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The Timen Stiddem Society welcomes all descendants as members, and particularly, those bearing any of the following surname variations used today:


...and possibly others following this phonetic pattern. Though no longer in use, the historic spellings include: STIDDEM (Timen’s preferred spelling of the name, as this is how he spelled it in his last will and testament, 1686); STIDDEN (how Timen’s surname occasionally appeared in early documents and the spelling his father Luloff “the Dutchman” was known by); and STITTEN (how Luloff’s surname occasionally appeared in early Swedish documents).

Below is an extant copy of Timen's signature as it appeared on a letter in 1651 to Axel Oxenstierna, Chancellor of Sweden, requesting assistance returning to Sweden following the shipwreck of the Kattan off Puerto Rico. Timen's name has been spelled various ways by many different people both during his lifetime and in subsequent generations. He himself spelled it various ways on occasion, based on his current mood at the time no doubt, however, the example below was the basis for the spelling the Society chose for use in its official logo.

Stiddem Signature

Today, STIDHAM is the most commonly used spelling of the surname. The society, when referring to all Stidhams* in general, without regard to how the surname is spelled, puts an asterisk at the end of this spelling variation.


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