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I received an e-mail   (20 Apr 2000) from Lou Murphy who told me of new develpments in the research involving Humphry Pope.  She suggested I check out the post on GenForum which reads "After a year's work, researchers have found serious errors in printed articles/books about Humphrey Pope of Westmoreland Co., VA.  A full report will be posted and published this summer, but the following errors need immediate correction, as they are still spreading via the Internet."  I will put in corrections as noted on his article surrounded by brackets.  <correction about Lou Murphy was from Evelyne C. >


Much of the information about the Popes came from John, Kathleen, or Lisa  and Lou Murphy. After all of these years, the e-mail links were not working, so please go to GenForum and post a message for them there.  

First Generation

1. Humphrey1 Pope was born in England [ca 1648 - "24 or thereabouts" in 1673 (Westmoreland Deeds, Patents, Etc., 1665-1677)]
He married Elizabeth Hawkins in VA. Elizabeth was the daughter of Richard Hawkins.
(from Sid - for more on Hawkins line go to either of these - Hawkins  or  Hawkins  )

Humphrey immigrated, 1661. Destination: Virginia. "Major John Washington and Thomas Pope, 1200 acres on 5 September 1661, for transplanting 24 persons. Two of them were Humphrey Pope and Elizabeth Powell."

From John  - the above can also be found in "Cavaliers and Pioneers, Patent Book 5", p. 449: the land given above was next to the land of Nathaniel Pope.  So Nathaniel was already in the colonies when Hunphrey came over.

(Genealogical History of Robert Beheathland, Gent... Baltimore, Gateway Press, 1978)   p. 427, Patent Bk, #5:  Major John Washington & Thomas Pope, 1200 acres of Sept. 5 1661 for transplanting 24 persons."  Two of them were Humphrey Pope and Elizabeth Powell.

p. 426 "Col. Humphrey Pope, Gentleman, Immigrant, was born probably at Bristol, England, married Elizabeth Hawkins, dau. of Richard Hawkins; inventory made 1696 in Westmoreland Co., VA.  "Will Bk. 2, p. 61 - Debts due to Tobacco Bat & Field ordred into hand of William Payne, Gent. for use of Humphrey Pope's 5 orphans, 1696"    

He made a will in Westmoreland Co., VA, 20 MAR 1696. "Debts due to Tobacco Bat & Field ordered into hand of William Payne, Gent. for use of Humprhrey Pope's 5 orphans." Sent by Kathleen - A more complete record of Humphrey Pope and his descendants is in William & Mary College Quarterly, Series I, Vol. XIII:280-281 - also Westmoreland Will Books are filled with their wills. Another source, McCartys of the Northen Neck_, Chapter 8, by W. M. McCarty.

VA Vital Records, CD #1, (John, 14 Dec 1998) p. 340, Westmoreland Co.Wills - 30 Jun 1684, Elizabeth (Hawkins) Pope proved the will of Humphrey Pope and a codicil by Sarah Butler and Alexander Gallant.   Lawerence Washington gave security. 

John continues that Lawrence Washinton is the son of Ann Pope and John Washington. Ann Pope is the daughter of Nathaniel Pope.   "It has never been proven that Nathaniel and Humphrey were related."  John also feels that there was a definite relationship or Lawerence Washington would not have provided the security. Nathaniel and Humphrey Pope - were they uncle/nephew or older brother, younger brother? 

Humphrey Pope and Elizabeth Hawkins had the following children:

+ 2 i. Humphrey II2 Pope.
   3 ii. Elizabeth Pope.
[md. 1st Wm. Payne, 2nd Dan'l McCarty][Elizabeth (Pope) Payne-McCarty,              dau of Humphrey Sr. was born 1677 - as her tombstone attests]
   4 iii. Lawrence Pope.
   5 iv. John Pope.
   6 v. Mary
[Author failed to name Humphrey Pope's other daughter Mary, "orphan of Humphrey Pope dec'd" (Westmoreland Order Book, 1698-1705)]

Jemima Pope was named as daughter of Humphrey Pope, but Lou sent this: [the Jemima who married Nicholas Minor was born Jemima Waddy/Waddey, dau. of Thomas Waddey of Nortumberland Co., VA.  She married 1st, John Spence; 2nd, Lawerence Pope; 3rd, Nicholas Minor.  Document dated 27 May 1702 identifies her as Lawerence Pope's wife "and relict of John Spence" (Westmoreland Deeds and Wills #3, 1701-1707).  A deed dated 28 Jun 1712 identifies Lawrence Pope's wife Jemima as "dau. & heir of Thomas Waddy" (Westmoreland Deeds & Wills, 1712-1720).  A deed dated 30 Nov 1737 identifies Nicholas Minor's wife Jemima as "the late relict of Lawrence Pope" (westmoreland Deeds & Wills, 1723-1738)]

Second Generation

2. Humphrey II2 Pope (Humphrey1) born ca. 1674.
He married twice. He married Amy Veale. Amy was the daughter of Maurice Vele Veale and Dorothy (Unknown) Veale. He married Mary (Unknown) Morrison. 1704 - Humphrey makes deed to his brother John, jointly with his wife, Amey. Wm & Mary Quarterly, Series 1, 13:280-284.

Westmoreland depositions:  Huphrey Pope, 33 or thereabouts in 1707 - Wm & Mary Quarterly, Ser. 1, vol. 15, no. 3 (Jan 1907), p. 45.

1718- John Veel, Land in Stafford to sons John and Morris, dau. Susan, wife Deliverance - extr: brother Humphrey Pope & Caudry Vaughan. (Humphrey was married to John's sister, Amey) Virginia County Records, Westmoreland, p. 27, New Series, Vol, 1, by W. A. Crozier.

1719 - Humphrey, 2nd son of Humphrey & Elizabeth Pope, names his mother in a deed to Spencer for land in 1719. - Wm & Mary Quarterly, Series 1, 13:280-284.

1734 - Humphrey Pope's will - dated 10 Jan 1732, recorded 29 Oct 1734: Names dau. Ann Conditt, dau. Sophia Muse, son Humphrey, dau. Sarah Pope, dau. Mary Muse, dau. Mary Pope, "to my wife's daughter, Elizabeth Morrison; wife Mary and four youngest children; wife, coz. Daniel McCarty (son of Humphrey's sister Elizabeth) and Peter Jett exors." (Westmoreland Wills, Book 8)

Humphrey II Pope and Amy Veale had the following children:

   7 i. Ann3 Pope. She|he married Mr. Conditt.
+ 8 ii. Sophia Pope.
    9 iii. Sarah Pope.
   10 iv. Mary Pope.
   11 v. John Pope.
+ 12 vi. Humphrey III Pope.

Third Generation

8. Sophia3 Pope (Humphrey II2, Humphrey1) birth date unknown. John & Lisa's Line
She married James Muse. James was the son of Thomas Muse. In 1734 Sophia was bequeathed land in Prince William County in her father's will.

1735 - James & Sophia were living in Prince William County.

Sophia Pope and James Muse had the following children:

13 i. Lydia4 Muse.
14 ii. Thomas Muse. Thomas moved to Fairfield Co., SC in the early 1760's. (Did his mother move there, too?)
15 iii. Daniel Muse. Married Rebecca Yarborough - Sid's line
16 iv. Anne Muse.
17 v. James II Muse.
18 vi. Anna Muse.
19 vii. Sophia Pope Muse.

12. Humphrey III3 Pope (Humphrey II2, Humphrey1) birth date unknown.
He married Sarah Pope. Sarah was the daughter of Nathaniel IV Pope and Margaret Duval.

He made a will 09 AUG 1759. Will written 26 Aug 1759, proved 26 Aug 1760.

Humphrey III Pope and Sarah Pope had the following children:

i. Nathaniel4 Pope.
ii. Mary Pope.
iii. Benjamin Pope.
iv. Humphrey IV Pope.
v. John Pope.

p. 268 - Mrs. Lucy Pope, consort of Nathaniel Pope, Esq. of Louisa Co. d. on Thursday the 23rd ult.  (VIC 5 Aug 89)

Some new information on the Pope families - "Hester Netherton, widow of Worden Pope, son of Nathaniel III, known as "Bridges because of his mother's remarriage.  Hester was the step daughter of William Veale of Westmoreland County. (Jean)

 To read more about the Popes and the Muse(Mewes) Families of Virginia, look at these selections.

A Southern Legacy:  Descendants of John Muse of Virginia, compiled by Dr. Roger David Chambers, pp.23-24

William & Mary Quarterly, (check the index as they are scattered through out many volumes.)

The Mews Family Of the Northern Neck of Virginia, by Mary West and Juliet Fauntleroy, Virginia Historical Magazine, Jul. 1945, p. 223.

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