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The Glück/Glick Family of Hessen-Nassau, Germany, Berks County, Pennsylvania and Fairfield County, Ohio

Michael Gluck (Abt. 1646 - 1690) was born About 1646 in Lorhaupten, Germany, and died January 13, 1690 in Lorhaupten, Germany. He married July 17, 1676 in Lorhaupten, Germany, Magdalena Seitz, born about 1655, died August 13, 1705 in Lorhaupten, Germany, daughter of Hans Seitz.

Child of Michael and Magdalena (Seitz) Gluck is:

Lorenz Gluck (1683 - 1745) son of of Michael and Magdalena (Seitz) Gluck, was born 1683 in Lorhaupten, Hanau, Hessen-Nassau, and died December 13, 1745 in Lorhaupten, Hanau, Hessen-Nassau. He married February 19, 1707 in Lorhaupten Parish, Hanau, Hessen-Nassau, Magdalena Krug born, 1686, died April 17, 1752 in Lorhaupten, Hanau, Hessen-Nassau, daughter of Michael Krug and Clara Weygands.

Children of Lorenz and Magdalena (Krug) Gluck are:
Phillip, Margaretha, Jacob, Michael, Johannes "John, " Anna Christina and Elizabeth.

Johannes "John" Glick (1715 - 1783 son of Lorenz and Magdalena (Krug) Gluck, was born October 29, 1715 in Lohrhaupten, Hanau, Hessen-Nassau, Germany, and died March 23, 1783 in Berks County, Pennsylvania. He married April 28, 1744 in Lohrhaupten Parish, Hanau, Hessen, Nassau, Germany, Anna Magdalena Herr, born April 23, 1724, died April 13, 1790 in Berks County, Pennsylvania, daughter of Peter Herr and Anna Freund. They are buried in the Wessnerville cemetery, in Stony Run, in Albany township, Berks county, at the Freeden church in the southeast corner of the graveyard.

Johannas Glick, and wife Magdalena, with four or five children, and John Phillip Glick immigrated to this country from Hanau, the Palitinate in Germany, on the Snow (ship) "Good Intent" from Amsterdam. They arrived at Philadelphia, registered, and took oath Oct. 23, 1754. They settled in Albany Township, near Wessnerville, now Stony Run, in Berks County, Pennsylvania.

The name Johannas Gluck appears upon the tax list of Albany township from 1758 to 1780.

It has been claimed that five of Johannas's sons served in the Revolutionary War. The Pennsylvania archives give George, Henry, Albrecht and Frederick but fail to give Philip.

The last will and testament of Johannes Gluck written in German is on file in the recorder's office at the court house in Reading, Pennsylvania, his widow, Magdalena, and two of her sons, George and Philip, are appointed executors. The will is dated November 14, 1780. Letters were granted the executor August 23, 1783, and says he was a blacksmith and had these sons: John George, Philip, Daniel, Henry, David, Frederick and Peter, first two the eldest, last two the youngest. No daughters are named in will. He gave his blacksmith tools to Philip and his farm to Henry.

Children of Johannes "John" and Anna Magdalena (Herr) Glick are:
John George, Phillip, Henry, Johan Albrecht Daniel , David, George Frederick and Johan Peter.

Johan Albrecht Daniel Glick (1758 - 1824) son of Johannes "John" and Anna Magdalena (Herr) Glick, was born 1758 in Berks County, Pennsylvania, and died 1824 in Bloom Township, Fairfield County, Ohio. He married Christina Barbarine.

Helen Markwood found that her great, great, grandfather Peter Glick was a real estate agent. In looking through various records she came across a will, handwritten, handsewn with sewing thread. Her great granduncle Issac Schleich had written it for Daniel Glick, charging a $2 fee. It was signed 16 Feb 1823 and probated 15 Mar 1824.

Helen has ascertained which sections of land in Fairfield Co. (now both in Fairfield and Pickaway Counties) are mentioned in the will, which sections others of the family owned, etc. Section 26, Pickaway Co. now has Slade Run Historical Farm operating as one would have 100 years ago. It is owned and operated by Columbus Metro Park System. They have a beautifully kept Recreational Park on part of Sections 27 and 25.

Children of Johan Albrecht Daniel and Christina (Barbarine) Glick are:
David, Frederick, Jacob, Catherina , Solomon, Salome, Daniel, and Benjamin.

Catherina Glick (1783 - 1861) daughter of of Johan Albrecht Daniel and Christina (Barbarine) Glick, married 1st Johan Peter Brobst (1779-1803), they had one daughter Salome, when he died she married 2nd his brother Johan Jacob Brobst (1783-1830). They moved in 1807 with a few other families from the area around Berks County, Pennsylvania to Fairfield/Pickaway Counties, Ohio. Please see The Brobst Family page for Johan Peter, Johan Jacob and Catherina's family and descendants.

Read the story titled, "The Days of the Pioneers in Fairfield and Pickaway." for more about this family.


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