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Qulin Schools Early Beginnings

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Administration for the 1949 High School Year Photo One
Administration for the 1949 High School YearPhoto Two

King and Queen - Doughlan Jones and Doris Ann Baker
Senior 1949 History - Who is Who - Basket Ball Boys - Basket Ball Girls - BasketBall photo 1 - BasketBall photo 2 - Snap Shots photo 1 - Snap Shots photo 2 - Snap Shots photo 3 - Snap Shots photo 4

Seniors 1949

Senior 1949 Photo One

Robert F. Alsup - Sponsor
Ulah Louise Harvill - Queen Candidate,
Doughlan Lee Jones, Sally Carter , Lester Eugene Anderson , Eleanor Joy Davis

Senior 1949 Photo Two
Earl Nation Jr. ,Violet Fay Woods , Betty Irene Stroud ,Wilma Sue Webb , Elsie May Woods ,Estelle Reverta Moore ,

Senior 1949 Photo Three
Howard Bernie Neil Jr. , Betty Lou Scott , James Harold Melton ,Melba Jean (PUG) Janes, Melba's obituary Paul Minniear, Norma Lee Decker ,

Senior 1949 Photo Four
Tracy Winter Wood , Norma Jean Wright , Wanda Wright , Aaron Sentell , Augustus Osborn , Charles Lee McClure , Buddy Edward Lee, Juanita Melton ,


Junior 1949 Photo One
Mr. Bain - Sponsor , Mary Lou Williams, Rita Harper , Junior Hollowell , Junior Mallard , Betty Osborn , Janet Joins , Charles Arnold ,

Junior 1949 Photo Two
LeRoy Goodwin , Darlene Osborn , Margaret McGee , Donald Lee Huffman , Carl Davis , Virginia Flanigan , Zindle Pleasant , Lee Wesley Waters ,

Junior 1949 Photo Three

J. E. Stephens, Buddy Webb, J. C. Yeley , Troy Lee Moffitt ,


Sophmores Photo One
Bobby Arnold, Delma Stephens, Billy Autry, Mary Coble, Arlia L. Wright, Mary Lou Webb, Georgia Melton, Eugene Teachenor, Pat DeTie, Wayne Moore, Helen Woodham, Nathan Metcalfe, Wayne Neil, Dorothy McGee, Jack Overton, Doris Ann Baker, Claudious Osborn, Flora Fay Williams

Sophmores Photo Two
Patsy Kiersey, Lenetta Brent, Imogene Uhl, Barbara Cruse, Laverne Davis, Fay Craft, Ina Mary Walton, Aloyce Mayberry, Nadine Craft, Marge Brown, Jean Sue Pridy, Alma Lee Bulger, Gearldine Chorice, Joan Campbell, Freda King, Delaine Johnson


Freshman Photo One
Mr. Batterton - Sponsor
Gardenia Petty, Billy Looney, Carman Anderson, Jay Ollis, Robbie Brownlow

Freshman Photo Two
Louella Metcalf, Herbert Craft, Mary Ruth Webb, Billie Craft, Ila Mary Hamilton, Duane Teachenor

Freshman Photo Three
Billy Thomas, Norva Dean Stephens, Billy Joe Davis, Jessie Harper, Ernest Clark, Betty Fowler,

Freshman Photo Four
Norma Jean Dirickson, Dorothy Nentrup, Doris Osborn, Doris Black, Emma Jean Kenley, Reta Fowler

Freshman Photo Five
Louise Bramlet, Teddy Hargrove, Lois Godwin, Lenora Arnold, Francis Flanigan

Freshman Photo Six
Joyce Benton, Jerry Nobles, Virginia Gibbs, Ray Robertson, Johnny Baker

Freshman Photo Seven
Margaret Campbell, Dallas Morehead, Janetta Campbell, Janetta Pennington

Eight Grade Group

Eighth Grade Group
Irene Robinson, Jack Summerfield, Nellie Phipps, Kathleen Dennison, Anne Smith, Alma Morgan, Ernestine Schaefer, Sydney Vaughn, Ray Walton, Marvin Bulger, Gene Neil, Ralph Nobles, Kent Campbell, Mary Sue Webb, Dorothy June Hunt, Anna Wright, Betty Fowlkes, J.D. Brown, Raymond Fuchs, Miss Potter, James Coble, Iris Prichard, Lourene Huggins, Gladys Sentell, Franklin Prichard, Lindal Montgomery, Gerald Husketh, Freda Hefner, Onedia McIver.

Carnival Queen - Freda Hefner

Seventh Grade Group

Seventh Grade Group
Dewayne Osborn, Bobby Miller, Paul Holland, Billy Carter, LeRoy Sadler, James Mitchell, Deon Huggins, Buddy Hollowell, Eugene Mayberry, Johnny Miller, Charles Bristow, Bobby Johnson, Claudie McClure, Patricia Osborn, Ruth Easley, Dolores Huggins, Opal Cobb, Willie Sheppard, Wanda Hicks, Jack Little, David Black, Christine McGee, Vera Schaefer, Louise Petty, Erma Sue Veatch, Mary Autry, Faye Davis, Marcus Cobb, Franklin Wright, Charles Hargrove, Allen McIver, Weldon Hamilton, Mr. Kinder.

Sixth Grade Group

Sixth Grade Group
Jimmy Brent, Gail Keirsey, Mary Kathryn Reeves, Augustine Hast, Earnest Melton, Odell Young, Virginia Huff, Joyce Baker, Corbit Donica, Mrs. Danner, Anne Bell Woodall, Arthur Clark, Ervin Carr, Eva Lou Turner, Evelyn Nentrup, Jerry Hester, Patsy Husketh, Basin Williams, Carl Arnold, James Kelm, Lucille Watson, Arlene McGee, Peggy Cox, Loyd McGee, Wayne Dunica, Charles Downing, June Huggins, Jimmy Melton, Ishmal Scott, Peggy Pleasant, Joe Scott, Lavonda Hargrove, Beverly Wilson, Elnora Prichard, Paul Baker, Bobby Reynolds, Roy Black.

Fifth Grade Group

Fifth Grade Grade Group
Mr. Vancil, Thomas Miskel, Odis Hopper, Donald Mitchell, Charles Hester, Jackie Harvill, Billy Winberry, Elmer Nord, Richard Jones, Alfred McMeans, Janice Young, Kathryn Piles, Velma Ruth Nobles, Betty Sue Weeks, Jimmy Montgomery, Carrol Benton, Joe Coble, Donald Dirickson, Lawrence Harrison, Connie Jean Jenkins, Juanita Osborn, Mary Etta Self, Yvonne Stroud, Joyce Kenley, Patricia Chaney, Charles Brown, Carolyn Edwards, Barbara Ham, Nelda Johnson, Wayne Campbell, Shirley Whittington, Freda Jones, Freda Wells, J.L. Parks, Oudis Parks, Robert Ford, Franklin Osborn, Gerald Williams, Jerry Johnson.

Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade Grade Group
Shirley White, J.D. Winberry, William Woodall, Riley Acord, Delmar Nored, Anna Mae Byrd, Patsy Lou Weeks, Shirley Mae Parker, Floyd Royal, Shirley Ann Stevens, Aileen Donica, Marcella Rodewald, Calvin Dirickson, Coy Sadler, Leo Yeley, Roger Pridy, Marion Mayberry, Harold Clark, Glenna Webber, Bettie Kelm, Betty McIver, Patsy Pleasant, Marylin Davis, Loretta Edwards, Virginia Scott, Marglyn Hollowell, Janettie O'Hare, Georgia Watson, Billie Cato, Tommie Scott, Joan Self, Glenn Sedrick, Orville Wells, Junior Rhodes, Bobbie Singleton, Beulah Ordway, Politea Pierce.

Third Grade

Third Grade Grade Group
Marcella Young, Josie Winberry, Ruby Rines, Betty Thomas, Mary Cole, Mary Stallings, Erma Shepard, Jerry Hefner, William Hefner, Peggy Hargrove, G. W. Hicks, Jerry Huffman, Mattie Huff, Jerry Robertson, Tommy Hargrove, Charles Reynolds, Johnny Schaeffer , Gerald Kiersey, Betty Black, Merald Kiersey, Fayetta Scott, Bobby Watson, Fred Donica, Gail Hefner, Glenda Thomas, Elvie Jean Autry, Norma Coffel, Michael Lancaster, Junior Ray Easley, Joyce Smith, Elvia Harnetz, Bobby Pleasant, Clifford Frost, Berneal Downing, Autrey Wills, Bonnie Miskle, Zelma Parks, Shirley Rose, Keith Chaney, Richard Johnson , Glenda Huggins, Mr. Versa Wells, Teacher

Second Grade

  • Second A Grade Grade Group
    Jimmie Rackley, Cecil Brayton, Avel Robinette, Mrs. Reeves, Joann Pyles, Kate Rodewald, Eugene Hopper, Shirley Sentell, Gail Webber, Jean Bach, Dennis Hargrove, Fay Espey, Joyce Black, Billie John Webb, Donald Coffel, Adruain Cato, Barbara White, Bonnie Reynolds, Glen Lawrence, Donald Montgomery, Delmar Crane, Glenda Weeks, Ronald Hefner, Donna Fowlkes, Gordon Wright, Barbara Harnitz, Clyde Hefner, Mary Parks,
  • Second B Grade Grade Group
    Williams Collins, Shirley Winberry, Jimmy Jones, Jerry Royal, Lenada Scally, Claude Cole, Sue Scott, Merle O'Hare, Miss Arnold. Jerry McGee, Joyce Brooks, Roberta Miller, Jo Bach, Shirley Stroud, Connie Reynolds, Delane Hefner, Billy Ray Piles, Jerry Huggins, Grover Parks, Carole Donica, Carol Sue Colter, Jacky Goodman, Jackie Johnson, Virginia Watson, Johnny Hefner, Carol Ann Scheafer, Willodean Reynolds, Peggy Wills, Junior Walters, Eugene Huggins,

First Grade

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