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Formed 1796 from Logan
Barren formed 1798 from Green, Warren
Allen formed 1815 from Barren, Warren
Simpson formed 1819 from Allen, Logan, Warren
Edmonson formed 1825 from Grayson, Hart, Warren


1810 Warren Co. KY Census
Pg.267  Marble Duncan      31010      - 12010
   271  Wm. Dunkin         20010      - 21010
        Rice Duncan        20110      - 11110
          (MAD: wife Jane Thomsen?, son Josiah in
            1840 Wayne Co. MO census)
   282  Joseph Duncan      01301      - 00101
          (MAD: one Joseph Duncan mar. Elizabeth
            Hendricks 1817, both over 21)
        Prior Duncan       20010      - 10100
          (MAD: Prior Duncan mar. Sarah White 9/5/1803;
            to Howard Co. MO)

1820 Warren Co. KY Census
Pg. 34  James Jones        010001     - 00001
          (MAD: one James Jones mar. Jemima Duncan 9/12/1807)
    36  Edmund Duncan      200010     - 10010
    50  Susanna Pace       000101     - 00221
          (MAD: one Twitty Pace mar. Susannah Duncan 4/2/1810,
            bondsman Prior Duncan, consent by her father
            Joseph Duncan, witnessed by Prior and Ashlok Duncan;
            to Morgan Co. AL late 1820's, to Pope Co. AR)
        Edward Pace        000100     - 00100
    63  Richd. Duncan      100110     - 20010

1830 Warren Co. KY Census
Pg. 91  Edmund Duncan      2110,001   - 1101,011
    97  James Jones        1000,1     - 2000,1

1840 Warren Co. KY Census; semi-alphabetic
Pg. 42  Dunkin, Edmond     0222,1001  - 0221,01
    44  Duncan, Martin     1000,01    - 1000,01
    58  Jones, James       2100,1     - 2100,01

1850 Warren Co. KY Census
District 1
Pg.39, #538, David BELCHER 40 VA farmer $200
                  Lively (f) 35 TN
                  Louisa T. 15, Isaac N. 12 TN
                  Rebecca J. 11 TN
                  Emerilla 7, Margaret J. 1 KY
                  Mary A. DUNCAN 15 TN
                  Martha E. BELCHER 13, Lucinda G. 11 AL
                  (MAD: David Belcher mar. Lively Duncan 8/1/1842 Butler Co. KY; per Smith Co. TN genealogy "Trail Blazers": "Larkin Duncan mar. Lively Belcher"; no Larkin Duncan identified)
Pg.44, #611, J.D. DUNCAN (m) 35 VA farmer $900
                  Jane 33 KY
                  Druscilla A. 5, Eliza C. 3 KY
                  Euclid M. (m) 6/12 KY
                  (MAD: Joseph D. Duncan mar. Jane Covington 6/7/1841)
Pg.44, #612, Edmund DUNCAN 63 VA farmer $6500
                  Sarah 48 KY
                  Woodford 25, Virginia E. 22 KY
                  Edmund 20, Henrietta 17 KY
                  Thomas C. 9, Sarah E. 7, Mary 5 KY
                  Harriet A. DULANEY 18 KY
                  A.Y. PROCTOR (m) 20 KY laborer
                  G.B. (m) 18, James S. 15 KY laborers
                  Margaret 22 KY
                  (MAD: Edmund Duncan mar. Sally Proctor 1/18/1840 Logan Co. KY)
Pg.45, #613, William E. DUNCAN 29 KY farmer $0
                  Margaret 25 KY
                  John 5, Virginia 3, Dulaney 6/12 KY
                  (MAD: William E. Duncan mar. Margaret E. Dulaney 3/4/1843)
District 2 District 2
Pg.97, #446, Alferd DUNCAN 30 KY farmer $0
                  Myra 19 KY
                  Nancy E. 1 KY
                  (MAD: Alfred Duncan mar. Myry Morgan 9/14/1848)
Taken 9/7/1850
Pg.105, #559, Martin DUNCAN 45 KY farmer $800 insane
                  Rebecca 40 SC
                  James 9, Robin (m) 6 KY
                  (MAD: Robin, not Rubin; Martin Duncan mar. Rebecca Lambert 11/29/1834)

1860 and 1870 and LATER CENSUS

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Warren Co. KY Marriages (from county records, from Virginia Duncan 3/1984 with permission to share, question marks hers)
      Duncan, spouse, date, book & page
      Duncan, Addie, to William H. Redford, Jan. 6, 1895, X-392
      Duncan, C.C., to Savannah Nunn, (VD: ?), V-258
      Duncan, Eliza, to Foster Martin, April 12, 1892, V-418
      Duncan, Eugene W., to Nora Mercer, Dec. 4, 1893, W-447
      Duncan, Nannie Sprouli, to Melvin E. Porter, Jan. 31, 1894, X-80
      Duncan, Claude W. Jr., to Kathryn May Ham, (VD: ?), 29-45; he age 25 b. Logan Co., parents C.W. & Ruth Duncan; she age 21 b. Warren Co.
      Duncan, Edward, to Lucy Caskey, June 27, 1931, 31-27; he age 21 b. Warren Co., parents Alex & Louise Duncan; she age 21 b. MO
      Duncan, Frank Thomas, to Temple Lou McGinnis, Oct. 3, 1933, 36-67; he age 21 b. Warren Co., parents Herschel & Susie Duncan; she age 21 b. Warren Co.
      Duncan, H.G., to Mattie C. Morehead, Dec. 24, 1930, 30-2; he age 24 b. Warren Co., parents J.W. & Maude Duncan; she age 17 (no birthplace given)
      Duncan, James L., to Mary R. Ventrus, March 5, 1931, 30-59; he age 27 b. Davenport, IA; par. James Dick and Bessie C. Duncan who lived in Iowa; she age 21 b. Elizabethtown, KY. After marriage, James L. and Mary R. lived in Elizabethtown, KY.
      Duncan, John, to Robbie Logan, June 3, 1932, 33-39; he age 22 b. Laurel Co. KY but lived in Central City KY, parents John & Sarah Duncan; she age 21 b. Monroe Co. KY but lived in Tompkinsville, KY.
      Duncan, L. Richard, to Georgie Ann Hobson, June 20, 1931, 3-123; he age 29 b. Warren Co. KY, parents C.W. & Ruth Duncan; she age 23 b. Warren Co.
      Duncan, Ocie Mae, to John Neil Duffy, Aug. 10, 1931, 31-65; she age 21 b. Harford KY, parents Charles & Saide Duncan who lived in Hartford KY; he age 34 b. Watertown, NY.

Warren Co. KY marriage bonds & consents (did not copy all)
      FHL film 164,003 - marriage bonds mostly by year, 1814-1839
      FHL film 164,004 - mixed bonds, no order, 1797-1891 (item 2); following towards end of film, no frame numbers given at top of each document
            Sept. the 12th, 1807, this is to certify that I am willing for you to grant James Jones a lisens to marry my daughter Jemima Duncan. As witness my hand and seal to Mr. Chapling? Clerk. /s/ Robert Duncan, seal. Teste Wm. Rountree, Marshal Duncan. (small paper, top of page)
            Know all men by these presents that we James Jones & William Rountree are ... bound ... for £50 12th day of Sept. 1807. The condition of this obligation is such that if there should be no legal cause to obstruct a marriage shortly intended to be solemnized and for which a license has issued between the said James Jones & Jemimah Duncan ... /s/ James (his C mark) Jones, Wm. Rountree. Atteste: Wm. Chapline? (larger piece of paper, bottom of page)
      FHL film 164,006 - mixed returns, 1779-1850, mixed, not looked at
      FHL film 164,007 - marriage records 1804-1813 -- actually "preacher bonds"
      FHL film 164,009 - marriage records 1799-1855 -- "family records" mixed, marriage bonds, etc.; looked through
      FHL film 242,960 - marriage records 1799-1861 - preacher returns (not copied)
      FHL film 273,013 - loose papers 1796-1880 D-G -- usually in order by first letter of surname of groom; includes marriage returns for Edmund Duncan family & many other Duncans, no particular order, usually two documents per frame/page; only copied a few of them
            (Frame 118) Bond of Twitty Pace and Prior Duncan, 2 April 1810, for marriage of Twitty Pace and Susannah Duncan. Wit. Wm. Chapline.
                  Consent of Rice Duncan "I hereby certify that I have no objection for a license to issue for the solemnization of a marriage between my son Allen Duncan and Sarah Ann Borin." 8 Feb. 1813, /s/ Rice Duncan, Teste: Jos. T?onoinyes??, John Harrison.
            (Frame 119) Bond of Allen Duncan and William Boren, 8 Jan. 1813, for marriage between Allen Duncan by consent of his father and Sarah Ann Boren daughter of William Boren whose consent being also proven according to law.
                  Consent of Joseph Duncan "To Mr. William Chaplain Clerk of Warren County in the State of Kentucke. This is to certify that Twity Pace and my daughter Susannah Duncan is to be married and its with my consent as such I do request you to grant the said Twitty Pace licen for that purpose as witness I have hereunto set my hand and seal this second day of April 1810. /s/ Joseph Duncan. Teste Prior Duncan, Ashlah Duncan.
            (Frame 196) Bond of Nathaniel Watson and Marshall Duncan, 29 Sept. 1807, for marriage of Watson to Polly Duncan daughter of said Marshall Duncan. /s/ Nathaniel (E) Watson, Marshall (M) Duncan. Teste. Jno. Hobson.
                  Sept. 12, 1807, "This is to certify that I am willing for you to grant James Jones a lisens to marry my daughter Jemima Duncan. As witness my hand and seal to Mr. Chapling? Clerk. /s/ Robert Duncan, seal. Teste Wm. Rountree, Marshal Duncan. (same paper as on film 164,004 above; this a fainter copy)
            (Frame 199, one document) Bond of Marshall Duncan and Gregory Doyle, 6 (month appears to be "1805" erased) 1805, for marriage of Marshall Duncan to Peggy Doyle. Wit. John Phelps.
            (1808, Marshall Duncan to Elizabeth Boyd - not found but may have missed)


Warren Co. KY Wills
      D-134: Nov. 24, 1838, will of James Duncan, now of Bowling Green late of Natches Miss.; 4 lots or parcels of ground being in Pontatoc in Miss.; note on Robert J. Walker endorsed by Thos. Bamard in possession of Marsha and Shields of Nashville; certificate of deposit of the Bank of Orleans, New Orleans, My annuity of 800 payable Jan. and July received by deed from Dr. Duncan, Natches, now deposited in Bowling Green Branch Bank; my land in Texas; to Maria and Henry P. Duncan children of Dr. Stephen Duncan. To Wm. S. Walker now a student in Georgetown college. Execs. Joseph P. Brown of Nashville and A.R. Macey of Bowling Green. Mentions Duncan S. Walker. Witnesses, Richard Curd, E.T. Duncan. Codicile Jan. 6, 1839, appoints Warner L. Underwood Esq. of Bowling and John Marshall merchant executors in place of Joseph P. Brown Nashville, witnesses, P. Donaldson, Jona Hobson, Recorded July court 1839. (FHL film 339,885; from pg.14, "Record of Abstract of Wills in Warren Co. KY, v.1 1798-1823; v.2 1823-1847" by Annie W. Bell; FHL book 976.974 S2w)
      4-224: Dec. 10, 1872, will of Martin (+) Duncan; to Robert Duncan and heirs 50 acres adj. B.R. Walthal and Alfred Justice, and 27a being a tract allotted to Atwood Willoughby and rifle etc. To Gary F. Wils... (tight binding), bed & furniture and $100. Their being some house furniture belonging to my wife Rebecca Duncan, to wit, beaurow, bedstead, table, small trunk, leufboard (?), which I give to her brothers and sisters. Wit. M.P. Holland, J.A. Justice, Alfred Justice. Proved Aug. 1877. (FHL film 339,886)


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Warren Co. KY tax lists (FHL film 8,255)
1797: No Duncan
1798: No list
1799: Duncan, William, 1 white tither, 2 horses
      Duncan, Marvel, 1w, 2h
1800: Duncan, Marvel, 1w, 1h
      Duncan, Wm., 1w, 3h
      Duncan, Rice, 200a Drakes Cr., 1w, 1h
      Duncan, Joseph, 1w, 4h, 1w 16-21, 1b, 300a Trammel
      Duncan, Marshal, 1w, 2h
1801: One list missing, no Duncan on existing list
1802: Dunkin, Marvel, 200a D. Creek, 1w, 2h
      Dunkin, William, 200a D. Creek, 1w, 1h
      Dunkin, Joseph, 300a D. Creek, 2w, 3h, 1b
      Dunkin, Rice, 200a D. Creek, 1w, 1h
1803: Duncan, Joseph, 200a & 200a Drakes, 2w, 7h, 1w 16-21, 1b
      Duncan, Rice, 200a Drakes, 1w, 0h
      Duncan, William, 200a Drakes, 1w, 2h
      Duncan, Marvel, 200a Drakes, 1w, 2h
      Duncan, Thos., 200a Drakes, 1w, 2h
1804: Duncan, Thomas, 200a D. Creek, name T. Rice, 1w, 2h
      Duncan, Wm., 125a D. Creek, 1w, 3h
      Duncan, Jos., 400a, 200a, 200a D. Creek, 1w, 5h, 1w 16-21, 1b
      Duncan, Pryor, 260a D. Creek, 1w, 3h, 1b
      Duncan, Rice, 200a D. Creek, 1w, 1h
      Dunkin, Marvell, 200a Drakes, 1w, 2h
1805: Duncan, Marvell, 140a Drakes, 1w, 2h
      Duncan, Pryer, 400a Drakes, 1w, 1h, 1b
      Duncan, William, 115a Drakes, 1w, 4h
      Duncan, Rice, 200a Drakes, 1w, 2h
      Duncan, Joseph, 200a, 400a, 200a Drakes, 1w, 7h, 1w 16-21, 1b
      Duncan, Thos., 150a (no watercourse), 1w, 3h
      Duncan, Benj., 520a B. Fork, name B. Duncan, 0w, 0h
      Duncan, Elisha, 150a Green R., 1w, 3h
1806: Duncan, Robert, 100a Barrin, name R. Duncan, As.of J.Ward, 1w, 2h
      Duncan, Marshal, 1w, 4h
      Duncan, Joseph, 400a, 200a, 200a D. Creek, 1w, 7h, 2w 16-21, 1b
      Duncan, Rice, 200a D. Creek, 1w, 1h
      Duncan, Prior, 250a, 200a (no watercourse), 1w, 2h, 2b
      Duncan, Thomas, 200a Trammel, 1w, 3h - SECOND LIST
      Duncan, William, 115a Drakes, 1w, 3h
      Duncan, Marvel, 140a Drakes, 1w, 2h
      Duncan, Joseph, 1w, 1h
      Duncan, John, 1w, 1h
      Duncan, Marshal, 1w, 1h
      Duncan, Robert, 400a Green River, 0w, 1h
1807: Duncan, Marvel, 140a D.C., 1w, 3h
      Duncan, Rice, 200a D.C., 1w, 2h
      Duncan, Prior, 250a, 200a, 100a D.C., 1w, 2h, 2b
      Duncan, Robert, 1w, 2h
      Duncan, Joseph, 400a, 200a, 200a (no watercourse), 1w, 6h, 1w 16-21, 1b
      Duncan, Ashly, 1w, 2h
      Duncan, Marshal, 1w, 2h
      Duncan, Marshel, 130a Barrens, 1w, 1h - SECOND LIST
      Duncan, John, 1w, 1h
1808: Duncan, Prior, 260a, 100a Drake's, 1w, 6h, 2b
      Duncan, Rice, 200a Drakes, 1w, 3h
      Duncan, Ashley, 1w, 2h
      Duncan, Wm., 1w, 0h
      Duncan, Marvel, 140a Drakes, 1w, 3h
      Duncan, Joseph, 400a Drakes, 200a, 200a Tramel, 1w, 7h, ?w 16-21, 1b
1809: Duncan, Marvel, 140a Drakes, 1w, 5h
      Duncan, Ashley, 1w, 3h
      Duncan, Rice, 200a Drakes, 1w, 4h
      Duncan, William, 1w, 1h
      Duncan, Joseph, 400a, 200a, 200a (no watercourse), 1w, 9h, 0w 16-21, 1b
      Duncan, Prior, 260a Drakes, 1w, 6h, 2b
1810: No list
1811: Duncan, Marciel, 140a?(blotted) Md. Fork, 1w, 5h
      Duncan, Ashley, 200a Trammel, name Jos. Duncan, 1w, 4h
      Duncan, Joseph, 400a Drakes, 2w, 4h, 1b
      Duncan, William, 1w, 1h
      Duncan, Prior, 260a Drakes, 1w, 4h, 2b
      Duncan, Rice, 200a Drakes, 1w, 8h
1812: Duncan, Joseph, 400a M. Fork, 1w, 7h, 2b
      Duncan, Zadock, 1w, 4h
      Duncan, Prior, 260a Drakes, 1w, 4h, 2b
      Duncan, Rice, 200a Drakes, 1w, 7h
      Duncan, William, 1w, 1h
      Blotted pages, unable to read
      Duncan, Ashley, 200a Trammels, 1w, 3h
1813: Duncan, David, 80a G. River, 1w, 0h
      Duncan, Traverse, 200a B., 1w, 1h
      Duncan, Joseph, 400a Drakes, 2w, 10 h, 1b
      Duncan, Prior, 260a Drakes, 1w, 3h, 1b
      Duncan, Rice, 200a Drakes, 1w, 7h
      Duncan, William, 1w, 2h
      Duncan, Ashley, 200a (no watercourse), name Jos. Duncan, 1w, 0h
1814: No list
1815: Duncan, Joseph, 50a Drakes Creek, 1w, 0h
      Duncan, Andrew by Tho. Garland, 80a Green River, 0w, 0h
1816: Duncan, Anderson, 80a Green River, 1w, 1h
      Duncan, Joseph, 50a D.C., 1w, 0h
1817: Duncan, Anderson, 80a Green River, 1w, 1h
      Duncan, Joseph Jr., 120a Drakes C., 1w, 1h
      Duncan, Zadox, 80a Drakes C., 1w, 4h
      Duncan, Joseph Sr., 1w, 1h
1818: Duncan, Edmund - not copied
      Duncan, Zadox, 80a D. Creek, 1w, 4h
      Duncan, Joseph, 1w, 0h
      Duncan, Joseph Jr., 50a (no watercourse), 1w, 1h
1819: Duncan, Edmd - not copied
      Duncan, Anderson, 25a (no watercourse), 1w, 1h
      Duncan, Joseph Sr., 1w, 1h
1820: Duncan, Anderson, 24-3/4a D. Creek, 1w, 2h
      Duncan, Edmund - not copied
1821: Duncan, Anderson, 252a (no watercourse), 1w, 0h
      Duncan, Edmund - not copied

Warren Co. KY Tax Lists (FHL film 8,255)
      (wanted Randall Boyd, father of Elizabeth Duncan who d. 1855 Christian Co. KY; ?? possibly the father of Elizabeth Boyd who married Marshall Duncan 1/12/1808 Warren Co. KY)
1806: Boys, Thopius & Jessee & William; one page B names smeared
1807: Boydston, John & Benjamin
      Boys, Jessee & Willis
1808: Boydston, Benjamin & Saml.
      Doyal, James & John
      Boyers, Jesse
      Boyer, William (or Willis?)
1809: Boydston, Benjamin & John
      Boyer, Jessee & Willis
      Borren, William (Drakes Creek)
      Borren, Matthew & James


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Obituary, undated, newspaper name unknown, for Joseph Dillard Duncan; probably Dec. 1905, probably Bowling Green, Warren Co. KY (from Walter Massengale 6/1995, with permission to share)
      WBM: This obituary was taken from a newpaper clipping in my posession which does not show the date published nor the identify of the newpaper in which it was published. MAD: Joseph Dillard Duncan, b. 21 Nov. 1814, d. 5 Dec. 1905, wife Jane Covington, from other records, son of Edmund Duncan and Harriet Ann Dulaney who was son of Charles Duncan and Elizabeth Dillard.
      To 'Squire J. Dillard Duncan This Morning. Near Rockfield, At Home of his Son; Was one of the County's oldest and best beloved Citizens. Past Ninety-One Years.
      Squire Joseph Dillard Duncan died this morning at 11 o'clock at the home of his son, Mr. W.D. Duncan, near Rockfield. Uncle Dillard, as he was familiarly and affectionately known, had been bedridden for quite awhile, and gradually growing weaker, and his death was not unexpected. He died from general debility brought on by his extreme age, being at the time of his death 91 years and sixteen days old.
      Mr. Duncan was born in Culpeper County, Va. on November 21st, 1814, and with his parents moved to Kentucky when he was a child about two years of age. His parents settled on Clear Fork creek in this county and there Mr. Duncan grew to manhood, where he lived all his life with the exception of a few years in this city, and there he died. His wife was Miss Jane Covington who preceded him to the grave several years since. They were married in the Rockfield vicinity and went on a bridal trip to Marshall, Ill., on horseback.
      He is survived by four sons, Dr. E.M. Duncan, of Marshall, Ill.; Henry F. Duncan of Louisville; W.D. Duncan of Rockfield, and S.B. Duncan, of this city. Two daughters, now dead, were Mrs. Underwood, wife of former Lieutenant Governor Jno. C. Underwood, and Mrs. E.L. Hines. He leaves besides the immediate members of his family a number of relatives who are among the most prominent and substantial people of the city and county. It is not putting it too strongly to say that there never lived in Warren County a man who exceeded him in popularity or who had a firmer hold upon the esteem of our people generally. He was in deed and in truth, one of nature's noblemen. He was a man of the kindest disposition, of generous impulses, lofty aspirations and of the most spotless integrity of character. He loved his friends and dispensed among them a lavish hospitatility and was never happier than when entertaining them around his fireside and at his board. He was for a number of years a member of the County Fiscal Court, a member of the city council and in all his relations of life, public and private, he was the same genial, warm-hearted, loveable man, the same public-spirited, upright and honorable citizen. He had been a member of the Baptist church for years and died as he had lived, a faithful and earnest Christian.
      Though he had lived long past man's alloted time, he will be deeply mourned throughout the entire country and if every person "who knew and loved him could come to his grave and cast on it a leaf, he would sleep beneath a wilderness of flowers."
      The funeral arrangements have not yet been made, but will await the arrival of relatives from a distance.

Letter dated June 5, 1882 Bowling Green, Ky, from Mollie Holson to Hallie Carpenter (typed transcript below from Kenneth Smith 1/12/2016; on 1/27/2016 he requested the text be added to my webpage; he has the original letter and more original letters; Henrietta M. Duncan's daughter, Hallie Carpenter, was his Great Grandmother. Hallie saved the family letters written between 1872 to 1949)
      "Dear Hallie, I was so glad to receive your kind and most welcome letter It has been so long since I heard from you it was like a ray of sunshine I have often wondered what had become of you. Why did no one tell me about your marriage you know I always said the gentleman that married you would have to ask me but it is all right and I hope he will prove worthy of you. Hallie I was surprised you had never heard of your cousin Will death he died last Sept a year ago on 6th 1881 he was sick only a few days some think he died of yellow fever. I know it is right or God would have never taken him. It is so hard to submit, but God will be done not him. We have in heaven a hope, oh bles en hope we may meet again. I feel I almost know he is better off for he was good and ---- than he could be here on earth. I was very sick after his death for weeks, the Dr had but little hope of my recovery Your cousin Will died in Sept and I was confined to my bed almost all the time until May. Oh it would have been so nice if they had let me smier my heart is so sad. Your Aunt Jennie was here last week and I went to see Aunt Sallie she has five children Mary Duncan is married and living here she married a Potter he is a lawyer has one little girl name Hallie. Hallie is married two she married Will Herndon she has two girls and one boy. Your cousin Dru Underwood has moved to Covington, Ky and Uela will go to Trynadad, Colorado Your Aunt Jane was so good and kind to me while I was sick. You wanted to know if your cousin ever collected Jimmies money he received Jimmy letter but was taken sick and the letter was lost. I told some of them to write to Jimmy so he could write to someone else to collect it He could write to my Uncle Will Duncan he is living here you wanted to know about young man getting ------- is no inducemining offered here to anyone coming in, The place is glut with people seeking imployment Jimmy is making more there than any young man here I am so glad he is doing so well and taks care of it, I wish I could see you all I suppose you have heard your Aunt Ginny Dru was married Nuv Covington, give my love to your father and family and Eddies and family also yourself and husband and tell him he must take good care of you write soon. Respectly yours Mollie Holson"


Allen Co. KY deeds to ca 1850's, Scottsville Courthouse, Allen Co. KY (MAD's trip 10/1985)
      B-287: 22 Aug. 1818, Theophilus Read of Allen Co. KY, appoint Edward (sic) Duncan of Warren Co. KY, attorney to receive of the executor of the last will of Charles Duncan, decd, late of Fauquier Co. VA, what I may be entitled to in right of Peggy Read my wife late Peggy Duncan, daughter of said Charles Duncan ...
      B-288: 22 Aug. 1818, Lucinda Starke, widow and relict of Wm. Starke, of Allen Co. KY, appoint Edmund Duncan of Warren Co. KY, attorney to receive of the executor of the last will of Charles Duncan, decd, late of Fauquier Co. VA, such portion of said estate by virtue of said will ... (did not give relationship)

Bourbon Co. KY Deed (FHL film 183,130)
      53-398/400: [Heading: 1864 Decr. 17th. Washington Duncans Heirs to Jesse H. Boulden, 2/5 of 54.2.03 Hickson] 7 Dec. 1864, Jacob Duncan and Geo. Ann Duncan his wife of Bourbon Co. KY and E.M. Halsell and Mary C. Halsell his wife of Warren Co. KY, to Jesse H. Boulden of Bourbon Co. KY, for $2,400 paid, sell two equal undivided fifth parts of tract of 54 acres 2 rods and 3 poles of land on waters of Hinkson in Bourbon Co. which was allotted to Mary Duncan widow of Washington Duncan decd as dower land, beg. at mouth of Claypoles old land in an old line of Isaac Ruddells ... corner to Thomas Champ, corner to Akin Moores land, road leading from Shams? Horse Mill to Millersburg and corner to Thomas Barker, ... the said Jacob Duncan being a son and Mary C. Halsell a granddaughter and only child & heir at law of Rachel Cook a daughter of Washington Duncan decd and each entitled to 1/2 of said land, warrant title. /s/ Jacob Duncan, Geo. A. Duncan, E.M. Halsell, M.C. Halsell. 23 Dec. 1864, E.M. Halsell and Mary C. Halsell appeared before James H. Rose, Clerk of Warren Co. KY County Court. 4 Jan. 1865, George A. Duncan wife of Jacob Duncan appeared before Richard J. Brown, Clerk of Bourbon Co. KY County Court. 7 Jan. 1865, Jacob Duncan appeared before Richard J. Brown, Clerk of Bourbon Co. KY County Court.

Christian Co. KY Vital Statistics (FHL film 216,820)
      1855, 21 Nov. Elizabeth Dunkin, age 80, widow, res. Christian Co. KY, born same, parents Randall and Margaret Boyd, d. Christian Co. of croup. (MAD: Marshall Duncan m. Elizabeth Boyd 1808 Warren Co. KY; see ? Rockcastle Co. KY 1850 census)

Logan Co. KY Deeds
      R-144: No.104. 3 Feb. 1832, Jane McReynolds of Logan Co. KY for love for my grand daughter Eliza Jane Duncan, give property with restrictions, one tract of land in Logan Co. on waters of Big Muddy Creek a branch of ??, with all its appurtenances containing 50 acres more or less, also another tract on waters of said creek adj. the above tract (acres not given), with all appurtenances, also one negro girl Phebe aged 19 years with her increase, and one yoke of oxen and cart, ... stock of cattle and hogs, 2 feather beds and furniture, ... all my household and kitchen furniture, farming utensils, one riding carriage if I do not dispose of it, I reserve the use and benefit of the above property for life and then if Dillard Duncan the father of said Eliza Jane Duncan should not be living in the state or should not think proper to move and live where I now live in the above lands, I desire that Edmund Duncan of Warren Co. and Benjamin S. McReynolds of Butler Co. should take the property and sell such articles as cannot be preserved for the benefit of Eliza Jane Duncan until she marries or arrives at lawful age, but if Eliza Jane Duncan should die without an heir from her body, then all the above property shall go to her father Dillard Duncan and his children. /s/ Jane McReynolds. Wit. James D. Asken, William M. Lee, Thos.J. McReynolds. Ack. 18 Feb. 1832 on oath of witnesses. Recorded 5 May 1832. (FHL film 364,589)
      U-444: No.340. 15 Feb. 1833, Jno. M. Duncan of Boulin Green, KY, and John Hines of Logan Co., to Isaac Browning, for $357.50 paid, sell tract of land in Logan Co., whereon James Duncan formerly lived, containing 257-1/4 acres more or less. /s/ J.M. Duncan, John Hines. Ack. by John M. Duncan on 8 April 1833 in Warren Co. KY. Ack. by John Hines on 3 Oct. 1836 in Logan Co. KY. (FHL film 364,590)
      Z-646: No.457. Mortgage. 19 Feb. 1845, Vines Watkins of Logan Co. KY to Edmond Duncan of Warren Co. KY, that Watkins is indebted to B.F. Ray of Logan Co. per note for $440 payable 12 months after 21 Dec. 1844? with Edmond Duncan his security, it is agreed in consideration of his becoming security, Vines Watkins agrees with Edmond Duncan and sells a parcel of land in Logan Co. KY, on the corner of the original survey of 2000 acres in the name of Ed. Lee, (acres not given), warrant title, but if Watkins should pay the debt to Ray before the time designated, this obligation to be void. /s/ Vines Watkins. Ack. 19 Feb. 1845. (FHL film 364,592)
      28-526: 1 March 1848, Dillard Duncan for $100 paid, sell to Edmund Duncan, of Warren Co. KY one bay mare and her yearling colt, 40 head of stock hogs my present crop of tobacco grown in the year 1847, one bureau, one dining table, 2 beds and furniture, E. Duncan to hold the sd property to his use, that Dillard Duncan is indebted to said Edmund Duncan $105 due by note dated 10 March 1847 payable 12 months after date, should D. Duncan pay to E. Duncan the note, then this obligation is void. /s/ Dillard Duncan. He ack. deed of mortgage 11 March 1848. (FHL film 364,593)
      31-179/180: No.137. 28 Dec. 1850, Edmond Duncan and Sally his wife late Procter, Margaret A. Procter, George B. Procter, Adolphus Y. Procter and James S. Procter by W. Barnett their commissioner appointed by decree of Warren Circuit Court at August term 1850 in suit in chancery in which afsd. M.A. Procter is complt. and other parties defts, to John M. Lean and Jessey Rankin trustees of United Society of Believers called Shakers at South Union, Logan Co. KY, sell in accordance with sd decree all that tract or parcel of land in Logan Co. KY, being the tract owned by James S. Procter decd in his lifetime, on the black lick fork of Gaspers river, in Edmond Clark's line, corner to Dr. Rey, corner to sd Rey and Lewis Wood, with appurtenances, containing 210 acres, sold at the price of $14.80 per acre, the entire purchase money amounting to $3108, for which the purchasers have executed their bonds with approved security bearing interest from date and having force & effect of replevin bonds, one due in 12 months and the other in 18 months, each given for half the gross sum, a lien is retained on the land until the purchase money is paid, warrant title. /s/ Margaret A. Procter, George B. Procter, Adolphus Y. Procter, James S. Procter, Sally Duncan, Edmond Duncan, by W. Barnett commissioner. Deed produced in Warren Co. Circuit Court 1 March 1851, ack. by Barnett, and ordered to Logan Co. for record. Filed 27 Oct. 1851 in Logan Co. KY, /s/ 13 Nov. 1851, James E. Wright by Will Morton, D.C. (FHL film 364,595)
      31-201/202: 18 Nov. 1851, Margaret Blakey of Logan Co. KY for love and affection to my three grand children of my daughter Sally Duncan, all of Warren Co. KY, to wit, Thomas Churchill, Sarah Ellen Duncan and Mary Eliza Duncan of afsd, I give to Edmund Duncan the father of my three grand children in trust for the use and benefit of my said three grand children, my servant Kitty and her two youngest children Harriet & Eliza and all their future increase, but I reserve to myself the possession and use of said servant Kitty during my life. /s/ Margaret Blakey. Wit. George B. Procter, George D. Blakey, W. Barnett, A.B. Ray. Proven 24 Nov. 1851 by William Barnett and A.B. Ray, witnesses. Recorded 3 Dec. 1851. (FHL film 364,595)

Greene Co. TN Chancery Court Enrolling dockets 1837-1839, TN Archives (FHL film 944,364 item 1)
      Pg.130: Joseph Duncan & wife vs. Smith Hunt & Thos. Hunt, heirs of Uriah Hunt, Chancery Court, 2nd Div. of E.TN; Joseph Duncan of wife Rhoda formerly Rhoda Hunt of Blount Co. TN but formerly of Washington Co. TN; that some years ago Uriah Hunt father of Rhoda died leaving a paper intended to be his will, the paper not having been tested as law requires, it was not good, several distributees by bond among themselves agreed to distribute the estate as their ancestor wanted in the defective will; Smith Hunt and Thomas Hunt, two sons, administered the estate; Orators were to be allowed a tract of land or enough money to buy it, and the heirs agreed that orators should have $600 out of the first moneys collected; Smith and Thomas Hunt about 1824 returned an inventory of personal estate, sale brought in money, more than 5 years ago; orators were not paid their share but were told to buy land in Blount Co. and Hunts would pay for it, but then refused to lend him aid in the payment; that 2 or 3 years ago Thomas and Smith Hunt filed a bill against orator "Samuel" Duncan in Chancery Court of Greenville regarding the land their ancestor purchased from Joseph Duncan, but there was no equity in the land; Duncans paid the costs, Hunts still have not paid orators their share; The heirs and distributees are: Thomas Hunt, Smith Hunt, Uriah Hunt, Benjamin Hunt, Peter Hunt and Delila his wife formerly Delila Hunt, Richard Martin and Acksey his wife formerly Acksey Hunt, Payne Squibb and Dyce his wife formerly Dyce Hunt, Jesse Hunt, and James Duncan and Sarah his wife formerly Sarah Hunt, and orator and oratrix, the oratrix is one of the daughters of Uriah Hunt; Smith Hunt resides in Washington Co. and Thomas Hunt in Greene Co.; filed 25 Oct. 1831.
            Answer: Thomas and Smith Hunt said the heirs agreed to offer complainant Rhody Duncan as much of a tract of land formerly owned by their decd. brother William Hunt to the value of $600; Rhoda was willing but Joseph Duncan objected; Joseph Duncan purchased about 160 acres of land in Blount Co. from Andrew Duncan for $600, $400 to be paid in cash and $200 in trade; that Smith and Thomas paid $400 part to Andrew and part to Thomas, and then Joseph satisfied the $200 in trade; that title was made jointly to Joseph and Rhoda Duncan for life and then to their children, but Joseph wanted it to himself absolutely; that $400 each would have been a fair share to each heir, but the heirs allowed Joseph $600 due to his straightened circumstances; Joseph would not take a share of the inventory sale in stock, etc., but wanted cash; that about 1812 the complt. Joseph sold Uriah Hunt land in Washington Co. for $140 but Hunt did not get possession as Jane Duncan, mother of complt. Joseph, had a life estate in the tract; the part sold Uriah was an undivided share; that after Uriah died, Joseph sold it to Jacob Roblen? for $200? ($300?) which made the other heirs of Uriah file a bill in Chancery against Joseph and said Roblen; after filing, the compt. agreed to pay $140 and costs of $50; Uriah's widow is still living; the Hunts were willing to give Duncan his full share of the estate all along but he refused.
            Copy of bond between heirs (Jane (X) Hunt, widow of Uriah Hunt).
            Copy of Deed, Joseph Duncan of Warren Co. KY to Uriah Hunt, 14 Oct. 1812.
            Receipts by Joseph Duncan.
Nov. term 1834, hearing; 15 Sept. 1837, there is due to the complts. the aggregate sum of $899.65; request by Hunts for appeal; transferred to Superior Court of Eastern Division of TN.
      MAD: "Chancery Court Minutes, Greene Co. TN, Nov. 1825-Jan. 1831," on pg.9, is abstracted the case of Smith Hunt, Peter Hunt and his wife Deliah Hunt, James Duncan & his wife Sarah Hunt, Richard Martin & his wife Achson Hunt, Payne Squibb & his wife Decy Hunt, Thomas, Jesse and Benjamin Hunt heirs at law of Uriah Hunt decd., Complainants vs. Joseph Duncan & wife Rhoda Hunt Duncan, Samuel Duncan & Jacob Keebler, Respondents.

Washington Co. TN Deeds (FHL film 825,528 - page by page)
      18-100: 14 Oct. 1812, Joseph Duncan of Marion (sic) Co. KY sold to Uriah Hunt all rights ... in land, being 1/7 part of 229 acres as yet undivided, and joining land with George Bell. Wit. Jesse Hunt, Thos. Hunt, Richd. Martin. Wit. Jesse Hunt & Richd. Martin in court April, 1827. (MAD: should be Warren Co. KY)


Index to War of 1812 Pension Applications and Bounty Land Warrant Applications; National Archives Film (FHL film 840,458)
      Duncan, David, widow Lucy; WO 35139, WC 27754; BL 38299-40-50, 67439-120-55; Private in Capt. Stewarts Co. KY Mil. 9/1/1812 to 12/25/1812, soldier was in Battle of Tippecanoe; sol. res. 1850 Anderson Co. SC, 1855 Pickens Co. AL; widow res. 1879 Pickens Co. (PO Carrollton) AL; maiden name Lucy Eddington mar. June 10, 1813, Fairfield Co. SC; soldier d. June 8, 1862, Fayette Co. AL.
      (MAD: "AL Soldiers of the Revolution, War of 1812, and Indian Wars" Vol.VI, surnames D., by Grandrud, 1979, pgs. 118-120, contains an extract of the pension file, including the statement on 6 Dec. 1850, David Duncan, Sr. aged 58 years declared he was the same David Duncan, Sr. who was a second sergeant in the Co. commanded by Capt. Alexander Stewart in the Regt. of Inf. commanded by Colonel Miller, in the War with Great Britain - that he volunteered at the Dripping Springs in Warren Co., Kentucky on or about the 15th day of August 1812 an(d) was mustered into service on 1 Sept. 1812, for the term of six months and con't in actual service in said war for 6 mos. and was honorably discharged at Vincen's in the State of Ohio; on or about the 31st of Dec. 1812, as will appear by the muster rolls of said company; the application names some of their children.)

"Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kentucky" (Union Soldiers), 1861-1866, Appendix, Colored Troops (at end of Vol.II) (from John A. Duncan 4/1995, and FHL film 1,463,600)
      Page, Company, Name, Rank, When and where mustered in. Separate groups for Discharged, Transferred, Died, Deserted.
      Pg.12, Company B, 6th US Colored Cavalry: Clark Duncan (Col), Private, mustered in Aug. 16, 1864, at Bowling Green, [Warren Co.] KY.
      Pg.12, Company B, 6th US Colored Cavalry: Josephus Duncan (Col), Private, mustered in Aug. 13, 1864, at Bowling Green, [Warren Co.] KY; Discharged.
      Pg.39, Company D, 108th US Colored Infantry: Alexander Duncan (Col), Private, mustered in July 6, 1864, at Bowling Green, [Warren Co.] KY.
      Pg.39, Company D, 108th US Colored Infantry: Underwood Duncan (Col), Private, mustered in July 5, 1864, at Bowling Green, [Warren Co.] KY.
      Pg.62, Company C, 115th US Colored Infantry: Evans Duncan (Col), Private, mustered in Aug. 12, 1864, at Bowling Green, [Warren Co.] KY.
      Pg.63, Company C, 115th US Colored Infantry: Josephus Duncan (Col), Private, mustered in Aug. 13, 1864, at Bowling Green, [Warren Co.] KY; Transferred.
      Pg.63, Company D, 115th US Colored Infantry: Richard Duncan (Col), Private, mustered in Aug. 16, 1864, at Bowling Green, [Warren Co.] KY.
      Pg.64, Company D, 115th US Colored Infantry: Clark Duncan (Col), Private, mustered in Aug. 16, 1864, at Bowling Green, [Warren Co.] KY; Transferred.
      Pg.163, Company M, 12th US Colored Artillery (Heavy): Dennis Duncan (Col), Private, mustered in Jan. 23, 1865, at Bowling Green, [Warren Co.] KY.

Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, Evans, widow Duncan, Harriet D. (B?) "(Barner)"; C 115 US C. Inf.; 1889 Dec. 24, Invalid Appl. #745923, Cert. #537716, KY; 1907 July 29, Widow Appl. #874058, Cert. #640278, KY. (MAD: mustered in at Bowling Green, Warren Co. KY)
      Duncan, Joe; B 6 US C. Cav.; 1883 May 29, Invalid Appl. #484971, Cert. #280810, KY. (MAD: Bourbon Co. 1890; see Josephus Duncan)
      Duncan, Josephus, widow Duncan, Rosa; B 6 US C. Cav.; 1893 Feb. 25, Widow Appl. #571328, no cert., KY. (mustered in at Bowling Green, Warren Co. KY; see Joe Duncan)
      Duncan, Richard, widow Duncan, Narcissa; D 115 US C. Inf.; 1887 June 25, Invalid Appl. #614221, Cert. #640023, KY; 1898 Jan. 31, Widow Appl. #669791, Cert. #476281, KY. (MAD: mustered in at Bowling Green, Warren Co. KY)

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