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The Veale Family

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Researchers - if I have not give you credit for information you have shared, please let me know.  If you have additonal information, please be sure to send the source with it. 

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We will present the records that have been found and hopefully be able to get this family charted.  There are two known Veale families.  One family is in the northern part of Virginia and the other in the southern part.  We will designate these two as North Veale and South Veale.     This page consist of the known Veales of Northern Neck area and the records that support that.  Other records found, but could not be identified specifically as any of these Veales are found at  Unknown Veale Records.

Researchers involved in this work include:   Ralph Veale, Bob Veale, Linda Veal, Van Stilley, Burt Veal, & Research records of Neil Zipfel, Jimmy V., Ralph Veale, Bob Veale, Van Stilley, Timothy;

1634 - " The Veales were in what is now the United States almost from the beginning of the colonial period. Jane Veale came to VA in 1634 as an indentured servant for William Parker in Warrasquinoake Co., VA. She came with six others which allowed Parker to receive 350 acres of land.

1654 /5 - Other than Jane (who is someone else's ancestor), the first male Veale we know much about is William. Tax records show he was a landowner in Lancaster Co., VA in 1654. Court records show he was ordered to pay a levy in 1654/5. Immigration records do not show a William Veale immigrating to VA prior to 1655. At the moment, there is no information to say who his father might have been. H. J. Eckenmode lista a William Veale in his list of Colonial soldiers of VA. Perhaps William Veale came to VA as an English solider and then decided to stay.

Ralph Veale"I was able to get the will of William Veale who lived in Lancaster Co., VA from 1654 to at least 1662.  The land was located on the south side of the Rappahannock River (VA Tax Records, VA Colonial Abstracts, and Cavaliers & Pioneers)  Cavailiers & Pioneers list William as living in Rappahannock County in 1687 near land bought by Arthur Ownbee.  His land was on the south side of the Rappahannock River, north of Coleman's Creek.  Rappahannock Co. was just up the river a short distance from Lancaster County.  The VA Wills and Administration has a will listed for a William Veale in Essex Co (Rappahannock Co was abolished in 1692 and records were transferred to Essex Co which became the new county name).  This location is less than 25 miles from the center of Westmoreland Co., VA."  His will was dated 29 May 1693 and he left all his land and possessions to his daughter, Sara Lee and/or his grandson, John Butler and his granddaughter, Sara Butler.  He also left some land to Charles Combs.  So it appears that he had no sons living. "

Burke's Commoners, Vol. 4: p. 523: Edw. Fleetwood, esq. of Rossall, b. 13th Jan 1682 who m/Sarah, dau. of John Veal, esq. of Whinney Heyes, in Lancaster. p. 287: John Busvargus, esq: The eldest son.....was b. July 1681, m/ 1707 Hannah, dau. of John Veale, of Trevailer, gentleman.

Northern Veales - Northern Neck area of Virginia

Southern Veales - Norfolk County, VA - Not ours!!

Our First Ancestor - Maurice/Morris

Eleanor Vele

Morris Veale (d. 1750)

There was also a Morris Veale, who was listed as born between 1655 and 1660, who was married to Elizabeth Johnson. It was believed they were one and the same, but now it appears they were two different Morris' or Maurice - one from Westmoreland Co. and one from Norfolk Co. - they both had sons named Morris Jr. and William. The Norfolk Veales were: Morris, had two sons, William b. 1683, Morris Jr. b. 1687 - 3 dau's: Mary, Elizabeth, & Jenny. William m. Mary Cratchet and had 3 sons and 2 daughters: Lemuel, George, Abigale, Thomas, and Elizabeth. Thomas m. Bethia Edwards and had 8 children: Thomas, William, George, Nancy, Sally, Catherine, Mary & Molly
Nathan Veal Sr. ~ Georgia Descendants of Nathan Veal Sr. - Georgia

. Unknown Veale/Veal Records


PARISHES  - In Westmoreland Co were Copeland Parish and Washington Parish. 
         In Stafford County, Stafford Parish and Choatanck Parish.