Paul B. McBride's Genealogy

Paul B. McBride's Genealogy

The information that I have collected about my ancestors is available here in the Lines of Descent and Genealogies sections, with Pedigree Charts. About 10,000 people are listed, many from the Medieval period. There are also brief listings of Descents from Mayflower Passengers and Royal Descents of New England Immigrants. My Photo Gallery has some pictures of my ancestors. In addition there is information about how these reports were created, a list of links to other genealogy sites, and an HTML version of the latest GEDCOM Standard, Release 5.5. You may also want to check out my Roots Surname List entries. I list about 750 of my surnames in this format. Under 100 of these are in the official RSL. The date range and location lists make it easy to see if the people with a surname may be of interest to you.

Here is a section showing people involved with the Magna Charta, 1215, and their relationship to me, with links to their entries in my index where possible. Many of them are also listed in in the People of Note section of my genealogy. There are also lists of U.S. Presidents, Kings and Queens of England, Kings of Scotland, Earls, Lords, people at the Battle of Hastings, 1066, Kings of France, and my Immigrant Ancestors.

Also, check out my Genealogy Bookshelf. It has info on David Faris' book Plantagenet Ancestry of 17th Century Colonists and two books on the descendants of the Magna Charta Barons.

Check out the Genealogy of Homer Beers James. This contains a lot of historical and biographical information about medieval ancestors.

You can contact me via E-Mail at [email protected]. I hope you enjoy your visit.

Lines of Descent and Genealogy for Paul B. McBride

* Table of Contents
* Surnames (about 1850 surnames)
* Line 1 of 1068
* Pedigree Chart 1 of 1116
* File 1 of 130
* Index
* People of Note
* References
* Aliases
* Brief Descents from Mayflower Passengers and Royalty
* Roots Surname List Entries (RSL) (about 750 surnames)
* Photo Gallery
* Mail

Locations: MA, NH, ME, England, Europe, Ireland, New Brunswick, Newfoundland

The lines of descent are in a format similar to that used in the books: "Royalty for Commoners", Roderick W. Stuart, 1992 and "Ancestral Roots of Certain American Colonists Who Came to America Before 1700", Weis, 1992, 7th edition. You will probably want to start by looking up names in the Surnames list.

Information about some Mayflower passengers is included: Myles Standish, John Alden, Isaac Allerton, John Billington, Francis Cooke, Stephen Hopkins, William Mullins, Degory Priest, George Soule, John Howland, John Tilley, and Richard Warren. They contain a line of descent from Richard Saltonstall and Muriel Gurdon, and their lines of Royal Descent, and a line of descent from William Wentworth, and his line of royal descent as given in "Royal Descent of 500 Immigrants". There is also a line of descent from Samuel Lincoln, the Immigrant, an ancestor of President Abraham Lincoln.

Genealogy of Homer Beers James

Homer Beers (Jim) James [WWW Page] has written a book about his ancestry. With his permission I have tried to make the information more accessible by breaking it up into smaller files, adding a hypertext table of contents, and index. This contains a lot of historical and biographical information about medieval ancestors.

* Table of Contents
* File 1 of 62
* Index
* Notes and Corrections by Paul McBride


I use Thomas T. Wetmore's LifeLines genealogy software for UNIX. One of the advantages of LifeLines is its report language. Using it I have written the programs which create the Lines of Descent (rfc.ll), Genealogies (gw.ll), Pedigree Charts (ped.ll), and the Brief Descents (lod.ll) sections of my genealogy page.


GEDCOM is the file format used to share genealogy information.

I have made an unofficial HTML version of the GEDCOM Standard Release 5.5. Please report any problems with the HTML version to me ([email protected]).

If you don't know what GEDCOM is, then take a quick mini-course in GEDCOM 101

An Adobe Acrobat PDF file version was available at:

That file is no longer available.

The WordPerfect 5.1 version is available at the above site and at:

A site that has gathered together a good set of links related to GEDCOM is the GEDX - GEDCOM Explorer site at

If you would like exhaustive examples of GEDCOM files, you can find them at the GEDitCOM for the Macintoch site at

The official GEDCOM Standard, Release 5.5 is available at in the directory in the file GEDCOM55.EXE. This is a Windows executable file in the WordPerfect Envoy format which when executed presents the GEDCOM 5.5 standard with both text and data model graphics. There is also a PostScript file GEDCOM55.PS.

A draft version of a possible revision to GEDCOM is in an Adobe Acrobat PDF file: ged551-5.pdf.

For new developments in the analyis, storing, and processing of genealogical data see the GENTECH Home Page.

Here is an interesting link explaining How to Mail GEDCOMs.

The July/August 1996 issue of "The New England Computer Genealogist" contains an article by Rafal T. Prinke, "Quo vadis, GEDCOM?" which gives his thoughts on the limitations and future of GEDCOM. "The New England Computer Genealogist" is a publication of The New England Historic Genealogical Society.

A GEDCOM 5.5 Errata Sheet dated 10 January 1996 contains corrections to the paper copies dated 11 December 1995 and the E-mailed document dated 2 January 1996. The corrections are on pages 23, 24, 25, 26, 29, 33, 34, 39, 57, 79, and 85. These corrections have been added to the HTML version of the standard.

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* GEN-MEDIEVAL/soc.genealogy.medieval Web Site
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* Gorm of Denmark, by Stewart Baldwin
* Corrections and Additons to the Complete Peerage
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* Antecessor Noster: The Parentage of Countess Lucy Made Plain

Professional Researchers

* Debbie Wilson, Genealogical and Historical Research, NH and ME.
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