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The Brobst (Probst) Family of Switzerland, Alsace, Berks and Lehigh Counties, Pennsylvania, Defiance, Fairfield, Henry, Pickaway and Trumbull Counties, Ohio

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Our Ancestors in Switzerland and Alsace

Hans Probst (Abt. 1531 - Abt. 1577) was born Abt. 1531 in Bern, Bern, Switzerland, and died Abt. 1577 in Switzerland. Although there were other Hans Probsts living in Bern at the time, research indicates that American Brobsts are descended from this Hans Probst.

Children of Hans Probst are:
Niklaus and Hans Michael.

Niklaus Probst (1554 - ) son of Hans Probst, was born November 04, 1554 in Siselen, Bern, Switzerland. He married Margareth (___) 1577 in Siselen, Bern, Switzerland.

Children of Niklaus and Margareth Probst are:
Elsbeth, Margreth, Wilhelm, Hans, Jakobe, Barbara, Peter Hans, Fanni, Rudolph , Elsbeth, Euphrosina and Niklaus.

Rudolph Probst (1595-1653) son of Niklaus and Margareth Probst, was born September 24, 1595 in Siselen, Bern, Switzerland, and died Bef. January 18, 1653 in Wangen, Allgau, Bavaria, Germany.

Child of Rudolph Probst is:
Barthel .

Barthel Probst (1626-1689) son of Rudolph Probst, was born 1626 in Ettischweyl, Germany, and died April 12, 1689 in Kandel, Germany. He married January 18, 1653 in Kandel, Germany, Susannah Fischer, daughter of Peter and Otilla Fischer, born February 14, 1630, in Kandel, Germany, died April 25, 1705, in Kandel, Germany.

Children of Barthel and Susannah (Fischer) Probst are:
Hans Michael, Johannes Michael, Johannes Jacob, Christophel , Hans Barthel, Otilla, Hans George and Johannes.

Christophel Probst (1661-1719) , master potter of Middle Kandel, Germany, son of Barthel and Susannah (Fischer) Probst, was baptised March 31, 1661, Kandel, Germany, and died February 14, 1719 in Kandel, Germany. He married January 31, 1690 in Kandel, Germany, Eva Christine Hoffman, daughter of Hans Hoffman and Anna Rimpler, born September 25, 1670 in Kandel, Germany, and died March 02, 1727 in Kandel.

Christophel was the father of the early German immigrants who came to America.

Children of Christophel and Eva Christine (Hoffman) Probst are:
Johannes, Philipp Jacob , Zacharias, Maria Catharina, Anna Maria Margaretha, Johann Michael, Johan Christopherus, Eve Christina, Elisabetha Margaretha, Maria Sarah and Eva Christina.

Our Ancestors in Pennsylvania

Philipp Jacob Probst (1692-1760) son of of Christophel and Eva Christine (Hoffman) Probst, was born November 30, 1692 in the village of Middle Kandel and died March 21, 1760 in Albany Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania. He married Anna Catherine "C'erine" Christ, 1720 in Oberseebach, Alsace, sh was born, November 10, 1696 in Alsace, and died 1759 in Pennsylvania.

Philipp Jacob, was a master potter by trade (as were his father and his brothers) in the village of Middle Kandel.

Philipp Jacob and his family, his sister Elisabeth Margaretha (with her husband, Hans Erhardt Fosselmann), and his brother Johann Michael, left Oberseebach in Alsace, passing through Dover, England, and arrived in Philadelphia on October 17, 1732, on the ship "John and William", along with 163 others. Many of their shipmates died at sea. Philipp Jacob, his family, and his younger brother, Johann Michael, stayed in Philadelphia over the winter. Philipp Jacob was ill, and they did not want to face a winter journey through the wilderness. In the spring of 1733, they set forth on a difficult overland trip (of about fifty miles, as the crow flies) to what was to become Kistler Valley in Berks County, in southeastern Pennsylvania.

Philipp Jacob and his immediate family settled initially near Fetherolfsville, in Albany Township, very near the western edge of Lynn Township, Northampton (now Lehigh) County. They settled near Maiden Creek in northeastern Albany Township, just a mile north of the Jerusalem (Red) Church. The northeastern corner of his 362 acres of land extended just across the county line into Lynn Township, Northampton County.

Children of Philipp Jacob and Anna Catherine (Christ) Probst are:
Jean Michael ; Jean Valentine; Jean Martin; Anne Marie; Anna Maria; Eva Catharina and Catharina Dorothea.

Jean Michael Brobst (1721-1771) son of Philipp Jacob and Anna Catherine (Christ) Probst was born August 28, 1721 in Oberseebach, Alsace, and died August 01, 1771 in Albany Township, Berks County Pennsylvania. He married 1st Margaret Shadt in about 1744, daughter of Henry and Susanna Shadt. He married 2nd Maria Elizabeth Albrecht in about 1746, daughter of Johan J. and Magdalena Albrecht, born 1729 in Berks County, Pennsylvania, died September 17, 1767 in Albany Township, Berks County Pennsylvania. He married 3rd Anna Margaretha (___) sometime after 1767.

Child of Jean Michael and Margaret (Shadt) Probst is: Heinrich

Children of Jean Michael and Maria Elizabeth (Albrecht) Probst are:
Martin; Johannes F. ; Michael; Anna Maria Catharina; Jacob F.; Eva Rosina; Anna Maria Barbara; Eva Rosina; Valentine; Christian

Child of Jean Michael and Anna Margaretha Brobst is: George Michael

Johannes F. Brobst (1750-1792) son of Jean Michael and Maria Elizabeth (Albrecht) Probst, was born June 13, 1750 in Albany Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania, and died September 09, 1792 in Lynn Township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania. He married in 1770, Anna Maria Barbara Stambach, born March 12, 1748, died July 26, 1829, daughter of Johann Phillip and Anna Maria Christina (Kuntz) Stambach.

With his brother Michael, he operated both "Union Forges" and the Brobst Grist Mill on Pine Creek.

In the early 1780s, he owned 175 acres in Albany Township, Berks County, and lived on 266 acres in the northwest corner of Lynn Townspip, Lehigh County. The farm was located between the farm of his grandfather, Philipp Jacob Probst, and what is now the village of Jacksonville (then called Linn Town).

Their children were probably all born on the farm in Lynn Township, Lehigh County, just a half-mile or so northeast of Philipp Jacob's homesite. Some records show some of them as being born in Albany Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania, but that's probably only because their baptism took place in the Jerusalem Church in Albany/Berks. Why Johan Jacob's birth is shown in Grimsville, some 5-6 miles south of the farm is not known.

Johannes F. died in 1792. His will was probated on Sept 18 1792. His cousin John and brother Valentine were executors. His will parcelled out most of his land near Fetherolfsville to the oldest son, Martin and to Johannes Jr. At that time, Martin was 19, John was 15; too young to take legal ownership, so Johannes F. named his brother Valentine and his cousin Johannes (son of his Uncle Martin) at custodians.

Children of Johannes F. and Anna Maria Barbara (Stambach) Brobst are:
Maria Catharina; Martin; Anna Elizabeth; Maria Christing; John; Johan Peter; Fernandes; Johan Jacob ; Maria Christina; Christian; Margaretha Elizabetha; Maria Elizabeth; Rebecca

Our Ancestors in Ohio

Johan Jacob Brobst (1783-1830) son of Johannes F. and Anna Maria Barbara (Stambach) Brobst, was born March 22, 1783 in Lynn Township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania, and died March 24, 1830 in Madison Township, Pickaway County, Ohio. He married Catherina Glick, January 15, 1804 in Berks County Pennsylvania, daughter of Johan Daniel and Christina (Barbarine) Glick and the widow of Jacob's brother Johan Peter Brobst, born October 02, 1783, Albany Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania, died April 29, 1861, Madison Township, Pickaway County, Ohio. Jacob and Catherine are buried at the Hoy-Glick Cemetery, Fairfield County, Ohio.

In 1807, Jacob, Catherine and their three children, Sally, Jacob and Peter emigrated from Berks County, Pennsylvania to Ohio, and located in Bloom Twp., Fairfield Co., where the village of Marcy is now situated, upon a tract of 160 acres. Some fifteen or twenty families also removed to the same locality, from the same neighborhood in Berks County, Pennsylvania at about the same time: The Glicks, Swanders, Curts, Woodrings, Halls, Nothstines, Runkles, Beerys and others.

Child of Johan Peter and Catherina (Glick) Brobst is:
Barbara Ellen Salome "Sally" Brobst

Children of Johan Jacob and Catherina (Glick) Brobst are:
Jacob; Peter ; Daniel; Maria; Ruben; Johannes; Maria Catharina; David; Christina

Peter Brobst (1806-1889) son of Johan Jacob and Catherina (Glick) Brobst, was born September 07, 1806 in Berne Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania, and died August 11, 1889 in Madison Township, Pickaway County, Ohio. He married Elizabeth Fellers January 22, 1832 in Ohio, daughter of John and Susanna (Rabenold) Fellers, born April 30, 1813, Fairfield County, Ohio, died September 16, 1878, Pickway County, Ohio. Peter and Elizabeth are buried in the Marcy Cemetery, Marcy, Pickway County, Ohio.

Read the story of Peter's life in his own words, in this interview titled, "The Days of the Pioneers in Fairfield and Pickaway."

Children of Peter and Elizabeth (Fellers) Brobst are:
Elizabeth; Bramus ; Monroe; Mary; Benjamin; Henry; Matilda; Caroline; Joseph; Eleanora

Bramus Brobst (1835-1866) son of Peter and Elizabeth (Fellers) Brobst was born January 18, 1835 in Madison Township, Pickaway County, Ohio, and died August 20, 1866 in Circleville, Pickaway County, Ohio. He married Mary "Polly Ann" Spangler May 01, 1859 in Fairfield County, Ohio, born July 25, 1839, Bloom Twp., Fairfield County, Ohio, died June 26, 1904, Fairfield County, Ohio, daughter of Enoch and Sarah "Sally" (Gensel) Spangler. Bramus and Polly are buried in the Marcy Cemetery, Marcy, Pickway County, Ohio.

Bramus died while building a home for the family in Circleville, Pickaway County, Ohio, family tradition differs over whether he fell off the roof, or fell over a pile of logs.

Polly had another child ten years after Bramus died, her name was Ruth Eva Brobst, her father and fate remains unknown.

Children of Bramus and Mary "Polly Ann" (Spangler) Brobst are:
Levi; Sarah; Emma; Mary; Martin Elmore

Martin Elmore (1866-1935) son of Bramus and Mary "Polly Ann" (Spangler) Brobst was born April 22, 1866 in Ashville, Pickaway County, Ohio, and died March 31, 1935 in Cortland, Trumbull County, Ohio. He married October 19, 1890 in Malinta, Monroe Township, Henry County, Ohio, Ella Nora Bensing, born March 17, 1874 in Malinta, Monroe Twp., Henry County, Ohio, died January 15, 1970 in Cortland, Trumbull County, Ohio, daughter of John and Anna Barbra (Ifft) Bensing. Martin and Ella are buried in Evergreen Cemetery - North, Johnston, Trumbull County, Ohio.

Martin and Ella Nora met when he was up from Fairfileld County, Ohio looking for work and visiting his Uncle Levi Spangler who lived in Malinta, Henry County, Ohio.

They started married life with very little but worked hard and all working together as a family, they became very prosperous farmers. Martin was proud of his Violin and played (fiddled) a little and both parents loved to sing. Ella, used to sing and sing as she did her work. (I can remember of Mom telling us to sing faster then we would wash dishes faster, [Thelma Cecilia (Brobst) Biggin] ) Their great talents were shown in raising, providing for, and educating their fifteen children. They were both brilliant parents and the great gifts of their teachings and influence have always been respected by all of their children.

They at first owned and operated The Star Restaurant, a hotel and livery stable in Malinta.

In 1896 or 1897 they moved their family to a 40 acre farm in Jewell, Adams Township, Defiance County, Ohio. Most of families in this area were German Speaking people, in what was called a "Low-Dutch" Settlement. According to the History of Defiance County, Ohio, Martin Brobst was vice-president of Farmer Mutual Tel. Co. as of June 27 1904.

At meals the family sat on benches (the benches had been left by the previous owners) and yellow chairs that came from the restaurant that Ella and Martin had operated in Malinta. The food was prepared on the wood burning stove. To clean up water was carried in and heated on the stove for dish washing, the kids did that chore. Family trips were made in either the surry or buggy, depending on the number going. Not all could go at one time because someone had to stay home and do chores. Any trips pretty well had to be over night-affairs. [Polly (Brobst) Christmas]

Desiring a better education for his children, in August 1909, Martin bought the former J.W. McCleery farm in Johnston, Trumbull County, Ohio from John Helbner. In late February 1910, traveling by train, the growing family moved in. Here they settled, and had six more children.

Their first four children were born in Malinta, the next eight in Jewell, and the last six in Johnston.

Martin was always interested in education and served many years on the Board of Education in Johnston. This interest seems to have rubbed off as six of his children became teachers.

Children of Martin Elmore and Ella Nora (Bensing) Brobst are:
Leander E.; Maude Esther; Pauline Anne; Dale Emerson; Olga Varie ; Barbara Faith; John Peter; Ward Ogden; Martin Clarence; Harold Edison; Thelma Cecilia; Hilda Edyth; Zeola Marjorie; William Ellsworth; Clayton Agnew; Grace Bernetta; Catherine Elizabeth.

Olga Varie Brobst (1898-1992) daughter of Martin Elmore and Ella Nora (Bensing) Brobst, married December 28, 1918 in Warren, Trumbull County, Ohio, Marcus Hanna Hitchcock (1898-1977) son of Herbert Calhoun and Zella Marie (Dunbar) Hitchcock. They resided in Johnston, Mecca and then in Cortland, Trumbull County, Ohio. Please see The Hitchcock Family page for Mark and Olga's family and descendants.


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