Third Generation

58. Ebenezer CASS33,125 was born on 17 July 1671 in Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire.

In 1686, he joined the company at Roxbury that went to found New Rocksbury, now Woodstock, Connectucut.125

He moved in Lebanon, New London, Connecticut in 1708.125

In 1711 he was a constable in Lebanon, New London, Connecticut.125

Ebenezer was on the list of residents in 1720 something in Norwich, New London, Connecticut.125

He died before December 1763 at the age of 92 in Norwich, New London, Connecticut.79

Ebenezer CASS and Patience DRAPER were married on 13 March 1689/90 in Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts.79,121

Patience DRAPER, daughter of James DRAPER and Miriam STANSFIELD, died before 1742.79

Ebenezer CASS-3023 and Patience DRAPER-29158 had the following children:



Mary CASS-29159.



Jonathan CASS-29160.



Moses CASS-29161.



Eliphalet CASS-29162.
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