Descendants of Calvin Nickens

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Note: the following chart has been compiled to a large extent from census records and other sources. It is offered as a working chart and one that should not be taken as a final product. People born after 1920 have been omitted. Please send additions and corrections.  Also please contact me if you would like to know the sources for any of the information.

Calvin C. Nickens was probably born in Hertford County, North Carolina to William and Francis Nickens. Lovina was the daughter of James and Rhoda Nickens and was born in either North Carolina or Tennessee.  Lovina died before 1840 and there are two Wilson Co., TN marriages for Calvin C. in 1841, one to Easter Murry in June and one to Roccelany Murry in November. (see Tennessee marriages)


Generation No. 1


      1.  Calvin2 Nickens  (William1) was born 1803 in NC, and died Bef. 1860 in TN.  He married (1) Lovina Nickens Abt. 1824, daughter of James Nickens and Rhoda Archer.  She was born Abt. 1807, and died Bef. 1840 in TN.  He married (2) Roxelany Murry 29 Nov 1841, daughter of John Murry.  She was born 1826 in TN.


Children of Calvin Nickens and Lovina Nickens are:

        2                 i.    William3 Nickens, born 1825 in TN.  He married Elizabeth Nickens 23 Nov 1848 in Wilson Co., TN; born 1829 in TN.

+      3                ii.    Francis "Fanny" Nickens, born 1828 in TN; died Aft. 1910.

+      4               iii.    Amanda Nickens, born 1835 in TN.

        5               iv.    Francis Marion Nickens, born 1835.

+      6                v.    Savannah Nickens, born 1836.

+      7               vi.    James Martin Nickens, born 1839 in TN; died Bef. 1900.



Children of Calvin Nickens and Roxelany Murry are:

        8                 i.    John J.3 Nickens, born Abt. 1843 in TN.

        9                ii.    Esther Maragine Nickens, born 1845 in TN.  She married S. H. Robinson.

        10             iii.    Josaphine Nickens, born 1848 in TN; died 27 Sep 1859 in Nashville, Davidson Co., TN.

        11             iv.    R. J. Nickens, born 1850.

+      12              v.    Ralston Andrew Nickens, born 28 Mar 1852 in TN; died 01 Feb 1918.

        13             vi.    Paralee Nickens, born 1854 in TN.  She married Alexander Pettis; born 1841 in Alabama.

        14            vii.    William H. Nickens, born 1860 in TN.



Generation No. 2


      3.  Francis "Fanny"3 Nickens (Calvin2, William1) was born 1828 in TN, and died Aft. 1910.  She married (1) George Washington Shoecraft 24 Feb 1847 in Davidson Co., TN, son of Drew Shoecraft and Nancy Nickens.  He was born 1827 in TN, and died Abt. 1851.  She married (2) Joel Adcock 09 Nov 1853 in Robertson County, TN.  He was born 1816, and died Abt. 1877.  She married (3) Elisha C. Collins 23 Apr 1883 in Davidson Co., TN, son of Charles Collins and Polly Collins.  He was born 1830 in TN.


Children of Francis Nickens and George Shoecraft are:

        15               i.    Thomas4 Shoecraft, born 1849.  He married Nancy Mahala Collins; born 1840 in TN; died 11 Feb 1883 in TN.

+      16              ii.    Indianna Shoecraft, born 1852 in TN.



Children of Francis Nickens and Joel Adcock are:

        17               i.    Amos4 Adcock, born 1854.

        18              ii.    Calvin Adcock, born 1856.

        19             iii.    Manda Adcock, born 1858.

        20             iv.    Elizabeth Adcock, born 1861.

        21              v.    Joseph Adcock, born 1861 in TN; died 12 Jun 1942 in OK.  He married Laura Collins 21 Apr 1878 in Davidson Co., TN; born 1863 in TN; died 31 Jan 1897 in Wayne Co., MO.

+      22             vi.    James Adcock, born 1866.

+      23            vii.    Robert Adcock, born 1870 in TN.

        24           viii.    Thomas J. Adcock, born 1876.



      4.  Amanda3 Nickens (Calvin2, William1) was born 1835 in TN.  She married (1) Calvin Nickens 03 Apr 1849 in Davidson Co., TN, son of Marcus Nickens and Annina.  He was born 1827 in TN, and died 06 Mar 1865.  She married (2) John Baldwin 18 Oct 1868 in Davidson Co., TN.  He was born 1811 in Georgia.


Children of Amanda Nickens and Calvin Nickens are:

        25               i.    Elizabeth4 Nickens, born 1850 in Williamson Co., TN.

        26              ii.    Edward Nickens, born 1856 in TN; died 04 Mar 1865.

+      27             iii.    Francis Nickens, born 1858 in TN.

        28             iv.    Ellsworth Nickens, born 1860 in Davidson Co., TN.

+      29              v.    Jefferson D. Nickens, born Mar 1862 in TN; died 01 Apr 1921 in Davidson Co., TN.



Children of Amanda Nickens and John Baldwin are:

        30               i.    Ella4 Baldwin, born 1869.

        31              ii.    Robert Baldwin, born 1873.

        32             iii.    Frederick Baldwin, born 1875.

        33             iv.    Katie Baldwin, born 1878.



      6.  Savannah3 Nickens (Calvin2, William1) was born 1836.  She married Charles Crawford Collins 1860, son of Charles Collins and Annie Brown.  He was born 1808 in NC.


Children of Savannah Nickens and Charles Collins are:

+      34               i.    Crawford4 Collins, born 1863 in TN.

        35              ii.    Idelia Collins, born 1866 in TN.

        36             iii.    Jesse Collins, born 1867 in TN.

        37             iv.    Josephine Collins, born 1871 in TN.

        38              v.    Isiah Collins, born 1872 in TN.  He married Georgia.

        39             vi.    James Collins, born 1873 in TN.  He married Christy.

+      40            vii.    Fannie Bell Collins, born 1862 in TN.

        41           viii.    Annie Collins, born 1881.



      7.  James Martin3 Nickens (Calvin2, William1) was born 1839 in TN, and died Bef. 1900.  He married Leah Ann Rachel Knight 12 Aug 1888 in Davidson Co., TN.  She was born in TN.


Children of James Nickens and Leah Knight are:

+      42               i.    John Sherman4 Nickens, born 10 Mar 1888 in TN; died 12 Jun 1963 in Nashville, TN.

        43              ii.    James Nickens, born 1890 in TN.  He married Martha Ann Archer; born 10 Jan 1887 in TN; died 11 Oct 1923 in Giles Co., TN.

        44             iii.    Lovina Nickens, born 1892.



      12.  Ralston Andrew3 Nickens (Calvin2, William1) was born 28 Mar 1852 in TN, and died 01 Feb 1918.  He married Elizabeth Nolan 01 Sep 1874 in Davidson Co., TN, daughter of Mary Tolbert.  She was born 1852 in TN, and died 22 Dec 1891.


Children of Ralston Nickens and Elizabeth Nolan are:

+      45               i.    Calvin4 Nickens, born 1875 in TN.

+      46              ii.    Andrew Jackson Nickens, born May 1877 in Davidson Co., TN; died 10 Mar 1942 in Nashville, TN.

+      47             iii.    Samuel Lee Nickens, born Nov 1879 in Davidson Co., TN.

        48             iv.    Ella Nickens, born Oct 1886 in Davidson Co., TN.  She married W.E. Wright.



Generation No. 3


      16.  Indianna4 Shoecraft (Francis "Fanny"3 Nickens, Calvin2, William1) was born 1852 in TN.  She married Elisoh Richard Collins 07 Dec 1877 in Rutherford County, TN, son of Houston Collins and Sarah Collins.  He was born 1851 in TN.


Children of Indianna Shoecraft and Elisoh Collins are:

        49               i.    Albert5 Collins, born 1878 in TN.

        50              ii.    Willie Collins, born 1883.

        51             iii.    Mathie Collins, born 1885.

        52             iv.    Bevly Collins, born 1886.



      22.  James4 Adcock (Francis "Fanny"3 Nickens, Calvin2, William1) was born 1866.  He married Mary Collins, daughter of J. Collins and Eliza Collins.  She was born 1868.


Children of James Adcock and Mary Collins are:

        53               i.    Rosetta5 Adcock.

        54              ii.    Margie Adcock.

        55             iii.    Samuel Adcock.

        56             iv.    Alfred H. Adcock.

        57              v.    Emma Adcock.

        58             vi.    Lennie Adcock.

        59            vii.    Bessie Adcock, born 1897.



      23.  Robert4 Adcock (Francis "Fanny"3 Nickens, Calvin2, William1) was born 1870 in TN.  He married Ada Fletcher Abt. 1894, daughter of William Fletcher and Rebecca Collins.  She was born 1880 in TN.


Children of Robert Adcock and Ada Fletcher are:

        60               i.    Ody E.5 Adcock, born 1894 in TX.

        61              ii.    Millie Adcock, born 1896 in TX.

        62             iii.    Aggie Adcock.



      27.  Francis4 Nickens (Amanda3, Calvin2, William1) was born 1858 in TN.  She married Thomas L. Dunnivan 09 Jun 1875.  He was born 1823 in TN.


Child of Francis Nickens and Thomas Dunnivan is:

        63               i.    Ada5 Dunnivan, born 1877.



      29.  Jefferson D.4 Nickens (Amanda3, Calvin2, William1) was born Mar 1862 in TN, and died 01 Apr 1921 in Davidson Co., TN.  He married Hattie Fraley 12 Aug 1883 in Davidson County, TN.  She was born Oct 1853 in NC, and died 1930 in St. Louis.


Children of Jefferson Nickens and Hattie Fraley are:

        64               i.    Lillian A.5 Nickens, born Nov 1886 in TN.  She married Hinrick.

+      65              ii.    Charles A. Nickens, born Oct 1888 in TN; died Aug 1962.

+      66             iii.    Ernest F. Nickens, born Oct 1895 in TN.



      34.  Crawford4 Collins (Savannah3 Nickens, Calvin2, William1) was born 1863 in TN.  He married Annie McFadden 04 Nov 1882 in Rutherford County, TN. 


Child of Crawford Collins and Annie McFadden is:

        67               i.    Calvin5 Collins, born 1885 in TN.



      40.  Fannie Bell4 Collins (Savannah3 Nickens, Calvin2, William1) was born 1862 in TN.  She married John Drew, son of Moses Drew and Mary.  He was born 1855 in TN.


Children of Fannie Collins and John Drew are:

        68               i.    Christianna5 Drew, born 1878.

        69              ii.    James Drew, born 1880.



      42.  John Sherman4 Nickens (James Martin3, Calvin2, William1) was born 10 Mar 1888 in TN, and died 12 Jun 1963 in Nashville, TN.  He married Clementine Vaughn 18 Feb 1907 in Ashland City, Cheatham Co., daughter of James Vaughn and Belle.  She was born 05 Jul 1881, and died 07 Sep 1947 in Nashville, TN.


Children of John Nickens and Clementine Vaughn are:

        70               i.    Mattie5 Nickens, born 1908 in TN.

        71              ii.    Delcee (Elsie) Nickens, born 05 Jun 1911 in TN.

+      72             iii.    George Nickens, born 15 Nov 1913 in Cheatham Co., TN; died 05 Apr 1979.

        73             iv.    Lavina Nickens, born 1916 in TN.

        74              v.    Dorothy Nickens, born Jan 1919 in TN.

        75             vi.    Francis Nickens, born 1920 in TN.



      45.  Calvin4 Nickens (Ralston Andrew3, Calvin2, William1) was born 1875 in TN.  He married Etta Foster.  She was born Nov 1881 in TN, and died 07 Nov 1909.


Children of Calvin Nickens and Etta Foster are:

        76               i.    Lillie5 Nickens, born Jan 1899 in Davidson Co., TN.

        77              ii.    William S. Nickens, born 23 Jan 1902 in TN; died 03 Feb 1918 in Nashville, TN.



      46.  Andrew Jackson4 Nickens (Ralston Andrew3, Calvin2, William1) was born May 1877 in Davidson Co., TN, and died 10 Mar 1942 in Nashville, TN.  He married Nancy K. Gray, daughter of William Gray.  She was born 1877.


Child of Andrew Nickens and Nancy Gray is:

        78               i.    Herman L.5 Nickens, born 1906.



      47.  Samuel Lee4 Nickens (Ralston Andrew3, Calvin2, William1) was born Nov 1879 in Davidson Co., TN.  He married Annie.  She was born 1892.


Child of Samuel Nickens and Annie is:

        79               i.    Paul5 Nickens, born 1910 in TN.



Generation No. 4


      65.  Charles A.5 Nickens (Jefferson D.4, Amanda3, Calvin2, William1) was born Oct 1888 in TN, and died Aug 1962.  He married Maud.  She was born 1897 in TN.


Children of Charles Nickens and Maud are:

        80               i.    Jenell6 Nickens, born 1914 in TN.

        81              ii.    Charles Nickens Jr., born 1917 in TN.



      66.  Ernest F.5 Nickens (Jefferson D.4, Amanda3, Calvin2, William1) was born Oct 1895 in TN.  He married Ursa.  She was born 1902 in TN.


Child of Ernest Nickens and Ursa is:

        82               i.    Lillie Marie6 Nickens, born 1919 in TN.



      72.  George5 Nickens (John Sherman4, James Martin3, Calvin2, William1) was born 15 Nov 1913 in Cheatham Co., TN, and died 05 Apr 1979.  He married Millie Melvin Tate 08 Apr 1932. 


Child of George Nickens and Millie Tate is:

        83               i.    George6 Nickens.


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