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Qulin Schools Early Beginnings

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Twelth - Eleventh - Tenth - Ninth - Eight - Seventh - Elementry Grades - Elementary Teachers

1953 - Dedicated to: Miss Alberta Watts - Photo 1953 Reunion
Board of Education Faculty Photo One Faculty Photo Two Annual Staff

Class sponsors
Ruth Green
Winford I. Green
Janette Baker
Class History
Class Poem
Prophecy Pt1
Prophecy Pt2
Class Will Pt1
Class Will Pt2
Seniors Page One

Freda Hefner - Pres.
Kent Campbell - Vice Pres.
Anna Wright - Treasurer
Anne Smith - Secretary
Betty Fowlkes
Ralph Nobles

Seniors Page Two

Iris Prichard
Lendal Montgomery
Dortha Hunt
James Coble
Kathleen Dennison
Marvin Bulger
Seniors Page Three

Zoetta Whitehead
Patrick Bullock
Arnetta Rose
Leroy Anderson
Charlene Belote
W. A. Brummett
Seniors Page Four

J.D. Brown
Elvia Hunneycutt
Gerald Husketh
Orvist Woods
Class History

Juniors Page One
Joe Anderson
Edna Mae Brown
Almareda Bradley
Clinton Baker
Bill Carter
Franklin Craft
Faye Davis
Ruth Alice Easley
Georgia Fowler
Juniors Page Two
Jim Ferrell
Barbara Garver
Earnestine Gibbs
Shirley Graves
Bill Garver
Earlene Gibbs
Delores Huggins
Jack Little
Montene Lee
Juniors Page Three
Hubert Metcalf
Peggy Morries
Hugh Mizell
Louise Miller
Opal Metcalf
Bob Mallard
Landon Medlock
Dwayne Osborn
Mary Ellen Pearson
Juniors Page Four
Louise Petty
Quincy Riley
Betty Rimel
Roy Robertson
Catherine Talbert
Erma Sue Veatch
Franklin Wright
Bobby Johnson
Billie Vincient
Sophmores Page One
Gearld Ashcraft
Carl Arnold
Cynthia Brent
Roy Black
Jimmy Brent
Donarl Barker
Sophmores Page Two
Charles Downing
Carol Davis
J. R. Hefner
Francis Jones
Freda Jones
Buddy LaGrande
Sophmores Page Three
Laveria Melton
Jimmy Melton
Arlene McGee
Evelyn Nentrup
Alma Phillips
Doris Qualls
Sophmores Page Two
Mary K. Revees
Shirley Thomas
Walter Webb
Sammy Wells
Basil Williams
Odel Young
Freshman Page One
Carol Benton
Dewayne Bolen
Johnny Bruce
Betty Brooks
Charles Brown
Curtis Boswell
Wayne Campbell
Ruth Ann Carter
Freshman Page Two
Joe Coble
Dewayne Dew
Donald Dirickson
Frank Doty
Carolyn Edwards
Dickie Garver
Landon Hefner
Jerry Hester
Freshman Page Three
Carolyn Elliot
Judy Hefner
Jackie Harvill
June Jones
Patsy Lloyd
Donald Mitchell
Glen Melton
Donald McCurter
Freshman Page Four
Alfred McMeans
Joe Morehead
Bobby Morries
Velma Ruth Nobles
Doris Orr
Franklin Osborn
Juanita Osborn
Amelia Pearson
Freshman Page Five
Bessie Parker
Velma Parker
Kathryn Pyles
Shirley Reese
Betty Rose
Mary Sue Rose
Mary Etta Self
Ramona Smith
Freshman Page Five
Billy Stockton
Yvonne Stroud
Jimmy Teachenor
Charles Walters
Margaret Whitehead
Gerald Williams
Anna Bell Woodall
Joyce Young
Eight Page One
Anna May Byrd
Sally Campbell
Billy Cato
Nadine Donica
Calvine Dirickson
Loretta Edwards
Charles Hall
Marglyn Hollowell
Eight Page Two
Flora Jackson
Anna Jackson
Betty Kelm
Helen Lampley
Danny McCurter
Delmer Nored
Beulah Ordway
Orville Parks
Eight Page Three
Polieta Pierce
Marcella Rodawald
Floyd Royal
Eugene Sedrick
Joan Self
Tommy Scott
Virginia Scott
Bobby Singleton
Eight Page Four
Shirley Stephens
Georgia Watson
Patsy Weeks
Billy Winberry
June Winberry
Franklin Woodall
Tollie Woods
Seven Page One
Elva Gene Autry
Barbara Brown
Marvin Bruce
Melvin Bruce
Vera Cunningham
Tommy Casinger
Freddie Donica
Burneal Downing
Seven Page Two
Junior Easley
Patricia Ford
Fred Farris
Tommy Hargrove
Peggy Hargrove
G. W. Hicks
Claudia Huggins
Glenda Huggins
Gilbert Husketh
William Hefner
Glenda Hefner
Jerry Hefner
Seven Page Three
Glen McCurter
Roger Pridy
Charles Reynolds
Jerry Robertson
Jerry Huffman
Gerald Kiersey
Merald Kiersey
Michael Lancaster
Seven Page Four
Agatha Sedrick
Erma Shepard
Betty Thomas
Glenda Thomas
Ruby Rhines
Shirley Rose
Jimmy Stockton
Joyce Smith
Bobby Watson
J. D. Winberry
Josie Winberry
Christine Yeley
Sixth Grade Group Fifth and Sixth Grade
Fifth Grade Group Forth Grade
Third Grade Group Third and Forth Grade Group
Two Groups Primary Grade Second Grade Group
Elementary Teachers

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