qulin butler co missouri school 1948 year books

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Qulin Schools Early Beginnings

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Twelth - Eleventh - Tenth - Ninth - Eight - Seventh - Sixth - Fifth - Elememtery

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  • Photo page one
    Billy Carr
    Jean Wright
    Dewey Piatt
    Juanita Melton
    Junior Nation
    Bobby Glass
    Sally Carter
    Lester Anderson
    Sterling Hill
    Betty Scott
    Violet Woods
    Elsie Woods
    Harold Melton
    Elnor Joy Davis
  • Photo page two
    Wanda Wright
    Tracy Woods
    Helen Doty
    Augustus Osborn
    Wilma Webb
    Bobby Paul Davis
    Paul Minniear
    Betty Stroud
    Norma Lee Decker
    Howard Neil
    Ulah Harvill
    Aron Sentell
    Imogene Young
    Buddy Lee
    Estelle Moore
    Leonard Williams
  • Student History
  • Student Nicknames part one
  • Student Nicknames part two



  • Photo page one
    Nathan Metcalf
    Betty Hartwell
    Dale Skinner
    Laverne Davis
    Mary Coble
    Gene Scott
    Flora Williams
    Ina Mary Walton
    Claudie Osborn
    Patsy Kersey
    Faye Craft
    Arlia Wright
    Eugene Teachner
    Barbara Cruse
    Alma Lee Bulger
    Delma Stephens
  • Photo page two
    Max Black
    Georgia Melton
    Aloyce Maybery
    Bobby Gene Arnold
    Imogene Uhl
    Patty Detie
    Maxine Cobb
    Wayne Neil
    Mary Lou Webb
    Jack Overton
    Leona Surface
    Ruth Jean Sadler
    Ester Fowler
    Dorothy McGee
    R. C. Downing
    Wayne Moore
    Nadine Craft
    Doris Ann Barker
    LoWanda Lucas
  • Photo page three
    Ollie May Clark
    Kenneth Depriest
    Helen Woodham
    Freda King
    Delane Johnson
    Jewel May
    Marge Brown
  • History page one

8th Grade

  • 8th Grade Page One
    Ray Robertson
    Teddy Hargrove
    Mary Hester
    Norma Derickson
    Jessie Harper
    James Reynolds
    Jerry Nobles
    Clyd Pleasant
    Johnny Baker
    Lois Godwin
    Mary Ardway
    Louise Brumlet
    Doris Osborn
  • 8th Grade Page Two
    Betty Snider
    Doris Black
    Gardenia Petty
    Virginia Gibbs
    Margie Basley
    Ila Mary Hamilton
    Rita Fowler
    Dorothy Nentrup
    Emma Jean Kenley
    Mary Jones
    Sunia May Hendrick
    Robie June Brownlow

7th Grade

  • 7th Grade
    Alma Morgan
    Marvin Bulger
    Kathleen Dennison
    Ray Walton
    Ralph Nobles
    Anne Smith
    Raymond Fuches
    Dortha Hunt
    James Coble
    Betty Fowlkes
    J. D. Brown
    Nellie Phillips
    Lendal Montgomery
    Bertha Capper
    Jimmy Trammd
    Anna Marie Wright
    Gerald Husketh
    Lourine Huggins
    Gene Neil
    Mary Sue ?
    Irene ?
    Patsy Ledbetter
    Freda ?
    Sinda ?

6th Grade

  • 6th Grade Page One
    June Clenny
    Erma Sue Veateh
    Junior Capper
    Paul Holland
    Mary Pratt
    June Trammell
    Johny Miller
    Opal Cobb
    Roy Robertson
    Elma Mae Beavers
    Billy Carter
  • 6th Grade Page Two
    Vernell Kelm
    John David Black
    Barbara Garver
    Franklin Wright
    Mary Autry
    Jackie Little
    Frankie Nentrup
    Patricia Osborn
    Dolores Huggines
    Louise Petty
    Willis Shepard
    Wanda Hicks
    David Richardson
    DeWayne Osborn
    Ruth Alice Easley
    Faye Davis
    Francis Miskel
    Bobby Weeks

5th Grade

  • 5th Grade Page One
    Jimmy Rhodes
    LeRoy Sadler
    Beverly Wilson
    Joe Coble
    Patsy Husketh
    Van Buren Stroud
    Virginia Huff
    James Parks
    Augustine Hast
    Peggy Pleasant
  • 5th Grade Page Two
    Peggy Cox
    Joyce Baker
    Jimmy Brent
    Florence Weaver
    Arlene McGee
    Jene Huggins
    Charles Bristow
    Bobby Miller
    Doris Cox
    Wayne Donica
    Ishmal Scott
    Billy Rose
    William Dacus
    Joseph Bristow
    Marcus Cobb
    Charles Downing
    Raymond Waltman
    Paul Craig
    Roy Black
    Evin Carr
    Corlett Donica
    Basil Williams
    Gail Keirsey
    Eugene Mayberry
    Carl Arnold
    Buddy Hollowell
  • 5th Grade PageThree
    Joe Parks
    Gail Clenney
    Jerry Hester
    Mary Reeves
    Claudie McClure
    Odell Young
    Evelyn Nentrup
    Deon Huggins
    Mary Bell Woodall
    James Kelm
    A. D. Huggins
    Mary Agnes Ledbetter
    Bobby Reynolds
    Lucille Watson
    Jimmy Melton
    Lloyd McGee
    Eva Lou Turner
    Shirley Capper
    Donald Morgan
    Christine McGee
    Paul Barker
    Weldon Hamilton
    David Richardson
    Junior Young
    Ernest Melton
    Arthur Clark

4th Grade - Group Photo

3rd Grade - Group Photo

2nd Grade - Group Photo

1st Grade - Group Photo Class 1-A

1st Grade - Group Photo Class 1-B

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