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The Lemley Family of Greene County, Pennsylvania

George Lemley (1741-1813) was born 1741 in New Jersey, and died June 11, 1813 in Dunkard Creek, Greene Co. PA. He married Eva Catarina Yoho, baptised May 26, 1741, Conowago Twp., Adams Co. PA, died November 05, 1825, Dunkard Creek, Greene Co. PA, daughter of Johannes and Susanna Caterine (Lau) Yoho.

The earliest record of George is his revolutionary war record in the Pennsylvania Archives Sixth Series Volume II Muster Rolls relating to the Associators and Militia of the County of Washington, First Battalion Washington County (Pennsylvania) Militia.

One tradition states he served as a soldier at Fort Pitt, leaving the Army prior to the close of the Revolution, to settle in the vicinity of Fort Jackson. There he is said to have traded a great coat for a tract of land.

It is definite that he served a tour of duty with Captain James Archer's Company of Washington County, Pennsylvania Militia in 1782, and a few years later got warrants for two tracts of land in what is now Whiteley Township, Greene County, and settled just north of the Mason & Dixon line, in 1797 on a branch of Whiteley Creek, near the Franklin Township line, on a tract of land named in the patent "shiver-de-frise".

His estate was probated June 29, 1813. George and Catherine are buried at Shiver-de-Frise Cem., Greene Co. PA.

Children of George and Eva Catarina (Yoho) Lemley are:
John, Jacob , Mary, George, Peter, Catherine, Susannah, Isaac, Rachel, Samuel and David.

Jacob Lemley(1765-1834) son of George and Eva Catarina (Yoho) Lemley, was born June 09, 1765 in Whiteley Twp., Greene Co. PA, and died January 18, 1834 in Whiteley Twp., Greene Co. PA. He married Sarah (___) born January 16, 1771 and died September 14, 1863, Whiteley Twp., Greene Co. PA.

Jacob did service in the Indian Wars as recorded in the Pennsylvania Archives 6th Series Vol. 5 p 654, Oct 1-31, 1794 in Capt. Anthony Van Sickles Co. Washington County, Greene Twp. (which became a part of Greene Co. in 1796).

They are buried on a high point overlooking the Community of Cummins (Greene County Atlas & Plat Book 1972 p. 17 farm No 135 owned by Waynesburg College) to the east on the farm they wrestled from the wilderness and patented in 1796 under the name "The Dove." Their graves are under a Sugar maple tree and are marked by two small white marble slabs that are fallen. A field stone marker and few depressions in the ground suggest that other persons have been buried here. (Leckey, Howard L., The Tenmile Country and it's Pioneer Families)

Children of Jacob and Sarah Lemley are:
Jacob, Elizabeth, George Washington , Rebecca, Ezekial, Smauel, Charlotte, Sarah, Richard, Henry S. and Susannah.

George Washington Lemley (1794-1875) was born 1794 in Greene Co. PA, and died 1875 in Greene Co. PA. He married Sarah White, daughter of Israel and Sarah (Slater) White.

Children of George Washington and Sarah (White) Lemley are:
Elizabeth, Jacob, Henry, Ezekial, Nancy, Ellen, Margaret, Charlotte, George and David .

David Lemley (1816-1894) son of George Washington and Sarah (White) Lemley was born 1816 in Whiteley Twp., Greene Co. PA, and died February 15, 1894 in Missouri. He married Bef. 1838, Sarah Moore daughter of John Moore and Susannah Armstrong.

Children of David and Sarah (Moore) Lemley are:
Isaac, Hiram, Susannah , Alcy, John and James.

Susannah Lemley (1841-Bef 1877 daugher of of David and Sarah (Moore) Lemley, married November 03, 1859, Tyler Co. WV, Christopher Core "C.C." Shriver (1833-1897). They resided in Tyler County, West Virginia. Please see The Shriver Family page for C.C. and Susannah's children and descendants.


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