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Last revised November 20, 2010

Formed 1843 from Hardin


1850 Larue Co. KY Census (pg.398 & 400 also from William C. Mills 8/1988)
Hamilton Dist.
Pg.398, #8, John DUNCAN 45 KY merchant $3500
                  Anna 45 KY
                  Thomas B. MILLS 23 KY brick mason
                  Elizabeth W. 22 KY
                  Martha E. DUNCAN 20
                  Mary B. 18 KY
                  John D. MILLS 3, C.W. (m) 1 KY
                  (MAD: John Duncan, son of Shadrack, mar. Anna Carman 12/31/1823 Hardin Co. KY; Thomas Mills mar. Elizabeth Duncan 9/15/1846, dau. of John Duncan)
Pg.400, #29, John MILLS 57 ENG brick mason $1700
                  Lucinda 37 KY
                  R.C. (m) 11, Malvina 9, Sarah 6 KY
                  Mary 3, Jefferson 3/12 KY
Pg.402, #60, J.M. NICHOLS (m) 25 KY farmer $200
                  E.A. (f) 26 KY
                  Susan DUNCAN 8 KY
                  M.J. NICHOLS (f) 8/12 KY
                  (MAD: James M. Nicholas mar. Eliza Ann Duncan 1/17/1847, dau. of Mary Duncan)
Pg.409, #160, Phillip CRAIL 59 KY farmer $800
                  Jemmima 26 KY
                  Isaac DUNCAN 27 KY farmer
                  Squire CRAIL 35 KY farmer
                  E.E. DUNCAN (f) 25 KY
                  Phillip CRAIL 22 KY
                  Richard 21, Calmore 5/12 KY
                  (MAD: Isaac Duncan mar. Elizabeth Ellen Crail 10/5/1848)
Pg.410, #174, Charles DUNCAN 43 KY farmer $800
                  R.E. (f) 29 KY
                  E.L. (m) 11, E.A. (f) 8 KY
                  John W. 5, R.B. (m) 2 KY
                  (MAD: mar. Rachel E. Sultan 11/4/1837 Hardin Co. KY)
Pg.420, #309, Saml. W. DUNCAN 41 KY farmer
                  Olivia 39 KY
                  Elizth (f) 17, Nancy 16 KY
                  Mary 14, Verlinda 10, Jessee 8 KY
                  A.J. (f) 6, Martha 3, Susan 1 KY
                  (MAD: mar. "Olleaf" McDowell 7/27/1832 Hardin Co. KY; 1860 Buchanan Co. MO census)

1860 Larue Co. KY Census (pg.319 also from Mary Sims)
P.O. Hodgenville
Pg.192, #50-50, Wm. DUNCAN 54 KY farmer $2500-$2065
                  Letitia 40 KY
                  W.M. (m) 17, Susan 14, Wm. 7 KY
                  Hartford 5, Senora (f) 2 KY
                  Chas. SLAUGHTER 55 KY farm lab. $0-$0
                  (MAD: 1850 Boyle Co. KY census)
Pg.193, #54-54, John DUNCAN 55 KY Baptist Preacher $2500-$300
                  Ann 55 KY
                  M.O.B. DUNCAN (f) 29 KY
                  (MAD: next to Shackleford family)
Pg.198, #85-85, Thos. G. DUNCAN (DUNSEN?) 26 KY farmer $0-$200
                  M.J. (f) 28 KY
                  Ben 2/12 KY
                  Vice? SPINSON (f) 40 KY domestic
Pg.267, #571-561, Chas. DUNCAN 53 KY farmer $800-$230
                  R.E. (f) 39 KY
                  E.A. (f) 18, J.W. (m) 15 KY
                  R.F. (m) 12, C.C. (m) 9 KY
                  Mary JATTEN 26 KY
                  (MAD: 1870 Meade Co. KY census)
Pg.312, #890-879, M.J. DUNCAN (m) 35 KY laborer $0-$75
                  Nancy 29 KY
                  N.C.? (m) 11, Elizabeth 9 KY
                  Mary 6, John 4 KY
Pg.319, #939-929, Mary DUNCAN 60 PA farmer $1000-$200
                  Elizabeth 40 (46?) KY
                  John 21, Lusy? (Susan?) (f) 19 KY
                  Helen? (f) 15 KY
                  (MAD: widow of Mathew J. of 1840 Hardin Co. KY census)
Pg.319, #940-930, Seth DUNCAN 27 KY farmer $0-$0
                  Marget. 23 KY
                  Rosa? (f) 2, John M. 5/12 KY
Pg.319, #941-931, D.H. DUNCAN (m) 25 KY farmer $500-$300
                  Elizabeth 23 KY
                  M.E. (f) 6/12 KY
                  (MAD: DeForest H. Duncan)

1870 LaRue Co. KY Census (written with capital R) (pg.30, 38, and 81 also from Kathy Cawley 2/2002)
Edlin Precinct, P.O. Hodgenville, KY
Pg.20, #34-34, FARMER, William 39 KY (white) farmer $0-$0
                  DUNCAN, William H. 44 KY (white) grocery keeper $300-$700
                  Emley (f) 29 KY keeping house
                  William 17, James W. 12 KY farm hands
                  Martha E. 9 KY
                  DORNES, Ydman? (?Faman?) (m) 47 KY (white), farm hand $0-$200
                  Susan 21 KY house work
                  Nancy 17 KY house work
                  Mary E. 13 KY
                  Many? (Mang?) (m) 15 KY (white) farm hand
                  William 10 KY
                  (MAD: William H. Duncan in 1860 Nelson Co. KY census)
Hodgenville Precinct, P.O. Hodgenville
Pg.27, #32-32, DUNKIN, William 65 KY (white) farmer $2000-$600
                  Lettia (f) 50 KY keeping house
                  William H. 17, Hartford P. (m) 14 KY farm hands
                  Serena S. (f) 12 KY
Pg.30 (12), #66-66, DUNCAN, John M. 30 KY (white) farmer $0-$500
                  Mary J. 28 KY keeping house
Pg.38, #161-161, DUNCAN, John 65 KY (white) farmer $2000-$1000
                  Mary C.B. 39 KY keeping house
Prices Precinct, P.O. Hodgenville
Pg.81, #18-18, POTTS, William 25 GA (white) farmer $300-$200
                  Mary 24 KY keeping house
                  Margret 1 KY
                  DUNCAN, Ruamy (f) 11 KY (white)
                  John M. 9, Mary A. 7 KY
                  (MAD: Ruamy was copied as Rosanna, but I think Ruamy)
Pg.81-82, #20-20, NEFF, Darsey (m) 42 KY (white) farmer $300-$250
                  Margret 42 KY keeping house
                  John F. 14 KY farm hand
                  Mary E. 12, Sarah M. 9 KY
                  Harriett 7, James R. 4, Nancy 1 KY
                  DUNCAN, Elizabeth 52 KY (white) (blank)
Pg.82, #21-21, DUNCAN, David 35 KY (white) farmer $1500-$1000
                  Elizabeth 34 KY keeping house
                  Margret 10, Phoeba (f) 8, John S. 6 KY
                  Elizabeth 5, William B. 1 KY
Pg.84, #70-70, DUNCAN, Mathew 44 KY (white) farmer $300-$200
                  Nancy 30 KY keeping house
                  Elizabeth 17, Mary 15 KY house work
                  John W. 13 KY farm hand
                  Addie (f) 11, Luarnie (f) 9 KY
                  Garret (m) 4, Ida Bell (f) 1 KY
Pg.84-85, #71-71, DUNCAN, William S. 19 KY (white) farmer $0-$0
                  Elizabeth 22 KY keeping house
Upton Precinct, P.O. Wetonville?
Pg.101, #94-98, DUNCAN, Charles 25 NC (white) farmer $0-$0
                  Caroline 20 KY keeping house
                  Letha (f) 3 KY


Larue Co. KY Marriages 1843-1855 (FHL film 409,559; no index)
      #26, William G. Burris to Milly Ann Duncan, lic. 14 Dec. 1843, he of age, Priscilla Duncan mother of Miss Duncan consent, mar. 14 Dec. 1843 by me, John Duncan.
      #81, Robert M. Furguson to Miss Harriet Duncan, lic. 16 July 1845, he of age, Mr. J. Duncan, father, consent, m. 16 July 1845 by James Dougherty.
      #144, Thomas Mills to Elizabeth Duncan, 15 Sept. 1846, he of age, John Duncan, father, consent, m. 15 Sept. 1846 by Jno. Miller.
      #173, James M. Nicholas to Eliza Ann Duncan, Jan. 13, 1847, he of age, Mary Duncan, mother? of Miss Duncan consent; m. 17 Jan. 1847 by Jas. Dougherty.
      #274, Isaac Duncan to Elizabeth Ellen Crail, 4 Oct. 1848, both of age, age of the lady proven by oath of William Millers?, mar. 5 Oct. 1848 by John Duncan.
      #313, Ignatius M. Metcalf to Miss Nancy Duncan, 1 Dec. 1849, his father Jos. Metcalf, consent; her mother Mary Duncan consent in writing, on oath of R.M. Ferguson, mar. 4 Dec. 1849 by James Dougherty, MG.
      Quit 22 Dec. 1852.

Larue Co. KY Marriage Records (from Bill Mills 11/1988)
      Marriage Bond #144A: 15 September 1846, Thomas (B.) Mills to Elizabeth Duncan, signed with Thomas, H.A. Coleman, Test, W.O. Stone (sic).
      Consent to marry: 11 Dec 1843 Milly Ann Duncan to William G. Burns, /s/ Precilla -x- Duncan (her mark) Wit: Isaac Duncan and William Freind.
      Return: 15 Sept. 1846 Thomas (B.) Mills and Elizabeth Duncan, Mills of age, consent for Miss Duncan given by John Duncan in person.


Larue Co. KY Births, Marriages, & Deaths (KY Arch Roll S000096; list from Bill Mills 11/1988)
   Births Larue Co. KY
      01 Nov 1852, Jno Thomas Duncan, pb Larue Co., p. Geo. Wm. Duncan & Sarah Prindle, Baun Creek.
      24 Jul 1852, Margaret A. Mills, pb Larue Co., p. Thomas B. Mills & Elizabeth W. Duncan.
      18 Dec 1852, Sarah F. Nicholas, pb Larue Co., p. James M. Nicholas & Eliza Ann Duncan
      06 Jan 1852, Pricilla G. Burns, pb Larue Co., p. William G. Burns and Milly Ann Duncan
      20 Feb 1852, Jno Mills, pb Larue Co., p Jno Mills & Lucinda Peak
      06 Dec 1853, Martha Mills, pb Larue Co., p Thomas B. Mills and Elizabeth Duncan
      01 Oct 1853, William Riley Denny, pb Larue Co., p Benjamin Denny and Mary Ann Mills
      23 Oct 1853, Sarah Jane Burns, pb Larue Co., p William G. Burns and Milly Ann Duncan
      03 Sept 1855, Thomas E. Mills, pb Larue Co., p Thomas B. Mills and Elizabeth Duncan
      09 Aug 1855, un-named (still born) p Charles & Rachel Duncan
      05 Apr 1856, John I. Niff, pb Larue, p Dorsy Niff & Margaret Duncan
      31 July 1856, John Mills, pb Nolin, John Mills & Lucinda Peak
      19 Dec 1857, Laura F. Haback, pb Otter Creek, James Hoback & Lydia Mears
      28 Aug 1858, Edward L. Keith, pb Larue Co., p E.W. & Susan A. Keith
      05 Sep 1858, Mary E. Niff, pb Larue Co., p Dorsey S. Niff & Margarett Duncan
      11 Jul 1858, Rebecca J. DeWitt, pb Larue Co., p. Isaac DeWitt & Sarah Duncan
      13 Dec 1858, Samuel M. Cerk, pb Mt. Olive, p. Wm Cerk & Eliza Hoback
      21 Jan 1859, Henry Nicholas, pb Larue Co., p. James Nicholas & Eliza Ann Duncan
      20 Apr 1861, Susan M. Niff, p Dorsey Niff & Maragette Duncan
      15 Jan 1861, Charles Duncan, p Forest Duncan & Elizabeth Niff
      23 Jul 1874, Heneiretta Duncan, p William Duncan & Amilico Morgan
      28 Dec 1874, M.F. (M) Hoback, p Rubin H. Hoback & Rachael H Price
      10 Apr 1875, Martha D. Duncan, p W.S. Duncan, b Nelson Co., KY & Mary E. Williams b Hart Co.
      17 Dec 1875, Alice Basham, p John A. Basham b Barren Co. KY & Helen R. Duncan b. Larue Co.
      19 Aug 1876, Mary E. Lamb, p John Lamb b Washington Co. KY & Cordelia Sticwell b. Larue
      27 May 1876, Sarah S. Duncan, p D.F. Duncan & Elizabeth Niff
      04 Apr 1876, Elias Cook, p William Cook & Eliza J. Hoback
      27 May 1878, Martha Duncan, p William Duncan & Eamah Niff
      08 Oct 1903, Ludie L. Duncan, p J.S. Duncan & Maggie Crady
   Marriages Larue Co. KY
      23 Dec 1852, Benjamin Duncan age 26 (s) Mary Ann Mills Age 28 (s) bride b Meade Co. KY (James Jenkins)
      15 Apr 1852, James Hoback age 18 Hardin Co. & Lyndia Mears age 23 b. Larue Co. (John Miller, Baptist)
      03 Oct 1852, William aCork 44 (w) b Ohio State & Eliza Jane Hoack 16 (s) b Hardin Co. (John Duncan)
      07 May 1858, Henry Hornback 20 (s) Martha Hoback 22 (s)
      17 Oct 1861, C.M. Daugherty 21 (S) Farmer fbp Hardin Co., mbp Bourbon Co. & Susan M. Duncan.
      31 Sep 1875, Green C. Farris 24 (S) Res. Indiana, farmer, fbp Tylor Co., mbp Mason Co., and Maggie Mills, res Jefferson Co. m. Louisville, KY
   Deaths Larue Co. KY
      04 May 1852, Nancy E. Mills age 1 pb Marion Co. KY p. Francis & Susan Mills, Typhoid Fever.
      17 Sep 1852, Margarett Brewer, 88, b. Hegertown, TN, p. Valentine Hoback old age.
      08 Nov 1852, Samuel Brewer, 57 (S) Farmer, b. Hardin Co., KY son of Peter & Margaret Brewer
      09 Jul 1856, Thomas Duncan, 9, inflamation of bowels, p. Johnathon (sic) & Nancy Duncan
      09 Jul 1856, Valentine Hoback, 2, cramps, p. Thomas & Martha Hoback, res. Levelwood


Larue Co. KY Index to Deeds (SLC 2009)
   Grantee, A-E, 1843-1935, pg.59-60A (FHL film 409,397)
      1-266: 1846, Duncan, Mary from Elizabeth & Thomas C. Edlin, Deed, tract in LaRue
      1-325: 1846, Duncan, John from Nancy, Lucretia, Mary, Edward, Elizabeth, James, Henry, Cary, Ellen Mather et al, deed, tract in LaRue; same, from Eliza Clark et al; from Richard Mather heirs; from Mariah & Sam Brashear et al; from Ann Gabriel & Wm. T. Lewis et al
      3-232: 1854, Duncan, Isaac from Priscilla Duncan, P of A, Re. Legal Business
      3-447: 1855, Duncan, John et al, from Harrison & Elizabeth Helm, Deed, Tract in Hodganville
      4-226: 1858, Duncan, John from D.E?. Dyer, D. of P., Re. Division of Real Estate
      4-506: 1860, Duncan, William from Daniel & Mary Kennedy, Deed, 154 A. in LaRue
      4-464: 1860, Duncan, John from H'ville & Female Seminary et al, Deed, 116 A. in LaRue; same, from Male & Female Seminary et al, deed, 116 A. in LaRue
      5-182: 1862, Duncan, John from Grace & W.L. Morris, Deed, Tract on Middle Creek
      6-165: 1864, Duncan, D.F. from Martha & Sam Wilson, Deed, Tract on Middle Creek
      5-232: 1864, Duncan, William from Kitty & Wm. Bethel, Deed, 47 A. on Nolynn
      5-427: 1865, Duncan, William H. from J.C. & S.W. Alvey, Deed, House & Lot in LaRue
      6-28: 1865, Duncan, John from C.M. & Susan Daugherty et al, Deed, 100 A. on Knob Creek; same from Mary Duncan heirs; from D.F. Duncan et al; from Eliza Ann Nicholas et al; from Milton & Sarah Atherton et al
      6-374: 1867, Duncan, Manoah W. et al from Letha & Wm. Duncan, deed, 47 A. on Nolynn
      7-117: 1869, Duncan, John from I.H. Gunter, Com., et al, Com.Deed, 50 A. on Middle Creek; same, from Claudius, William S., Ben, Asa, Geo, Perry et al, Com. Deed, 50 A. on Middle Creek; from Asa Perry heirs
      7-122: 1869, Duncan, John et al from John S. Hill, deed, 66 A. in LaRue
      8-179: 1872, Duncan, Carolina from Charles A. Duncan, deed, Personal Property
      10-485: 1877, Duncan, Robert W. from John & Isabell Boyd et al, deed, Tract in LaRue; same from Andrew & Sarah J. Watkins et al, deed
      10-520: 1877, Duncan, Lattie from William Gannaway, deed, 153 A. on Nolynn
      11-50 (11-60?): 1878, Duncan, Hartford et al from Letitia & W.M. Duncan, deed, 53 A. in LaRue
      C.1-152: 1879, Duncan, D.F. from G.W. Thurman, Com. et al, Com.Deed, tract in LaRue; same from Thomas, Peter, Elizabeth Fogle et al, Com. Deed, tract in LaRue; from J.M. Davis et al, Com. Deed, tract in LaRue
      11-481: 1879, Duncan, William from S.B. Gannaway, deed, 100 A. on Nolynn
   Grantor, A-L, 1843-1935, pg.71-72A (FHL film 409,399)
      1-532: 1847, Duncan, John and Anna to Bennett Thurman, deed, tract in LaRue
      1-394: 1847, Duncan et al, John Com. for John Hollingsworth heirs, to Michael Brown, Com. Deed, tract in LaRue
      1-406: 1847, Duncan et al, John Com. for John Hollingsworth heirs, to John Huss, Com. Deed, tract in LaRue
      1-561: 1848, Duncan, John and Anna to James L. Morris, Deed, tract in LaRue
      1-557? (1-657?): 1848, Duncan, John and Anna to Swepson McDowell, Deed, Tract in LaRue
      2-107: 1849, Duncan et al, John (Com for John Hollingworth heirs) to Michael Dailey, Com.Deed, 226 A. on Nolynn
      2-105: 1849, Duncan et al, John (Com) to J. Maurice Doody et al, Com. Deed, 308 A. on South Fork
      2-105: 1849, Duncan et al, John (Spec. Com) to Maurice Cary et al, Com. Deed, 398 A. on South Fork (MAD: acreage as given)
      2-103: 1849, Duncan et al, John (Com) to Nathan, Rebacah, et al, Green B., Elizabeth Smith, Com. Deed, Tract on South Fork
      2-103: 1849, Duncan et al, John (Com. for Richard Mather heirs), to Enan R., Green B., et al, Margaret, Julia A. Hayes, Com. Deed, 2-103, Tract on Little South Fork
      2-103: 1849, Duncan et al, John (S.Com. for Richard Mather heirs) to John, Daniel, Wm. W., et al, Jediah, James Ashcraft, Com. Deed, tract on South Fork
      2-109: 1849, Duncan et al, John (S.Com. for John McDowell heirs) to Abraham Enlow, Com. Deed, 121 A. on Nolynn
      2-266: 1850, Duncan et al, John (S.Com. for Philip Read heirs) to Thomas Preyer, Com. Deed, tract in LaRue
      2-232: 1850, Duncan et al, John (Com. for Philip Read heirs) to Wm. Howell (admr), Com. Deed, Tract in LaRue
      2-353: 1851, Duncan et al, John (Com. for Joseph Brown heirs) to Philip Bray, Com. Deed, 111 A. on Rolling Fork
      2-434: 1852, Duncan et al, John (Com. for Thomas W. Elliott) to Wm. B. Read, Com. Deed, Tract in LaRue
      2-517: 1852, Duncan et al, John (Com. for John Hollingworth heirs) to Wm. Howell, Com. Deed, Tract in LaRue
      2-520: 1852, Duncan et al, John (Com. for John Hollingworth heirs) to Francis W. Johnson, Com. Deed, tract in LaRue
      3-6: 1853, Duncan, John and Anna to James S. Morris, deed, Tract on Nolynn
      3-213: 1853, Duncan et al, John (Com. for Nathaniel Whitehead heirs) to Fredrick Kaster, Com. Deed, Tract near Hodgenville
      3-164 (3-164?): 1853, Duncan et al, John (S.Com. for John Hollingworth heirs) to Elizabeth Ray, Com. Deed, Tract on Big South Fork
      3-7: 1853, Duncan, Charles and Rachel E. to John V. Downs, deed, 109 A. on South Fork
      3-293: 1854, Duncan et al, Isaac (Atty. for Priscilla Duncan) to John R. Friend, deed, 200 A. in LaRue
      3-293: 1854, Duncan, heirs, and S. to John R. Friend, deed, 200 A. in LaRue
      3-293: 1854, Duncan et al, Priscilla (by atty) to John R. Friend, deed, 200 A. in LaRue
      3-292: 1854, Duncan, Priscilla to Isaac Duncan, P. of A., Re. Legal Business
      3-417: 1855, Duncan et al, John (Com. for John Ashcraft heirs) to Mary Dayly, Com. Deed, 100 A. on South Fork
      4-306: 1858, Duncan et al, John (Com. for Ann Hollingworth heirs) to C.A. Wickliff, Com. Deed, Tract in LaRue
      4-226: 1858, Duncan, John to D.W. Dyer, D. of P., Re. Division of Estate
      4-612: 1858, Duncan, John and Anna to Porter McDowell, Deed, Tract on Nolynn
      4-495: 1859, Duncan et al, John and Annia, to William W. Puckett, deed, 150 A. in LaRue
      4-394: 1859, Duncan et al, John (Com. for Nathal Whitehead) to Thomas McIntire, Com. Deed, House & Lot in Hodtanville
      4-618: 1859, Duncan, John and Anna to Henderson L. Spratt, Deed, tract in LaRue
      4-322: 1859, Duncan, John to William W. Morrison, Deed, tract in Hodgenville
      5-22: 1861, Duncan, John to Samuel Wilson, deed, tract on Nolynn
      5-340: 1863, Duncan et al, Elizabeth and Isaac (by Com) to Armistead R. Creal, Com. Deed, 5-340, 152 A. on Nolynn
      6-83: 1865, Duncan, John to Stephen Miller, deed, tract on Knob Creek
      6-45: 1865, Duncan et al, Chas. J., Elisabeth, Isaac, John, Mary, Sarah, Sam (by Com) to John R. Friend, Com. Deed, Tract on Little South Fork
      6-45: 1865, Duncan heirs, Shadrick (by Com) to John R. Friend, Com. Deed, tract on Little South Fork
      6-28: 1865, Duncan Heirs, Mary, to John Duncan, deed, 100 A. on Knob Creek
      6-28: 1865, Duncan et al, D.F. to John Duncan, deed, 100 A. on Knob Creek
      6-374: 1867, Duncan, Letha and Wm. to Susan Mudd et al, deed, 47 A. on Nolynn
      6-374: 1867, Duncan, Letha and William to Manoah W. Duncan et al, deed, 47 A. on Nolynn
      7-245: 1869, Duncan heirs, Mary and Mathew J., to Dorsey S. Neff, deed, 100 A. in Larue
      7-278: 1870, Duncan, Manoah W. and Josephine to Austin G. Mudd, deed, 47 A. on Nolynn
      7-491: 1870, Duncan, John, to Catherine Cotton, deed, 54 A. on Middle Creek
      7-496: 1870, Duncan et al, Chas. & Carolina (by Com) to William Mears, Com. Deed, tract on Barren Run
      7-448: 1870, Duncan et al, Mary J. and John M. to John S. Hill, deed, 66 A. in LaRue
      8-179: 1872, Duncan, Charles A. to Carolina Duncan, deed, personal property
      8-191: 1872, Duncan heirs, Shadrick (by Com) to John Friend, 8-191, tract on South Fork
      8-191: 1872, Duncan et al, Charles, Isaac, Mary J., Sarah, John, Jerril, Samuel W. (by Com) to John Friend, Com. Deed, tract on South Fork
      13-276: 1875, Duncan, Letitia and William to Charles Duell, deed, 1 A. on Nolynn
      10-496: 1877, Duncan, Lutitia and William to William Gannaway, deed, 153 A. in LaRue
      11-50: 1878, Duncan, Letitia and W.M. to Hartford Duncan et al, deed, 53 A. in LaRue
      11-50: 1878, same to D.W. Phelps et al, deed, 53 A. in LaRue
      11-113: 1876, Duncan, Robert W. and Cora J. to John A. Gloyd et al, deed, tract on Nolynn
      11-145: 1878, Duncan, Robert W. and Cora J. to Robert F. Price, deed, lot at Eagle Mills
      11-113: 1878, Duncan, Robert W. and Cora J. to A. Watkins et al, deed, tract on Nolyns
      11-479: 1879, Duncan, Lettia and William to S.B. Gannaway, deed, 100 A. on Nolynn

Larue Co. KY Deeds (dark page edges) (SLC 9/11/2010)
      1-266/267: 4 Sept. 1846, Thomas C. Edlin and wife Elizabeth Edlin of Larue Co. KY to Mary Duncan wife of Nathaniel J. Duncan deceased &c the children of said Mary Duncan of same county, for $150 paid by Mary Duncan, sell to said Mary Duncan & her children the 1/2 of a parcel in Larue Co. KY on a flat ridge between the waters of Nolin & Knob creek, being the 1/2 of a tract patented to Robt. Marshell, beg. at the beginning corner expressed in the patent with references, then running S with the patent calls as to embrace the one half of the 120 acres of land so patented to the said Robert Marshall dated 25 May 1823. /s/ Thos. C. Edlin. Thomas C. Edlin appeared 4 Sept. 1846 to ack. deed, which was lodged for record. Certificate of dower recorded on page 327. (FHL film 409,401; SLC 9/11/2010)
      1-325/327: 13 March 1846, James C. Mather and wife Nancy of Hardin Co. KY, William T. Lewis and wife Gabrilla late Mather, Samuel Brashea and wife Mariah late Mather, Lucretia Mather wife of Henry Mather, Cary W. Mather and wife Ellen, and Edward L. Mather and wife Elizabeth, heirs of Richard Mather decd and Mary Mather widow of said Richard Mather decd, & releasee as Eliza Clarke?, all of Larue Co. KY, to John Duncan of Larue Co. KY; that a certain tract of land was sold by a decree of Hardin Circuit Court in the case of McLure & Wright against the heirs of Richard Mather decd. & Mary Mather became the purchaser & a part of the said heirs are now seeking to set aside said decree and sale & the parties hereunto are willing to settle all disputes in reference to said tract of land, being a part of said land sold under said decree, and for several sums of money to them paid, to wit, 1st sum $4.30, 2nd, $16.06, 3rd $6.43, they sell to said Duncan several tracts of land in Larue Co. on the waters of Nolin, 1st tract begin. at two hickorys growing out of one root then N 43? E 24 poles to Kirkpatrick's line, then S 75? deg. 110 poles to a stake, corner to McDowell's 27 & a half survey, then with a line of same S 7 E 28 poles to a stake, then S 72 W 86 poles to a stake in Jonson's line, then with said line E 130? (150?) poles to 2 black oaks & post oak in said line, then N 32 W 72 poles to the beginning containing 63-1/2 acres; 2nd tract beg. at two post oaks corner to Jacob Ellit in a line of said Duncan's long grove tract, then with said lines N 60 W 30 poles to three post oak & hickory in said line, then S 15 W 104? (114?) poles to two post oak, then S 60 W 76 poles to a post oak in a line of William Edwards line of his 300 acre survey, then with his line E 15 N 46 poles to a stake in said line and in a line of sd Kirkpatrick's 462-1/2 acre survey, then N 72 deg. 204? E 147 poles to two post oaks in said line and corner to Jacob Ellit, then with Ellit's line N 146 poles to the beginning containing 51 acres; 3rd tract begin at a larger post oak corner to Wm. Edwards 300 acre survey, then with said Morris' line S 64-1/2 E 30 poles to a black oak & post oak corner to said Morris and corner to said Duncan's long grove tract, then with his line S 60 E 25 poles to a hickory & two post oaks in said line & a corner to said Duncan's 50 (blotted word) acres, then with a line of the same S 15 W 103 poles to post oak corner to said 50 then with another line of the same S 60 W 75 poles to a post oak in said Edwards line of his 300 acres, then N 15 E 166 poles to the beginning, containing 46 acres; Mary Mather warrents title; and said James C. Mather & wife Nancy, William T. Lewis & wife Ann Gabrela, and Samuel Brashea & wife Mariah warrant each 1/7 part; and said Lucretia Mather and Cary W. Mather & wife Ellen and Edward L. Mather and wife Elizabeth release their claim. Ack. 13 March 1846 by Samuel Brashear, on 9 Aug. 1846 by James C. Mather & wife Nancy, C.W. Mather & wife Ellen, William T. Lewis & wife Ann G., and Mariah L. B(blotted), and on 21 Aug. 1846 ack. by Mary Mather & Edward L. Mather & wife Elizabeth and Lucretia H. Mather to ??, and on 21 Aug. 1847 by Elizabeth Mather. (MAD: more not copied) Recorded 1 July 1847. (FHL film 409,401; SLC 9/11/2010)
      3-292/293: 10 Oct. 1854, Priscilla Duncan of Clarke Co. MO, appoint my son Isaac Duncan of county & state afsd my attorney to sell a tract in Larue Co. KY containing about 200 acres more or less lying about 3 miles from Hodgenville on the little south fork of Nolin & to receive the purchase money and make a deed. Also to collect demand & receive all such money as may be in the hands of Charles Duncan from the lent? of land and from notes and accounts placed by me in his hands for collection. Also to demand and receive from said Charles Duncan all such notes and accounts .. which may not have been collected and to demand etc. from (the persons owing the same). /s/ Prisilla (X) Duncan. Ack. 10 Oct. 1854 in Clarke Co. MO. Rec. 30 Oct. 1854 Larue Co. KY. (FHL film 409,402; SLC 9/11/2010)
      3-293/294: 30 Oct. 1854, Priscilla Duncan by Isaac Duncan her atty in fact of Clarke Co. MO to John R. Friend? of Larue Co. KY, for $125, all my interest in a parcel of land in Larue Co. KY containing 200 acres more or less, being the same willed to me by my husband Shadrack Duncan decd. during my life or widowhood. /s/ Priscilla Duncan by Isaac Duncan her attorney in fact. Recorded 4 Nov. 1854. (FHL film 409,402; SLC 9/11/2010)
      5-340/341: 24 Nov. 1863, T.H?. Gunter Commissioner of Larue Circuit Court in the Equity case of Philip Creals Admrs. agt. Philip Creals heirs & auditors on behalf of Gemina Creal widow of the late Philip Creal decd, Isaac Duncan & wife Elizabeth, Jackson Tabb and wife Martha, Richard Creal, Squire Creal, Calmore L? Creal & Catharine W. Ward, children and heirs of Philip Creal decd, to Armsted R. Creal, for $114 secured to be paid, T.H. Gunter by order in the above cause to convey the land named on behalf of the parties of the first part to said A.R. Creal, hereby convey to him a tract of land in Larue Co. KY on SE fork of Nolin and bounded according to the survey filed in the above named cause, beg. at a stone recently planted by a black oak stump, the beg. corner of Israel Christian's survey of 1500 acres, then with his line N 30 E 222 poles to a post oak recently marked, then S 72-1/4 E 28 poles to a post oak in Christian's line, then S 19 W 260 poles to a stake, then S 72 E 59 poles to a stake, then S 19 W 40-1/4 poles to a stake, then N 73 W 35-1/4 poles to a stake, then S 44 W 32 poles to a hickory black oak & gum in Christian's south line also corner to John Frind, then N 72 W 94 poles to a stone, then N 30 E 125 to the beginning, containing 152 acres, to have and hold all the above described tract of land except that part heretofore alloted to Gemima Creal widow to Philip Creal decd. by Comrs. appointed by the Larue Co. Court as her dower which is hereby reserved ... /s/ T.H. Gunter. 24 Nov. 1863, deed produced in court; Recorded 10 May 1864. (FHL film 409,404; SLC 9/11/2010)
      6-28: 13 Oct. 1865, D.F. Duncan, Eliza Ann Nichols, Sarah Atherton & her husband Milton Atherton, Susan Daugherty and her husband C.M. Daugherty, and Helen R. Duncan, children and heirs of Mary Duncan decd, to John Duncan, for $120 he is to pay in the way of debts that are or may be due against the said decedent Mary Duncan, one to Bethel & Robertson for near $20, one to Danl. W. Dyer for $15, and one to J.H. & G.W. Rodman for about $65, one to John Williams for about $10 and some others amounting in the agregate to $120, sell all of the undivided right etc. they have to a tract of about 100 acres of land in Larue Co. KY, the same that Mary Duncan died seized & possessed of and lies on the head waters of Knob Creek and whatsoever interest we have as children & heirs of Mary Duncan decd. is hereby conveyed. /s/ D.F. Duncan, Eliza Ann (X) Nichols, Susan (X) Daugherty, Sarah Atherton, Helen R. Duncan. ack. 30 Jany 1866 by D.F. Duncan, Eliza A. Nichols, Susan Daugherty, Sarah Atherton & Helen R. Duncan. Nov. 12, 1867, ack. by Helen R. Duncan. (FHL film 409,405; SLC 9/11/2010)
      6-45/46: 7 Dec. 1865, John Duncan, Charles [Duncan,] Janett Duncan, Isaac Duncan, Elizabeth Duncan, Sam W. Duncan, Mary J. Duncan, Sarah E. Duncan, Wm. G. Burns, Milly A. Burns, Phillip J. Thomas, Liney Thomas and the unknown heirs of Joseph Carman and Patsy Carman, children and heirs of Shadrick Duncan decd, by H.S. Johnson Commissioner of Larue Circuit Court in the Equity Cause of Jno. R. Friend by petition for title to artain?? in the pleadings mentioned, and John R. Friend; that a judgment in the above suit ordered H.S. Johnson on behalf of the parties to convey to John R. Friend 9/10 of the land in the pleadings, now in view of that and the purchase of said John R. Friend of the parties whose bonds are filed, I hereby convey to said John R. Friend, as assetts from the estate of their father or ancestor Shadricke Duncan, a tract or parcel of land except 1/10 containing 9/10 of the same in Larue Co. formerly Hardin Co. on the waters of the Little South Fork of Nolin Creek, being the same tract purchased by and deeded to Shadrick Duncan from (blank) of record in Hardin Co., containing 200 acres more or less. /s/ H.S. Johnson for the heirs of Shadrick Duncan. Deed produced 7 Dec. 1865, statement by Clerk of Larue Circuit Court 15 Dec. 1865. Recorded 6 Feb. 1866. (FHL film 409,405; SLC 9/11/2010; extract also from Bill Mills 11/1988)

Larue Co. KY Deed Books (from Bill Mills 11/1988)
      8-191 to 192: 2 April 1872, Deed for Shadrack Duncan at South Fork of Nolynn Creek to John R. Freind ... signed by: John Duncan & Jarrett Duncan, Charles Duncan, Samel Duncan, W. Duncan, Issac Duncan, Mary J. Duncan, Sarah E. Duncan, Wm. G. Burns & Milly Burns (his wife) and unknown heirs of Patsy Carman.
      List of the names of persons in Larue Co., liable under the Military Laws, to be enrolled in the Militia of the State of KY 1841- Seth Duncan; Ed S Duncan ...


Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, Seth, widow Duncan, Mary A., minor Duncan, David F., Gdn.; C 15 KY Inf.; 1866 Feb. 3, Widow Appl. #120581, Cert. #81078; 1871 Jan. 21, Minor Appl. #193333, Cert. #158367. (MAD: 1860 Larue Co. KY census; mustered in at Louisville, Jefferson Co. KY; d. 13 Aug. 1864 Atlanta, Fulton Co. GA)


Mercer Co. KY Deed (extract from Jean Harper 5/1987)
      39-88: 24 Sept. 1869, William Dunkin and Lettitia his wife of Larue Co. KY to Turner DeBaun of Mercer Co. KY, $100, lot of ground in Cornishville, Mercer Co., known as lot #15. /s/ William Dunkin, Letitia (mark) Dunkin. Ack. in Larue Co. 24 Sept, rec. Mercer Co. 2 Oct. 1869.

HISTORIES before 1923

1874 "History of KY" by Lewis Collins, Vol.II (TN Gen. Society Library #3233 from Evelyn Sigler 10/1982)
      Larue Co.: farm of Mr. John Duncan about 5 miles from Hodengville on the big South Fork of Nolin.

1885-1886 "KY, a History of the State" 2nd or 3rd Edition (Volume), by Perrin, Battle & Kniffin (FHL book 976.9 D3wt)
      Pg.21, LaRue Co. REV. FRANCIS S. CESSNA, born May 12, 1835, in Hodgensville, KY, son of Jonathan F. and Nancy (Miller) Cessna, both of LaRue Co. ... Rev. F.S. Cessna reared on farm, 8 years experience in teaching; May 25, 1858, he married Sarah E. Hays, dau. of E.R. and Margaret (Ashcraft) Hays ... June 27, 1861, he was ordained to preach in the Baptist Church, and has been regularly engaged in the ministry ever since. ... The Presbytery that ordained Mr. Cessna in connection with the church was composed of the following ministers: John Duncan, John Miller, M.H. Huber, W.L. Morris, J.T. Miller, W.H. Williams, R.M. Enlows, and A.F. Baker. Rev. Cessna has lived in LaRue Co. all his life, except two years in Louisville. ...

1886 "KY, a History of the State" 3rd Edition (Volume), by Perrin, Battle & Kniffin (FHL book 976.9 D3wt and Evelyn Sigler 4/1982 and Denzil R. Mauldin 3/1984)
      Pg.103-4 (pg.823), Barren Co. JOSEPH H. ADAMS, justice of the peace, was born June 16, 1841, in southern part of Barren Co., the second of 5 sons and 2 daus. of Hardin C. and Mary Ann (Mansfield) Adams ... Joseph H. Adams at age of 19 took up profession of teaching, taught 8 years in Barren and adj. counties; in 1868 engaged in mercantile business 2 miles east of Glasgow Junction, until Jan. 1870, when his store & contents were swept away by the cyclone, afterwards farmed; in 1874 moved to Glasgow Junction ... In Feb. 1866 he married Mollie Ferguson, of Butler Co., a dau. of Dr. R.M. and Harriet (Duncan) Ferguson, who were respectively born in Scotland and LaRue Co. KY; the Duncans were of German descent. Mr. and Mrs. Adams are members of the Christian Church. ...
      Pg.168 (pg.887), Warren Co. EDWARD G. FERGUSSON, of Warren Co., born Nov. 5, 1853, in LaRue Co., a son of Dr. Robert M. and Harriet (Duncan) Fergusson by whom two sons and three daughters were born, and of whom our subject is the youngest. Dr. Robert M. Fergusson was born in VA in April, 1812; when a lad of 10 or 12 he was brought to Bullitt Co. KY by his parents; at Louisville he engaged in mercantile business for several years, and was also engaged in farming. After his marriage he lived in various counties, from Bullitt to Hardin, then in Hart, and in 1858 moved to Butler Co. where he died in April, 1863. He was a son of I. Fergusson, who was born in Scotland, and who with his wife immigrated to and settled in VA, thence to Louisville, then to Bullitt. Mrs. Harriet Fergusson was born Nov. 25, 1826, in Larue Co. KY, and is a dau. of Matthey (MAD: sic) J. Duncan who married a Miss Miller. He was of Scotch origin, and an early pioneer of LaRue Co. and was one of its first surveyors. ...
      Pg.37 (pg.968), LaRue Co. JOSIAH WRIGHT, born Oct. 15, 1826, in LaRue Co. on the head waters of the Nolin, son of James and Nancy (Jones) Wright. (Wright ancestry not copied here.) Josiah married July 1853, Martha J. Easter of Larue Co., dau. of John and Evaline (Shannon) Easter, natives of Larue Co. KY and Knox Co. TN; Evaline (Shannon) Easter was a dau. of Charles S. and Rachel (Duncan) Pennington (MAD: sic). Charles Shannon was a son of William Shannon, a native of VA and a farmer; Charles Shannon was a soldier in the war of 1812. John Easter was a son of John and Martha (Price) Easter, natives of PA and VA, respectively. ...


Copy of Family Record of Mathew J. Duncan, wife Mary (Miller) (photocopy of handwritten page dated Feb. 12, 1918, and typed copy of that page and pages from a family Bible listing children of Milton and Sallie Duncan Atherton, from Jamie Niekamp 11/1995, following is MAD's retyping of Jamie's typed page, compared with copy of original Duncan page; ditto marks in first section refer to the word "born"; see 1830 Nelson, 1840 Hardin, & 1860 Larue Co. KY census; included with permission)
   Pages from family Bible in possession of Dillard Orce Brown, Bardstown, KY. Received 7 Oct 1995 and transcribed by Jamie Atherton Niekamp. [speIlings as given on records] (MAD: original pages sent by Mr. Brown to Jamie Niekamp)
      [page from what appears to be a note pad listing children of Milton and Sallie Duncan Atherton]
      John Thomas Atherton born Mar; 11.. 1857
      Peter Atherton " June; 28. 1858
      Wm. Franklin Atherton " Nov. 23; 1859
      Martha Jane Atherton " Feb. 6; 1862
      Jas. Waverly Atherton " Mar; 10. 1867
      Hardin Atherton " May. 19; 1868
      Lenard Morgan Atherton " Sept; 8. 1871
      Annie Atherton " July. 10. 1874
      Sudie Margaret Atherton " Mar, 18. 1877
      [also listing children of Warren and Susan "Sudie" Atherton Ewing]
            Jessie Ewin born Nov 11; 1895
            Hallie Ewin " Mar 23; 1898
   [another page with a small US flag in upper left corner and the handwritten date - Feb. 12, 1918] (MAD: entries were on separate lines, first line giving name, second line saying "was born" and the date, and sometimes a third line with death information; I have changed this to one line entries)
      Elizebath Duncan, was born, Mar. 15, 1819.
      Casander Duncan, was born, Aug. 25, 1820.
      Elizie Ann Duncan, was born, Aug. 14, 1822.
      Mary Duncan, was born, Sept. 3, 1824.
      Harriet Duncan, was born, Nov. 25, 1825.
      Margarut Duncan, was born, Jan. 10, 1828.
      Nancy Duncan, was born, Oct. 27, 1829.
      Seth Duncan, was born, Jan. 15, 1832.
      J.F. Duncan, was born, Aug. 4, 1841.
      Sallie Ducan, was born, Dec 26, 1836. (JAN & MAD: sic)
      Susan Ducan, was born, Aug. 4, 1841. (sic)
            [on back of same sheet]
      Hellen Duncan, was born, Sept. 1, 1845.
      M.J. Duncan, was born, Aug. 20, 1895. (sic) and died Aug. 29, 1846.
      Mary Duncan, was born, Mar. 9. 1800. died Apil 10, 1865. (sic)
      Family Record of
            M.J. Duncan
            [in different handwriting beneath the family record it says:]
      William Lovis Crady, Died Ag. 19, 1929]

Matthew Duncan (from notebooks of Kay D. Hampton bef. 1970, loaned through Lu Durham 5/1988, now at Platte Co. MO Historical Society; typed page)
      Matthew Duncan, b. Aug. 20, 1795, Berkeley Co. VA, d. 1848, m. Dec. 18, 1817, Mary Miller, (or Nancy?), dau. of Jacob Miller. (Ref. History of Nelson Co. KY) He d. Aug. 29, 1848, Larue Co. KY. 12 children:
      Elizabeth Duncan b. March 15, 1819.
      Cassandra Duncan, b. Aug. 25, 1820.
      Eliza Ann Duncan, b. Aug. 14, 1822, m. Nicholas.
      Harriet Duncan, b. Nov. 25, 1825, m. Ferguson, had Millie Adams who moved to TX.
      Nancy Duncan, b. Oct. 27, 1829.
      Seth Duncan, b. January 15, 1832, killed in Civil War, m. April 15, 1856, Mary Ann Dean or Dever (Kay D. Hampton: could not read pencil written data). (MAD: issue not copied here)
      Dr. Forest Duncan, b. Aug. 4, 1834, m. Aug. 4, 1854 Betty Neff. Eight children. (MAD: not copied)
      Sarah Duncan, b. Dec. 26, 1836, m. John Myres.
      John Myers Duncan, b. July 10, 1839, m. Sara Wood Brown (or Laura)
      Susan Duncan, b. August 4, 1841.
      Helen Rhuahama Duncan, b. Sept. 1, 1845, d. Dec. 15, 1922, m. John Allen Basham.


"The Duncans of Bourbon Co. KY" by Julia Hoge Spencer Ardery (FHL fiche 6,018,102 and other sources)
      This book contains information on Capt. Seth Duncan (wife Ruahama) of Pendleton Co. KY and his sons Matthew J. Duncan b. 8/20/1795 mar. Mary Miller 18 Dec. 1817 Nelson Co. KY, d. 29 Aug. 1848 Larue Co. KY.

"Pioneer Baptist Church Records of South-Central KY and the Upper Cumberland of TN 1799-1899" by C.P. Cawthorn & N.L. Warnell c1985 (from Bill Mills 11/1988, and Donald Duncan 4/1991; FHL book 976 K2c)
      This book contains many references to the Duncans in the South Fork, Nolin Baptist Church of Larue Co. KY, as well as the 1804 membership list which included John Duncan, Shadrack Duncan, Isaac Duncan, Charles Duncan, and Jarrett W. Duncan, members of the Carman family, and several Duncan women.


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