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The Schreiber/ Shriver Family of Germany, Frederick County, Maryland, Frederick County, Virginia, Greene County, Pennsylvania, Monongalia County and Tyler Counties, West Virginia

Johan Adam Schreiber (Abt. 1736 - Abt. 1803) was born Abt. 1736 in Germany. He married Abt. 1758 in Frederick County, Maryland, Christina (She may have been a Strosnider).

Adam Shriver, probably was the Johan Adam Schreiber shown on the list for the ship, Issac, Capt. Robert Mitchell from Rotterdam, who took Oath to the Government at the Court House at Philadelphia, September 27, 1749.

Adam Shriver went from Frederick County, Maryland, to Frederick County, Virginia in 1772. By 1803, Adam Shriver was living at Greene County, Pennsylvania, at which time he transferred 180 acres on Dunkard Creek to his son Abraham, the consideration being listed as 20 bushels of wheat, 10 bushels of rye, 20 bushels of corn, 300 pounds of pork, 100 pounds of beef, one pair of mens shoes for Adam, two pairs of shoes for Christina, also sugar and salt. .

Adam Shriver rendered material aid during the Revolutionary War. Claim No. 86, Department of Public Claims, Virginia State Archives, Frederick County:

I hereby certify that I have received for public use of Adam Shriver, four hundred eighteen pounds of fine flour for which payment shall be made at the rate of 60 pounds per hundred weight agreeable to Acts of Assembly.
Rich Eastin-Com. Frederick County.

Adam and his wife are buried near Pentress, West Virginia, in the Shriver cemetery, located approximately 12 miles west of Morgantown on the north side of the highway on lands formerly belonging to the Shriver family but now the property of the Christopher Coal Company. A survey of the cemetery made November 1, 1938 by Leone Bourne, under the auspices of the WPA, now filed in the West Virginia collection in the library of West Virginia University, gives the area as one acre, with the number of marked graves 36, and of unmarked 15.

The Children of Adam and Christina Shriver are:
Henry, George, Abraham , Jacob, John, Catherine and Elizabeth

Abraham Shriver (1758-1837) was born September 06, 1768 in Frederick Co., Virginia, and died November 11, 1837 in Monongalia Co., Virginia now West Virginia. He married Mary Kackley May 31, 1791 in Frederick Co. Virginia, daughter of Elias and Catherine Kackley.

In The Monongalia Story, A Bicentennial History, The Pioneers , Lee R. Shriver describes the wagon in which his grandparents, Abraham and Mary (Keckley) Shriver, crossed the mountains from Frederick County, Virginia, to settle on Dunkard Creek about 1796:

"They came by covered wagon, schooner style, drawn by four horses. I recall that old wagon box very distinctly. We children used it as a playhouse as it sat in a shed at the old barn long after it's usefulness as a farm box had passed. This box was constructed to meet the conditions of the times, built about two feet high in the center, gradually sloping to a height of four feet in both the front and the rear. There were comparatively no graded roads in that day. The wagon had to be drawn over Logs and Rocks, dropped down and drawn up high banks in crossing streams, thus the high front and rear held the load in place, and prevented it from being thrown out." (From his "Journal", made available to the author by Mr. Shriver's granddaughter, Mrs William H. (Elsie Shriver) Rardin, of Point Pleasant.)

Several interesting legends are told of the first winter that the Shrivers lived in the Tenmile Country. One legend says that they came here in an immigrant wagon in which they lived while preparing their first cabin on the William Orndorff Farm. Another says they found a large hollow sycamore tree on the stream that runs through the Brazilla Stephens Farm, which being cleaned out, furnished a snug haven until the cabin was erected. Old timers used to point out this tree in which the Shrivers were supposed to have spent the first rough winter. [The Tenmile Country and it's Pioneer Families]

The Children of Abraham and Mary (Kackley) Shriver are:
Catherine, Adam, Elias, Jacob, Christena, Elizabeth, John, Benjamin , Isaac, and Abraham, Jr.

Benjamin Shriver (1805-1892) was born May 27, 1805 in Monongalia Co., Virginia, now West Virginia, and died April 05, 1892 in Tyler Co., West Virginia. He married Abt. 1828, Rebecca Core, daughter of Christopher and Hannah (Snider)Core.

Benjamin purchased (in 1853 and 1854) 338 acres on Middle Island Creek in Tyler County, Virginia, now West Virginia. In the 1860's an active mining boom developed in the area, and many residents, including the Shriver brothers (Benjamin and Abraham Jr.), leased the mining and drilling rights on their land to various mining companies; payment was to be one eighth of the proceeds from all coal, oil, or other minerals.

Benjamin Shriver's will, proved 1892, left property to all his children, with the home farm going to Christopher "C.C." Christopher remained in Tyler County. Benjamin's son David also lived in Tyler County.

The Children of Benjamin and Rebecca (Core) Shriver are:
Hannah, Elias, Christopher Core "C.C.," Benjamin, Rachel, Elizabeth and David.

Christopher Core "C.C." Shriver (1833-1897) was born August 28, 1833 in Monongalia Co., Virginia, and died August 19, 1897 in Tyler Co., West Virginia. He married 1st Susannah Lemley, November 03, 1859 in Tyler Co. Virginia, daughter of David Lemley and Sarah Moore. He married 2nd Sarah Jane (___) Bef. 1877.

The Children of Christopher Core "C.C.," and Susannah (Lemley) Shriver are:
Sarah R., H.B.L., Margaret Jane , Mary Ann, John Moody and Luella.

The Children of Christopher Core "C.C.," and Sarah Jane (___) Shriver are:
George, an infant that died young and Herma.

Margaret Jane Shriver daughter of Christopher Core "C.C.," and Susannah (Lemley) Shriver, married February 28, 1880 in Tyler Co., WV, Hugh Thorn (1853-1908), son of of Ulysses and Catherine (Weekley) Thorn. They resided in Toronto, Jefferson County, Ohio. Please see the Thorn Family Page for their family and descendants.


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