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Over the years that I have been studying Family History, I have come across many histories, stories and obituaries which were just to big to include on the family page. The are interesting to read as it helps to put into perspective some of the data on the family pages, and gives us some insight on their lives.

If you are interested in what it was like to live in "the good old days", don't forget to read Olga's poems, she wrote a lot about her life growing up in the early part of this century.

John Bensing, Onward to the Father, Home of the Departed, Goes One more of Henry County's Pioneers and Respected Citizens - Biographical Sketch, Chronicles his life from the time he emigrated to Beaver Co. PA to his founding the town of Malinta, Henry Co., Ohio.

Anna Barbara (Ifft) Bensing - Obituary

Jacob "Jake" Bensing - Brick and Tile Cutting Machine, according to family tradition, Uncle Jake's invention - The Tile and Brick cutter, was the first U.S. Patent issued for a device driven by a conveyor belt, and it was the first patent by a Malinta resident.

Barbara (Brobst) McCurley, Eulogy - October 13, 1990, By William Leander Brobst

Thelma (Brobst) Biggin, Eulogy - Jan. 27, 1998 in Cortland, Ohio, By William Leander Brobst

Ben and Lorain Jurie (Culp) Brobst, Highlights on the lives of my Parents Biographical Sketch, By Aunt Anna Brobst Town

Peter Brobst, The Days of the Pioneers in Fairfield and Pickaway This interview and autobiographical article appeared in a Fairfield or Pickaway Co. Ohio newspaper sometime prior to 1889 while Peter Brobst was still living. It tells of the pioneers in Fairfield and Pickaway Counties during the early times of Ohio.

Geroge Jacob Pflug Family of Beaver County, PA This typed essay on the Pflug family can be found in the PFLUGH folder in the Resource & Research Center for Beaver County and Local History, Beaver Falls, PA. (If you know who the author was, please let me know.)

George W. Schaney - Schaney's Bicycle Emporium This newspaper clipping was found in the Beaver County Library Schaney folder, there was no date.

John Smurthwaite - Obituary and an article about his funeral, which was the largest funeral ever seen in Steubenville, Ohio up until 1875.

William Smurthwaite - A Character Sketch Article was published in a local Steubenville, Jefferson County Ohio Newspaper, November 30, 1895.

Uriah White, Letter to Grace, Chippin Sodbury, Gloucestershire, Old England This letter was written in 1765, I transcribed this as best I could from a photocopy of a very old document, from the Chester County PA, Historical Society. It is an account of what happened to Nicholas White the immigrant, after he left England in 1711, and after his arrival in Pennsylvania.

Hessen Church Records - Richard A. Ifft has sent this info that he requested from a genealogist who has access to Hessen (Kürhessen, Co Hesse) Kirchenbüchern Records, I've posted what I've OCR scanned so far, untranslated. This link will take you to the Ifft/Ift/Efft Family History Project, Choose the link at the bottom of the menu "Kay's Home Page" to return to this main area of the website.

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