Second Generation

9. Martha PHILBRICK33 was baptized on 4 September 1631 in Bures St. Mary, Suffolk, England.6 She was born about September 1631 in Bures St. Mary, Suffolk, England.6 [according to Chapman, Dow and/or the Lane Memorial Library in Hampton, NH, she was born in 1633] She died on 4 August 1694 at the age of 62 in Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts.34

Martha PHILBRICK and John CASSE were married in 1648 in Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire.34

John CASSE33 was born between 1615 and 1620 in England.35 [One researcher says he was born 1629 at St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England. We are awaiting sources.]

He died on 7 April 1675 at the age of 60 in Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire.36

According to "History of Rockingham Co., New Hampshire" by Hazlett:
John Cass came to Hampton and married Martha, the daughter of Thomas Philbrick before 1650. He died "suddenly in his bed," April 17, 1675. His estate as appraised by Edward Gove and Joseph Dow, was valued at 940 pounds, 11 shillings. His property was of more value than that of any person who died in Hampton prior to 1680.

A descendant of John's was Maj.Jonathan Cass, who was the father of Hon. Lewis Cass, distinguished in political history.

Bill Prokasy has the following to say about John Cass:
According to Noyes et al, p. 131, John's age and antecedents are unknown. He became a freeman October 10, 1651 and purchased the Wheelwright farm in 1664. He served as selectman in 1653, 1657, 1668, 1672, 1674 and until he died in 1675. He was on the grand jury in 1663, 1668, and 1675; and on the jury 1654, 1662, 1667, and 1670. His name was spelled variously: Casse, Case, Cass, or Casse.

Bryan Cass, Charlotte Vermont ([email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>) says:
" 1648, he agreed to be one of the keepers of half the combined herd of cows and calves, from April to October, and to care for this herd daily from a half hour after sunrise. the Selectmen agreed to pay 15 pounds, 10 shillings for this work, to be paid in goods: they were to have 1 lb. of butter for each cow in the herd, valued at 6 pence per pound; half the remainder to be paid in wheat, the rest in Indian Corn."
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in "The Pioneers of Maine and New Hampshire 1623-1660," Charles Henry Pope:
John, Planter, Hampton, Proprietor. Sold land to Anthony Taylor in 4 Missouri. 1648. Frm. August 10, 1651. Had deed of land and house April 1, 1671, from his son in law John Redman, Jr.
His will dated March 4, 1674, probated April 13, 1675; bequeathed to his wife Martha; children: Joseph, Samuel, Abigail, Elizabeth, Mercy, Jonathan, and Ebenezer; daughters Martha and Mary ahve already had their portions; brothers Philip Lewis and Thomas Philbrick, execs.
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According to Bryan Cass ([email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>):
John Casse was born in England about 1615/1620. It is unknown where in England, or if at all in England, John was born. A birth/christening record for John has not yet been found. He made a will in Hampton, New Hampshire, March 4, 1674. "in the Name of God Amen. The last will and Testament of John Cass of Hampton in the County of Norfolk in New England being sick and weak of Body . . . Imp: I give and Bequeath unto Martha Cass my Beloved Wife all my whole stock of Cattle Both of one kind and other and all my other moveables both within dores and without to hir heires and Assignes for Ever. Also I Give unto Martha Cass my wife all my houseing and Lands in Hampton Both Upland and medows Dureing the time of hir widdowhood And at her Deceas or Day of marriage.
"itt I Give and Bequeath unto my two sons Joseph and Samuell all my upland Belonging to the farme with all my Housses orchard and the Lot which my House standeth upon and the comonage belonging to my part of the farme as also all my medow and marsh of the uper Devision downe to the Great Crick Below the Dame , my meaning is that Part of the Crick Below the Dam wher the water Ebbeth Northerly shall be their easterly bonds so far as that Part of the Crick Runs in my marsh and said Houses, Barne, Lands, medows to be equally devided Between them my intent is that Samuell shall devide the Land and medows and Joseph shall Chuse with Part he will have and likewise that Samuell shall ?? the price of houseing and Barne and if Joseph shall have his Choyce to take the houses and Barne and to pay unto samuell one halfe of the price to set upon them and it Joseph shall Refuse the Houses and Barne Samuell shall have them Paying unto Joseph one halfe of the price so set by samuell and which Land and medows and Houses they shall Enter upon and injoy mediately after my wifes Deceas or at the Day of her Marriage alwaies provided that they shall have no power to make sale of any of their Land till they shall arive to the age of twenty and eight yeares if they should enter upon it before
"itt I Give unto my Daughter Abigall the sum of twenty pounds to be paid to hir by my Wife
"itt I Give unto my Daughter Elizabeth twenty pounds to be paid by my two sons Joseph and Samuell in Corne and neat Battle ten pounds to be paid within one yeare after they enter unpon theri Lands and the other ten pounds the Next year after to be payd in the same specie

Martha PHILBRICK-2978 and John CASSE-3020 had the following children:



Martha CASS-8781.



John CASS was born on 21 September 1650 in Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire.37



Captain Joseph CASS Sr.-8777.



Samuel CASS-3022.



Jonathan CASS-3024.



Mary CASS-3027.



Elizabeth CASS-3021.



Mercy CASS-3026.



Ebenezer CASS-3023.



Abigail CASS-3025.



Ann CASS-30285.

Martha PHILBRICK and William LYONS of Rowley, MA were married on 30 November 1676.34 William LYONS of Rowley, MA was born about 1631.

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