Vol II File 11: The Paternal Ancestry of Homer Beers James

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Vol II File 11: The Paternal Ancestry of Homer Beers James

17. Despencer Line (Earl of Winchester)

Ref: Burke, pg. 165-167.

Robert le Despencer appears to be the first person of this name in the records. In the 18th year of King William the Conqueror he was named as such from being the steward to the king. He was a witness to the royal charter for removing the secular canons out of the cathedral of Durham, and placing monks in their stead. This Robert was the brother of Urso de Abitot, then sheriff of Worcestershire, and he appears as well by his high official situation, as by the numerous lordships he possessed, to have been a person of great eminence; but it has not been ascertained whether he first came to England with his royal master, or whether he was of Saxon or Norman extraction; nor is it clearly known, whether he had ever been married or had issue. In the reign of Henry I. there was a William le Despencer, but whether he had the name from being son of Robert, or succeeded to the post of steward, cannot be determined. The next person we find holding this office, and in the same reign was Thurstan Dispencer.

18. Ferrers Line (Earls of Derby)

Ref: Crispin and Macary, pg. 56.

Ref: Burke, pg. 196-199.

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