -- 11 children; John Andrew had 3 daughters and 7 sons -- 10 children; Hiram, Jr. had 9 sons -- 9 children; and Benton McMillan had 13 children. Making a total of 75 grandchildren for Hiram, Sr. and Catherine Beaty. (Matilda Clementine had no children, and Emeline died as an infant). Hiram Cyrus Beaty, Sr. lived at Riverton, in Fentress County. He was a farmer. He was justice of peace a while. Also, he served as Sheriff of Fentress County, as his father had done. He and his wife, Catherine, are buried in the King Cemetery, at Riverton.

The burial places of their sons and daughters are as follows: Mary Jane Beaty, the oldest daughter, is buried in the old grownup Joel Beaty Cemetery, at Riverton. Her husband built a wood shelter house over her grave; but it has rotted and fallen down. Her paternal grandparents, Thomas and Jane (Mullinix) Beaty, her infant sister, Emiline Beaty, and some other relatives are also hurried there. Matilda Clementine Beaty is buried in the Ann Wood Cemetery, at Little Crab. William Thomas Beaty, the oldest son, is buried in the King Cemetery, at Riverton, along with his parents and several other relatives. Lodicey Elizabeth (Beaty) Reynolds is buried with her husband in the Matthew A. Reynolds Cemetery, which is named for him, at Little Crab. David Carter Beaty is buried in the Eli Hinds Cemetery, at Little Crab. It is located just a few yards above the Bailey Bowden Cemetery. Nancy Ann (Beaty) Reagan is buried with her husband, George Hopkins Reagan, in the Cookeville Cemetery, in Cookeville, Tennessee. I saw their grave so realize who they were. They are buried near the graves of my grandfather Wright's first cousin, John E. Wright, his wife, Virginia (Coe) Wright, their son, Aubrey G. Wright, and their daughter, Phoebe Dee Wright. Martha Ellen (Beaty) Peavyhouse is buried in the Story Cemetery, at Little Crab, along with some other relatives. John Andrew Beaty, who was a schoolteacher with a crippled leg and was called "Crippled John," is buried in the Fairview Cemetery, at Fairview. Hiram Cyrus Beaty, Jr., was murdered at Rock Creek, in Pickett County, (near Pickett State Park), while working in timber. But I don't know where he is buried. And Benton McMillan Beaty, the youngest son, is buried in Fentress Memorial Gardens, which is located near the eastern edge of Jamestown. Out Rugby Road, I think. I've not visited it yet.

I skipped, and failed to list the marriages of John Andrew Beaty. His first wife was Eliza Stephens. He had 4 children by her. His second wife was Fatima A. Hinds. He had 6 children by her. She was a daughter of Jodie Hinds and Elizabeth (Fite, or Fights ?) Hinds. She was born Sept. 29, 1889, and was still living in 1969. The date that Hiram Cyrus Beaty, Jr. married Margie Ann Blevins was August 7, (or 11) 1907.

It is said that, as a boy, Hiram Cyrus Beaty, Sr. knocked one of his young male relatives out of a tree, and that he died from the fall. I think that it was one of his oldest sister Elizabeth (Beaty) King's sons. I don't know whether it was intentional or not. He probably was just playing and pranking around. I think that they both were teenagers, about 15 years of age. Proctor F. Beaty, 20-year-old son of Benton McMillan Beaty, was killed overseas, during World War 2. November 17, 1944. He was a p.f.c.

by Roscoe Hollis Wright
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