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This page contains family charts on Nickens families who lived in Tennessee during the 1800s. The charts begin with the oldest known Tennessee ancestor. The Nickens who settled in Tennessee in the early 1800s migrated there from North Carolina.

Note: the following charts have been compiled from census and various other records and are still works in progress. They are offered as working charts and should not be taken as final products (which means please don't take them and post them somewhere where they will end up on commercial CDs, mistakes and all). As more people come online hopefully we can better complete parts of these family charts. Also please note I have excluded people born after 1920 for privacy reasons. Additions and corrections are much appreciated, and if you have a web page I will be happy to link the charts to your page.

Descendant Charts

Children of William Nickens and Polly Lawrence of Tennessee

 Lawrence B. Nickens of Louisiana

Children of William and Francis Nickens of Tennessee

 Calvin and Lovina (Nickens) Nickens
Cord and Manerva (Murray) Nickens
Joseph and Mary (Red) Nickens
John and Sally (Nickens) Nickens
  William and Chloe D. (Matthews )Nickens
Marcus and Annina Ausbrook
Andrew and Angelina (Nickens) Nickens
Melinda and Levi Manly
Nancy and Drew Shoecraft


Children of James and Rhoda Nickens of Tennessee

George and Elizabeth (Archer) Nickens
Lovina and Calvin Nickens (above)
Sally and John Nickens (above)
Angelina and Andrew Nickens (above)
James Nickens
Archibald Nickens
Mary "Polly" Nickens


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