George Wolford and Mary Catherine (Owens) Beaty

George Wolford and Mary Catherine (Owens) Beaty

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George Wolford Beaty was born at Little Crab, TN on May 11, 1861. He was the son of John Andrew Beaty and Mahala (Allred). His father was born August 18, 1827 at Little Crab and his mother was born September 23, 1824 in Overton Co. They were married about 1846 and made their home at Little Crab. George Wolford's brothers and sisters were: Thomas, b. 1847; William, b. 1849; James Robert, b. December 25, 1850; Greene, b. 1853; Peter Priam, b. August 6, 1855; Louis L Cyrus, b. February 14, 1858; Andrew Johnson, b. January 4, 1863; John Benton, b. May 2, 1865; and Mahala Jane, b. January 24, 1867.

George Wolford married Mary Catherine (Owens), daughter of William Pleasant Owens and Malissa Jane Choate. William Pleasant was born on the East Fork, near Boatland, TN. He and Malissa were married in 1851. Mary Catherine was also born near Boatland on November 8, 1862 but moved to KY when she was a child. Mary Catherine's brothers and sisters were: Abigail; George; James; Freela; Sarah; Effie, b. March 20, 1870; Cynthia Ann; Euferzine; and John Wesley, b. June 15, 1877.

George and Mary Catherine had six children: Dennis M. (1883-1947), Porter Allen (1884-1968), Virgil Greene (1887-1912), Minnie Myrtle (1890-1941), Arnold Priam (1893-1922), and Freela Pearl (1899-1976). They also helped raise three of their granddaughters, the children of Arnold Priam. Dennis married Mary (Reid) on March 30, 1913. They lived in Pickett Co., TN between Robbinstown and Guntertown. Dennis was a farmer and for several years was a member of the Pickett Co. Board of Education. They raised two foster children, one of them Dennis' niece. Dennis died at the age of 64 in a drowning accident.

Porter Allen married Salty (Storie) April 8, 1908. They lived in Pickett Co. on Clark Mountain, where Porter made a living by farming. They had seven children and also helped raise a niece of Porter's. He lived to be 84 years old.

Virgil Greene was never married. One night as he rode horseback through the woods on his way home he was shot by an unknown assailant. The bullet lodged too close to his spine to be removed, causing him intense pain. He took his own life at the age of 25.

Minnie Myrtle was born a bright, healthy girl but was left an epileptic after having had meningitis at the age of five. She lived to be 51 years old and was never married.

Arnold Priam was a farmer and married Sarah Jane (Smith). They lived in Pickett Co. TN between Dry Creek and Double Top. They were the parents of three daughters. Priam died in a drowning accident at the age of 27, attempting to ford the swollen Obey River on horseback. Jane died one year later of typhoid fever.

Freela Pearl married Alfred B. Smith. They lived at Double Top in Fentress Co. and were the parents of seven children. They also helped raise their niece and two grandchildren. Alfred made his living primarily by farming. Pearl lived to be 76 years old and Alfred lived to the age of 88.

George and Mary Catherine lived on a farm which extended from the head of Dry Creek to Double Top. In addition to farming, George supplemented the family income by doctoring livestock and by serving as a juror. He loved to smoke his pipe and because of this received the nickname of "Smokey George".

Mary Catherine died October 22, 1930 and George died August 10, 1939. They are buried in the Garrett Cemetery at Guntertown.

by Gerald Dehaven
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