Andrew And Emaline Beaty

Andrew And Emaline Beaty

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Andrew Johnson Beaty was a native of Fentress Co. born in the Little Crab community on January 4, 1863. He was the son of John Andrew Beaty (8/18/1827-1869) and Mahala Allred Beaty (9/23/1824-1894) whose other children were; Thomas, William, James Robert, Greene, Peter Priam, George Wolford, Louis Cyrus, John Benton and Mahala Jane Beaty.

Andrew married Mary Jane Beaty (4/19/1869-4/10/1889),daughter of Hiram C. and Catherie Beaty on July 22, 1888. They had one daughter, May Evaline. After the death of Mary Jane, Andrew married Malissa Emaline Choate, born October 2, 1874 in Pickett Co. Tn. She was the daughter of Jacob Choate (born 4/28/1849) and Mary Ledbetter (2/7/1852-2/12/1919). Their other children were: Linda Smith, Martha Koger, Allen, Alice Reagan, Nancy King, Gertrude, Sarah, and a son who died kicked by a mule.

Andrew and Emaline were married December 9, 1891 and raised eight children: May Evaline (3/28/1889-10/3/1969) married Lonza Reagan; Samuel Hollins (7/31/1894-1/29/1975) married Fannie Jane Stout; McMillan (9/29/1896-2/10/1978) married Ollie Reagan then Alice McWhorter; Mary Euferzine (11/3/1898-3/22/1974) married George Dewey Reagan; Lewis Willard (12/7/1900-6/24/1978) married Arie Bow; Elva Avo (3/22/1903) married Porter Thomas Hinds; Nina Allie (11/15/1905) married Porter Conatser, Carlie Ethel (2/18/1908 - 1/9/1983) married Lonza Denton Hinds; and a daughter Serentha Jane who died in infancy.

Andrew was a descendent of the Beaty brothers who came to Fentress County in it's early beginning and settled in the Little Crab and Riverton sections of the county. He died February 3, 1909 and is buried in the P.P. King Cemetery in Beatytown. Emaline died on August 14, 1948 and is buried in the Story Cemetery in Helena, TN.

by Jewelene Hinds
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