John Andrew Beaty

John Andrew Beaty

John Andrew "Johnny" Beaty was born January 12, 1883. He was the son of Hiram Cyrus Beaty, born April 5, 1849, and Cathrine Beaty Beaty, born March 8, 1845, who were married September 16, 1868. John's brothers and sisters were: Mary Jane (4/25/1869) married Andrew Johnson Beaty; Matilda C. (10/30/1870) married James Fleming Beaty; William Thomas (10/22/1872) married Mary Ledbetter; Dice Elizabeth (2/4/1874) married Matthew Reynolds; David (7/10/1876) married Isobella Reynolds; Nancy Ann (4/27/1878) married George Hapkins Reagan; Martha Ellen (2/18/1880) married Virgil Peavyhouse; Emaline died at 6 weeks of age; Cyrus (1/5/1885) married Margie Blevins; Benton M. (1/14/1887) married Cora Reagan.

John married Eliza Stephens (7/4/1887) on September 15, 1907. She was the daughter of David and Ann Beaty Stephens. Her brothers and sisters are: Cathrine married John Green; Elizabeth married Billy Cravens; James married Mattie Bond; John married Maudie West.

John and Eliza's children are: James C. (7/11/1908) married Nova Upchurch; Lola I. married (1) Omer Norris, (2) Benton Whittenburg, (3) Fred Byrd; Harley B. (12-8-1914) married Fonza Poore; O.H. (Hasca) (10/27/1917) married Rema Storie.

On April 22, 1922 John married Fatina Alice Hinds (9/29/1889) the daughter of Joel Hinds and Elizabeth Fite Hinds. Joel was born in 1851 and Elizabeth was born in 1852. They were married in 1873. Fatina's brothers and sisters were: Betty Ellen (3/30/1875) married Bill Beaty; Samuel Peter (11/12/1876) married Fannie Sydner; Mary Ann (12/9/1878) married Sam South; James Marion (4/6/1881) married Sadie Petty; Nancy J. (7/26/1883) unmarried; Sarah Adeline (3/8/1887) unmarried; John M. (11/20/1890); and William Grady (10/20/1894) married Lelar Pennycuff.

John and Fatina's children are: Owensby Lex (1/3/1923-1924); Fonzie L. 6/21/1924) married Willard Storie; Chloa (4/27/19261927); Myrtle E. (10/8/1928) married Hewel Brown; Marine I. (3/20/1930) unmarried; Vannie M. (11/25/1931) married Wallace Upchurch.

John taught school for a few years, probably around 1904-1905. He and the children gathered the wood they used for heating the school. He furnished his own supplies for the school and received a very small salary. He also worked on the roads and farmed. He broke his foot when he was young and was left crippled. Most of his friends knew him as "Cripple John". He was born and lived in Fentress County until 1929. He then moved to Pickett County in the Cedar Grove Community where he lived until his death in 1964.

Fatina, who will be 97 years old this year, still lives in the Cedar Grove Community with her daughter Marine.

by Marine Beety
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