Walter Twelker family history

Walter Francis Twelker family history

Walter Twelker was born February 23, 1904. He married Ferne Palmquist August 3, 1935. They had one child, David. Walter died January 23, 1996. Niece Phyllis Karsten writes;
For many years I believed that my brother, Joey, looked a lot like Uncle Walter, with his fair skin and blonde hair. However, when I saw the picture of Uncle Ed's wedding with Ava, I could see that Joey had an even closer resemblance to Ed. Only knowing my Grandfather Twelker, and never having seen my Grandmother Twelker (not even a picture of her until we found Mother's box of treasures), I thought Mother's whole family bore strong Twelker resemblances. But after finding the family portrait of Papa, Momma and the three oldest children*, it is apparent that the genes are even stronger in the Hockemeyer family

Walter worked for many years for the telephone company. When our family visited him in the 1930's, he had a workshop behind his garage and his own private phone line hooked up between the house and his shop. We thought that was quite neat.

On visits to Northern California after my parents retired, Walter and my father liked to play golf together.

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