Andrew and Elizabeth (Cooper) Beaty

Andrew and Elizabeth (Cooper) Beaty

Andrew Beaty, Revolutionary War soldier, was born in 1760 in PA. He was the son of John Beaty, Sr. and Margaret (Montgomery). His father was born in Ireland but was living in PA by 1750. His mother was the daughter of Thomas Montgomery, who was living in Washington Co., VA, later Sullivan Co., TN, at the time of his death. Andrew's brothers and sisters were: Thomas, b. about 1750; twins James and Phoebe, b. 1752 or 1753; William, b. 1760; Alexander, h. 1768; Pleasant; and Martin. His half-brothers from his father's second marriage were: John, Jr., b. 1780; David, Sr., b. 1783; and George, b. 1785.

Andrew married (1) Elizabeth (Cooper) and (2) -- (Biter). Elizabeth was the daughter of John Cooper and Martha (Steele). John was living in Sullivan Co., TN at the time of his death.

Five of Andrew's children were surviving him at the time of his death and signed the receipt for his final pension check. They were William; Alexander, b. 1798; Thomas, b. 1801; Andrew; and Agnes, b. 1804.

Thomas married Jane Mullinix. They were the parents of eleven children. Alexander married Polly Hull, and Agnes married Jonathan Hull. Polly and Jonathan Hull were brother and sister.

Andrew was living in Washington Co., VA during the Revolutionary War. He served three tours of duty of three months each in the Continental Line. During his third tour of duty he served under Capt. Maxwell and Col. Shelby and was in the Battle of King's Mountain. His pension application number is S2989.

In 1799 Andrew moved to the Lick Creek Valley, KY area where he was living in 1834 when he applied for his pension. His younger brother, Alexander, lived near him, just over the line in TN..

by Gerald DeHaven
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