Porter And Elva Hinds

Porter And Elva Hinds

Porter Hinds Family
Front: Porter, Elva Beaty Hinds, Zenith
Back: Truman, Lyman, Tyson

(photo taken early '40s) - courtesy of Ellie Philippen

Porter Thomas Hinds a a native of Fentress County, TN, born July 17, 1902 in the Little Crab community. He is the son of Eli Millard Hinds (July 6, 1865-March 7, 1952) and Mary Reynolds Hinds (Feb. 26, 1869Nov. 26, 1954) who were married May 22, 1886. Porter's brothers and sisters are; Susie Ellen, Dock Jerome, William Cordell, James Emmett, Ida Parsetta Beaty, Pansy Mae Chism, Alta Delavine Ledbetter and others who died as infants. He married Elva Avo Beaty, born March 22, 1903 at Riverton, TN. the daughter of Andrew Johnson Beaty and Malissa Emaline Choate Beaty. Andrew (Jan. 4, 1863-Feb. 3, 1909) and Emaline (Oct. 2, 1874-Aug. 14, 1348) were married Dec. 9, 1891. Their other children were; May Eveline Reagan (by his first wife Mary Jane), Samuel Hollins, McMillian, Mary Euferzine Reagan, Lewis Willard, Nina Allie Conatser, and Carlie Ethel Hinds.

Porter and Elva were married August 31,1924 at Jamestown, Tn. They are the parents of seven sons: Donal Glenn (9/9/1925- 12/22/1925), Porter Clyde (1/1/1927-10/21/1929); Lyman Houston, born October 15, 1928, Tyson Dee born February 23, 1931; Onie Truman born September 12, 1933, Zenith Norman born September 13, 1937 and Nylas Delmo (6/5/1939 7/30/1940).

Lyman married Bernice Huff, daughter of Dennis and Ins Huff, and had three children; Kendall Houston married Penny Craigo and have a son Mark, and daughter Sera; Marilyn Sue married Danny Marks and has a son Dustin; Randall Ray married Heidi Reynolds and has sons Joshua and Benjamin. Lyman later married Shirley Doers. They are divorced with no children.

Tyson married Pauline Mullinix, daughter of Jim and Ruby Mullinix. They have four children; Roger Dee married Beth Landes and has a daughter Amanda; Ramona Key married Waymon Morgen and has sons Rickie and Daniel; Nancy Call married Jerry Stone and has a daughter Kristina and son Jason, and Michael now 16 years old.

Truman married Jewelene Rains, daughter of Jim and Lucy York Rains, and they have one daughter Melirrsa Dawn, age 14.

Zenith married Bulah Cooper, daughter of Cledis and Ruth Cooper, and they have twins Joe and Karen, age 15.

Porter ran Hinds Grocery Store and the first motel in the Pine Haven community known as Greenwood Camp. In 1953 he built and operated the county's only drive-in theater, the Twi-Light Drive In Theater, near his home. After several years he sold the theater to Charles and Thehma Key. He later ran a grocery store-service station 6rith his son Zenith at the same family location in Pine Haven. He also built and sold houses as a sideline to his other interest.

Elva enjoys piecing quilts, flower and vegetable gardening and going to church at the Pine Haven Nazarene Church.

They have lived at the same location for over 50 yers, now in a new house built after the original one burned in 1983.

by Jewelene Rains Hinds
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