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Family Whaley


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WHALEY AND THEIR NAME: The name Whaley is said to have been derived from the residence of its first bearers in the parish of Whalley, Lancashire, England. It is found on ancient records in the various forms of Whalley, Wallley, Whaly, Whalle, Waley, and Wale, of which the first is the form most frequently used in America today. Families of this name were to be found at early dates in the English counties of Lancaster, Leicester, york, Nottingham, Stafford, Chest, Sussex, Kent, Somerset, Hants, and London, and were, for the most part, of the landed gentry of yoemanry of Great Britain.

Most of the information on the Whaley family has come to me through the generosity of Lyn.  Lyn has been instrumental in setting up the Whaley Listserver and keeping all of us on track - trying to find the parents of James Whaley Sr.  I am including a lot of "extra" Whaley material along with those facts we have for future research - Again, Lyn and many on the Whaley Listserver have found this information!!

Among those of the Whaleys who fought in the War of the Revolution were: Thomas of Mass., Aaron and Hezekiah of Connecticut, Benjamin, James, John and William of Virginia, and numerous others as well. John, Robert, Henry, Thomas, Richard, Edward, Raphe or Ralph, George, William, Nathaniel, Samuel and James are some of the Christian names most highly favored by the family for its male members.

One of the most ancient and frequently recurrent of the many coats-of-arms of the Whaley family is described as follows: ARMS: Argent, three whale's heads erased haurient sable. CREST: A whale's head erased sable. Arms taken from Burke's General Armory, 1884. Source of this material unknown. Copied from a typed manuscript, 9 Mar 1996 Carolyn Whaley Vosburg - [email protected]

Lyn  found a reference in the Ancestral Files - about James Whaley Sr. who md/Hannah Higgerson 1st, Penelope King 2nd. "As a cross reference it took me to James Whaley b. 1680, Ireland, d. 1722/23 Plymouth, MA who md/ Margaret Goffe. Their children were listed as: Thomas, b. 1706, d. 1784; Alexander b. 25 Dec 1713, d. 25 Dec 1799, m/ Eliz. Shaw; Sameul, b. 1715, d. 3 Jun 1804; Jonathan, b. 1717; Humphrey, b. 1719; James, b. 1721. Does anyone know anything about this James? Who he married or where he lived? The chance that he is MY James and ended up in Virginia is pretty remote, but the fact that the Ancestral File took me to him makes me wonder." (4 Jul 1996)



James Jr., son of Our James


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