Vol I File 14: The Paternal Ancestry of Homer Beers James

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Vol I File 14: The Paternal Ancestry of Homer Beers James

3. Nobility of the North Seas to Auda the Deep-Minded, Earls of Orkney, to Helen of Galloway

Part J.

Ancient Roman Ancestors

1. Roman Ancestors to Early Britain

Note: The following decent to the early Britanians is very questionable, but it is included simply for continuity of the Roman line in case this lineage is established with some degree of confirmation.


Octavia the Elder was descended as follows:

2. Sextus Julius Caesar I See above for the common ancestry.

3. Caius Julius Caesar I, was father of Caius Julius Caesar II.

4. Caius Julius Caesar II, married Marcia, daughter of Quintus Marcius Rex, and they had the following children:


Arviragus, the Druid King, and 11th son of Cymberline, was descended as follows:

5. King Capoir, a great leader about 200 B.C. among the Druids, was father of Manogan.

6. Manogan. The Welsh from earliest times called themselves "Cymry," meaning "the aborigines." They called their language "Cymraeg," meaning "the primitive tongue." Manogan married and had Beli Mawr.

7. Beli Mawr (Beli the Great), a Druid king of Britain in 132 B.C. He died 72 B.C. He was the father of two sons as follows:


Another Roman ancestry leading to Constantine I, Augustus, the Great, is as follows:

There were two brothers, whose parentage is unknown, possibly the sons of a Claudius I, as follows:

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