qulin butler co missouri school 1947 year books

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© Provided by: Jamie McClure
Scanned images by: Charles McClure

Qulin Schools Early Beginnings

Dedication of the EAGLE to Mr. Tallent Photo
Faculty for the 1946-1947 High School Year Photo
Faculty for the 1946-1947 Primary School Year Photo

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  • 1947 King and Queen Jackie Piatt, Wilma Webb
  • BasketBall "A" Team Jackie Piatt,Captain Price Baker, Jackie Piatt, Howard Melton, Glen McClure, Doughlan Jones, Joe Scott, Eugene Moore
  • BasketBall "B" Team Dewey Piatt, Captain, Junior Hollowell, Dewey Piatt, Junior Nation, Wayne Brockman, Ralph Hendrix, H. V. Neil, Sterling Hill,
  • Boys Volley Ball Team Glen McClure, Captain, Howard Melton, Jackie Piatt, Eugene Moore, Sterling Hill, Wayne Brockman, Burl Moffitt, Ralph Hendrix,
  • Boys Softball Team Junior Hollowell, Ralph Hendrix, Dewey Piatt, Price Baker, H. V. Neil, Junior Nation, Sterling Hill, Wayne Brockman, Doughlan Jones, Glen McClure Joe Scott, Howard Melton, Jackie Piatt, Burl Moffitt, Eugene Moore,
  • Girls Volley Ball Team Joyce Davis, Elsie Woods, Charline Bradley - Captain, Jean Smith, Violet Woods, Genora Vaughn, Sally Carter, Dorthea Nord, Rose Nobles, Evelyn Melton, Betty Scott
  • Girls Basketball Team Carmelite Berry, Estell Moore, Charline Bradley - Captain, Sally Carter, Mrs. DeWitt, Mary Lou Williams, Betty Scott, Marilyn Cates, Violet Woods, Elsie Woods, Evelyn Melton, Rose Nobles, Leveta Metlock
  • Staff Off Guard and Snap Shots Wilbert Montgomery, Joyce Davis, Margaret McGee, Zindel Pleasant, Tommy Culbertson, Sondra Lee, Genora Vaughn, Jean Wright, Junior Nation, Harold Melton, Betty Scott, Betty Jones, Rose Nobles, Imogene Young, Howard Neil, Doughlan Jones. -- AND OTHER PHOTOS

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Seniors Full Photo - page 1 enlarged images below
Seniors Full Photo - page 2 enlarged images below

  1. page1 Row One
    Leland Piatt , Glen McClure
  2. page1 Row Two
    Jearlean Griffin, Rosetta Nation,
  3. page1 Row Three
    Ivah Lee Arnold, Yvonne Batson,
  4. page1 Row Four
    Charline Bradley, Marilyn Cates
  5. page1 Row Five
    Donna Jean Cruse, Betty Decker
  6. page2 Row One
    Lorraine Godwin, Charles Husketh
  7. page2 Row Two
    Pauline King, Evelyn Melton
  8. page2 Row Three
    Helen Saltzman, Joe Scott
  9. page2 Row Four
    James Woods, Helen Wright,
  10. page2 Row Five
    June Young, Burl Moffitt (not shown)
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Juniors Full Photo Page 1 enlarged images below

  1. page one Row One
    Price Baker, Shelby Batson, Phyllis Campbell
  2. page one Row Two
    Joyce Davis, Delores Chaney, Betty Jones,
  3. page one Row Three
    Wilbert Montgomery, Loreda Landcaster, Rose Nobles,
  4. page one Row Four
    Jean Smith, Genora Vaughn, Helen Webb
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Sophmore Full Photo Page 1
enlarged images below Images Row One - Six
Sophmore Full Photo Page 2
enlarged images below Images Row Seven - Twelve

  1. Row One
    L. Medlock, P Minnaer, E. Moore, E. Moore,
  2. Row Two
    M. Mitchell, Jr. Nation, A. Sentell, B. Stroud
  3. Row Three
    G. W. Smith Jr., D. Piatt, E. Uhl, W. Webb
  4. Row Four
    J. Wright, W. Wright, B. Scott, N. D. Reese
  5. Row Five
    V. Woods, E. M. Woods, T. Woods, L. Williams,
  6. Row Six
    I Young, H.B. Neil, (C. Hartwell,) (J. Melton,) (not shown)
  7. Row Seven
    L. Anderson, F. Bagwell, J. Belote, C. Berry,
  8. Row Eight
    W. Brockman, B. Carr, S. Carter, C. Culbertson
  9. Row Nine
    E. J. Davis, B. P. Davis, N. L. Decker, H. Doty,
  10. Row Ten
    B. J. Glass, D. Head, S. Hill, B. Johnson,
  11. Row Eleven
    D. Jones, D. King, F. Lewis, C. Lee,
  12. Row Twelve
    C. Lee, B. Lee, H. Melton, L. Micenheimer.
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Freshman Full Photo Page 1
enlarged images below Images Row One - Two
Freshman Full Photo Page 2
enlarged images below Images Row Three - Four

  1. Row One
    L. Brummett, N. L. Gates, C. Cunningham, J. Downing,
    A. Fewin, L. Godwin, B. Hayes, Jr. Mallard
  2. Row Two
    L. Moffett, T. Moffett, B. Osborn, N. Orr,
    M. Pennington, F. Phillips, D. Spence, J. E. Stephens
  3. Row Three
    M. L. Williams, C. Arnold, Jr. Hollowell, V. Flanigan,
    Reta Harper, D. Huffman, J. Goins, S. Lee,
  4. Row Four
    M. McGee, D. Osborn, Z. Pleasant, G. Sweenza
    J. Yeley, B. Webb, C. Davis
    Not shown,
    F. Dickerson, J. D. Hargiss, H. Long, M. Robertson

NO - 8th grade photo for 1947

7th Grade
Full Page enlarged images below
  1. Row One
    Dorie Osborn, Dale Ashcraft, Lenore Arnold, Johnny Baker, Joyce Benton, Louise Bramlet, Gardenia Petty
  2. Row Two
    Clyde Pleasant, Dovie Beaird, J. C. Craig, Ronald Davis, Magie Easley, Rita Fowler, Joan Phillips
  3. Row Three
    James Reynolds, Lois Godwin, Ila Mary Hamilton, Teddy Hargrove, Jessie Harper, Sunny Mae Hendrix, James Head
  4. Row Four
    Paul Mitchell, Everett Moffitt, Dorothy Nentrip, Jerry Nobles, Jay Ollis

6th Grade

Full Page enlarged images below

  1. Row One
    J. D. Brown, Marvin Bulger, Katherine Clifton, Don Estes, Betty Fowlkes, Raymond Fuchs, Freda Heffner,
  2. Row Two
    Huey Henderson, Laurine Huggins, Nina Lee Huggins, Dorotha Hunt, Gerald Husketh, Vernell Kelm, Patsy Ledbetter,
  3. Row Three
    Lendal Montgomery, Alma Morgan, Gene Neil, Ralph Nobles, Nellie Phipps, Mildred Reese, Irene Roberson
  4. Row Four
    Nelly Mae Sanderson, Gladys Sentell, Anne Smith, Loren Tanner, Jimmy Trammel, Sydney Vaughn, Ray Walton, Bobby Weeks, Mary Sue Webb, Orvist Woods, Anna Wright, Kent Campbell
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No Fifth Grade Photos

4th Grade
Full Page - 1 enlarged images below
Full Page - 2 enlarged images below
  1. Row One
    Eugene Mayberry, Donald Stallings, Augusteen Hast , Claude McClure, Leroy Kearby, Virginia Huff, Shirley Ann Lancaster, Lucelle Watson, Peggy June Cox
  2. Row Two
    Willard Winberry, Weldon Hamilton, Jimmy Melton, Van Buren Stroud, Ernest Melton, David Richardson, Paul Barker,
  3. Row Three
    Doyn Bell, Joseph Bristow, Jimmy Brent, Malcom Isabell, Arthur Hollowell, Bobby Reynolds, Mary Agnes Ledbetter
  4. Row Four
    June Huggins, Charles Bristow, Jerry Hester, Arlene McGee, Carl Arnold, Wayne Donica, Deon Huggins
  5. Row Five
    Odell Young, Robert Baker, Roy Black, Carlett Donica, Rix Lewis, Ervin Harold Carr, Jimmy Rhodes,
  6. Row Six
    Peggy Pleasant, Mary Katherine Reeves, Joe Parks, Gail Kiersey, Bobby Miller, Anna Belle Woodall, Marie Nentrip
  7. Row Seven
    Joyce Baker, Peggy Hendrix, James Kelm, Basil Williams, Ishmall Scott, Yvonne Stroud, Gerald Ashcraft
  8. Row Eight
    J.D. Huggins, Lee Roy Sadler, Patsy Ruth Husketh, Christine McGee, Charles Downing, Beverly Wilson, Eva Lon Turner

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Full Page - 1 enlarged images below
Full Page - 2 enlarged images below

  1. Row One
    Jerry Johnson, Carrol Benton, Patricia Chaney, Jackie Harwell, Thomas Ray Miskle, Gerald Williams, Franklin Osborn,
  2. Row Two
    Barbara Ham, Janice Young, Robert Ford, Judith Ann Hefner, William Robertson, Charles Hester, Donald Tanner,
  3. Row Three
    Charles Brown, Marieda Goldsmith, Maxine Saltzman, June Winbury, Nelda Lee Johnson, Paul Craig, Velma Ruth Nobles
  4. Row Four
    Raymond Allen May, Billie Winberry, Landon Hefner, Linda Morgan, Shirley Ann Reese, Shirley Faye Goldsmith, Oddis Wells
  5. Row Five
    Carolyn Sue Edwards, Raymond Waltman, Juanita Osborn, Ramona Smith, Raymond Fisher, Katherine Piles, Elmer Nored
  6. Row 6th and 7th
    Lawrence Harrison, Marcus Coble, Mary Etta Self, Alma Phipps, Raymond Sanderson, Marvin Abbott, Harold Tanner, J.L. Parks, Rugh Ann Carter, James Williams

2nd Grade
Full Page enlarged images below

  1. Row One
    Marian Mayberry, Joan Self, Loretta Waltman, Virginia Scott, Betty Kelm, Marilyn Davis, Anna Mae Byrd
  2. Row Two
    Jr. Rhodes, Loretta Edwards, Linda Lee Berry, Eugene Sedrick, Bobby Singleton, J.D. Winberry, Coy Sadler
  3. Row Three
    Georgia Watson, Margylon Hollowell, Shirley Stephens, Corrinne Lee , Lula Jones, Marcella Rodewald, Politea Pierce
  4. Row Four
    Shirley White, Patsy Pleasant, Larry Trammel, Marie McMunn, Janet Williams, Denver Tompkins, Delmer Nored
  5. Row Five
    Jackie Isbell, Joan Sweezea, Glen Sedrick, Billy Cato, Calvin Dirickson

NO - 1st grade photo for 1947

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