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The information as presented here was collected from several sources. Much of the data on individual soldiers was taken from the book, The Descedants of Dr. Timothy Stidham, Vol. 1, by Jack Stidham. Some was found in newspaper clippings sent in by members of the society. Some of it was gathered from pention application papers as well as independent research by various members (though we would have liked to see much more of that!).

The list of Stidhams* fighting for the Union was taken from those found by searching the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System on the Internet, yet doesn’t appear to be an exhaustive list.

The two volume set, A Compendium of the War of the Rebellion, by Frederick H. Dyer (1908), Broadfoot Publishing Company, Morningside Press, provided information on the regimental histories for the Union Army, which are only briefly sketched out in this issue. You’ll notice at the end of each regiment there is a listing of battles that that particular unit fought in (if known). This only lists major battles fought, it doesn’t begin to list all the many skirmishes, sieges, scouting missions, and other duties any given regiment or unit participated in. Unless officer rank or NCO grade is given for individual Stidham* soldiers listed here, they served as privates.

Steadham, Stedham, and Stidham soldiers fighting for the Confederacy are taken from pages 427, 429, and 485 in the The Rosterof Confederate Soldiers, 1861-1865, Vol. XIV, edited by Janet B. Hewett (there were no entries for Steddom, Steddum, Stidam, Stiddem, Stidden, or Stidom). Listed alphabetically, they are regrouped here by states and include two other units.

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