Phyllis Wythe Karsten and family

Phyllis Wythe Karsten and family

Phyllis Karsten made this shirt
Phyllis Marie Wythe was born in California. She still lives in California.

In 1991 Phyllis Karsten self published a book containing some oral history of her mother's childhood and relatives. The book also has a nice selection of black and white photos. Phyllis sent me some stories and photos from that book to add to these Hockmeyer web pages. Thanks to Phyllis for scanning the photos and sending them to me via E-mail.

Phyllis's web page has some nice photos, two of which I borrowed. She is seen here modeling a shirt that she made. You can read Phyllis's 1999 Christmas Family Newsletter here. Her son Carl Karsten also has a web page.

Phyllis E-mail: pkarsten at ihot dot com | Email help
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The photo below shows Phyllis, Carl and Frithjof Karsten at San Francisco Airport, March, 1997. Frithjof died of cancer in April 2000.

Phyllis, Carl and Frithjof

Some general information from Phyllis's book follows. Stories and photos of various families, can be found by clicking on the links in the big Hockmeyer descendants list.

The original collection of these pictures came from Mother's boxes . From time to time during my childhood, Mother would sort through her treasures; and as she showed me her family portraits, she would add her recollections of the personalities behind them. I grew up knowing that I was a part of the Twelker clan largely through these pictures. Later, when my sister, Martha, and I were closing Mother's home, we discovered her pre-marriage photo album and some other old family documents--a real treasure trove.

During my childhood we made two trips to Southern California and visited the house on "T" Street in San Diego where Aunt Lily and Granddaddy Twelker lived. This knowledge was extended with occasional visits from some of Mother's sisters, brothers and their families. There were also tidbits of information gathered from Mother's correspondence.

I decided to gather the pictures and documents and the oral history into this Family Album format so other family members could have copies. As I looked at the poses, the clothing and the events that were signified by them, I realized that they not only portray the personages of our family, but the historical detail is exciting in its own right as a chronicle of life in those times.

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